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Several well-known credit card companies offer the ability to convert reward points into InterMiles, but conversion rates may vary from card to card. Therefore, you don’t necessarily require a credit card from a specific issuer to take advantage of the promotion; it applies to all card issuers that give their cardholders the option to convert earned Reward Points into Intermiles Bonus Points. During the promotional time, all Reward Point conversions into InterMiles will result in a 50% bonus. Additionally, if you convert more than 10,000 miles worth of points, you will receive a Swiggy voucher worth Rs. 500. By converting your credit card reward points into Intermiles, you can now gain additional Intermiles and a free Swiggy ticket. Continue reading for more information about this offer in further detail.


A good affiliate program is InterMiles. Suppose you go out of your way to get yourself redirected from an affiliate marketer like InterMiles. In that case, you will receive additional benefits from InterMile Points, which can be further redeemed for various possibilities, as previously mentioned. Additionally, the InterMiles Program is varied; you can earn InterMile Points from various sources, such as banks, hotels, online and offline retail partners, restaurants, conversion partners, telecom, magazine subscription partners, taxi services, etc.

The Offer

Many reputable card issuers, such as HDFC Bank, American Express, ICICI Bank, Citi Bank, YES Bank, IndusInd Bank, and HSBC, permit the conversion of Reward Points from credit card purchases into InterMiles. Additionally, suppose you have a credit card from one of these issuers. You can receive a 50% Intermiles bonus and a Rs. 500 Swiggy Voucher when you convert your earned Reward Points into Intermiles. The offer is only available for a short time and is applicable from September 1 through September 10, 2022.

The conversion rates may vary for various credit cards. You should check the conversion rates on your card issuer’s rewards system, the official website, or by getting in touch with your credit card customer service. You can do the following actions to take advantage of this offer:

  • Visit your internet banking account or the rewards portal for your specific bank.

Conversion Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • Only Members who register for this promotion and convert between January 1, 2022, and January 31, 2022, inclusively, will be eligible for the offer under this promotion.

  • The offer is only valid for the following banks: HSBC India, IndusInd Bank, EIB, PayBack, Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and American Express India & UAE.

  • Bonuses will be given to members following the bonus slabs below:

  • Convert InterMiles 10,000 and up to receive 50% Bonus miles.

  • Change 1500 InterMiles to 9,999. Get 30% more bonus miles.

  • You can use a website to convert to see a full list of partners.

After the Base InterMiles have been credited to the member’s InterMiles account, Bonus InterMiles earned through this promotion will appear by February 20, 2022. The transaction date the participating partner shares with InterMiles shall be the foundation for any bonus InterMiles issued as part of this offer.

If a member of InterMiles has credit cards from various banks and converts rewards points to InterMiles as part of this campaign, the member’s account will show each Bonus InterMile that person has earned. The promotion mentioned above is only valid for all conversion partners and members of the rewards conversion program. The conversion ratios and minimum thresholds for each partner constrain it.

In other words, loyalty points converted to InterMiles and entered into the membership account outside the promotion time will not qualify for the bonus miles campaign. Bonus InterMiles will never be calculated on a retroactive basis. A member of InterMiles will verify that the InterMiles number they provided to the participating conversion partners for the conversion activity is accurate and valid.

The terms and circumstances governing the current conversion and InterMiles program will be in effect. The terms and conditions of this promotion are subject to change at any time without prior notification or an explanation from Jet Privilege Private Limited.

You cannot combine this offer with any other conversion offer InterMiles is currently running. The member shall use reasonable diligence to ascertain the particular terms that may apply to such promotion.

The member’s participation in this promotion is entirely voluntary.

Under the terms of this offer, Jet Privilege Private Limited’s decision is final and binding, and no appeals will be considered.

A conversion transaction cannot be reversed once InterMiles has been credited.

The terms and conditions of the InterMiles program will apply to InterMiles accrued via this promotion. Any legal issues arising from this promotion will be governed by Indian law and exclusively heard by Mumbai’s courts.

The rules and regulations that may be in effect in the various jurisdictions apply to this campaign. JPPL disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damages, or injuries, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the use or misuse of the goods or services offered as part of this promotion. A rewards program for travel and lifestyle, InterMiles. The program assists its ten million+ members in achieving their travel and leisure goals using the organization’s widely used currency, InterMiles. InterMiles set out to offer the most rewarding mobile experience possible since mobile has grown to be its members’ favorite channel.

Core Focus of Intermiles

The InterMiles rewards program enables users to accrue and redeem “InterMiles” through a large network of program partners, including airfare and hotel reservations, shopping, dining, fuel, and more – all over the world. The appeal of InterMiles stems from its capacity to provide a more specific, extensive, and lucrative loyalty program in the form of rewards and an exciting digital experience.

The InterMiles program made increasing its mobile presence a top priority. The experience for members was severely constrained by the limited mobile capacity, which mainly relied on the mobile web. The organization recognized this was a significant gap for its mobile passengers who wanted simple, 24/7 access to manage their incentives and reward status.

To provide a top-notch mobile experience for the members of its loyalty program and to assist the firm rebrand itself as a digital pioneer in the travel and lifestyle sector, the company turned to Apexon as it prepared the brand re-launch of InterMiles in 2019. Its objectives were to add a mobile app to its current web and mobile web presence to provide a seamless, multi-channel experience. Then, by expanding the rewards program beyond airline incentives and continually bringing on new partners, it could leverage this platform to grow its member base.

What to do with Intermile Points?

A free trip or hotel stay, exclusive goods, or gift cards from InterMiles’ dedicated Reward Store are just a few appealing ways to use accumulated InterMile Points. In a short period, we had amassed over 25K InterMiles, which we exchanged for Amazon Gift Cards.

Key Details

Five distinct purchases totaling a minimum of INR 2,000 can earn InterMiles members a guaranteed 15000 Miles as part of this exclusive holiday campaign. Members will also receive a guaranteed 15% discount on purchases, a free upgrade to Silver Tier, a free year of Zomato Pro or Amazon Prime, as well as free gift cards worth up to INR 500. Through the InterMiles Super App or the website, members can interact with 200+ partners in the program categories of flights, hotels, shopping, dining, and vouchers.

To support both the existing e-commerce environment and emerging consumer habits, InterMiles has been continuously reinventing its consumer strategy and has embraced a loyalty-enabled commerce approach. A new age universal digital currency that can be earned and used for various activities, goods, and services outside travel is now housed by InterMiles in addition to the loyalty and rewards program.

Major Interviews

Speaking about the 300 million mile festival, InterMiles’ SVP of Marketing and Customer Engagement, Ashish Dhruva, said: “With the holiday season quickly approaching and vaccination campaigns gaining momentum nationwide, consumer confidence is greater and discretionary spending is on the rise. We want to reward members for these purchases through our 300mn Miles Festival by making sure they spend wisely and save money and build a useful Miles fund for their subsequent purchases. The latest effort has been designed with our members in mind. We have always taken pleasure in being a customer-first program.

The largest and first-ever Miles festive sale in India, “InterMiles 300mn Miles Festival,” honors and rewards members for their devotion. Members can exchange the Miles they have accrued for activities and services other than flights, such as hotel stays, dining out, gift cards, lottery tickets, and more. Members who take advantage of the increased multiplied Miles earning potential will have enough Miles to book three domestic flights for their upcoming travel.

Earn Intermiles and redeem them for flight bookings

One of the most popular loyalty programs for booking flights has been Intermiles. You can earn miles here for various activities, including booking flights, shopping online, and purchasing e-gift cards, among others, and then redeem the miles for free flights, gift cards, or to go shopping for free.

This program, which went under JetPrivilege before, allowed users to accrue miles by participating in Jet flights or other activities and then exchange those miles for trips on Jet or other partner airlines. However, the program was renamed Intermiles once Jet Airways ceased operations in 2020. Even if the redemption values have decreased, this program still fits exceptionally well within my Bachat framework, given its flexibility. Beyond booking flights, numerous additional ways exist to accrue miles and redeem them for various goods and services, making it particularly helpful for those who do not fly frequently.

Earn Intermiles on booking

Before the booking, the number of points that will be earned is specified.

  • The second technique entails making hotel reservations with the same number of points to be earned written down before we make the reservation.

  • The third step is to click Shop, navigate to Amazon, Flipkart, or another website using intermingles, and then buy the products (Like we do with Payback)

  • Using co-branded credit cards, where each purchase earns you miles, is the final choice (instead of the regular bank reward points). It is the most excellent way to earn free miles if you are not a frequent traveler but still want to accumulate points for free flights.

  • You may also convert your bank-issued credit card reward points into intermingles, but it is not recommended because the value of the original point drops when it’s reversed. Nonetheless, if you need some points to complete a booking or other special offer, you can still do it.

  • There are other activities on the app where you can gain points, such as purchasing coupons through Digistores, purchasing fuel (only at IOCL pumps), going for a walk, taking quizzes, spinning a wheel, eating out, etc.


Gaining 50% extra InterMiles is a fantastic deal because it further reduces travel expenses. Additionally, you can receive a Swigyy certificate when you convert your points for more than 10,000 InterMiles. As a result, the offer gives you benefits in the travel category and the dining department. Therefore, nothing should prevent you from taking advantage of this offer if you enjoy traveling. As it is a limited-time offer, you should attempt to seize the opportunity as soon as possible. Please share your thoughts in the comment box below if you have any additional questions about this deal.