Amex offer Get vouchers worth upto Rs.50,000 on Spends

American Express is one of the leading proponents of spend-based deals in the market. As India prepares for the holiday season, American Express has released spend-based promotions. Due to their targeting, we typically avoid writing about them. But this time, it appears that a large number of American Express cardholders have received the spend-based offers.

Amex offer Get vouchers worth upto Rs.50,000 on Spends American Express has created a new targeted spend-linked promotion for March. Since Amex runs similar promotions at the start of every year, this promotion is to be expected.

Keeping a watch on Amex Offers on your multiple American Express cards is a great way to save money or earn more points on goods and services you were going to buy anyhow. It might be simple to overlook these discounts, but doing so can result in missed opportunities to save money or earn points.

If you use an American Express card, you should make the Amex Offers program a key component of your purchasing strategy. Even casual consumers can easily save several hundred dollars a year by taking advantage of the offers because they are so simple to apply and can result in enormous savings.

To get the most out of Amex Offers, there are a few guidelines you should be aware of.

This comprehensive overview of some of the top current offers has been put together to help you keep informed. Naturally, there are constantly new offers being added, therefore we will regularly update this site to reflect any outstanding offers that are released.

Terms & Conditions for Offer

  • Only cardholders who have received formal notification from AmEx regarding the offer are eligible for the promotion.

  • Corporate credit cards from American Express are not eligible for the promotion.

  • To earn the extra Membership Rewards Points, the cardholder must sign up for the offer.

  • The additional Membership Rewards Points earned under the promotion must be reimbursed.

  • Throughout the offer period, a maximum of 10,000 Membership Rewards Points may be earned.

  • Supplemental card(s) do not need to be registered separately for the offer; spending on them will be added to spending on the base card.

  • The official offer T&C page on the American Express website can be consulted for complete terms and conditions.

When paying for insurance premiums with a credit card, you typically do not receive any bonus points or cashback. There are relatively few credit cards that give you points for buying insurance, and even those that do, either has a lower reward rate or a lower maximum cap on the number of points that may be earned on insurance purchases. On insurance purchases made with HDFC credit cards, for instance, there is a maximum cap of 2,000/5,000 reward points that can be collected. You can earn up to 10,000 Membership Rewards Points with your qualified AmEx credit card on insurance purchases made during the offer period thanks to a limited-time promotion from American Express.

American Express Celebrates Unwrapping Offerings to Spend

Previously, American Express provided certificates for use during the holiday season, but this time around, they have expanded their selection to include Luxury Brand Vouchers and Taj Vouchers. Enrollment is required, and all of the promotions are available.

 The following cardholders are the focus of the offers made by American Express:

  • Platinum American Express Card

  • Credit Card from American Express Platinum Reserve

  • Credit Card from American Express for Platinum Travel

  • Gold American Express Card

  • Credit Card from American Express Membership Rewards

  • Credit Card from American Express Smart Earn

It’s vital to keep in mind that these deals are not automatically applied to your card; rather, you must get into your account and manually add the offers you like. Thankfully, if you take the following actions, it’s fairly simple to do so:

1.   Start by logging into your American Express account as normal.

2.   Selected Amex Benefits & Offers.

3.   From there, you may view every Amex Offer that is presently offered for the card account you’ve chosen. To view any deals, you’ve already put in your card, click over.

4.   After arriving at the Amex Deals page, just browse the list of offers until you discover one that catches your eye. Then, all you have to do is click Add to Cart — Cart, and you’re ready to go! You will automatically receive the statement credit or bonus Membership Rewards points when you use that card for that purchase.

Recall that not all offers will be available to all Amex Card holders; certain offers may only be available to owners of a specific card and may be aimed toward certain cardholders. Here are some of the top current Amex Offers, listed in date order of expiration.

American Express India is returning with a fresh spending promotion. It is consistent with other promotions in which we received Amazon and Taj gift cards for exceeding spending goals. Please check your inbox to receive the enrollment link as this offer is targeted. The specifics are as follows:

Offer Specifics

Spend X and receive Y in vouchers.

Offer Period: 1 March

 Spend Type: Any. How to Register? The link should be in your email.

As certain renewals may occur earlier than planned, keep in mind that fulfillment is anticipated and essential for Amex Plat Metal Card holders.

There is no cap on where one can spend money, and no minimum quantity of transactions is necessary. Only specific American Express Cardholders are eligible for the deal. A Card member can only take advantage of this offer if they have received a notification about it directly from American Express via one of its channels. Spending by supplementary card members will also be included in the spending totals for the primary card member.

By March 10, 2023, Gift Cards will be delivered to eligible Cardholders at the email addresses they have on file with American Express. Taj Vouchers are good for 150 days after they are issued.

Offer alternates (Regular Cards)

  • Spend 40k and get an Rs. 2000 Amazon gift card

  • Spend 1L and receive Rs. 4K Amazon gift card

  • Spend 2.5L and receive Rs. 10K Taj gift card

  • Spend 4L and receive Rs. 20K Taj gift card

  • Spend 6L and receive Rs. 30K Taj gift card

  • Spend 8L and receive Rs. 40K Taj gift card

For the majority of the deals listed above, the return on investment is between 4 and 5%, which is still quite favorable.

Offer alternates (Platinum Charge Cards)

  • Spend 1L and receive Rs. 5K Amazon gift card

  • Spend 3L and receive Rs. 15K Taj coupon.

  • Spend 5L and receive a 25K rupee Taj voucher.

  • Spend 7L and receive Rs. 35K Taj gift card

  • Spend 9L and receive Rs. 50K Taj gift card

The majority of the aforementioned offers, except offer number 5, offer a 5% return on spend. These go above and above the usual rewards, as always.

Offer for Platinum Charge Card:

  • Earn Amazon/Taj gift cards when you meet your spending goal

  • Offer Period: 1 March

  • Eligibility Requirement: Enrollment

  • Return Rate: 5% to 5.5%

Offer for Amex Credit Cards:

  • Get Amazon/Taj gift cards when you meet your spending goal

  • Offer Period: 1st March

  • Enrollment is Necessary to Qualify

  • Eligible Card Variants: Platinum Reserve, Platinum Travel, Membership Rewards, Smart Earn

  • Return: 4% to 5%

My View

Another good offer from Amex, this time with gift cards to Taj or Amazon as the prize. The return on bonuses ranges from 4% to 5.5%. Even though it falls short of the incredible Diwali spending offer from 2021, this is still a good deal.

However, the lengthening Amex offers fulfillment times are alarming. In this instance, we have to wait to receive the vouchers. It’s been too long!

Opportunities to Double-dip or Triple-dip

The chance to triple dip with the other active deals makes this offer much more alluring. Here are a few days for you to use the Amex MRCC credit card in the same way.

When using an Amex Membership Rewards credit card

1. To earn 1000 bonus MR points in both March, complete 1500 * 4 transactions.

2. Spend $20,000 in each of March to receive an additional 1,000 extra MR points.

3. Purchase quick vouchers or take advantage of Amex Reward Multiplier offers while purchasing.


American Express is making a fantastic deal in its customary manner. Hope you’ll be able to easily achieve the target spending on time as the world seems to be emerging from the Covid issue.

There is a tiny possibility that you may not have received the email for whatever reason if you haven’t received the correspondence, so you can verify with the chat or phone support if you haven’t.

American Express has launched its holiday promos for the season and gives up to a 5% bonus on top of the various benefits they typically give for holiday spending. Make sure to enroll before you start spending after receiving your personalized offer from American Express in an email. This promotion is less than it was last year.

Final Reflections

Cardholders frequently hesitate to charge their insurance expenses to their credit card, which results in a higher credit limit use rate. This is because insurance premium payments typically do not qualify for reward points or cashback on the majority of credit cards. American Express previously launched a promotion quite similar to the one mentioned above to encourage cardholders to use their credit cards for insurance purchases. We anticipate that other credit card issuers will follow AmEx’s lead and start rewarding insurance purchases made with their cards.

Aside from the insurance offers, American Express appears to have been aggressively pushing their credit cards with a variety of other incentives for a while now. As AmEx is now prohibited from onboarding consumers due to RBI limitations, this is likely an effort by the card issuer to keep its current customer base.


Which credit cards are accepted by Amex Offers?

The Amex Offers program is open to almost all American Express cards, including debit cards, co-branded airline, and hotel cards, and cards with no annual charge. It’s a major deal that even the most basic American Express cards can sign up for Amex Offers because it’s one of the most potent money-saving card advantages available. Here are some of our top-rated American Express cards that you might want to sign up for whether you want to earn rewards points or cash back.

Amex Offers: What is it?

Consider the Amex Offers program as a targeted way to earn statement credits and bonus benefits by making purchases from particular stores, to keep things straightforward. It should not be confused with a new card application welcome bonus.

Usually, Amex Offers are selected based on the kind of card you have. For instance, you might see more travel-related deals if you have a credit card with travel rewards, like The Platinum Card® from American Express, which lets you earn statement credits for booking stays at Marriott properties or bonus points for booking cruises with specific cruise lines. Instead, if you use a small company credit card like The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express, you are more likely to see deals dedicated to small businesses that let you earn statement credits for using FedEx or extra points for using specific wireless providers.

In addition, there are many Amex Offers available for eating, online shopping, entertainment, and other common spending categories, to which all cards have access.

Each Amex Offer calls for a particular action to activate the bonus. For instance, some promotions may require a minimum purchase of $50 at a specific retailer to qualify for a $10 statement credit. In the case of other deals, you might get a certain percentage of your money back when you shop at particular stores, or you can get extra points for every dollar you spend there.

The goal is to avoid being seduced by an excellent offer into spending money that you wouldn’t have otherwise. The range is broad enough that almost everyone can find something that will save them money on purchases they were already planning to make.

Amex Offers: How do I use them?

Sign up for each promotion

You must enroll your card for each Amex Offer to use it. When you identify one that fits your spending style, just click “Add to Cart” on the dashboard of your American Express online account. You’ll instantly receive the bonus once you’ve met the requirements of the deal.

Even though American Express frequently only shows up to 100 offers at once, you can view more by adding them to your card. For instance, if you add every one of them to your card, you might see an additional 100 distinct Amex Offers when you check into your account the following time. This would let you add a lot more offers to your card.

Put your offer on the appropriate card.

Keep in mind that only one of your American Express cards may be connected to a given Amex Offer. Keep in mind that adding an offer to one card will remove it from the list of available offers on all of your other cards if you are targeted for one that appears on more than one of your American Express cards. To put it another way, be sure the Amex Offer you add to your account is for the card you intend to use.

Combine Amex Offers with other promotions

Here’s a key factor in why Amex Offers are so unique: They are awards that take place after your purchase and are not discounts or coupon coupons. That is, the firm with which you are transacting is unaware that you are utilizing an Amex Offer, which is advantageous for two reasons:

You can utilize shopping portals in conjunction with Amex Offers

You can stack Amex Offers with any promo codes you may discover; Just make sure your final total meets the offer’s minimum spending criteria.

Additionally, you will still receive rewards for the entire transaction amount because statement credits will be issued following your purchase, frequently in only a few days.