Ageas Federal Life Insurance Plans

Ageas Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd. The IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company began operations in March 2008. IDBI renamed Ageas Federal Life Insurance Company because Ageas Insurance International raised its shareholding from 26% to 49%. While Ageas has a 49 percent interest, the Federal Bank has a 26 percent interest. IDBI has 25% of the Ageas federal life insurance. It is based in Mumbai.

The only reason they exist is to provide excellent customer service and a very safe and enjoyable work environment for employees. The company hit Rs. 1,000 crores by March 2015. The settlement ratio for FY 19/20 was 96.47%. In 201. The company has become the only one to settle all its accumulated losses, and over the last eight years, the company has declared a profit.

The company was ranked TOP-10’s most trustworthy life assurance brand by ET Brand Equity consecutively for the second year and in BFSI 2020. It is one of the top workplaces. They signed Sachin Tendulkar as their brand ambassador in September 2018.

Benefits of Ageas Federal Life Insurance Plans

● It offers discounts in the event of an increased amount insured.

● Female policyholders receive additional rebates.

● Possibility to choose between different methods of paying premiums.

● Ageas Federal Term Insurance offers a wide variety of Term Insurance plans online and offline.

● The insurer also offers benefits in case of accidental death and life cover.

● Excellent customer service staff, offering flawless pre-sales and after-sales service.

● Benefit from the tax benefits set out in sections 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.

Types of Investment Plans offered by Ageas Federal
Life insurance

Ageas federal Lifesurance Whole Life Savings Insurance Plan: At present, make all your wishes turn into reality with the financial genie termed ‘IDBI Federal Lifesurance Whole Life Savings Insurance Plan’ This program lets you enjoy life & dwell on your dreams with two lump-sum payouts. One at the end of your premium paying period and the other at 100 years. Plus, let you leave a legacy behind for your
family to financially secure them in case of your absence. IDBI Federal Lifesurance Whole Life Savings Insurance Plan will be known as “Lifesurance Whole Life.”

Ageas federal Lifesurance Savings Insurance Plan : IDBI Federal Life Insurance offers this time-limited crowdfunding policy offers you both the advantages of long-term savings and lifetime protection. This guaranteed plan allows you to accumulate substantial savings to carry out your responsibilities in life. The IDBI Federal Lifesurance Savings Insurance Plan also provides you with life insurance to ensure your family’s financial security in your absence.

Ageas federal Incomesurance Guaranteed Money Back Insurance Plan : Presentation IDBI Federal Incomesurance Guaranteed Cash Back Assurance Plan 6 pay. It is a saving tool that will enable you to reach
your objectives with its “systematic and regular” approach and guaranteed income insurance. The plan requires you to pay for the first six years and then collect guaranteed returns during the last six years.
It also has life and critical illness coverage for the entire duration of the policy, 13 years. It’s about keeping your family’s financial security dreams in life’s uncertain and unhappy faces. Save your money in IDBI Federal Incomesurance Repayment Guarantee 6 Salary Insurance Plan. That’s an excellent way to keep them safe and help them grow. Read on to discover how this plan works and the advantages it provides.

Ageas federal Childsurance Savings Protection Insurance Plan : Ageas Federal Childsurance Savings Protection Insurance Plan takes care of more than just your children when you die miserably. But they
also provide a large part of their maturity by providing adequate support during important moments in your child’s life. The Young Star Plus program, the Dream Builder program, and the Wealthsurance
Future Star program.

Why choose Ageas Federal Life Investment Plans?

Ageas Federal Life Insurance is supported by pioneers in finance such as IDBI Bank, Federal Bank & Ageas Insurance. They have strong operational and management capabilities in the banking and insurance sectors.

● They are classified as one of India’s ten most reliable life insurance brands.

● Ageas Federal Life Insurance’s claims settlement ratio is 96.47 percent (IRDAI Annual Report 19-20).

● Their total bonus collection reached Rs.1843 crores by 2019-20.

● The company has been profitable on an ongoing basis for eight consecutive years.

● India Best Workplaces in BFSI 2020 – Top 25′ attributed to Ageas Federal Life Insurance by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Why do you need an Ageas Federal Life Savings and
Investment Plan?

An Ageas Federal Life Savings and Investment Plan is undoubtedly a great option to save on taxes. In accordance with current tax laws, you receive tax relief on both the investment you make and the benefits you receive from life insurance. Not surprising then, life insurance plans are being researched in the last quarter of the fiscal year. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of financial security for someone’s family and friends. Life insurance plans have finally found their significance for their fundamental value of ensuring the family’s financial stability. However, people still do not recognize that life insurance plans are effective at Ageas Federal Life Savings and Investment Plan. It is considered a useful tool for meeting long-term objectives. There are a variety of plans that offer you the advantage and flexibility to invest according to purpose, ability, risk appetite, and personal goals. Knowing the different types of life insurance available helps you find the most suitable solution for your needs and preferences. You can also make the most of it for your financial well-being.

Applying for a Traditional / Investment Plan from the company

Step 1: Evaluate your current financial position.

Step 2: Establish financial objectives.

Step 3: Identify the risk tolerance and timeframe.

Step 4: Make a decision about what to invest in.

Step 5: Watching and rebalancing your investments.

How to Apply for Ageas Federal Life Investment Plans Taking

Into account your risk tolerance, diversity, and asset mix, Ageas Federal Life Investment plans. They are generally designed to help you decide how much to invest in equities, bonds, liquid assets, and real estate to maximize your returns.

First, you must understand your goals, cash flow needs, time horizon, and risk appetite. Once you have a clear objective, determining which plan to invest in becomes very easy. You may invest in financial assets such as shares, mutual funds, bank deposits, PPFs, etc., or non-financial assets such as gold or housing. We encourage you to follow these parameters:

  1. Make sure you have proper research.

  2. Be aware of regimes that promise high yields in a short time.

  3. Periodically review your plans to invest in Ageas Federal Life.

  4. Take into account your tax impact on outcomes and investments.

What documents are required to buy Ageas Federal Life Investment Plans

  • Evidence of Income – Salary statements, tax returns, bank statements, etc.

  • Proof of Address – Permit, Aadhaar card, voting card, passport, etc.

  • Identity document – PAN card, Aadhaar card, voter card, etc.

  • Proof of Age – Aadhaar card, elector card, passport, driver’s license, etc.

Ageas Federal LifeInvestment Plans – FAQs

Q1. Why choose Ageas Federal Life Investment Plans?

The company provides numerous benefits to its customers. Advantages
of Ageas Federal Life Insurance policies include:

1. Various products: Ageas Federal Life Insurance has a nationwide presence, and the company supplies policies for each stratum of the company. These are reflected in the plans provided by the company, as policies are in place to address various issues.

2. Customer-focused service: Ageas Federal Life Insurance provides a very user-friendly approach. They focus on the practice of giving the client a better experience.1. Various products: Ageas Federal Life Insurance has a nationwide presence, and the company supplies policies for each stratum of the company. These are reflected in the plans provided by the company, as policies are in place to address various issues.

3. Customer-focused service: Ageas Federal Life Insurance provides a very user-friendly approach. They focus on the practice of giving the client a better experience.

4. High Claims Resolution Ratio: Ageas Federal Life Insurance has one of the country’s most substantial claims resolution ratios. Ageas Federal’s claim resolution ratio in 2019-20 was 96.47%.

5. Online policy renewal: Ageas Federal Life Insurance offers the possibility of renewing policies online. The traditional offline payment channel is made by paying through your advisor, by paying in the branch. Also, pay at the CSS counter. The online mode has many options: card payment, InstaPay, online wallets, UPI, and treasury cards.

6. Simple Renewal, Premium Payment, and Claims processes. Ageas Federal Life Insurance has designed every process to be really easy. This is to understand and delineate so that anyone can do it with ease.

Q2. Which is the best investment plan of Ageas Federal Life Investment Plans?

Ø Ageas Federal Life Insurance has a broad range of investment plans, including savings, term insurance, health, child, pension, ULIP, and group insurance plans.
Ø How to pay a premium? What are the modes of payment available? Smoking habits can impact a policy premium because the company believes that smoking poses a high risk. That’s why the policy bounty goes up.
Ø The Ageas Federal premium calculator is only applicable before purchasing the policy. This gives you the value of the bonus upfront; it helps you make informed and intelligent decisions.
Ø The amount of the premium depends on the age of the Policyholder, the amount insured in the policy, the duration of the insurance, gender, and smoking habits.
Ø How you pay premiums determines the frequency of payments. It also determines how you make payments, such as cash, cheque, credit card, or other options.

How can I check the policy status for Ageas Federal Life Traditional Plans?

When it comes to saving or investing money, most Indians prefer traditional options such as fixed deposits (DF), Public Reserve Funds (PPF), or gold. Those avenues are well known for capital preservation and steady returns. But mutual funds are an excellent alternative to short- and long-term returns

Call the toll-free number 1800 209 0502 and speak to the company’s Client Service Manager. Customer service starts at 10 am. at 6:30 during the week. By providing your policy number, the Client Service Executive will be able to provide the status of your policy.

What is the policy renewal process for Ageas Federal Life’s traditional plan?

Policy renewal is a facility granted to the Policyholder to cancel the policy after the end of the hold period. It also includes completing premium payment arrangements or any other freeze period prescribed by the Product Guidelines.

Policy Renewal Process for the Ageas Federal Life Legacy Plan.

a) The Ageas Federal Life policy renewal application can be accepted for Inforce, Paid-up, Policy Discontinuance, or Cover Continuing policies.
b) The application for renewal of the traditional Ageas Federal Life Plan must be received at the end of the policy lock-up period.
c) Where the policy has been assigned, for applications related to the assigned policies, the HUF, and the MWP. for renewal. The contract must be received from the assignee, Karta, and the trustee, respectively, with the concurrence of the Subscriber.
d) In the case of plans related to units, the date and time are mandatory on the request form. This is necessary for the NAV allowance.

i. If received before 3:00 pm i.e., Before the cut-off time, the NAV of the same business day will be assigned to the client.
ii. If received after 3:00 pm, i.e., after the cut-off time, the net asset value of the next business day will be attributed to the client.

e) Application will be refused if the insured is a minor.

Document Needed

Policy renewal for Ageas Federal Life Full and signed traditional plan application form.
A. Policy Document

B. Void check or bank statement/copy of card book duly attested by the bank and Policyholder.

C. If the cheque states “NEW ACCOUNT,” the customer requests the bank statement/passbook.

D. On the NRE/NRI account, we need confirmation from the bank. f. Self attested Pan Card copy