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What are Pension Plans?

Retirement or pension plans often provide a variety of advantages, such as insurance coverage and investing opportunities. These plans ask you to pay a set amount on a regular basis for a set period of time. When you retire, you might get a steady stream of pension payments on a monthly or yearly basis. Some plans can provide a lump sum maturity amount upon retirement. To take advantage of the power of compounding, it is critical to begin investing in one of these pension schemes at a young age. This would ensure that you have a enough corpus to deal with the country’s continually growing inflation over a period of 30-40 years. All of your post-retirement expenses, from lifestyle necessities to healthcare bills, may therefore be conveniently handled with your pension income.

Working of Pension Plans

Accumulation phase: This is the time between when an individual purchases a pension plan and when he or she retires. It entails the monthly payment of premiums, which are appropriately invested. Premiums paid are tax deductible under Income Tax Act Sections 80C/80CCC.

Annuity phase: Upon retirement/maturity, investors can receive one-third of their accrued corpus tax-free. The balance cannot be withdrawn; it must be used to purchase an annuity plan. This is known as the annuity phase. The annuity plan investment provides a consistent source of regular pension, which changes with interest rates and is completely taxable.

PNB MetLife Pension Plans

It is critical to plan for retirement since one may not have a consistent source of income to support one’s financial needs after retirement. With the ever-increasing expense of living, saving for retirement has become an absolute need.

Retirement plans enable policyholders to preserve a portion of their savings to build over time. When the policyholder retires, these pension plans provide a continuous stream of income. PNB MetLife Pension Programs provide monthly income as well as assured financial support after retirement. It is an excellent option for people seeking to secure their Post-Retirement life with a solid financial foundation.

Types of Retirement Plans under PNB MetLife

1. PNB MetLife Immediate Annuity Plan

2. PNB MetLife Retirement Savings Plan

3. PNB MetLife Superannuation Plan

4. PNB MetLife Traditional Employee Benefits Plan

PNB MetLife Immediate Annuity Plan

PNB’s instant annuity plan is a standard non-linked pension plan that provides the policyholder with a lifelong annuity once a single payment is paid. As a policyholder, you may select the annuity and frequency of pay-outs that best suit your needs. PNB’s Immediate Annuity Plan is a fully customizable retirement plan that provides a guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

PNB MetLife offers joint life annuity alternatives that allow you to protect your spouse. It also allows you to leave a legacy for your family by either a refund of purchase price or a balanced annuity.


The benefits of pension plans and how they function vary greatly depending on the type of plan you select. To make the best option, it is important to completely grasp the benefits and operation of various plans.

Entry age: The minimum age to enter this insurance for a standalone annuity is 30 years, while the age criterion for a combined life option is 40 years. There is no age restriction for purchasing a linked annuity. However, the minimum age for the joint life option is 18 years.

A solo annuity has a maximum age limit of 75 years, whereas a tied annuity has a maximum age limit of 90 years. The minimum single premium amount for Increasing Life Annuity and Increasing Life Annuity with Purchase Price is ₹. 5 lakhs, and ₹. 3 lakhs for all other choices. The minimum monthly Annuity Pay-out will be ₹. 1,000.

PNB MetLife Retirement Savings Plan

It’s a standard deferred annuity plan with incentives. It is a standard deferred annuity plan with bonuses. Premiums can be paid in a lump amount or on a monthly basis, depending on the criteria such as policy duration and sum insured. Premiums can be paid in a single sum or on a recurring basis, depending on policy features such as policy duration and sum guaranteed.


  1. The Death Benefit is the greater of the Death Sum Assured + Accrued Simple Reversionary Bonus + Terminal Bonus, whichever is greater, where Death Sum Assured is defined as 105 percent of all premiums paid (excluding service tax and excess premiums).

  2. When the policyholder dies, the nominee has the choice of withdrawing the lump sum money or purchasing an annuity based on the claim amount.

  3. If the policyholder lives to maturity, the policy reward will be the sum insured plus a terminal bonus and a simple revisionary bonus.

  4. The insurance policy provides a 15-day free trial period.

  5. PNB’s retirement savings plan is tax-exempt under certain sections of the Income Tax Act.

PNB MetLife Superannuation Plan

It is a group variable insurance plan, similar to a cash accumulation scheme, that provides a full solution to businesses that want to efficiently outsource administration and management of responsibilities.


Benefits of retirement, resignation, or insurance cancellation: The payment amount is determined by the available fund value. The market value adjustment applies if you surrender or leave the program before the third renewal.

Death benefit: Death benefits are paid in accordance with the plan provisions that apply to group policyholders. Payments are limited to the maximum amount available for the specific group arrangement. Death benefits are not subject to market value modification.

PNB MetLife Traditional Employee Benefits Plan

Employee incentive is incredibly important nowadays, and it is frequently provided through employee insurance. Employees and their family benefit from PNB MetLife’s regular employee benefit plan.


According to the system, the benefits due to each employer shall be defined in the deed. In such a circumstance, the death benefit comprises the risk cover benefit of Rs. 1000, which is payable by the firm, and no market value is changed.

If the policy is fully withdrawn before the third year, the policy surrender value is equal to the fund value minus the surrender costs less the market value adjustment.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum age to purchase the policy18 years
Maximum entry ageAs per the scheme rules
Minimum Maturity ageAs per the scheme rules
Minimum group size10 people
Maximum group sizeNo limit
Minimum Policy Term1 year

Apply for PNB MetLife Pension Plans


To apply for retirement plans online, go to the company’s official website, choose the appropriate plan, select the coverage, and enter your personal information. The premium amount and term will be determined based on the information supplied. Payment methods include debit/credit card and net banking. The firm will issue the coverage after the money is received.


Plans that cannot be purchased online can be obtained via qualified agents, insurance brokers, and banks.

Why does it seem to buy a pension plan?

  1. Creates a Savings Habit – A pension plan is a long-term investment in which you pay tiny, recurring premiums to establish a retirement corpus. This promotes financial responsibility. If you start early, in your twenties, you may save a significant sum by the time you retire (say at 60).

  2. Profit from Compounding – You are aware that the longer one remains involved, the more likely he or she is to profit. A pension plan allows you to invest consistently and accumulate a sizable retirement fund.

  3. Provides a flexible and scalable investment plan as well as insurance – Pension schemes are adaptable. You may select an investing topic based on your financial risk tolerance, which can range from aggressive to balance to cautious. You can also swap between funds as your risk tolerance varies. This adaptability is critical since pension plans are long-term investments in which personal, financial, and economic situations will undoubtedly change over time. Along with investing as a benefit, the basic advantage of insurance is that it protects the family and dependents’ financial requirements in the event of the life insured’s death.

  4. Protects your loved ones’ interests – Your life is a valuable asset. You exploit this asset to develop money during your working years. However, even if you are absent, you want to ensure the future of your family. You may provide for your family even if you are not present by using an insurance-based pension plan.

Factors to consider while buying Pension Plans?

  • It should cover your post-retirement costs.

When you retire and your primary source of income ceases, your pension must cover all of your costs. This covers daily expenditures, travel expenses, your child’s schooling, wedding fees, and other costs.

  • It should give returns that outperform inflation.

With growing inflation, the cost of goods and services rises with time. This implies you’ll need more money to maintain the same quality of life after retirement. As a result, you should search for a plan that offers returns that can cover inflation as well.

  • It should give a lifetime income.

Because regular income ceases after retirement, it is critical that the pension plan meet all of your costs for the rest of your life. There are pension plans that provide annuity income for the rest of your life. This will assist you in remaining financially prepared for your post-retirement needs.

  • It should include coverage for medical emergencies.

It is critical that your pension plan provides financial protection in the event of a medical emergency. Some pension plans offer financial protection against catastrophic diseases and accidental incapacity. This can be useful in the event of a medical emergency when retired.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

How to pay premium? What are the modes of payment available?

PNB MetLife accepts payments using the following methods:

  • Deposit cash or check at the branch office
  • Payment can be made online with a debit/credit card or using net banking.
  • Dropbox ECS / auto debit from bank account through courier

How can I check policy status for PNB MetLife pension plans?

It is simple to check the status of your policy by entering in with your user id and password to PNB MetLife’s official web site. To check the status of your pension plans, go to the policy information tab.

What is the policy renewal process for PNB MetLife pension plans?

Renewal of policy can be done by the following modes:

1. Online

2. Through branch

What is the Company’s Process to settle Claim for PNB MetLife Pension Plans?

To settle a claim through PNB MetLife, notify the nearest branch by providing the list of papers provided on the website. The claim is compensated as soon as the papers have been confirmed.

What is the Policy Cancellation Process for PNB MetLife Pension Plans?

You must submit a completely completed surrender form along with required papers to the nearest PNB branch in your city to terminate your plan. Following receipt and verification of the documents, the insurance is declared terminated according to the bank account record. If you submit the policy before 3:00 PM, the premium refund is computed using the current market NAV value; otherwise, the following day’s NAV value is used.

When is the right time to invest in Pension Plans?

You can invest in pension plans whenever it is convenient for you. However, the earlier you invest, the better. You will have more time to save for retirement and enable your money to grow. Furthermore, if you invest early, you may contribute less over time than if you wait until you are older. This manner, you will be able to invest a significant sum towards your retirement without jeopardising your present budget.