Liberty Health Insurance for Senior Citizen

Liberty health insurance is India’s top most insurance company who provider all types of health insurance such as Individual, Health Insurance, family health Insurance and also they provide health insurance for Senior Citizens.

Why Do We Require Health Insurance for Senior Citizen?

The goals which we need to achieve can be done only if we are healthy. After retirement we will be planning for many things in futhe ture but if we become sick it is very difficult to achieve the things which we have dreamt so long. Senior Citizen Health Insurance plays a very important role in our lives from womb to tomb. Especially in our old age it plays a vital role. Due to our busy schedule we always tend to ignore health care which will affect us in long this is caused because we do not have health insurance. The health insurance provide a large network for hospitals for cashless treatment, hospitalisation charge, treatment charge and much more which will be discussed below

Benefits Of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Health insurance is a tool that secures your financial future. But most of them are not aware of the benefits of insurance plans. Nowadays the expenses of medical treatment are rising which can be only dealt with health insurance.

  • In patient treatment- ICU expense, room rent, medicines etc are covered

  • Treatments which need to be taken under medical supervision at home are covered

  • Ambulance expenses are covered

  • Pre hospitalisation and post hospitalisation expenses are covered

  • They have a large network of hospitals which provide cashless claims

  • Takes care of recovery benefits

  • Provide free medical check up annually

Why Should You Choose Liberty Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

Health care expenses have been increasing day by day. Especially for complicated surgeries they would suck out the savings which we have been saving thought our life time. Even if it affects our family member all our earnings would be spent for them. To solve all these issues we need insurance policy from an efficient company. Moreover such illness will cause stress to us. A comprehensive health insurance policy will solve all the problems you are facing. Liberty health insurance provides the most hassle free process for sensitive issues like health. Liberty insurance was found in 1912 at present they have more than 900 offices across the globe. They have a large network of hospitals which provide cashless treatments and the claims are solved effectively.

Types Of Policies Offered By Liberty Senior Citizen Health Insurance

  • Liberty health connect policy which covers hospitalisation expense

  • Individual personal accident

  • Secure health connect protects the entire family

  • Health connect supra provides individual and family floater option

  • Janta personal accident provides support to family members of deceased.   

Key Features Of Liberty Senior Citizen Health Insurance

  • They provide sum of RS. 2lakhs to RS.15lakhs

  • This scheme is available for a duration of 1 to 3 years

  • They provide individual and floater option

  • After every 2 years they provide free health check up

  • There is capping for room rent. Capping refers to limit

  • There are no sub-limits available

  • In case of exhaustion there is restoration of sum

  • You can pay your premiums through instalments

  • There is policy extension if you are travelling outside India for more than 15 days

  • They have large network of hospitals which provide cashless treatment

  •  For every claim free there is increase in 10% of sum

  • You can avail tax benefits according to income tax act

  • If you have not raised any claim for any two years you can receive additional perks

Scope of This Policy

  • Under this policy 405 day-care treatment procedures are covered

  • For specific period pre-hospitalisation charges are covered

  • Daily cash allowance is provide for duration of 10 days

  • In patient hospitalisation is provided

  • This policy extends to treatment of spouse, children, grand children, grand parents, son and daughter in law.

Eligibility For Liberty Senior Citizen Health Insurance

To undertake this policy, we need to fulfil the following requirements

Minimum age18 years
Maximum age65 years
Coverage of own relativesOwn, spouse


  • In patient Treatment

  • Pre hospitalisation charge

  • Post hospitalisation charge

  • Day care

  • Domiciliary treatment

  • Daily cash allowance

  • Ambulance charge

  • Organ donor charge

  • Recovery benefit

  • Allowance for nursing


  • Self injuries

  • Alcohol or drug abuse


  • Unproven treatment

  • Non-allopathic treatment

  • OPD treatment

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q1. How To Raise Claims?

Ans – In liberty insurance the claims are settled earlier. But there is certain procedure to raise claim

a. You must contact the toll free number 1800 102 7477 ( from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm)

b. You can also mail at [email protected]

c. You can visit the branch office and fill the claims form

Q2. What Are The Documents Required?

Ans – For in-patient treatment you would require

I. Photo copy of ID card

II. Current year policy photocopy

III. Discharge summary

IV. Receipt of hospital bill

V. Claims form

VI. Surgeon’s certificate

VII. Registration number of doctor and hospital

VIII. Bills along with prescription

IX. Consultation letter

Road Accident

1. The same documents which are required for in- patient treatment

2. Along with FIR

3. In case of death you will require post- mortem report

The similar will apply for pre and post hospitalisation expenses and ambulance benefits but for death cases we need to submit death certificate and legal heir certificate.

Q3. Do I need to undergo pre policy medical check up to purchase this policy?

Ans– Yes, to purchase this policy it is mandatory to undergo pre policy medical check up. Because this is to know more about the insurer’s health condition, so that it would be more simple to choose the policy and provide the best treatment if any disease is detected. This check up can be done in any of the network hospitals of Liberty, they have large network of hospitals

Q4. Does liberty life insurance provide any waiting periods?

Ans – The period in which you need to wait before purchasing the insurance policy is called waiting period. The waiting period is different for every policy. Liberty health insurance provide waiting period in three parameters.

a. Initial waiting period- 30 days
b. Specific illness waiting period- 1 to 2 years
c. Pre existing disease waiting period- 2 to 4 years( according to plan variant)

Q5. Where can we find the premium chart?

Ans – Premiums are the monthly payments which need to pay to the organisation. It depends on the plan we choose. This premium chart can be found on the website of liberty health insurance