Universal Sompo Health Insurance Plan For Parents

The Complete Healthcare Insurance from Universal Sompo health insurance plan that offers a one-stop shop for all of your family’s medical requirements. If you, your spouse, or any other protected member becomes ill, it guarantees cashless treatment or expense reimbursement. One can list themselves, their spouse, their daughter, their father, their mother, their daughter-in-law, their brother(s) or sister(s), their mother-in-law, their father-in-law, their grandmother, and their grandkids.

Parental Health Insurance key Elements

  • Plan is offered on both an individual and a family floater basis.

  • There are three options available: Basic, Essential, and Privilege.

  • Options for sums insured

  • -Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 105,000

  • One insurance may provide coverage for up to 13 relationships.

  • The insurance is offered for 1, 2, and 3 years.

  • Benefit for automatic amount insured restoration

  • Only one premium must be paid.

  • Lifetime extensions are assured

Duration of Coverage

  • 60-day maximum pre-hospitalization period of coverage

  • 90-day post-hospitalization period of coverage

  • After a certain waiting time, maternity coverage

  • Hospitalization at home for 141 daycare procedures

  • Organ donation costs

  • Ayurvedic medicine

Age Criteria

The plan’s creator must be at least 18 years old. The maximum admission age, however, is 70.


  • Injury brought on by harmful material

  • Any alternative medicine or therapy

  • Cost of hearing aids, eyeglasses, and contact lenses, etc.

  • Any harm brought on by firearms, whether directly or indirectly

  • Treatments, outpatient care, and maternity and childcare benefits received during the Designated waiting periods for certain diseases.

Advantages of Sompo Universal Health Insurance

A market leader in the general insurance space, Universal Sompo provides consumers with a variety of general insurance products. The business makes it simple to purchase and maintain insurance policies by providing cutting-edge insurance products and having a strong web presence. The banking partners of Universal Sompo have more than 7,700 branches spread out over India, resulting in a robust and extensive network for the business.

Universal Sompo provides a variety of health insurance options to meet different needs. To meet all of your coverage needs, there are insurance health plans, corrected plans, family floater plans, etc.

Benefits of Free Health Checkups Besides

Policyholders can monitor their health through free health examinations in order to preserve and enhance it. Depending on the plan chosen, the clients of Universal Sompo’s health insurance policies are entitled to free health examinations once every one to four policy years.

  • Protection in addition to Employer Coverage

The health insurance policies offered by Universal Sompo are an option for workers who are currently protected by their employer’s group health plan and wish to extend their protection. The company’s policies are thorough and would provide employees with additional safety, while the premium rates would be reasonable and cost-effective.

  • Cashless Advantage

If you receive treatment at a hospital that is part of the company’s network, you will have the benefit of cashless claim settlements. Due to its affiliations with more than 4,000 hospitals, Universal Sompo’s customers may easily pay cashless claims.

  • Ratio of Claim Settlement

Because Universal Sompo has an internal claim resolution team, it is simpler for the business to promptly resolve its claims. For the fiscal year 2019–20, the company’s claim settlement ratio is 70.75%. Keep in mind that the claim settlement ratio fluctuates.

  • Protection against medical costs

All conceivable sorts of medical costs incurred in a medical emergency are covered by the health insurance policies offered by Universal Sompo. As a result, the plans offer both fundamental coverage elements and additional coverage advantages.

  • Ratio of Undertaken Claims

The Incurred Claim Ratio (ICR) is the percentage of premium that is expended on settling claims throughout a fiscal year. The ICR for Universal Sompo for the 2018–19 fiscal year was 92%*, demonstrating that claims paid out exceeded premiums collected. The ratio of incurred claims varies throughout time.

  • Tax Advantage

Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, health insurance premiums are eligible for a tax break. Therefore, the premium paid up to Rs. 55,000 (Rs. 25,000 for individual coverage and Rs. 30,000 for senior citizen coverage) would be permitted as a reduction from your tax liability if you purchase one of Universal Sompo’s health insurance plans for yourself, your family, and your parents.

FAQs – Universal Sompo Health Insurance

Q1. Do any of Universal Sompo’s health insurance policies include coverage for parents?

Ans – Yes, under its Individual Health Insurance Plan, Universal Sompo offers coverage for parents on both an individual and family floater basis.

Q2. My parents are older than 50, yet they are healthy and excellent. Should I purchase them a health insurance policy?

Ans – Regular health insurance becomes increasingly challenging to purchase as one ages. Therefore, it is preferable to get them a tailored health insurance plan that covers their hospitalization or medical needs.

Q3. My parents are older than 55 years old. Do they have to have a medical checkup in order to be eligible for Universal Sompo’s health insurance plan?

Ans – Depending on whether a pre-existing ailment has been declared, people between the ages of 45 and 55 must have a medical examination.

Q4. What are the advantages that parents receive from the health insurance plans supplied by Universal Sompo?

Ans – The following advantages are available to parents covered by Universal Sompo’s health insurance plans:
● Coverage for hospitalization costs incurred at home
● Choice of including serious diseases hospitalization costs for inpatients are reimbursed
● The costs of both pre- and post-hospitalization are covered.
● Hospital and blood costs are reimbursed.

Q5. Who ought to purchase the Universal Sompo Parents Health Insurance Plan?

Ans – The universal Sompo parents health insurance policy is ideal for older people and parents who believe that purchasing health insurance will provide them with financial security in the event of an unlucky medical emergency.