BMW 5 Series – Car Insurance

In India, BMW has unveiled the redesigned 5 Series. The updated model, unveiled in May last year, comes in three variations: the 530i M Sport, 520d Luxury Line, and 530d M Sport. A 2.0-liter, a four-cylinder petrol engine is available under the hood of the new BMW 5 Series in the 520d M Sport configuration. This engine produces 350Nm of torque and 248 horsepower. Two diesel engines are also available: a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine for the 520d Luxury Line and a 3.0-liter, six-cylinder engine for the 530d M Sport. The former can generate 188 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque, while the latter can generate 261 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque. The only available transmission is an eight-speed automatic.

The 2018 BMW 5 Series facelift has new front and rear bumpers, LED headlights with twin L-shaped LED DRLs, a redesigned kidney grille, smoked taillights, and a new set of 18-inch alloy wheels among its exterior design changes. The interior of the 2021 BMW 5 Series facelift is outfitted with a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system running the iDrive seven operating systems, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a fully digital instrument console, gesture control, four drive modes, a head-up display, a BMW display key, remote parking, and ambient lighting. The model has six airbags, TPMS, ABS with EBD, DSC, DTC, EDLC, CBC, EPB, and Isofix child seat anchors, among other safety features.

Best-in-class acceleration that distinguishes you from the competition. Flexible suspension that enables you to play at any angle. It keeps you in front of the pack when combined with the most cutting-edge driver assistance technologies and the BMW Laserlight. You will learn more about BMW Car insurance and find answers to some frequently asked questions. With the ability to carry you further, the BMW 5 series is here.

BMW 5 Series Features

In India, there are three different variants of the BMW 5 Series. The only gasoline-powered model of those is the 5 Series 530i M Sport. It has a 1998cc engine with automated transmission and can go up to 14.82 kilometers per gallon. The other models are the diesel-powered 5 Series 520d Luxury Line and 5 Series 530d M Sport. An automatic transmission and a diesel engine with a 1995cc displacement are standard 5 Series 520d Luxury Line equipment. In contrast, the 5 Series 530d M Sport has an automatic transmission and a diesel engine with a 2993cc capacity. The BMW 5 Series is equipped with sophisticated technologies like Gesture Control, Remote Parking, Intuitive iDrive, Safety Airbags, Air Conditioning, etc.

BMW 5 Series Car Insurance

According to the Indian Motor Tariff, all car owners in India must have at least a third-party insurance policy on their vehicles at all times. It is a basic form of auto insurance created to cover your financial obligations to a third party following an incident involving the covered vehicle. Driving without a third-party insurance policy can result in a 2,000 rupee fine and up to three months in jail. As a result, you ought to purchase a BMW 5 Series vehicle with at least third-party coverage.


  • Using the vehicle’s eco-driving mode to maximize efficiency

  • In this series, a new adaptive driving mode has been included, which modifies the driver’s style in response to road conditions, topography, and other factors.

  • It contains a system for dynamic cruise control.

  • A dynamic cruise control system that works in both light and heavy traffic

  • Equipped with an Active Lane Departure Warning system to prevent drifts

  • Evasion Aid was added to the BMW 5 Series, causing the vehicle to deviate in the event of a sudden brake to avoid a frontal accident.

  • Key fob for flexible remote parking cars with complete touchscreen

  • 10.25-inch touchscreen navigation display with voice control and gesture control

Types of Car Insurance Covers

You can purchase a variety of auto insurance plans for your BMW 5 Series car, including:

  • Third-Party Cover: Third-party cover is the name for the simplest type of auto insurance policy. It offers protection for legal obligations you have to a third party for their bodily harm, death, disfigurement, and property damage sustained as a result of an accident involving the insured vehicle. This insurance policy’s property damage coverage is capped at Rs. 7.5 lakh.

  • Own-Damage Cover: This own-damage auto insurance is designed to pay for damage to your vehicle that results from a collision with another vehicle, fire, theft, a natural disaster, strikes, etc. This auto insurance policy is solely intended to cover your vehicle; it does not provide coverage for any other vehicles. Additionally, it gives consent to add a few add-on covers for more comprehensive policy coverage.

  • Comprehensive Cover: A comprehensive auto insurance policy covers your own damages and any third-party liabilities you may incur due to an unforeseeable event. Due to its comprehensive insurance coverage, it offers total protection at a somewhat higher cost than other types of insurance coverage. By paying an additional premium, the add-on covers can also be added to this policy to increase the policy’s coverage.

How important is BMW 5 series car insurance policy?

  • Shield the owner of a BMW 5 series vehicle against third-party liabilities such as property damage or accidents involving third parties.

  • Obtain compensation for theft, fires, and other disasters

  • Get collision damage insurance

  • File a claim with your third-party auto insurance or for damage you caused.

  • The availability of cashless transactions for BMW vehicles in network garages

The BMW 5 series automobile policy excludes

  • Cannot be claimed by the motorist if their driving license has expired

  • Your BMW 5 Series vehicle insurance policy will lapse if you increase your IDV

  • The vehicle’s mechanical wear and tear as a component of depreciation

  • If a driver is known to have used alcohol or any other drugs and is driving

  • If a personal car is covered by insurance but is used for business purposes

Find out the BMW 5 Series car insurance cost

It is essential to have your car insured at the most affordable rate possible to fulfill your needs. Your insurance needs are taken into account when calculating the premiums.  Complete protection is needed for the luxury vehicle. Your BMW 5 series car insurance premium can be decreased by taking advantage of these discounts and coverage options.

Cheap BMW 5 Series Car Insurance

You can find cheap BMW 5 series auto insurance quotes from any online portal. The fundamental procedure is to fill out the applicant’s information for quote generation, including the type of car, RTO location, registered date, applicant’s email address, insured’s name, and phone number.

The IRDA sets the third-party premium rates, which might vary annually based on the premiums received the year before, the number of claims that were successfully resolved, and a variety of other criteria. According to your auto insurance policy, third-party liability claims for property damage, personal injury for the car owner or driver, and death and disability are all covered.

The IRDA sets the third-party premium rates, which might vary annually based on the premiums received the year before, the number of claims that were successfully resolved, and a variety of other criteria. The processing of third-party liability claims is covered by your auto insurance policy’s coverage for death and disability, property damage, and personal injury claims for car owners and drivers.

Premium: The cost of your auto insurance is influenced by several variables, including your age, your profession, the city in which you reside, and the type of fuel you use. Your NCB points and other discounts can be used to lower your premium.

How to Claim BMW 5 Series Insurance?

  • Contact the insurance provider in the first 48 hours following the accident or theft.

  • Report any bike theft or third-party damage by filing an FIR.

  • Submit the necessary paperwork.

  • The insurance company will choose a surveyor to determine the degree of the losses.

  • The vehicle will be taken to the shop for repairs.

  • Cashless service will be offered if the vehicle is fixed in a network garage.

  • After the police provide a non-traceable report in the event of a theft, the policyholder will be provided with the insured declared value.

How to Renew/Buy Your BMW 5 Series Car Insurance Policy?

You might not know how simple it is to renew your BMW 5 Series insurance. You have two options for getting it done: through a nearby agent or online from the comfort of your home. The same goes for purchasing new BMW 5 Series auto insurance online. Here’s how to go about it:

How to purchase a new online vehicle insurance policy for a BMW 5 Series?

  • Look for a BMW 5 Series insurance company.

  • Complete the information

  • Choose insurance type

  • Confirm the advantages and price of the BMW 5 Series insurance.

  • Pick the BMW 5 Series insurance rate of your choice.

  • Provide the necessary premium

Additional add-ons are available for extra coverage, which will raise the cost of your BMW 5 Series insurance but keep you safer.

How to Calculate Car Insurance Premiums

The easiest way to compare vehicle insurance rates is to obtain the finest online quotations for renewal. If you travel without a current insurance policy, you risk paying out a lot of money in forced future expenditures for significant damage.

A dynamic tool provided by the online registered office of the insurance company, the car insurance calculator assists consumers in learning the premium amount and quotes from various insurance providers. Every consumer has different needs regarding safety features and affordable insurance plans; an insurance calculator makes it easier to select the best option for each customer.

Reputable insurance firms will have the auto insurance calculator, which allows customers to adjust an insurance policy’s pricing based on their demands. Enter the information in the appropriate fields, which include the make, model, location, fuel type, and mobile number of the automobile you purchased.

These six parameters are sufficient to calculate insurance policies, and the motor insurance premium calculator compares rates from various insurers to help you select the best option. Additionally, based on the customer’s specifications, the premium is calculated.

Car Insurance Premium Determined By the Following Factors

  • Car Brand and Model: High premiums will be charged for luxury vehicles like BMW, Benz, and Range Rover as opposed to mid-range vehicles like Maruti Swift, Wagon R, etc. Premium SUVs command higher insurance rates than hatchbacks.

  • Fuel: In addition to costing more to insure than gasoline or diesel models, CNG cars depreciate more quickly than their gasoline counterparts.

  • Age Factor: Given that younger age groups are comparatively more likely to be involved in vehicle accidents, vehicle owners under 25 will pay higher premiums than those over 30, according to analysis.

  • Age of vehicle: IDV will be shown below if the vehicle is sold and eventually attracts a low cost for auto insurance.

  • Gender: Women drive more cautiously than men in India, where fewer women than men are licensed drivers. These criteria take gender-based premium differences into account.

  • Driving Experience: A driver with a lot of driving experience will pay less for auto insurance.

  • Anti-Theft Device: You are entitled to a 2.5% discount on your premium if your car has an anti-theft system.

  • Geographical Area: In metro areas with more traffic than rural areas, premium draws slightly more customers.

  • No Claim Bonus: If you didn’t claim a bonus the year before, a general insurance company would offer you a discount on the following year called an NCB.

Tips To Avail Low Car Insurance Premium

Installing an anti-theft system in your vehicle qualifies you to register with the Automobile Authority of India. Don’t purchase fancy cars or high-end models to get low insurance premiums. To receive the appropriate premium, ensure your car has an exact IDV value; this ensures the transparency of your car’s value.


One of the best-selling models from German luxury automobile maker BMW is the 5 Series. The vehicle was first offered as a 4-door sedan, but the series also included 5-door estate and 5-door fastback models. The car’s initial production cycle began in 1972 and is still in operation. The BMW 5 Series, sometimes referred to as an executive vehicle, is presently being produced in its seventh generation.


1). Can you estimate the cost of BMW auto insurance online?

Yes, you may determine the cost of your BMW car’s insurance coverage using the online premium calculator on your insurer’s website.

2). If you already have a comprehensive plan, do you need to get a separate third-party insurance policy for your BMW vehicle?

No, a comprehensive BMW auto insurance policy covers third-party and personal vehicle damages. Consequently, you are not required to purchase additional third-party insurance.

3). Can you fix a BMW vehicle without going to a network garage?

Some insurers will provide a doorstep pick-up and drop-off service if you get comprehensive BMW auto insurance. With this service, you can receive professional assistance without having to go to a repair shop because the professionals will pick up the broken parts of your automobile from your house and return them when they have been repaired.