One-to-one Credit Card Consultation

Before embarking on our journey, we accumulated about 2 million miles and points, which we have redeemed to reduce our travel costs by more than $20,000 over the past few years! Most of these miles and points were acquired through the use of travel credit cards.

Travel credit cards can significantly lower the cost of travel with the appropriate planning!

The key strategy for getting cheap or free travel is to open new credit cards. But applying for credit cards without considering whether or not you qualify for a bonus or how the benefits on those cards align with your travel objectives is a big error. Yes, I do post a top ten list once a month, but it doesn’t mean those are the top ten cards for everyone. 

For $40, Mile Value provides customized credit card advice. Simply complete the form below, hit Send, and we’ll email you our recommendations. You won’t have to make a payment until you’ve got our response.

To maximize your points and miles, it’s critical to choose the correct cards. So, please complete the form below if you’re searching for recommendations on which credit cards to get. When filling out the form, be sure to be as specific as you can because the more information I have, the better guidance I can give.

Before Beginning

You must fulfill two requirements before engaging in credit card and travel hacking. These are the two requirements:

You must handle credit cards responsibly

This implies that you only spend what you can afford to spend and that you pay off the entire sum each month. Travel rewards are useless if you end up having to pay interest on your cards.

You must be organized. 

This entails keeping track of every card you open and comprehending the requirements for obtaining the signup bonus. To keep track of your crucial credit card information, I advise utilizing a spreadsheet like this one.

 If you can satisfy these two conditions, you should be able to benefit from credit card benefits. You should be prepared to apply for the cards fast if you want a free personal credit card consultation because credit card offers are subject to quick modification.

Another point. Because I am only familiar with credit cards in India, I can only offer guidance regarding Indian credit cards.

This session will cut through the clutter and specify exactly what you need to do right away. The finest miles and points for your goal trip will be determined first, followed by the best cards to earn those miles and points. We will then move backward from your goal trip. Please do not submit the form on behalf of anybody else. You may, however, submit the form on behalf of yourself and one loved one whose credit card applications you manage (with their permission of course).

Personal Credit Card Consultation (Payment Required)

When it comes to living off of credit card rewards, have you read dozens of articles and read countless comments, but you haven’t been able to find an adequate response?

You’ve come to the perfect location!

Yes, I’m resuming my one-on-one credit card counseling service over two years after closing it.

You can call me and speak with me directly to get all of your questions resolved quickly.

One-to-One Consultancy Service for Credit Cards (over the phone)

It may seem too good to be true, but it is possible to accumulate millions of reward points and air miles, which may then be used to travel in luxury for a majority of the time for unbelievably low prices, if not always for FREE. For instance, I paid just Rs. 3,700 to arrange my complete vacation to Vietnam. I virtually always fly domestic business class on airlines like Jet Airways Business Class, Air India Business Class, and Vistara Business Class. In addition, I have been traveling abroad in Business class at a fraction of the cost of Air India, Thai Airways, Srilankan Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines. 

Note that this does not imply that you must also have ten cards. Beyond 5 cards, the player typically has an option.

As a result, I have the necessary experience to address any questions you may have.

What Consultancy Includes (Over the phone)

You may quickly access my 7+ years of experience in the credit card industry, which includes but is not limited to:

• Managing credit card spending to maximize reward points, cash back, and air miles

The impact of applying for/holding numerous credit cards, airline business/first class redemptions, proven strategies to raise your credit card limit to $5 lakh or more (for HNIs), and advice on how to get approved for super premium credit cards are just a few of the topics covered in this guide.

• Making use of credit card loans and EMIs with lower interest rates

Here’s How It Operates.

Whether you spend a few lakhs or a celebrity or businessman who spends as much as a crore per year, I have two options to suit your demands.

The goal is to make sure that you save more money than you did to pay for the consultation. If you’re fresh to the game, depending on your spending, you may save as little as Rs. 1 lakh each year or as much as Rs. 10 lakh.

Selecting a competent plan


This is for you if you’re seeking a credit card usage strategy, help getting approved for ultra-premium credit cards, optimizing your spending, or any other aspect of my consultancy mentioned above.

Within three working days of receiving the payment, I’ll give you a call at your given number.

• Extra Perk: Get a 50% discount on my upcoming books and other premium material.


Do you spend more than $50,000, or perhaps millions, a year? Need cards that are Invite-Only Super Premium? Want to travel in First or Business Class with Air miles and stay for free in five-star hotels? This is for you then! Get any questions answered. I’ll personally do everything I can to obtain you the appropriate super premium cards.

Within three working days of receiving the payment, I’ll give you a call at your given number.

• After the initial conversation, you may also reach me three additional times each year with any questions relating to credit cards.

Extra Perk: Receive a 75% discount on my upcoming books and other premium material.

Further Support & Services

The initial consultancy is only a starter. If you’ve taken any of the above consultations, you will receive lifetime periodic tips once/twice a month in your email. Additionally, you’ll be entitled to up to 75% OFF (as per the plan) on any of my future premium content/books.

What more can I ask?

You are welcome to ask me anything you have on your mind regarding credit cards and related subjects. These are a few:

• Advice for obtaining Super Premium Credit Cards

• A plan for raising your credit card limit to at least 5 lakhs (for HNIs)

• Earning reward points, cash back, and air miles; the effects of applying for and maintaining numerous credit cards; advice for gaining access to airport lounges; and a lot more.

• In an ideal scenario, you may anticipate a straightforward plan that you can implement to take advantage of a free trip using points.

I may not be an industry expert who knows “everything,” but I’m content to know a little bit that gives me peace of mind as I live a life supported by credit card rewards.

The expected

Your questions will be answered simply and quickly. Just that easy!

I like using straightforward strategies to get rewards, therefore the response to your question will follow in that vein.

Speaking of which, you should be aware that I’m not a “road warrior” who stays in hotels for a large number of nights.

For you to receive the benefits I do, I won’t require you to spend half of your life in hotels. As every other card expert is living their existence on points, anticipate simple strategies to make your vacation better and even free.

So, from this point forward, whenever you ask me which one to pick, I always recommend VIP. Because a longer call is unavoidable on the subject, based on my previous talks with excellent folks throughout the country.

Instead of only one year, I now offer direct support to all VIP Plan users for two years. Therefore, I’ll be responsible for all your credit card issues for the next two years.

After making a reservation, you should preferably anticipate a callback to the provided mobile number within 3-5 days. Please send me a message here if you believe the call is getting hung up on or if you have an urgent request so that I can put you on priority.

The Situation

A new travel credit card application is a terrific way to decrease the cost of future travel, but if you pick the wrong card or cards, your benefits could be significantly diminished.

You should hear from us within 48 to 72 hours of entering the form below. We’ll send you an email with a personalized credit card game plan after we’ve examined your comments so that you may achieve your travel objectives and make the most of your new card (s).

Are You Eligible?

Are you prepared to act right away? The best travel credit card deals change frequently. The ideal card(s) for you right now might not be your greatest option the following week. Therefore, if you’re prepared to apply for new cards right away, please do not submit this form.

Do you meet the requirements for AMERICAN credit cards? When it comes to American credit cards, we are authorities. Unfortunately, we do not know of offers in other nations. Therefore, if you are qualified to receive American credit cards, only complete the form.


Considering that I’ve read all details, will I still benefit from this consultation?

It varies. 90% of the detail has already been delivered, thus you should already be an expert. But I would be happy to respond in the comments if you feel like you’re missing out on something.

Can you maximize my returns considering I spend $5L annually on cards?

The best credit card article is adequate to meet your needs at this level of spending. This consultation is best suited for customers who now spend (or anticipate spending) more than $10 lakhs annually.

Do you promise to secure a high-premium credit card for me?

The consultation explains how to go about getting the card you want, whether it’s Infinia or Centurion. Over 99% of the people I’ve spoken to reported that my advice was helpful. It’s not assured, though, as it relies on the person’s profile.

Can I follow up if I need to later?

Certainly. Following the consultation, I would be pleased to answer any follow-up questions, preferably via email. If you selected the VIP package, I will still be available for conversation at any time.

Can you lower the cost of the consultation?

The price is structured so that you can easily recover your investment with as little as 15,000 INR. Because of this, the charge is extremely reasonable.