Edelweiss Car Insurance

An overview

Edelweiss General Insurance Company was founded in 2016 to foray into the industry of non-life insurance. It is a subsidiary of Edelweiss Financial Services Limited, which joined the insurance sector with an ambition to offer clients a diverse scope of insurance derivatives such as car insurance, health insurance,  two-wheeler insurance, home insurance, engineering insurance,  fire insurance, loan protection cover, commercial insurance, and driver-based insurance. The insurance programs under these types are designed to satisfy the needs of customers and offer swift and simple resolutions. 

Edelweiss General Insurance provides five types of general insurance policies

  • Edelweiss General Two-Wheeler Insurance 

  • Edelweiss General COVID Healthcare 

  • Edelweiss General Health Insurance  

  • Edelweiss General Motor Insurance 

  • Edelweiss General Saral Suraksha Bima 

List of best Car Insurance Products from Edelweiss Car Insurance: 

Total Protection for Your Family’s Future- Protect your family with this amazing secured plan! 

Get A Life Cover For Two– Customizing is not limited to just gift concepts! Tailor-make the insurance program to serve your needs! 

With You Through Crucial Illness– Get a lump sum advantage on the diagnosis of Acute Illness. 

Future Guaranteed¹ Income, so possible now– Make sure nothing gets in the way of you and your ambitions. 

Get Guaranteed Returns and Life Cover In just One Plan– Make convinced all your programs are fulfilled 

Savings Ke Liye Efficient Solution– The affordable method to start increasing your wealth, fulfilling your dreams, and protection requirements. 

Wealth Plus: Savings, Benefits for Child and Insurance – All in just One -Get additional reserve shares from your first year and let the wealth of your account keep growing! 

A Gains-Full Zindagi looking for– Helps you extend your wealth so that you can encounter Zindagi unlimited 

Regular Income Jo Mile, Har Haal Saalo Saal– A program that gives you a steady income consistent during difficult times. 

The Simple Method Of Saving You And Your Family – Get an easy, straightforward scheme that protects your family even during unexpected circumstances. 

Live Zindagi Unlimited With your Second Income – One plan for creating income and security  

Finally, it’s All About Fulfilling Your Dreams – The plan that helps you increase your wealth systematically and also guards you 

Simple Hai, Sorted Hai– Designed to handle all your requirements in a simplified and cost-effective manner! 

Aapke Savings ka rescuer– Your financial security against COVID-19 beginning at Rs. 5329 

An Affordable Financial and Protection Plan – This yearly renewable set term insurance plan is presented to savings account holders. 

Make Smart Determinations for Wealth Accumulation– Get the ULIP scheduled for fulfilling all worker benefit schemes. 

Watch Out For Your Team With This Program– This is a hassle-free one, made for fast decisioning to deliver financial security to your company members. 

Creating Resources For Employee Benefit Payouts– This plan allows you to build reserves, so you can bear good care of your employees’ benefits. 

Look Out For Yourself, Even When Delivering Aid To Others– This plan allows you to avoid hazards and reduce non-recovery of loans during unforeseen circumstances 

Get Group Protection Against Unforeseen Events– Get comprehensive coverage to protect your members and families during any unfortunate circumstances. 

Secure the future with only One Payment– Cut out the aggravation of continuous premium expenses and live Zindagi unlimited 

Make the Future Plans A Guaranteed Win– Life cover and protection growth wrapped in a tidy little plan! 

Dhan Labh – Get a warranty on your maturity benefits and happiness! 

Drive The Smart Choice– Get Protection along with Wealth Accumulation in merely one plan! 

Big Investments for the Big Future Planning – Be sure to achieve your dreams 

Choose The Effortless Path To Retirement– For those  pursuing a financially sound and happy retired life 

Edelweiss Tokio Life – Saral Pension – A Plan which delivers Guaranteed Income in the Golden years of your Retirement 

Make the Retirement Plan A Cakewalk one – The plan that‘s created to make retirement a relaxed experience! 

Edelweiss Tokio Life – Forever Pension – A Plan with Guaranteed, Quick, and Deferred Annuity 

Get The Means To Protect Your Group’s Goals – Get the program that’s ideal for short-term planning and ensures your group’s tomorrow! 

List of Product

Edelweiss Private Car Package Insurance – Third-Party Only

  • This is a basic car insurance plan. Without which, one is legally not permitted on the road. It only protects other people, their automobiles and their property in case of any misfortune. It doesn’t shield injuries to anyone or any damage to their car. 
  • Personal Accident Cover for all else traveling in your vehicle is about till Rs. 2,00,000 per individual cover for the legal penalty towards the paid driver. 

What’s Not Covered 

Any damage to folks sitting in the car if they haven’t abode the ‘Personal Accident Cover, then Any damage to their own car during an accident or any kind of Depreciation, or even the reduction in the worth of the car and its elements due to age, wear and tear, etc.  

Edelweiss Private Car Liability Only Insurance

Third-Party + Own Damage 

If you actually want to chill and sail, this is the car insurance you desire. It covers damages to you, harm to your car, AND injury to others & their belongings (that’s better like it!) 


Of course, one can choose to get better coverage. 

  • Personal Accident Cover for all else traveling in your car, for about up to Rs. 2,00,000 per person.  
  • cover for the lawful liability towards the paid driver 

What’s Not Covered 

Depreciation, or the decrease in the worth of the car and its elements due to age, wear and tear, etc.  

Edelweiss Car Insurance – Reviews

Edelweiss car insurance presents a wide scope of coverage and exceptional add-ons that cause investors to feel secure and satisfied. The company delivers customized plans that are created to provide a comprehensive financial cover for each medical emergency. The programs that are being offered are tailor-designed for COVID -19 which needs complete coverage earlier and post-hospitalization as well.  

The investors are provided updates at each step to complete the process of car or other insurance provided by the company, easy and customer friendly. Edelweiss General Insurance Company delivers a range of unique attributes and benefits to assist its customers in a more useful manner. The company has a habitual network of more than 1600+ cashless garages that deliver priority benefits. 

Exclusions of Edelweiss Car Insurance

  • Any accidental misplacement or damage and /or harm caused by any geographical area as noted in the policy. 

  • Any claim occurring due to any contractual liability. 

  • Accidental loss or damage or expenses arising from any consequential loss. 

  • Accidental loss or injury or expenses occurring from war, nuclear weapons, invasion, actions of foreign enemies, hatreds or warlike functions. 

  • Whether before or after the command of the war, civil war or rendered by or donated to or originating from ionizing radiations or even if it is contaminated by radioactivity from nuclear power or from nuclear debris from the eruption of nuclear fuel. 

  • Any accidental losing or injury and/or liability rendered sustained or incurred when the vehicle is being insured and is being utilized otherwise than in conformity with the ‘Limitation as to Use’ or standing driven by or stands for the pursuit of being compelled by him/her in the control of any individual other than a person who is driving the vehicle as declared in the Driver’s Clause. 

Edelweiss Car Insurance- Customer Care Numbers and additional Contact details

  • Toll-Free Number: 1800-212-1212 ( any person can reach out to the company from 8 AM to 8 PM from Monday – Saturday, excluding Public Holidays) 

  • Email: [email protected] 

  • Corporate Office Address: 

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company Ltd, 3rd & 4th Floor, Tower 3, Wing ‘B’, Kohinoor City Mall, Kohinoor City, Kirol Road, Kurla (W), Mumbai 400070 

Branch offices of Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company Limited pan India 

Documents Needed For Edelweiss Car Insurance: 

Documents needed for Car Theft Claims: 

  • Claim Form duly signed by the car Insured 

  • Original Policy Paper

  • Original Registration Certificates needed Permit, Tax, Fitness.  

  • All initial keys/Service Brochure/ Warranty Card/ Actual purchase invoice. 

  • Police Panchnama or the FIR and Final statement/non-traceable report are needed. 

  • Acknowledged copy required of a letter discoursed to RTO who is intimating theft and creating ‘NON-USE’. 

  • RTO transfer documents duly signed. 

  • Consent towards approved claim settlement deal from the insured person and Financier. 

  • NOC from the Financier if the claim is to be resolved in your favor. 

  • Subrogation actual Letter, Discharge voucher and  Indemnity bond. 

  • Documents needed by AML guideline. 

Documents needed for PA & TP Claims: 

Personal Accident 

  • Death Certificate 

  • TP Claims 

  • Legal Heir certificate 

  • Certificate of Disablement, in case of permanent partial disability 

  • Post-mortem report 

  • Insurance Policy Copy 

  • Registration Certificates or the copy  

  • Police FIR Copy 

  • Claim Form duly marked  

  • MACT/Legal Notice 

  • Driving License copy 

  • Supporting papers  

  • Claimant facts  

Benefits and qualities of Edelweiss Car Insurance Plans: 

Edelweiss Car Insurance arrives with a wide spectrum of features and advantages to make your security complete and thorough: 

  • Cashless Service – Avail a comprehensive network of cashless garage benefit. 

  • Optional add-ons covers – get Customized with the policy. Select from a wide list of clever rider options, known for an added premium. 

  • Toll-free service number for questions related to the procedure and intimation of a claim  

  • Fast and time-bound visiting of the surveyor of claims. 

  • Conclusion on claims clearance within 7 working days from the permit of all documents. 

  • Discounts along with entitlements 

Why Choose Edelweiss Car Insurance? 

Here are some of the mentioned reasons to pick Edelweiss Car Insurance: 

  • Cashless Servicing 

  • add-ons 

  • Determination of claims acceptance within seven working days from each receipt of documents. 

  • Ease of Access to 1000 plus Cashless Garages. 

  • Priority Assistance at Preferred Workshops. 

Edelweiss Car Insurance – Private Coverage

Loss of or wear to the vehicle insured 

Loss or injury to the vehicle certified and/or its ELEMENTS by: 

Fire, blast self-ignition or lightning; burglary, breaking or theft; by a scream and hit; earthquake (Fire and stupefaction damage); flood, storm, 

hurricane, hurricane, cyclone, inundation, tempest hailstorm, ice; accidental exterior means; evil act; terrorist action;  by road inland – waterway rush elevator or atmosphere; landslide, rockslide. 

Liability to the third party:

  1. Death of or physical injury to any individual including occupants maintained in the vehicle that anyone who may be legally liable to expend. 

  2. Damage to belongings other than property related to the insured or carried in trust or in the possession or control of the guaranteed up to a limit of Rs. 7.5 lakhs 

Personal cover accident for owner-driver

Compensation for physical injury/death maintained by the owner’s driver of the car, in direct contact with the vehicle or while driving or 

scaling into/dismounting from the car insured or whilst journeying in it being just a co-driver, driven by violent, incidental, external and visual, up to a limit of about Rs. 15 lakhs 

Edelweiss Car Insurance with extra Add-On Covers

  • Any Electrical or Non-electrical additions that you supply in your car 

  • The CNG/LPG bi-fuel tools that you may ensconce in your vehicle 

  • If you want to expand the geographical extent of coverage to the adjacent countries of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives 

  • Personal accident cover for unnamed residents of your vehicle up to a limitation of Rs. 2 lakhs per person 

  • Legal Liability to any paid drivers along with the employees touring in the car 

Discounts delivered by Edelweiss Car Insurance

The various car insurance amazing discounts offered are: 

Edelweiss Private Car Insurance Package  

  • No-Claim Bonus (i.e NCB) 

  • Increased discount on bonus in case of volunteer deductible in complement to the compulsory deductible. 

  • Discount on an active associate of a recognized Automobile Association of India (i.e AAI). 

  • Additional discount for your vintage cars. 

  • Additional discount if anyone has installed an Automobile Research Association of India (i.e ARAI) which is an approved anti-theft device in the vehicle. 

  • Discount for those laid-up cars. 

  • Discount on if the Third Party Property Damage occurred. 

Claim process needed of Edelweiss Car Insurance

In case of an accident, one is required to register their motor claim at the contact digits of 1800 12000 (toll-free) with the subsequent documents. 

Documents needed for Car Accidental Claims: 

  • Registration Certificates and their copy  

  • Claim Form duly signed by Insured 

  • FIR or copy of Police Panchanama  

  • Driving License 

Documents needed by AML guideline. 

  • Repair bills and expense proof or the Discharge Voucher. 

  • Repair Estimation  

Additional papers needed for a Commercial vehicle: 

  • Fitness credentials or the certificates  

  • Permit certification 

  • Receipts of Road Tax  

  • Load Challan 

Documents needed for Car Theft Claims 

  • Real Policy Document 

  • Claim Form duly signed by Insured 

  • Acknowledged copy of a letter addressed to RTO intimating robbery and comprising ‘NON-USE’. 

  • Real Registration Certificate, Fitness, Permit, Tax. 

  • All original keys or Service Booklet or Warranty Card or the Real purchase invoice. 

  • RTO transfer documents duly signed. 

  • Police Panchnama or the FIR and Final report or the Non-Traceable report. 

  • NOC from the Financier if the claim is to be resolved in your favor. 

  • Consent towards approved claim settlement deal from yourself and Financier. 

  • Subrogation Letter, Discharge voucher and Indemnity bond. 

  • Documents needed by AML guideline. 

Documents needed for PA & TP Claims: 

Personal Accident 

  • Post-mortem report 

  • Death Certificate 

  • Legal Heir certificate 

  • Certificate of Disablement, in case of permanent partial disability 

TP Claims 

  • Claim Form duly signed 

  • Insurance Policy copy 

  • Registration Certificate copy 

  • Police FIR Copy 

  • MACT/Legal Notice 

  • Driving License copy 

Claimant details 

  • Subsidizing documents 

Edelweiss Car Insurance Renewal Important Process (Online/Offline)

Online – anyone can efficiently renew their Edelweiss Car Insurance Policy via the official website from Edelweiss General Insurance. 

Offline – In case one does not like to renew their Edelweiss Car Insurance premium offline. One can still visit the nearest department or contact the unit at 1800 12000. Make certain to maintain the policy number and paper ready. Next, just make the payment via cash or cheque and the policy shall be renewed. 

FAQ of Edelweiss Car Insurance

Q1. Is NCB offered by Edelweiss General Insurance? 

Ans: Yes, just like all other general insurance firms, Edelweiss General Insurance even offers NCB discounts on Own Damage premiums. The discount may be up to 50 percent if no claim is filed for five years. 

Q2. What is not covered under Edelweiss Car Insurance policies? 

Ans: Any of the two Edelweiss Car Insurance policies do not obscure the wear and tear of vehicle parts and damages induced to the car because of the war and nuclear threats. In addition to this, any electrical or mechanical wear is not even covered under the traditional car insurance policy. 

Q3. Is it required to have the Edelweiss Private Car Package Insurance? 

Ans: No, holding any of the two of those policies will meet the legal compulsion of maintaining an insurance cover for the car. 

Q4. What is an endorsement? 

Ans: An endorsement includes all the details concerning any changes produced in the policy documents like the name of the policyholder, mobile number i.e registered, address, etc.