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During your retirement years, you can withdraw all or part of the fund you’ve built up thanks to Edelweiss Tokio Pension Plans. Hence, Edelweiss Tokio Retirement Plans assist you in investing your earnings over the years. These plans are also perfect for meeting your financial needs during your golden years because they combine investment and protection benefits. Planning for retirement has become more important due to the high cost of living and rising inflation.

What are Pension Plans?

Pension or retirement plans are a particular class of insurance policies that support a comfortable retirement. These plans offer security and function as investment strategies that assist you in building a corpus to cover your post-retirement needs, such as healthcare costs and living expenses.

In these plans, your earnings are invested over time to build a fund that you can use in full or in installments when you retire. With the right planning and investment, you can easily plan your golden years and secure your future with a consistent income stream even after retirement.

A steady and regular source of income is what Pension Plans which are specially crafted retirement strategies, are meant to offer after a person retires. The Edelweiss Tokio Retirement Plans have special characteristics that set them apart from other types of insurance plans. The following is a list of the features:

  • Because they promise to pay annuities starting from the date selected by the policyholder, pension plans are also known as annuity plans.

  • There are two types of plans available: immediate annuity plans and deferred annuity plans, both of which have specific features.

  • In a deferred annuity plan, the waiting period is called a deferment period before the annuity payments begin. These plans are divided into two phases. The first is the phase of accumulation, which either follows the deferment period or comes after it. The policyholder is required to pay premiums during the accumulation phase so that they can build up into a corpus.

    A death benefit is paid to the policyholder’s nominee if he passes away while the policy is in the accumulation phase. The plan vests once the Deferment Period is over. The policyholder will begin receiving annuity payments from the corpus amassed from the premium payments once the policy reaches full vesting. For the duration of the annuitant’s life, the annuity is payable.

  • There is only the annuity phase in an immediate annuity plan. There is no use for the Deferment Period. The annuity recipient deposits a lump sum and designates the frequency of his annuity payments. When the policyholder selects the subsequent frequency, the annuity payments will begin right away and continue for the rest of his life.

  • In the case of immediate annuity plans, there is no death benefit. When a person passes away, their annuity payments stop, though the plan may stipulate that they will receive their lump-sum premium back.

  • In India, bonuses are not given to pension funds.

  • Plans for deferred annuities can be purchased as traditional plans or as unit-linked ones where the premiums are invested for growth in the market.

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance

A savings program called Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Secure+ can assist you in achieving a number of objectives, including increasing your wealth, saving for your child’s education, and organizing a stress-free retirement. With just Rs. 2500 per month of investment, the plan offers a triple benefit of life insurance, savings, and tax advantages, as well as the chance to earn market-linked returns.

Cost-effective Savings

  • Invest a little to win a lot! To start saving and securing your goals, all you need is Rs. 1000 per month.
  • A five-year policy term.
  • A policy term option of as little as 5 years is available with this new generation of ULIP.

Lifelong Security – As you move through various life stages, you can choose to purchase a life insurance policy that covers you for 100 years and can also cover your spouse and children.

7 Fund Choices – You have the choice to invest in both equity and debt money market instruments based on your risk tolerance using 7 different fund options.

No Fee for Partial Withdrawals – After the fifth policy year, you have the option to withdraw a portion of the fund value free of charge based on your liquidity needs.

Tax Advantages – Gain tax advantages for premiums paid in accordance with section 80(C) and for the maturity benefit in accordance with section 10 (10D).

Additions to Funds – By making additional allocations, such as Loyalty Additions, Booster Additions, and Maturity Additions, you can maximize your savings.

Edelweiss Tokio Life Pension Plans

Between Edelweiss Financial Services, based in Mumbai, and Tokio Marine Holdings Inc., a Japanese company, they created Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance. It was founded in 2011. One of the top financial service providers, it offers a variety of products tailored specifically to its customers’ needs and caters to their many needs.

Edelweiss Tokio Life Triple Advantage Plan

Under its retirement solutions category, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company provides a range of plans. Some Edelweiss Tokio Retirement Plans are pension plans, while others are standard plans created to take care of the retirement funding. Please review the features of the current plans.

The Edelweiss Tokio Life Triple Advantage Plan

This is a common savings strategy that offers three benefits until age 100. The plan’s noteworthy features are as follows:

  • For premium payments, there is a Limited Premium Payment option.

  • A participating plan is issued along with the declaration of bonuses.

  • If the policyholder lives to the end of the Premium Paying Term, the Sum Assured on Maturity is paid; otherwise, the Sum Assured on Death, which is equal to the greater of the Sum Assured on Maturity or 11 times the annual premium, is paid with any accumulated reversionary bonuses.

  • The Sum Assured on Maturity is paid once more if the policyholder turns 75 after the Premium Paying Term has ended. He receives the higher of the Sum Assured on Maturity or 11 times the annual premium if he passes away after the Premium Paying Term but before the age of 75. In addition, any accumulated reversionary bonuses are paid.

  • The sum assured at maturity and any terminal bonuses are then paid when the policyholder reaches the age of 100. When someone passes away, the higher of the sum assured at maturity or eleven times the yearly premium is paid as the sum assured on death.

  • discounts on the policy’s premium if you purchase it online or select a higher level of Sum Assured when it matures

  • By including any of the numerous available riders, including
    • Rider for Edelweiss Tokio Life’s Accidental Death Benefit
    • Rider for Accidental Total and Permanent Disability from Edelweiss Tokio Life
    • Life Term Rider for Edelweiss in Tokyo
    • Tokio Life Critical Illness Rider Edelweiss
    • Premium Rider Waiver by Edelweiss Tokio
    • Cash Benefit Rider for Hospitals
    • Waiver Benefit Rider for Edelweiss Tokio Life Payor

  • Loans are only permitted up to 90% of the Surrender Value.

  • Additionally, premiums and claims covered by Sections 80C and 10(10D) are eligible for tax benefits.

Eligibility Details

Age of Entry91 days55 years
Age of Maturity100 years
Policy Period100 less the entry age
premium sumRs.9531There is no restriction.
Insured Amount at Maturity2 lakh rupeesThere is no restriction
Death Benefit Amount11 times the yearly premium or the Sum Assured at Maturity, whichever is greater.
Premium Term of Paymentthe age of 10, 15, 20, or 25.
Paying Frequency for Premiumsmonthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly

Edelweiss Tokio Life Cash Income Plan

is a traditional plan with benefits that are guaranteed to last until the person turns 100. The plan has the following features and advantages:

  • For a brief period of 20 years, the plan’s premiums are due.

  • Up until the start of the 40th policy year, a monthly payment of one annualized premium increased at a simple rate of 6% annually, will be made starting at the beginning of the 21st policy year.

  • Depending on the policyholder’s entry age, a benefit equal to 100% -150% of the Sum Assured will be paid upon living through the 40th policy year.

  • In the event that the policyholder lives to be 100 years old, the sum assured is payable.

  • If you pass away at any point during the term of your policy, a death benefit will be paid that is equal to the highest of the following: 10 times your annual premium; 105% of all premiums paid up to the time of your death; the minimum guaranteed sum at maturity; or an absolute amount to be paid upon death that is expressed as a percentage of the Sum Assured and is based on the policy year of your passing.

  • Under the Plan, loans are available up to a maximum of 90% of the Surrender Value.

  • Benefit from income tax on premiums paid in accordance with Section 80C and on claims made under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.

Eligibility Details

Age of Entry91 days50 years
Age of Maturity100 years
Policy Period100 less the entry age
premium sumRs.25, 000There is no restriction
Insured Amount at MaturityRs.265, 000There is no restriction
Money Paid Upon Deathhigher of the maturity sum insured or 11 times the yearly premium
Term of Premium Payment20 years
frequency of premium paymentsYearly, half-yearly or monthly

Edelweiss Tokio Life Pension Plan

has the following characteristics and is a traditional pension plan:

  • Through receiving bonuses, the plan shares in the company’s profits.

  • The option to pay premiums in one lump sum or over the course of the plan’s entire duration is available.

  • Under the plan, Guaranteed Additions accrue at 5% of the total premiums paid during the first five years of the policy.

  • Since the sixth policy year, compound reversionary bonuses have been paid.

  • The higher the total premiums paid compounded at 1%, including accrued Guaranteed Additions and bonuses, or 105% of all premiums paid up until death will be paid as a death benefit upon the insured’s passing.

  • Amounts paid upon vesting, or maturity, include the Sum Assured, Guaranteed Additions, and Bonuses, which may be applied in a number of ways.

  • If the policyholder is younger than 55 years old, the vesting age may be postponed. Alternatively, he may choose to commutate or take a portion of the proceeds in cash, with the remainder going toward annuity payments. With the money, he can also purchase another deferred annuity plan from the business.

  • By including the Edelweiss Tokio Life Term Rider or the Critical Illness Rider, the plan can be modified.

  • For choosing the annual payment method and for higher levels of Sum Assured, discounts are applied to the premium.

Eligibility Details

Age of Entry18 years 
Age of Maturity45 years 
Policies Term10 years 
Terms That Pay a PremiumSingle Pay, 5 or 10 Years, or Equal to Policy Term
Annual Premium AmountSingle Pay: Rs. 108; Others: Rs. 105; Total: Rs. 4898.50 
Guaranteed SumRs. 125, 000 for a single payment; Rs. 2 lakhs for others. 
Premium Payment Frequencyyearly, biannually, quarterly, monthly, or single payment

Edelweiss Tokio Life Immediate Annuity Plan

The plan is an immediate annuity and includes the following features:

  • Immediately after the premium is paid, annuity payments begin.

  • The plan’s multiple annuity choices include
    • Annuity for lifelong use
    • Life Annuity with Purchase Price Refund
    • Life Annuity with a 5-, 10-, 15-, or 20-year guarantee that is then payable for life
    • Simple annual growth rates for life annuities are 3% or 5%.
    • 100% of the joint life, last surviving annuity is paid to the secondary annuitant
    • 50% of the joint life, last surviving annuity is paid to the secondary annuitant.
    • joint life, last surviving, with a 100% annuity to the secondary annuitant and a return of the purchase price
  • Higher annuity rates are paid to females over the age of 49.

  • The rate of annuity payouts is higher if the policyholder purchases the plan using funds from an existing pension plan that was purchased from the company.

  • Increasing annuity rates with increasing levels of Purchase Price

Eligibility Details

Age of Entry45 years85 years
The Annual Annuity AmountDepending on Purchase Price and Age
Price of PurchaseOne lakh rs.There is no restriction.
Expenses for Annuity Payoutsyearly, biannually, quarterly, or monthly.

Applying for a Pension Plan from the company


The business only makes certain plans available online. The customer only needs to log into the business’ website, select the necessary plan, coverage, and information, and then submit it. The filled-out information will be used to calculate the premium. After the customer makes the required online premium payment using a credit card, debit card, or net banking services, the policy will be issued.


Plans that aren’t offered online can be purchased from brokers, agents, banks, etc., where the middlemen assist with the application process.


How to pay a premium? Mode of  Payment

There are two standard methods for paying premiums for Edelweiss Tokio Life, each of which has a wide range of additional options:

Online Mode:

1. Paying with a debit card
2. Paying with a credit card or a standing order
3. Online Banking

Offline Mode

1. Using the ECS facility
2. VRS
3. Bank Draft
4. Cheque/DD

By visiting the closest branch in your city, you can make an offline payment.

How can I check the policy status for Edelweiss Tokio pension plans?

By going to the e-portal and entering the policy number and birthdate, you can check the status of your insurance policy online.

What is the renewal policy process for Edelweiss Tokio pension plans?

By entering your login information and password into the e-portal, you can either use the auto direct debit options that are available online to renew your policy.

You can visit any of the branch offices or contact customer service to inquire about the offline mode renewal process.

What is the company’s process for settling claims for Edelweiss Tokio pension plans?

You must submit the policy paperwork and the claim form to one of the branch offices in your city in order to resolve the claim. About 30 days pass after the documents are received and verified before the claims are resolved. The claims are paid out using the NEFT mode.

What is the cancellation policy process for Edelweiss Tokio pension plans?

If you are unhappy with the policy, you can fill out a surrender form and submit it to any branch office along with the cancellation fees. The insurance policy will be officially canceled after 10 days. Based on the NAV of the current market price, the refund will be determined.