Bharti AXA Car Insurance

An overview

Since September 8, 2021, Bharti AXA General Insurance has been a subsidiary of ICICI Lombard General Insurance. The insurance business Bharti AXA is well-known. The company is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and AXA Business Group. The alliance offers both retail and commercial clients a wide choice of insurance products. Do you want to understand more about the corporation that holds the reins?

After all, both Bharti Enterprises and Axa Commercial Group are multibillion-dollar corporations. Bharti Enterprises holds 51 percent of the alliance’s assets, while AXA owns the other 49 percent. In August 2008, the company commenced operations in India. However, on July 13, 2007, the alliance was created for the first time. 

List of best Car Insurance Products from Bharti AXA Car Insurance  

Comprehensive car insurance plan

Comprehensive car insurance is a policy that combines third-party and own damage coverage into a single policy. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, all motor vehicles operating on Indian highways must have third-party liability insurance. However, such coverage does not cover any damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident. 

 As a result, if you want total financial security in the event of an unanticipated occurrence, you should purchase comprehensive auto insurance coverage. A comprehensive vehicle insurance policy will also cover you from losses caused by car theft or damage to the car caused by sources other than traffic incidents. Because purchasing a car is a major investment, it is wise to insure it to protect your investment. 

Third-Party Liability Insurance Plan

A third-party insurance policy pays for expenditures spent in the event of an accident that causes death, disability, or loss to third-party property caused by the policy’s owner while the vehicle was in use. Bharti AXA commercial vehicle insurance also includes liability coverage for a third party in the event of bodily harm/death or property damage caused by the covered vehicle. 

Pay as you Drive Insurance Plan

For its usage-based motor insurance coverage for private car owners in India, Bharti AXA General Insurance has partnered with The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India has created a sandbox initiative called ‘Pay as you Drive’ (IRDAI). This usage-based motor insurance, often known as ‘pay as you drive,’ allows policyholders to pay the vehicle insurance premium based on the number of kilometers driven. 

Bharti AXA Car Insurance – Reviews

Bharti Axa offers 24/7 claims support with the most convenient and hassle-free processing through a network of over 2,500 cashless garages across India. Tailor-made plans are available to meet individual needs and provide the most comprehensive coverage at critical moments. With so many uncertainties in life, Bharti Axa might be your sure-fire approach to dealing with any car accidents/damages. 

Exclusions of Bharti AXA Car Insurance

  • Normal deterioration 

  • The car’s depreciation is not covered. 

  • Mechanical and electrical failure 

  • If you take the car outside of India, 

  • If you are driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be arrested. 

  • If the driver does not have a valid driver’s license 

  • Nuclear dangers 

  • If you utilize a Vehicle for something else. As an example, suppose a private vehicle is employed as a taxi. 

Bharti AXA Car Insurance – Customer Care Numbers / Contact details 

  • Prospective or existing customers can contact the customer service staff using the numbers and email addresses shown below to get their questions or concerns addressed. 

  • To purchase insurance, dial 080-49010222. 

  • To renew insurance or file a complaint, call 1800-103-2292. (Toll-free) 

  • To make an insurance claim, call 080-49123900. 

  • Customer Service Email: [email protected] 

  • For additional information on how to register a complaint or file a grievance, visit 

Documents Required For Bharti AXA Car Insurance

Check out this broad list of must-have insurance paperwork to help you get your claim filing process started. 

  • The most important necessity, without a question, is to have a copy of your auto insurance policy. 

  • Make sure the claim form is properly filled out and signed. 

  • Include the police’s First Information Report (FIR). 

  • It is also necessary to have all important information on the insured vehicle, such as a copy of your car’s registration certificate. 

  • You must have the name of the insured individual as well as other pertinent information such as a copy of your driver’s license and details on the vehicle insured, without which the insurance is null and void. 

  • You must have the registration contact numbers on hand. 

  • Have all of the information on the vehicle for which you acquired four-wheeler insurance, including the model variants of the car. 

  • All important information about the accident, including the date and location, as well as a brief explanation of how the incident occurred 

  • A statement that must include the amount of damage suffered. 

  • Include a fair but full assessment of repairs, including garage location and number. 

  • Medical bills in the event of physical injuries 

  • Original receipts for all other expenses incurred 

Bharti AXA Car Insurance – Some important Terms

What is IDV in the context of car insurance? 

Because it reflects the actual market worth of your car, Insured Direct Value has a direct impact on your rate (not including depreciation). The IDV is the maximum amount that the insurer will pay to the policyholder in the event of an accident or theft that results in total vehicle damage. The insurance company determines this amount. 

What is a No Claim Bonus (NCB) in the context of car insurance? 

A No Claim Bonus is a reward given to the policyholder in the form of a discount for properly maintaining the vehicle and thus not claiming during a given year. The claims are available beginning with the second year of the insurance and can be extended for up to five years without a claim. 

Benefits of Bharti AXA Car Insurance Plans

Paperwork is reduced

Purchasing insurance in the usual manner is time-consuming and includes a lot of paperwork. Save time and money by purchasing the policy online in a few simple steps. All you have to do is go to your policy provider’s website and follow a few simple steps. Your policy purchase will be finished in a matter of minutes! 

Experience with secure Payment

Buying insurance online removes the exchange of actual currency and provides payment transparency through online payment methods of your choice, such as Net Banking, Online Wallets, Debit/Credit Cards, and so on. 

Customer service that is prompt

Any issues with the policy’s purchasing will be resolved quickly, either by phone or by chat, allowing you to purchase the policy without delay. 

Features of Bharti AXA Car Insurance Plans

Third-party insurance covers the costs of damages incurred as a result of an accident caused by your vehicle while it is in motion. It also includes compensation payable in the event of an individual’s death or incapacity, as well as expenses incurred as a result of property damage. However, it only protects the third party’s interests. 

Coverage that is comprehensive

A complete policy, as opposed to a third-party policy, compensates for damage to your car, preventing it from draining your finances. It also pays for losses caused by natural disasters, malevolent intent, theft, and so on. Comprehensive insurance also includes a personal accident cover that offers compensation of up to Rs. 15 lakh in the event of the driver’s death in the event of an accident. 

Bonus for Making No Claims (NCB)

Because it is a recurring expense, an insurance premium may appear burdensome. However, being aware of certain services, such as No Claim Bonus (NCB), might assist in lowering the value of premiums for not making an insurance claim in the preceding year. 


Although comprehensive policies provide considerable coverage, they can have limitations. Choosing add-ons of your choice helps to compensate for the policy’s limitations and guarantees that your automobile is optimally covered against harm. 

Why Choose Bharti AXA Car Insurance?  

When it comes to car insurance, Bharti AXA is regarded as one of the best solutions in India. is intended to keep you safe on the road while also ensuring that the option meets your individual needs and common restrictions. The Bharti AXA Auto Insurance policy highlights include cashless servicing in 2500+ network garages across India, comprehensive 24×7 claim help, a hassle-free claim settlement process, and a No Claims Bonus (NCB) of up to 50% on car insurance renewal from Bharti AXA or any other insurance provider.  

Furthermore, the organization offers its auto insurance policies in two appealing online purchase formats: Basic Cover and Basic Cover + Roadside Assistance. 

Bharti AXA Private Car Insurance Coverage

A comprehensive car insurance coverage protects you against third-party liabilities as well as losses/damages to you and your vehicle. If you want financial protection from losses caused by accidents, theft, and natural disasters, you should purchase this sort of automobile insurance. Experts advocate the full plan for all-around financial security. 

A third-party premium and an own-damage (OD) premium are both included in the premium for such a policy. While the insurance regulator determines the third-party premium, the OD premium varies depending on the car’s brand and model, age, engine capacity, and geographical zone. The government of India requires all drivers on Indian roadways to have a PAC of at least 15 lakh rupees. 

Bharti AXA Car Insurance with Add-On Covers

Bharti AXA General Insurance provides the following add-on covers: 

Depreciation Insurance

This add-on coverage protects you against your vehicle’s depreciation costs. This add-on covers the depreciation applicable to your automobile and all of its metal and plastic parts at 100%, with the exception of tires, tubes, and batteries, which are covered at 50%. This plan allows for a maximum of two claims during the policy period. 

Invoice Price Protection 

In the event of a Total Loss/Constructive Total Loss (CTL) or Total Theft of your vehicle, you will be compensated with the Invoice Price of your vehicle rather than the Insured Declared Value (IDV). This add-on bridges the gap between the IDV and the invoice price by covering the costs of road tax and first-time registration that you incurred when you purchased your car. 

Coverage for Hospital Cash

The insurer commits to compensate Medical Expenses in the event of bodily injury caused by accidental, external, violent, and visible causes while traveling in your car under this add-on plan. 

Ambulance Fees Included

If you choose this add-on protection, the insurer will reimburse you for ambulance charges to the hospital in the event of physical injury caused by an accident, external, violent, or visible causes while driving your automobile. 

Engine and Gearbox Protective Cover

This add-on allows you to expand your car’s insurance coverage to the internal parts of the engine and gearbox against damage caused by water ingression and/or lubricating oil leaking. 

Key Cover Replacement

The insurer will compensate you for the cost of replacing your car key if it is lost, forgotten, or stolen under this add-on protection. This add-on allows for a maximum of two claims. 

Discounts offered by Bharti AXA Car Insurance  

Bharti AXA General Insurance provides numerous enticing discounts to policyholders. 

  • No-Claim Bonus: A no-claim bonus is a discount on the following year’s premium. If you make no claims during the year, you will receive a substantial discount on the following year’s premium. The appropriate rate of discount is 20% for the first year, and it increases every policy year. 

  • Voluntary discounts: This discount is given if you choose to pay the smallest amount of money possible at the time of claim settlement. 

  • Bharti AXA General Insurance also provides a discount if you install an ARAI anti-theft device in your car and are a member of the Automobile Association of India. 

Claim process of Bharti AXA Car Insurance

The claim settlement method for the Bharti AXA vehicle insurance policy has been smooth since the policyholder must follow the stages below: 

Contact your insurance company and file a claim. 

To begin the claim settlement procedure, contact the insurer and register the claim by providing all relevant facts such as the place, position, and time of the accident, details of witnesses (if collected), and so on. You can reach the insurer by dialing 1800-103-2292, which is a toll-free number. You can also contact them by email at [email protected]

Damage inspection 

After filing the claim, the insurer will dispatch a surveyor to the scene of the accident to assess the extent of the damage done to the car as a result of the accident. You can take your car for repairs after the examination. 

Complete the repairs. 

Tow your car to the nearest authorized Bharti AXA General Insurance garage after it has been inspected. You might also request that the insurer arranges for towing. 

Claim Resolution 

The garage repair costs will be covered by the insurance company. Pay the insurer’s mandatory and voluntary deductibles (if any) and drive your car home! 

FAQ of Bharti AXA Car Insurance 

Q1. How will I benefit from choosing Bharti AXA as my car insurance partner? 

Ans: Bharti AXA is a well-known name in the insurance market. You will like having your hands on custom-made products that have been specifically created to meet your demands. 

Q2. Can I pay out premiums for my Bharti AXA policy in installments? 

Ans: No, unfortunately! Policyholders must pay the entire insurance premium amount in advance, according to section 64VB of the Insurance Act of 1938. 

Q3. If I want to add an additional rider to my Bharti AXA policy, how much extra should I payout? 

Ans: The pricing of add-ons is determined by a variety of criteria. For example, the vehicle’s age, make, model, and location. To summarise, Bharti AXA guarantees that all add-ons are reasonably priced. 

Q4. What a Bharti AXA Insurance policy does not cover? 

Ans –

1. Normal deterioration 
2. The car’s depreciation is not covered. 
3. Mechanical and electrical failure 
4. If you take the car outside of India, 
5. If you are driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be arrested. 
6. If the driver does not have a valid driver’s license 
7. Nuclear dangers 
8. If you utilize Vehicle for something else. As an example, suppose a private vehicle is employed as a taxi.