Bharathi AXA Life Child Advantage Plan

As a parent, you want to provide your child with the best education, experiences, and comfort possible. You’d be excited about budgeting for each upcoming milestone so that you don’t run into financial problems that prevent your child from reaching their ambitions. The escalating cost of education and the persistent fear of an acquiring guardian’s untimely death makes it unavoidable to purchase an ideal life insurance policy for your child.

An interest-bearing savings plan that gives both of you flexible alternatives for maturity advantages, such as money return and endowment, which can be tailored to your child’s vocational chances. This Bharti AXA Life Insurance Plan also includes a premium waiver benefit, which is an essential component of the plan.

The Bharti AXA Life Child Advantage Plan is a non-linked taking an interesting life insurance policy with two elective maturity benefit options for policyholders. As maturity advantages, the policyholder has granted Money Back and an Endowment Option at the start of the term. The policyholder might choose between the two possibilities based on his or her financial objectives. If all premiums are paid, and the policy is active, money-back maturity benefits handed out in the last five years of the insurance period provide stable payouts. In addition, the policyholder’s family is insured for the duration of the policy. In the unfortunate event that the policyholder dies, the kid will be eligible for all benefits as outlined when the insurance was created. Furthermore, the policyholder’s family will be exempt from paying any premiums to obtain assistance.

Feature of Bharahi AXA Life Child Adavangte

The following are some of the most important aspects of the Bharti AXA Life Child Advantage Insurance Plan:

  • Maturity Benefits are a choice: You might choose between two maturity advantages, precisely, Money-back and Endowment, based on your child’s professional objectives. If the policyholder passes away before the policy expires, his nominee will be eligible for guaranteed payouts for the remaining five years of the policy. If all premiums have been paid and the inclusion is still dynamic, it may apply.

  • The durability of the policy: By deferring all future premiums, the insurance provides all expected benefits to the kid upon the death of the life insured. It ensures that the child’s ambitions are not jeopardized as a result of financial difficulties caused by the tragic incident.

  • Benefits of Life Insurance: For instance, if the policyholder dies while the insurance is still active, the chosen one will receive the highest of the accompanying amounts: If you choose the money return option, you will receive every available ounce of effort of your money back, and if you choose the endowment option, you will receive 125% of your money back 11 times the premium on an annual basis sum assured.

  • Bonuses can increase your earnings: If the policy is incorporated, the insurance company may declare a surplus or benefit distribution. The policy is eligible for the insurer’s non-insured yearly reversionary bonus and may be eligible for the insurer’s non-insured terminal bonus.

  • The choice to select a premium installment term: Depending on your child’s age, you can select between 11 and 21 years old. Then, as a premium installment option, you might select between restricted pay and typical compensation. The standard compensation option’s policy term is the same as the premium installment time frame. The premium installment term for the restricted compensation choice is the insurance term minus five years.

The Bharathi AXA life Child Advantage

Traditional participating savings plans have a Premium Waiver advantage, which allows you to choose between two Maturity benefits – Money-back and Endowment – based on your child’s needs and career ambitions.


Regular Payment Premium

Minimum Entry Age(age closer to birthday): 18 years

Maximum Entry Age (age closer to birthday): 50 years

Maximum age at the time of Policy Maturity (age closer to birthday): 71years

Policy Term: 11-21years

At maturity, a minimum sum is guaranteed: Rs.25,000

Minimum Annualised Premium: Varies based on the minimum sum assured at maturity

Premium Payment Modes: Annually, Semi-annually, Monthly (only through Auto Pay), Quarterly (only through Auto Pay)

 Premium Type – Limited Pay

Minimum Entry Age (age closer to birthday): 18 years

Maximum Entry Age (age closer to birthday): 55years

Maximum age at the time of Policy Maturity (age closer to birthday): 76years

Policy Term: 11-21years

At maturity, a minimum sum is guaranteed: Rs.25,000

Minimum Annualised Premium: Varies based on the minimum sum assured at maturity

Premium Payment Modes: Annually, Semi-annually, Monthly (only through Auto Pay), Quarterly (only through Auto Pay)

What the Bharati AXA life Child Advantage Plan Covers

The policyholder receives life insurance through a non-linked participating life insurance plan. If the policyholder dies tragically, the chosen one will be eligible for the death benefits mentioned under this plan. The policyholder must choose one of the two maturity benefit options at the start of the term. When the maturity benefit selection is made during the policy term, it cannot be modified. The plan enables policyholders to save more through their savings while protecting them with insurance coverage. Under this plan, the policyholder can exploit the adaptability given by choosing the maturity benefit type, premium amount, premium installment term, and policy term.

Why do you need the Bharathi AXA child Advantage plan and Investment Plan

  • You will receive guaranteed payments totaling 70% of the sum promised in the five years preceding policy maturity. This sum can be utilized to meet your child’s educational needs. When the insurance matures, you will get a guaranteed maturity payment that you can put toward your child’s professional needs. On the maturity date, 40% of the money insured is paid at the end of the policy period.

  • The endowment option will provide you with a single guaranteed sum at the time of policy maturity. It is relevant as long as the policy is still in effect. On the maturity date, 125% of the sum insured is paid at the end of the policy period. This option does not provide guaranteed rewards.

  • You can profit from the underlying premium waiver benefit, which will support you despite sad situations such as the death of a parent (life insured). Future premiums will be delayed in this circumstance, although the policy’s benefits will remain intact.

  • The plan allows you to select your policy term, i.e., between the ages of 11 and 21. You can choose an insurance term based on your child’s age.

  • You can also choose a premium payment method, such as restricted or regular pay. ‘Restricted pay’ is a premium payment term that is five years shorter than the policy term. The phrase ‘regular pay’ refers to the situation in which the policy term and the premium payment term are the same.

  • If all required premiums are paid, a non-guaranteed reversionary bonus is collected in the policy at the end of each year. This bonus is paid when the policy matures. The insurance provider may additionally provide you with an additional non-guaranteed terminal bonus payable at policy maturity.

Applying for the company’s Traditional investment plan

Traditional insurance plans give benefits like risk cover, fixed pay return, well-being, and tax break. These are the most renowned options that cater to people who have a safe craving. Traditional insurance policies are chosen because they are a reliable option. It is a low-risk endeavor. The debt instruments account for a sizable portion of the investible assets. The death benefit provided is assured, coupled with the ensured and vested incentive. It will assist you in asset production for a long time. The premiums are fixed. Withdrawals will not be permitted prior to the policy’s maturity. There are non-traditional products available, such as unit-linked insurance plans, which function as both an investment and insurance.

How to save with the Bharathi AXA life Child Advantage Plan

According to the Income Tax Act of 1961, Bharti AXA Life Child Advantage Plan provides tax breaks to policyholders. The premiums paid into the plan and the earned returns are eligible for charge allowance and exclusion under Sections 80C and 10. (10D). Duty rules and regulations are subject to change on a regular basis. Customers are urged to carefully read the policy record and consult with a qualified duty counselor before acquiring the plan.

At the start of the policy, the policyholder selects one of the two available maturity benefit alternatives. The policyholder can also choose the sum assured at the end of the policy term according to their financial goals and needs. This policy gives the policyholder numerous options for saving more money through guaranteed and variable returns. Furthermore, premiums can be paid on a yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis, increasing the policyholder’s flexibility.

1)The Bharti AXA Life Child Advantage Plan provides a basic sum assured of Rs.25,000. The sum assured on maturity under the Money Back benefit is every available ounce of effort of the sum assured. The Endowment Option plan provides maturity benefits equal to 125% of the money assured.

2)The premium is determined by several elements, including the policy term, premium payment period, benefit type, premium payment method, etc. These criteria are evaluated while determining remuneration to ensure that it meets the customer’s needs and financial goals.

Reasons for which you Should buy the Bharati AXA life child Advantage Plan

1)The option to select Maturity Benefits

2)Termination of Policy

3)Continuance of Policy

4)Life Insurance Benefits

5)The potential benefit of a bonus

6)Option to choose the term of premium payment

7)Tax Advantages

8)The Grace Period

Bharti AXA Life Child Advantage Plan is a non-linked participation life insurance policy that gives the policyholder the option of selecting one of two maturity benefit alternatives. At the policy’s beginning, the policyholder is furnished with Money Back and Endowment Options as the maturity benefits; based on their monetary goals, they can choose from both benefits. The plan offers guaranteed payouts under the Money Back maturity benefits given out in the last five years of the policy term. All the premiums are paid, and the policy is in force. Besides, during the policy term, the policyholder’s family is safeguarded with insurance coverage. In case of the policyholder’s awful death, the child will be qualified for every one of the benefits planned at the policy’s origin. Furthermore, the policyholder’s family won’t be expected to pay any premium amount to get the benefits.

The plan allows the policyholder to choose the premium payment term based on their requirements. The policyholder can choose to settle on the regular or restricted pay choice, which is connected with the premium payment term for the policy. If the policy is purchased with a customary payment choice, the premium payment term will be the same as the policy term. The guidelines issued with limited pay options have the office diminish the premium payment term by five years to benefit from a shorter premium payment term to purchase the Bharti AXA Life Child Advantage Plan.

If you want your child’s future to be secured, Bharti AXA Life Child Advantage Plan should be a must as it provides immense benefits.


Q1. What is the policy renewal process for Bharti Axa Life Child Advantage Plan?

Ans – You can directly access your policy details through their official website and renew according to the instructions.

Q2. How can I check the policy status for Bharti Axa Life Child Advantage Plan?

Ans – Through their website.

Q3. What is the policy cancellation process for Bharti Axa Life Child Advantage Plan?

Ans – -Using their website, you can easily access your policy details and cancel, keeping in mind the cancellation policy.

Q4. How to pay a premium? What are the modes of payment available?

Ans – You can pay the premiums through any agent or directly using their website.

Q5. What is the Invest Protect Option?

Ans – If the life insured stays alive until maturity, all the required premiums are paid until maturity. The sum assured at maturity will be payable on the date of maturity.