IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance

An overview

Car Insurance Plans are made for your benefit and your car’s protection. There are times when incidents and situations drop in that are so unwanted and sudden that you lose your calm and fail to understand that where life moving ahead. That’s the time when these insurances from IFFCO Tokio comes into picture, they are solely made to be your helping hand in terms of sudden expenses. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, it is made compulsory and mandatory for every car owner to get thier car insured.

The plan that is mandatory, it is the Third Party Car Insurance. It doesn’t mean that you need to have this plan only and you are not eligible to opt for any other plan of your choice. Along with this Third Party Car Insurance, you can also opt Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy and live a life tension free. You can also go for the add ons that the  

List of best Car Insurance Products from IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance

There are many of the plans offered by the IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Provider. One of them is

Third Party Car Insurance Policy

This is the basic car insurance that is offered and is mandatory to have this third party insurance as per the Government of India. It covers damages caused by the third party. Along with this, they also provide personal accident cover in case of an accident that involves the insured vehicle and the policy holder. In case of the policy holder being injured or died, then, in that case, compensation is provided.  

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

 The Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy have two components, one of which is the benefits of the third party insurance and another one is the comprehensive coverage of course. In this comprehensive car insurance, one can also opt for the add on features. This plan covers all the accidents, natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, it also covered in case of theft and fire.  

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan with Zero Dep Cover

Zero Depreciation is an add on feature offered by IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Provider. According to this insurance plan, one will get the reimbursement of the repair cost. You will receive all the promised amounts.  

This is the Review Section of the IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Provider

  • The place or the website seems to be a safe place to buy insurance from.  
  • The plans are designed in a way that the service the maximum benefit to the plan owner.  
  • The claim settlement process is really very easy.  
  • The staff is very supportive and friendly and are available 24/7 to help you in time of need.  
  • They offer many plans and one can compare and choose the best.  
  • They provide the best, easy and pocket-friendly premium payment scheme.  
  • Their online service is efficient as well.  
  • Their website and their staff members are fully equipped and prepared with all the answers to all your queries.   
  • The policy renewal is very easy and effective too. They just require a few your documents and it’s done.  
  • They instantly generate the soft copy of the policy purchased.  

Inclusion and Exclusions

Talking about IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Provider, their plans also have some exclusion. There are few events due to which you can not claim your insurance. Come, let’s see some of the major events like that:- 

  • Along with the plan comes insured geographical areas and accidents or any damage that took place away or ahead from the mentioned geographical area can not be claimed.  
  • If you have used any other vehicle than the one which is insured and met with an accident, then in that case, the claim is not available.  
  • If the accident or any casuality has happened but the driver of the car is different from the person that is enrolled, then too no claim is possible. 
  • In case of an accident that happened because of the drink and drive, then too, no will be paid. 
  • The person who is driving should always carry the proper valid driving license, in case of any loss or accident, if the license is not found then too, no claim will be paid. 
  • There is absolutely no claim paid for the tyres and tubes of the car but it will be paid in case of the car being damaged too. The percentage that is paid as the claim amount in that case if 50% maximum.  
  • There zero claim amount in case of any sort of mechanical breakdown of the car.  

Must be thinking that how to contact to the team of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Provider 

Listed below are the contact details, 

you can connect with them on the following numbers: a. 7993407777 b. You can also contact them on their toll-free number:- 1800-103-5499  

That is not it, you can also get in touch with them via mail, their e.mail address is [email protected].  

Now is the time to look at some major documents needed to get your car insured under any of your liked car insurance policies 

  • Insurance Proposal Form or the Insurance Form properly filled and signed by the person applying for the insurance policy.  
  • Copy of RC Book of the vehicle.  
  • Invoice of the vehicle.  
  • Identify proof and address proof of the Policy holder.  

Everything have their own duly formed terms and conditions which they abide to run their firm hassle free

There are few terms that IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Providers have for you to have a quick glance at

  • In case you are changing the owner of the car, it becomes mandatory to apply for the renewal of the plan within 14 days along with the required documents and you need to pay your premium with some additional amendment fees to continue your plan.  
  • For any expenses related to the change or repair of the spare part of the car, the depreciation charges will be deducted.  
  • IDV that is Insured Declared Value, can be taken at the time of change in the name of the policy holder, change in address or in the contact details of the policy holder.  

Benefits and Special Features of the IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Policy Plans

There are a lot of highlighted and outshining benefits offered by IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Policy.  

  • In a time when people are living a very busy highly packed life, this Insurance Provider offers you an easy and convenient online procedure to protect your car from accidents and events.  
  • They tend to offer your car’s wholesome coverage. It covers your car from all sort of calamities and accidents. 
  • IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Policy Provider offers you with easy and simple documentation.  
  • They provide you with instant duly signed policy papers and certificate. That it they have a very quick service.   
  • They give you doorstep service of new enrollment.  
  • They have a vast network of garages that offers you free and instant services.  
  • They offer pan India services of help desk that offers round the clock query solving sections.  
  • They provides you with assistance at the time of need.  
  • They provide you with a plan named as “Value Auto Coverage” at a very small sum of premium as an add-on benefit od your car. 
  • On regular basis they conduct online and even offline claim surveys which help them to improve and work more efficiently.  

Why should one go for IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Policy? 

This is one of the most important questions that the person applying for any policy will for sure ask you. So this section will make you stand on the table and shout out large saying that if you are willing to go for any of the Car Insurance Policy, then it is highly recommended to go for the IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Policy, listed below are some of the major features, which satisfies your why. 

  • It is very convenient to apply.  
  • Claim settlement process is very quick.  
  • They offers you with some added benefits as well.  
  • They have a round the clock assistance for all the queries of yours.  
  • Their documentation process is very easy and quick.  
  • They help you with instant certificate and documents of the policy.  
  • They help you to renew your policy easily.  
  • Their website is user friendly and offer many plans to compare and choose from.  

Add ons offered by IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Provider

Car Insurance With Engine Protection

It is very useful to add on feature, to be honest. We all know that car is a piece of human-made machinery that is made for our convenience and ease. Now, when we humans fall sick at times, similarly cars do fall ill and their protection is our responsibility, and so this add-on feature comes in a light that safeguards your engine and provide you help or assistance at the time of any emergency.  

Voluntary Deductibles of the Car Insurance

We all know that is made mandatory for all car owners to have car insurance and this feature always tempts the crowd as by opting this, one becomes eligible to get discounts in premiums and more discounts too.  

Multi-Year Car Insurance

This is the most fascinating one. All the vehicles that are being sold or owned by anyone after 1st September 2018, will receive the third party policy plan of three years and for the 2 wheeled vehicles the duration is of five consecutive years.  

The No Claim Bonus

This feature totally depends on us. It is the return gift of the insurance provider to the policyholder when he or she has not claimed any amount during the policy period. It is in simpler words the discount offered to you on your regular premium cycle.  

Personal Accident Cover

This add on is for your safety. The owner of the car and the policy leaves on the highest risk while driving and in case of accident or injury or damage caused to the owner while driving gets a compensation amount.  

Personal Belongings Coverage

In case of theft or by any means if the car catches fire, all the belongings that are kept inside the car get reimbursed.  


RTI that is Return To Invoice is mandatory to make your car more and more protected, simply because the car itself is at risk when on the road and what the future holds for us is a mystery and therefore it is important to have RTI so that at times of theft or fire, your car pays off well.  

Roadside Assistance

The IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Policy provides you with 24/7 roadside assistance from, providing the garage team to the fuel, they are standing by your side a pillar.  

Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

At the time of any accident or emergency, with this add on feature one can easily avail and claim the whole of the amount of the car and not after deducting the cost and parts of repair.  

Here is the list if Discounts offered by the IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Provider 

  • Voluntary Deductible Discount 
  • No Claim Bonus 
  • Discount on Vintage Cars 
  • Automobile Association Discount 

Now let’s see the Claim Settlement Process of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Policy 

  • In case of any damage caused to the car, one needs to inform the insurance team
  • Then next to this one has to fill out the claim settlement form and submit it with proper signature and needed documents.  
  • After this form submission, the insurer will arrange an inspection to check the damage.  
  • On an agreement the claim amount is given to the car owner or the policy holder.  

When we buy something we need to renew it after a certain time period. Here’s how you can renew your car insurance through online mode

Follow the following steps to renew

  • First, open the IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance website. 
  • Then, enter the car number, insurance number, mobile number and email address
  • Next to this, choose the plan of your choice and it’s duration.  
  • If you want to alter your plan, you have the time now.  
  • Finish the payment by entering your card details.  
  • Collect and aave your payment receipt.  

This is not it, one can also be renewed offline, for this, you have to visit their office and fill in the form and sign it properly along with the documents and within a few days, you are ready to go.  

FAQ of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance

What does motor insurance cover? 

Ans: Car insurance simply provides you and your car financial support at the time of extreme emergency or any sort of accident. You can now easily buy them online and take all the possible benefits.  

What is an Insurance Cover Note? How Do They Work? 

Ans: The Insurance Cover Note is a form of a temporary letter or certificate issued by the insurer at the beginning of the policy. It is valid for a period of 60 days and within that 60 days, the insurer has to provide the insured person with the duly filled and signed official certificate and policy papers and the customer needs to pay the proper premium amount in order to take the certificate.  

What is meant by IDV? 

Ans: IDV simply means the Insured Declared Value of your vehicle. In simpler words, it means that IDV is a total or overall sum total claim worthy amount that the car owner can claim at the time of theft or unrepairable car damage. It is calculated at the beginning of your policy after checking the selling price of that car and the color variant along with the accessories installed. For these many valid reasons, it is very important to get your car the perfect and high IDV for any future claims.  

What are Electrical/Electronic accessories in a private car? 

Ans: The items or accessories that are not pre-installed in your car by the manufacturer are called Electrical or Electronic Accessories.  These can be the music system, speakers, GPS, LCDs and more items like these.  

When is an endorsement required? 

Ans: Endorsement is the written form of evidence that witnesses changes in any terms and conditions of the policy.  It can be needed at the time of issue to emphasize the additional benefits and coverage or to highlight that accidental claims can have a difference in amount. It can also be used or required at the time of name change, address change or the change of vehicle even.