5000 Monthly SIP Plans

Each and every one of us would have planned many things for our future, but we tend to skip over the most important step that is savings. We tend to give more importance to earning but not savings.  Both earnings and savings are mutually complement of each they are indispensable. Through 5000 Monthly SIP savings Plans, we can have a wide range of benefits we can fulfil our goals, educational purposes,  tourism, urgent health care or any other financial emergency.

What are 5000 Monthly SIP investment plans?

The fluctuations in market are reduced by systematic investment plans. These plans are suited for the young working class. By investing 5000 Monthly you can receive high returns to achieve your future goals. This can be invested in equity, debt, gold etc. The advantage of SIP’s is you can monitor the increase and decrease in investment. You need to invest minimum 5 years for high returns. In the following tabular column, there is a list of best 5000 monthly SIP Plan along with their 5 year return percentage and type.

Fund NameCategoryType5 year returnType of risk
ICICI prudential technology direct plan growthEquitySectoral/   thematic28.82%Very high risk
Aditya Birla sun life  DebtCorporate bond7.45%Moderate risk
Axis small cap fundEquitySmall cap20.12%Very high risk
Tata digital India  fundEquityThematic or sectoral30.04%Very high  risk
ICICI short term planEquityShort duration7.59%Moderate to low risk
Mirae Asset Tax SaverEquityELSS16.63%High risk
Quant Tax PlanEquityELSS22.73%High risk
Mirae Asset emerging blue-chip fundLarge and mid capLarge and mild  cap15.52%Very high risk

Different types of funds

Depending on the type of risk we choose and our future goals we need to choose the type of fund.

1. Equity funds

These funds are invested in company shares and stocks. Depending on the companies the value goes up and down.

Equity sectoral or thematic

The funds are invested in particular sector which include IT sector, industrial sector. After 3 years you will receive 31.11% that is you will receive RS. 1.8 lakhs to RS.3lakhs

a. ICICI Prudential Technology Fund

This fund is primarily invested in information technology sector. This plan gives you complete management of funds and provides you with maximum returns. If the mutual fund is sold after 1 year return of RS.1lakh is exempted from tax. To the income of the investors dividends are added. If the income exceeds 5 years 10% of TDS (tax deducted at source) is reduced before paying the dividend. When you need to redeem your insurance less than 7 years you must not invest in this plan

b. Tata Digital India fund

This is suitable for individuals who are aware of macro trends. But compared to any other plan they provide high returns. But there is loss of moderate to high loss of investment in this plan

Equity funds by market capitalisation

 These types of funds are invested in large cap, mid cap and small cap industries. You will receive returns of 30.08%

a. Axis small cap fund

These funds are basically invested in small cap companies and not larger companies. In case if the stock price falls down the returns will drop down. If you need to redeem your insurance less than 7 years do not invest in small cap companies. These companies have market capitalisation less than RS.5000

b. Mirae asset emerging blue-chip fund

This plan invests in large cap and medium cap companies this plan is a flexible plan and also provide high returns. If you redeem your insurance less than 5 years, you must not invest in this type of fund. This plan is suitable for experienced investors.

2. Tax Savings Funds

These funds are equity based under article 80C of Income tax act. In this act,  you can save tax from the extra income you have earned

Equity ELSS

In this type of fund, you will have a lock up period of 3 years. After 3 years you will receive 36.82% of returns

a. Quant tax plans

This plan is suited for people who invest for a period of minimum 3 years. This plan also provides additional benefits like income tax savings. You cannot withdraw money during 3 years. If you have redeemed for 5 years you cannot invest in this policy.

3. Debt Funds

These funds are low risk in nature but they have low returns compared to equity. Debt funds can be preferable for first time users who are completely new to investment because this plan has low risk. This makes the plan easy to understand so that the first timer can use equity in future.

Aditya Birla short term funds

These funds are invested for a short period of time which is not less than 3 years. This plan has low risk and well suited for beginners who invest. But the guaranteed returns we receive might be low in this plan. This plan helps us to achieve our short term goals like education, health or travel. This is very useful for temporary expenses and not long term expenses

ICICI prudential short term fund

This plan is a low risk and is for short term for 3 years. The guaranteed returns are low.


In this article we briefly discussed about 5000 investment plan. We must give priority to investment as well. Investing 5000 for certain period of time will give you high returns which can be uXsed for future plans. From this article we come to know in detail about various funds and their application. We need to choose plans depending on our risk, or else it will become useless. This plan will definitely be useful to us in our future days to meet with all our requirements.