Aditya Birla Health Insurance

An overview

With the change in the health care environment, hectic way of life, and the growing threats & expenses relating to health care, the importance of health insurance has risen. Plans of Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Limited (ABHICL) are planned to offer, simply the right blessings to help fix these problems for you. With a broad range of programs that offer a comprehensive medical range against diseases, illnesses, and calamities, Aditya Birla Health Insurance is the reliable counterpart. they let you choose & purchase through a fast & hassle-free charge online procedure, offering a wonderful procuring experience!

Aditya Birla Active Health Platinum Essential Plan

Key Features

  • Health Insurance
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Chronic Care

It will protect you from chronic diseases like asthma, high BP, cholesterol level, and high diabetes with a complete plan that proceeds beyond hospitalization covered up.

Premium beginning at ₹6,780* / Annum

Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum enhanced plan

Key Features

  • Health Insurance
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Chronic Care

With unique advantages such as 100% of full Health Returns TM, you can cover Modern therapies methods and long-lasting management plans, this Activ Health Platinum- Enhanced Plan is single of a kind. it covers hospitalization expenditure for Covid-19 too.

the Premium rate starts at ₹7,722* / Annum

Aditya Birla Activ Health Personal Enhanced Plan

Key Feature

  • Active Health Enhanced

  • Claim Settlement Ratio of about 70.81%   COVID-19 Cover up as well

  • In-House Claim Settlement is also Available

Aditya Birla Activ Health Critical Illness Plan

Key Features

A thorough plan designed to recompense the loss of earnings and treatment expenditure in case the patients are diagnosed with any critical illnesses.

The Premium rate starts at ₹5,463* / Annum

Aditya Birla Activ Health Secure hospital cash plan

Key Features

  • To benefit from the daily cash entitlement, the insured human needs to meet at least 24 hours of hospital stay.

  • One can select this advantage for a month, 45 days, or even 60 days.

  • This helps, nevertheless, cannot be benefited in the case of daycare therapies.

  • Under the guideline, a deduction of one day is appropriate.

Aditya Birla Activ Health secure cancer plan

Key Features

  • This is for the minimum of 18 years of age to 65.

  • Under this, self, partner, up to 4 kids, around two parents or two parents-in-law are permitted to be covered.

  • The plan is covered between Rs. 5 Lakh to Rs. 1 Crore.

  • With this comprehensive coverage, the policy attempt to keep people shielded for all the 3 phases of cancer, without struggling with any monetary tear.

Aditya Birla Activ Health care senior citizen plan

Key Features

  • Claim Settlement Ratio is about 70.81%   COVID-19 Cover is also available

  • In-House Claim Settlement is also Available here

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Plan List

Activ Assure DiamondMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit SUM INSURED- 2 Lakh
Corona Kavach PolicyMin: 1 day; Max: 65 days
SUM INSURED- 50,000 – 5 lakh
Global Health SecureMin: 91 Days; Max: 65 years SUM INSURED- 3 Crore – 6 Crore
Active Health EnhancedMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit SUM INSURED- 2 Lakh
Cancer SecureMin: 18 Years; Max: 65 Years SUM INSURED- 5 Lakh
Activ SecureMin: 5 Years; Max: 65 Years SUM INSURED- 1 Lakh
Activ CareMin: 55 Years; Max: 80 Years SUM INSURED- 3 Lakh
Activ Health EssentialMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit SUM INSURED- 50 Thousand
Arogya Sanjeevani PolicyMin: 3 Months; Max: 65 Years SUM INSURED- 1 Lakh – 5 Lakh

Aditya Birla super health plus top-up policy health insurance

Super Health Plus Top-up Policy is a blessing plan that delivers you comprehensive cover at the most reasonable premium. The approach guarantees that you obtain the soundest treatment without bothering about the costs endured. Anyone with the age between 5 years (individual policy) or 91 days (called floater policy) to 65 years can pursue the cover for a wide variety of sum guaranteed choices between Rs. 3 Lakh to Rs. 95 Lakh. When bought on a home floater family basis, one can include themselves, their legally married spouse, along with their children of up to 25 years of age.

If shielded under Super Health Plus Top-Up Policy, one can avail various coverage advantages such as hospitalization costs, including COVID-19 treatment, home treatment expenditures, 586 daycare expenditures, pre-hospitalization or post-hospitalization fees, domiciliary fees, road ambulance costing, organ donor expenditure, treatments embarked under AYUSH, etc.

Aditiya Birla Network Hospitals

Aditya Birla is currently one of the fastest-increasing insurance partakers in India with a ton of focus on retail and level insurance products. At the moment Aditya Birla Health health insurance has become the most competitive in the market throughout all their health plans separated from being vying in their benefit build. They are likewise one of the stakeholders who has created a powerful hospital network throughout India with a present strength of 8,000+.

Most of the customers of Aditya Birla Health’s have reviewed it positively impacting the development of their establishment year on year. One also can follow the renewal link of Aditya Birla Health health insurance in order to renew their existing policies. also, if one ought to file their claim, they just need to fill out the form available on the Aditya Birla official website.

Aditya Birla Health Insurance provides access to multiple network hospitals where one can pursue cashless health treatment. There are approximately 8,000+ Aditya Birla Cashless Network Hospitals spread all across India. So, one can buy Aditya Birla Health Insurance to acquire free from the troubles of paying health expenses.

Why Should a patient choose Aditya Birla Hospital?

  • It has a Nationwide network of Cashless Hospital of 8,000+ hospitals.

  • 8.9 million energies insured and 630,000 plus claims settled since inception.

  • Via their app, one can easily get access to their 800+ fitness facilities including Yoga, Gyms and many more.

  • Get amazing rates on pharmacist products over 2,400+ platforms in 260 cities.

  • Offer amenities like HealthReturns that is meant to bonus insureds who sustain active and healthy lifestyles.

  • Receive up to 30% of the premium being a HealthReturnsTM which can be easily earned with a combining of Healthy Heart Score and Active Dayz.

What’s Wonderful about Health Insurance by Aditya Birla?

  • Sum Insured facility – Wide variety of Sum Assurance from ₹2 lakhs – ₹2 crores beneath the Diamond Plan

  • Cashless Treatment – one can be admitted to any of the nearby 8,000+ hospitals around the country and thus avail of their cashless treatment health facility.

  • Replenish of Sum Insured in the least of 150% – Even if the Sum Insured becomes exhausted, they will reload the Sum Assurance amount by a further 150%.

  • Day Care methods – ABHICL focuses on 586 listed daycare processes, even if the hospital care facility is less than 24 hours.

  • Pre & Post Hospitalisation Cover- one will be concealed for medical expenditure not only over their hospitalization, though also from a month around earlier to their hospitalization period till 60 days post-hospitalization.

  • AYUSH Cover – Aiming for treatments provided under Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy systems and Yoga & Naturopathy.

  • Emergency Support Services – Cashless Treatment by providing Domestic and International emergency services including Air Ambulance.

  • Cumulative Premium- A reward for abiding healthy! one can get a yearly aggregate bonus in favour of claim-free years.

In-patient remedy contains Hospital room renting or boarding fees, nursing, Intense Care Unit allegation Operation Theatre costs, Medical Practitioner’s claims, costs of Surgeon, Qualified Nurse, Anaesthetist, Specialists, the expense of diagnostic trials, medications, drugs, blood, oxygen treatment, the expense of prosthetics and other appliances or equipment if embedded internally over a Surgical Procedure. The lowest period of 24 successive hours of hospitalization as a patient is a must.

Features & Benefits of Aditya Birla Health Insurance:

  • Cover for pre/post-hospitalization expenses

  • Longer plan terms

  • Cover for additional expenses

  • Choice of hospital room category

  • Cover for domiciliary hospitalisation

  • No minimum 24-hour hospitalisation clause

  • Reload of sum assured –
  • Recovery Benefit

  • Additional value-added services

  • Tax benefits

  • Free health check-up

  • Cumulative bonus

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Customer Care digits

To haggle with the concerns and problems faced by the patients concerning their policy, Aditya Birla has placed up a reliable customer service crew. There are numerous channels through which customers can reach the customer caring team. This includes-

Toll-free number – 1800 270 7000

Email ID –;

Senior residents can mail

Registered address – Consumers can draft a mail to the insurer’s Customer Services Department at the recorded address

i.e. Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Ltd. 10th Floor, R-Tech Park, Nirlon Compound, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400063.

If someone, in any case, failed to receive an acceptable reply to their query or grievance from the Consumer Services team, they can even escalate their complaint by reporting

In case the complaint or the issue has yet not been sufficiently resolved, then one can report to the Complaint Redressal Officer of Aditya Birla. their email ID is

Summary for reaching to Aditya Birla health insurance

  • Call at Toll-Free 1800-270-7000 (for Health Complaint including Covid) Whatsapp number on +91 8828800035

  • Email:

  • Visit them online at:!/claim

  • Write to them at Claims Department, Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co Ltd, 5th Floor, Modi Business Centre, Kasarvadavali, Mumbai, Thane West 400615

  • Visit: Anywhere in India, nearest or in the city of residence

How to Get Aditya Birla Network Hospitals Cashless Claim?

To obtain a cashless claim beneath Aditya Birla Health Insurance Plan, one just needs to track the steps as indicated below –

  • Show the health insurance card and the policy number nearby  to located network hospital of Aditya Birla chain.

  • Deliver valid ID proof like Passport, Adhar Card, PAN Card, etc. for identification and verification

  • post this verification procedure, the network hospital shall send the properly filled pre-licenced form to Aditya Birla

  • Aditya Birla shall examine the pre-permission forms and endorse the claim if full information is correct

  • When this pre-authorization form is sanctioned, the network chain of the hospital shall be notified right away

Note-The guaranteed, insured can even send the pre-license form in accordance with 48 hours (in a suit of a contingency hospitalization) or around three days earlier the hospital entry (in case of a scheduled hospitalization).


Q1. What is a Health Card?

Ans – It is an Identity issued card for each and every individual covered beneath the Health policy. the card would permit one to benefit from cashless hospitalization apparatus at any of their network hospitals.

Q2. What are the advantages of a health card?

Ans – A health card says the contact information of the TPA. In case of a medicinal emergency, one can contact these digits for queries, clarifications, and for pursuing any kind of service. one needs to deliver the health card to the hospital.

Q3. What is a TPA?

Ans – It stands for third party Administrator, which is known to be a service provider 
designated by the insurance company of a patient to supply various essential
services connected to benefits noted in the health policy.

Q4. What are Network Hospitals?

Ans – These are many hospitals that comprise part of the TPA’s web to deliver cashless service upon submission of health-card.

Q5. What are Non-network Hospitals?

Ans – Hospitals that do not come under or are not components of TPA’s hospital link-up list are named Non-network hospitals. The statements are settled by the patient & the appropriate documents and invoices are then presented to the TPA. The sum, accordingly, is recompensed to the patient.

Q6. How long does it carry to get permission from TPA?

Ans – TPA will allocate the letter of acceptability of the claim in accordance with 3-6 hours delivered all the relevant papers are submitted.

Q7. Within how many periods should one submit the claim?

Ans – The claim must be lodged within 15 days upon the date of release from the Hospital or realization of treatment.

Q8. What is the highest figure of claims authorised over a year?

Ans – Any digit of claims is permitted during the procedure period. However, the amount insured is the highest limit under the approach.

Q9. How to treat cashless insurance assertion settlement from Aditya Birla Health Insurance?

Ans – To handle cashless insurance claim settlements by Aditya Birla Health Insurance is as follows: attend to the nearby network hospital of Aditya Birla in order to receive the policy figure or display Aditya Birla Health Insurance card. The network hospital shall then submit the

pre-authorization form within 48 hours of inpatient. the claim request shall be examined by the insurance firm and the decision shall be then forwarded to the network hospital. Once all the procedures have been met, the insurance company shall settle the account instantly at the network hospital.

Q10. How to complete reimbursement claims below health insurance plans delivered by Aditya Birla Health Insurance?

Ans – Given beneath is the method to make claim beneath Aditya Birla Health Insurance:

Inform Aditya Birla Health Insurance regarding the treatment needed and just become hospitalised at a nearby network hospital or even a non-network one of choice.

After acquiring treatment, payment has to be done at the hospital.

Gather all the claim papers from the hospital and propose them to Aditya Birla Health Insurance firm.

After verifying with the documents, Aditya Birla Health Insurance shall approve the claim and then one will be provided for the therapy availed.

Note that one will be notified about the exact on their registered phone number and Email ID.

Q11. The major exclusions beneath health insurance policy are

Ans – 1. Waiting Period

The initial Wait Period is around 30 days in the foremost year, except for any misfortune

Specific Ailment Waiting Period is of two years for Hernia, Cataract, Sinusitis, Varicose veins, etc.

PED Wait Period of around 48 months.

2. Compulsory 20% Co-Payment – For the age of entry at 61 yrs.

3. Substance misusage and Obsessions by the Insured

4. War, the act of external enemy, rebellion, revolution, insurgency, or usurped acts

5. Violation of law with Unlawful Intent, deliberate self-injury

6. Abuse or the effects of the misusage of intoxicants or hallucinatory substances

7. Cosmetic, aesthetical and re-shaping therapies & surgeries

8. Hearing help, eyewear or contact lenses for example optometric therapy

9. Psychological or mental disorders, cognitive disorders

10. Any unexpected accident hospitalization beneath the impact of alcohol

11. Inexperienced or Experimental treatment

12. Hazardous Exercises /Profession Sports/Protection Operation

13. Sexually Transferred Infections & Illness, Sleep Disruptions and Sleep Problems

FAQ of Aditya Birla health Insurance

Q1. When should a reimbursement claim request be submitted?

Ans: Submission for reimbursement claim should be presented within 15 days of having a discharge upon the hospital or center.

Q2. What is the time in which Aditya Birla Health Insurance settles claims?

Ans: Aditya Birla Health Insurance settles charges, including the denial, within seven working days of obtaining necessary documents, but not more than a month.

Q3. What is the Incurred Claims Ratio of Aditya Birla Health Insurance for the financial year 2018-2019?

Ans: The Claim Settlement Ratio of Aditya Birla Health Insurance is 70.81% for FY 2019-20.