Aegon Life Pension Plan

What is Pension Plan

Otherwise called ‘Annuity Plans,’ pension plans are meant to guarantee standard income for individuals, particularly after they have retired from employment. Ordinarily, when you resign, a massive loss of income is contrasted with your compensation while working. This drop in your standard income level influences all parts of your life. We as a whole realize that the basics and necessities of each individual are unique, and a traditional pension helps somewhat cover these expenses.

Notwithstanding, with a pension plan, you can keep on carrying on with your retired life similarly to when you were utilized. Some Pension plans are additionally intended to give investment returns and go about as life insurance contracts. With Pension Plans, you can now sit back and relax, realizing that your investment sum will provide excellent returns because of compounding. It will assist with beating the pace of expansion a long time before your arrangement develops and empowers you to keep carrying on with a comfortable life that you are accustomed to living.

Pension plans will be take care of your income stream after your retirement. After retirement, in any event, when there is no type of revenue, your lifestyle expenses will continuously be there. You are expected to orchestrate to meet your everyday expenses. It is when retirement proves to be helpful, as it fills in as a wellspring of average income, empowering you to partake in your retirement period without stress.

Why Pension Plan

A few other insurance suppliers give comparable annuity plans. Nonetheless, there are a few distinct benefits of deciding to get an Aegon Pension Plan, to be specific:

Efficient savings for long-term– If you decide to make a lumpsum investment or make average premium payments, the pension plan guarantees reserve funds for the long run. Rather than conventional blessing insurance plans, the pension plan will create an annuity that can then be contributed to ensuring customary income after retirement.

Effective against Inflation – Aegon pension plans are made with the goal that it turns out to be not challenging to confront the possible inflation after you resign. As around 1/third of the total guaranteed is paid as a lump sum on your strategy’s maturity (vesting) date, it assists with dealing with prompt expenses. In contrast, the leftover 2/third of the total is given out in regular installments, enhancing your provident fund payouts.

Insurance and Investment – Aegon pension plans act like conventional insurance plans, as you get a critical part of the total guaranteed at the hour of maturity of your pension plan when the time of premium payment is finished. It is a magnificent mix of investment and insurance intended to offer ordinary income to the policyholder. It gives lump sum benefits and bonuses to the beneficiaries in the event of the awkward death of the policyholder.

Feature of Pension Plan

The unique elements of pension plans are:

  • Pension plans are of two kinds – Immediate Annuity Plans and Deferred Annuity Plans. In the event of Immediate Annuity, a precise amount is payable by the policyholder, and annuity payments are begun quickly from the chosen time frame. Conceded annuity plans include the cost of premiums by the policyholder, gathering into a corpus, after which annuity payments are started from the vesting date.

  • It doesn’t give. The annuity payment stops when the annuitant or a joint life annuitant bites the dust. Nonetheless, in the event of conceded annuity, the death benefit is pertinent on the off chance that the annuitant bites the dust inside the suspension period.

  • On vesting, you can either utilize the whole corpus to benefit annuity or withdraw 1/third of it in real money and use the leftover to profit annuity. The withdrawn piece is called driven pension.

Aegon Pension Plan

Aegon Life Insurance Company is positioned among India’s top insurance and investment suppliers. The brand has been dynamic in the Indian insurance sector for north of 10 years at this point. Its impressive, reasonable, and exceptionally rewarding investment and insurance plans are perceived. Not just in India, Aegon is a famous insurance supplier worldwide, with tasks spread across the five significant central lands.

Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited began its skillet India tasks in July of 2008 with a dream to assist with peopling planning their life better by utilizing a multi-channel conveyance technique. The organization has developed further plater in the insurance sector, presenting various life insurance items at appealing premium rates.

The master insurance supplier has probably the savviest, simple, and safe insurance plans that assist retired people with guaranteeing a superior lifestyle, in any event, when their income from employment stops. The Aegon Life Pension Plans are pointed toward aiding senior residents and retired folks to keep a comfortable life after retirement with incredibly rewarding investment strategies. Aegon pension plans have been only intended to assist retired folks with keeping up with their personal satisfaction similarly and experience their brilliant years in solace and straightforwardness.

Aegon Life Guaranteed Insurance Plan

A traditional participating insurance plan gives pension income in light of reserve funds made as premiums. Notwithstanding the life cover that the arrangement provides, it bends over as a pension plot that offers guaranteed benefit on death or at vesting. It is a restricted premium-paying arrangement with two premium payment terms. It is intended for individuals who wish to have a solid financial retirement or achieve a single amount of esteem through limited reserve funds over a picked period.

This arrangement from Aegon Life permits a restricted premium payment term to fabricate a protected financial situation for retirement. Given this arrangement throughout the strategy, time is an additional benefit. The vital benefits in deciding on this plan can be referenced in the accompanying focuses –

  • Life cover is present all through the strategy term
  • Two strategy residencies for a protected pension plan
  • Flexible premium payment modes
  • Applicable tax benefits can be profited according to Section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act

The vital benefits under this arrangement can be made sense of as underneath –

  1. Maturity Benefit – On endurance of the life guaranteed till the maturity age, after the culmination of the strategy term, this sum can be paid to the policyholder. This sum incorporates the Sum Assured, Guaranteed Payouts, and Terminal Bonus (if any)

  2. Death Benefit – in the event of the death of the guaranteed life, a death benefit will be payable to the candidate. It will be the higher of multiple times annualized premium and total guaranteed in addition to bonuses as appropriate

  3. Surrender Benefit – in the event that one year’s premiums have been paid, the strategy would gain a Guaranteed Surrender Value, and a similar will be delivered to the policyholder. In specific cases, the guarantor may likewise pay a sum higher than the GSV, which will be a Special Surrender Value

  4. Tax Benefit – The commitments made towards the premiums of this approach can be tax-deductible according to Section 80C, and the got benefits can fall under Section 10(10D). However, these benefits are subject to the prevailing tax regulations


Eligibility and other Restrictions in Aegon life Pension Plan

Entry Age2055
Maturity Age85
Policy Term85-Entry Age
SUM Assured1 LakhNO LIMIT
Annual Premium amountDepends on the cover, age, term and PPT
Premium Payment Term15 or 20 years
Premium Payment FrequencyYearly, Half-Yearly, or Monthly

Traditional Investment Plan for the Company

Traditional insurance plans give benefits like risk cover, fixed pay return, well-being, and tax break. These are the most established plans that take care of the people who generally have safe cravings. Traditional insurance plans are being selected as it is a steady choice. It is a risk-free venture. The significant pieces of the investible assets are in the debt instruments. Demise benefit offered is guaranteed alongside ensured and vested reward. It helps you in asset creation for an extended period of time. The premiums are fixed. Withdrawals will not be permitted before the maturity of the policy. Non-traditional products like unit-linked insurance plans are in the market, serving as both an investment and insurance.

Aegon pension plans are intended for anyone who can get their retirement years financially by making brilliant and dependable investments. Under Section 80 (C), you are qualified to get tax cuts of as much as INR 150,000 (INR 1.5 lacs) on the investment sum.

A brilliant retirement objective, as indicated by investment and money specialists, is what considers and guarantees normal progression of income and saves fundamentally on taxes.

Consequently, a brilliant investor who needs to keep a comfortable living, in any event, when the ordinary income from employment is as of now not accessible, ought to consider picking Aegon Pension Plans. Aegon Life Insurance Company offers the Aegon Life Insta Pension Plan. It is a pension plan intended to give prompt pension to deal with retired people’s fundamental requirements.

Particular Benefits of Aegon Insta Pension Plan

  • Lifetime Income – Depending on the annuity payout choice, the Aegon Life Insta Pension Plan gives you and your mate an income forever.

  • Life Annuity – If you pick the Life Annuity choice, you will accept your annuity payment consistently for however long you live.

  • Joint Life Annuity – An annuity is paid consistently for as long as you can remember. In the event of your offensive end, the annuity payment will keep being delivered to your companion until the life partner is alive.

You can decide to accept your annuity either on a month to month or on a yearly premise.

• Online: The organization offers detailed plans which are accessible online, as it were. The customer has to sign in to the organization’s site, pick the expected arrangement and inclusion, and give the subtleties. The premium will be resolved to utilize the filled subtleties. The customer then needs to pay the premium internet based through Visa, check card, or net financial offices, and the strategy will be given

• Intermediaries: Plans not accessible online can be bought from specialists, merchants, banks, and so forth, where the mediators assist with the application cycle.


How to pay a premium? What are the modes of payment available?

There are six methods of payment as offered by Aegon Life Insurance:

  • On the web
  • Mastercard
  • Web banking
  • Pay to Utilize the telephone application
  • ECS
  • EBPP
  • Pay at Aegon Life branches

There is likewise a choice of paying to utilize money or checking by and by in any branch offices in your city. IVR strategy for payment is conceivable where one must conveniently keep the Visa data alongside the date of birth.

How can I check the policy status for the Aegon Life pension Plan?

You can check policy status online and via SMS. For online, log into the website with your Customer ID and password to check the policy status.

What is the policy renewal process for the Aegon Life pension Plan?

You can renew your policy online by login into the e-portal – with valid details- policy number and policyholder’s date of birth. You can approach any branch office to drop your cheque for offline mode.

What is the company’s process to settle claims for the Aegon Life pension Plan?

three-step processes for claim settlement which include the following:

  • Claim intimation and registration.
  • Payment of fund value
  • Settlement Payout

What is the policy cancellation process for the Aegon Life pension Plan?

If you are unhappy with a current strategy, you can fill the surrender structure alongside the approach documents and submit it in any branch office, alongside the cancellation charges. The approach cancellation requires 30 days to handle, and the refund will be introduced in your ledger.

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  • For new policyholders, a grace period of around 15 days is given, wherein you have the choice of dropping the strategy and getting back the premium.

  • In either case, the Unit cost is determined according to the ongoing business sector worth of NAV on the off chance that the documents are submitted before 3:00 PM, or else the following day’s NAV esteem is applied to work out the refund.