Axis Bank Miles Credit Card

For regular travellers who use credit cards for both domestic and international travel, Axis Bank introduced the Miles and More credit card. You can receive perks from the card in the form of redeemable reward points and free lounge access at more than 30 airports in India. The card also offers a variety of deals on fuel costs. If you choose the World Credit Card, there is a membership fee of Rs. 3,500 and an annual fee of Rs. 3,500. The interest rate on the card is 3.4% per month.

You get two benefits with the Miles & More Credit Card, including limitless miles for travel. The Miles & More Club membership, the ability to set up recurring debits from your card, and utility bill payments are among the extra advantages. With the EMV-certified chip in your Miles & More Credit Card, you’ll enjoy unparalleled security for all of your transactions. With the Miles & More Credit Card, you can spend more and be eligible to earn unlimited miles.

The Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Card’s Standout Features

Every time you use this premium travel credit card to make a purchase, you’ll receive a limitless number of miles.

Key Highlights of the Axis Bank Miles Credit Card.

  • A welcome bonus of up to 15,000 miles can be earned.

  • For every Rs 200 spent, up to 6 award miles are earned.

  • Miles never expire.

  • Bonus of up to 4,000 award miles per year

  • Free access to up to 8 selected airport lounge visits per quarter

  • Preferential rates on loans from Axis Bank

  • Up to 4 free visits per year to Priority Pass lounges.

  • Consultancy Services

  • 15% minimum discounts at a few eateries

  • Waiver of fuel surcharge

Fees and charges of the Axis Bank Miles Credit Card.

ChargesAxis Bank Miles and More World Credit CardAxis Bank Miles and More Select Credit Card
Joining FeeRs.3,500Rs.10,000
Annual FeeRs.3,500Rs.4,500
Finance Charges2.95% p.m. | 41.75% p.a.
Late Payment FeeFor Outstanding Amount-Less than Rs. 500: NilFrom Rs. 501 to Rs. 5,000: Rs. 500From Rs. 5,001 to Rs. 10,000: Rs. 750Greater than Rs. 10,000: Rs. 1,200 

The Cards of Axis bank Miles shares the features and advantages listed below.

  • Rates for Axis Bank loans when applying for a loan.

  • Use the facility to schedule flights, dinner reservations, gift delivery, and more using the concierge services.

  • Restaurant discounts of at least 15% are available.

  • Petrol Levy Waiver: At all fuel stations, a 1% surcharge is waived for fuel transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4000.

Features and advantages of the Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Card

Welcome bonus: The Miles and More Credit Card provide members with the appealing welcome bonus program stated below. Up to 55,000 miles can be redeemed within the first year of use with the Miles & More credit card. These can be redeemed to receive thrilling benefits.

World select card has 15,000 award miles and the World card has 5,000 award miles.

Annual Bonus: The annual bonus that the two card versions provide is listed below.

  • 4,000 award miles with the World Select Card

  • 3,000 award miles for the World Card

Spending rewards: When you use your Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Card for regular purchases, you’ll earn reward miles.

  • Every Rs. 200 spend earns 6 award miles with the World Select Card.

  • For every Rs. 200 spent, World Card offers 4 award miles.

No expiration for the award miles: You’ll be happy to learn that the award miles have no expiration date and can thus be kept for as long as you like.

Priority Pass membership: You have free access to more than 600 airport lounges worldwide with the Priority Pass lounge access service. Priority Pass will be automatically issued to you after your credit card is activated.

  • 4 Priority Pass lounge visits per year with the World Select Card

  • 2 Priority Pass lounge visits per year with the World card

Options for redemption: The luxurious redemption option consists of reserving and upgrading airline tickets, making hotel reservations, shopping at affiliated online and offline retailers, renting a car, etc.

Dining perk: The “Dining Delights” program entitles you to a minimum 15% discount at participating restaurants.

24X7 Concierge services: The card offers you a dedicated concierge service that helps you with your travel and hotel reservations, gift delivery, and a variety of other features. This service is available around-the-clock to improve your premium living experiences.

Card security

The Miles and More credit card include the CHIP and PIN feature, which offers the highest level of protection against fraud. The card can transact and store data in an encrypted way thanks to the CHIP and PIN features.

A PIN is encrypted on the CHIP, and the owner is the only one who knows it. Direct usage of this CHIP and PIN card is permitted at numerous merchant terminals.

Take Advantage of Access to Airport Lounges

  • With an Axis Bank World Card, you can access two Priority Pass lounges annually.

  • With the Miles and More Axis Bank World Select Card, you can visit the Priority Pass Lounge four times a year.

  • With the Miles and More Axis Bank World Card, you can visit the airport lounge four times per quarter.

  • With the Miles and More World Select Credit Card, you can get eight complimentary visits to the airport lounge each quarter.

Acceptance for the Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Card

The Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Cards are available to you if you satisfy the following requirements:

  • The range of your age at this time is between 18 and 70.

  • The additional cardholder’s age must be at least fifteen years old.

  • You live in India or are an Indian who does not live there.

Documents Required for applying for Axis Bank Miles Credit Card

When applying for a Miles Credit Card, you must provide the following documents as identification:

  • a photocopy of your PAN card or Form 60

  • Income evidence Your most recent payslip, an IT return copy, or a copy of your Form 16 residential evidence (one of the following):

  • Passport and Ration Card

  • Payphone charge for a landline

  • License to drive

  • Electricity bill

Redeem the Axis Bank Miles Credit Card

Award miles can only be redeemed through Miles & More. From Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm, dial 0008000501941. Contact us on Saturday between 9 am and 1 pm. To complete the redemption request, next provide your Miles & More membership number. For further information and redemption options, you may also visit the Lufthansa Miles and More website.

FAQ of the Axis Bank Miles Credit Card

Are there any restrictions on how long my Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Card’s miles last?

Simply do the following to guarantee that the miles on your Miles and More Credit Card never expire:

Use the Miles and More Credit Card for at least three months.

Use your Miles and More Credit Card to make a minimum of 1 mile-related purchase.

What advantages come with my Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Card’s concierge services?

You can take advantage of a variety of concierge services, including help with reserving tickets for events in the arts and culture, shopping, business, and other areas.

How do I use my Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Card’s CHIP and PIN function at merchant locations?

Simple swipe/dip of the card into the CHIP reader slot of the payment terminal, key in the ATM PIN, and sign the charge slip are all that are required.

Does the card have a chip in it?

Yes, the credit card has a chip that, compared to the conventional mag strip, is more able to safeguard your card information.

What is the customer service number for Axis Bank credit cards?

The customer service phone number for Axis Bank credit cards is 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555. to learn about more ways to contact the bank.

How can I keep track of my application for the Axis Bank Miles & More Credit Card?

By going to the Axis Bank website, you may quickly track the status of your Axis Bank Miles & More Credit Card application. Your Application ID or Pan Number and mobile number are all that are required (provided in the application form).