Liberty Car Insurance

An Overview

We all need protection and support in our lives to survive and so does your cars or vehicle need protection from all the odd unwanted situations coming your way. The truth is that having car insurance is a necessity in our lives.  Liberty Car Insurance is one of the growing insurance providers nowadays. It gives off ultimate protection to your car, being pocket friendly and fully packed with add ons features and benefits. It basically provides you with three types of insurance plans, one of which is Third Party Liability Insurance which is made mandatory by the government for all car owners to must have it in their insurance bags. Next on the list is the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan which covers events like accidents or tye damages that are caused due to any natural calamity or even breakdown. This Insurance Provider also has the Personal Accident Cover, that’s not all, it also has various add ons.  

There are basically three main types of insurance plans and here is the description

Third-Party liability insurance

According to the motor vehicle act,  in case of any loss/ damage caused to the third-party person, the coverage against its legal liability would be covered by third-party liability insurance. A third party liability insurance is legally is essential under a vehicle’s insurance policy. 

Let’s get into the depths of this topic to get a better understanding! 

In a vehicle accident, three parties are involved. 

1st Party: The insurance holder. 

2nd Party: The insurance entity/ company.  

3rd Party: The person enduring the damage caused by the first person/ party.  

In case of any damage caused by the first person to any of the third person’s property, the claim by the third party is indemnified by the second party/ insurance company 

Comprehensive Coverage (Own Damage)

Comprehensive Coverage or Own Damage coverage is an insurance policy incurred against the own Damage of a vehicle.  

It provides coverage to the third party as well as to the damaged vehicle in case of man-made or natural calamity. It provides accident coverage to the insured driver. 

Personal Accident Cover  

Under Personal accident cover, the assigned nominee of the policyholder is provided financial protection after any hazardous accident causing death or disability of the insured person. Personal Accident cover is a lifelong, renewable policy with the purpose of compensating for the loss of policyholder to its family. The policy offers 100% of the lump sum amount to the nominee after the death of the insured. Not all personal accident policies cover ambulance costs and hospital expenses. There’s no coverage provided for the death due to illness or any other cause except for vehicle disaster or drunk and drive cases. 

So now is the time to check the review section of the Liberty Car Insurance Policy

  • Claim settlement process is very easy.  

  • All the plans are made for the benefit of your vehicle. 

  • The plans are available in various forms.  

  • The documentation is done easily online.  

  • The support service is efficient.  

  • The renewal process is really quick.  

  • They have many add ons.  

Everything has something to include and something to exclude, so here’s the list of exclusions of Liberty Car Insurance Policy

  • It does not cover any casualty related to mechanical or electrical breakdown of the system.  

  • Accident occured while using vehicle which is not been under the insurance.  

  • It does not cover the person who is not mentioned in the insurance.  

  • Accident that occured due to the consumption of liquor or drug abuse.

  • In case of the cause of death is discovered to be suicide or self harm, in that case there is no or zero compensation given.   

  • In case of the damage being caused because of any nuclear war or radiation.  

  • If the car which is under the insurance hits an accident away from the enlisted geographical area.  

  • In case the driver isn’t carrying the proper documents or driver lisence.  

Ok, so now you all must be thinking that how to reach out to the team of Liberty Car Insurance, below are the contact details

Contact details

The sources of contact to Liberty General Insurance Ltd. Are listed below: 

Liberty general insurance Ltd.: 10th floor, Tower A, Peninsula Business Park, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013 

Call Numbers 

Toll-free: 1800-266-5844 

Boarding: 022 6700 1313 

Fax: 022 6700 1606 

Email ID  

All services: [email protected] 

Senior citizens: [email protected] 

Documents required to apply for the Liberty Car Insurance Policy: 

  • Forms filled and signed completely.  

  • Copy of ID Card. 

  • Copy of present year policy. 

  • Original Hospital documents such as discharge and billing documents with receipt duly signed by insured person.  

  • Consultation letter and prescriptions along with the reports and noted signed by the assigned medical practitioner for further investigation. 

  • In case of death of the insured death certificate issued by the hospital is  required. 

Now let us have a look at some of the major terms and conditions of the Liberty Car Insurance Policy

  • Any electrical or electronic device that is not factory installed is not under the coverage.  

  • If you’ve hired a driver to drive your car, and he meets with an accident, in the case compensation is provided.  

  • Insured Declared Value is calculated at the current market situation.  

  • The compensation is provided if the driver of the car is the registered owner of the car.  

  • The claim is also given if the car is in the accident is insured.  

Now is the time to see some of the major Benefits and Features of the Liberty Car Insurance Provider

  • Simply documentation is done.  

  • They provide an uninterpreted inspection to have a check survey to understand the performance of their team.  

  • They have a team of efficient workers, who are standing behind to support and work for you 24/7.  

  • The Liberty Car Insurance Provider offers wholesome coverage and plans.  

  • There is absolutely no hassle in the signing and documentation process.  

  • The plans are designed in such a manner that they always strive to serve the better.  

  • The team of dedicated workers works to provide you with an easy claim settlement process.  

  • They offer pan India services of help desk that offers round the clock query solving sections.  

  • They help your car in all odd situations be it at the time of natural calamity or accident or breakdown.  

  • One of the most highlighted features is that they help you at the time od mechanical support and also it help you with the garage facility and also with the fuel at the time of sudden breakdown.  

Why One Should Go and Opt For The Liberty Car Insurance Policy? 

Ok, so it is very evident why would anyone want to go for the Liberty Car Insurance Plans. It is one of the leading insurance providers in today’s world market, but just to ease your work, here’s a list if highlighted features for which I can bet your eyes will flip flop and roll around to buy.  

  • They provide the most pocket-friendly plans.  

  • Claim settlement is very easy.  

  • The team is efficient to provide you support and assistance 24/7.  

  • The process of paying premium is quick and easy.  

  • There are variety of plans to compare and choose from.  

  • They always strive to be your support system at the time of sudden, unwanted situations or accidents.  

Let’s have quick look on the add ons offered by the Liberty Car Insurance Provider

Car Insurance With Engine Protection 

It is a very useful add-on feature, to be honest. We all know that car is human-made machinery that is made for our convenience and ease. Now, when we humans fall sick at times, similarly cars do fall ill and their protection is our responsibility, and so this add-on feature comes in a light which safeguards your engine and provides you help or assistance at the time of any emergency.  

Voluntary Deductibles of the Car Insurance 

We all know that is made mandatory for all the car owners to have a car insurance and this feature always tempts the crowd as by opting this, one becomes eligible to get discounts in premiums and more discounts too.  

Multi Year Car Insurance 

This is the most fascinating one. All the vehicles that are being sold or owned by any one after 1st September 2018, will receive the third party policy plan of three years and the 2 wheeled vehicle the duration is of five consecutive years.  

The No Claim Bonus 

This feature totally depends on us. It is the return gift of the insurance provider to the policyholder when he or she has not claimed any amount during the policy period. It is in simpler words the discount offered to you on your regular premium cycle.  

Personal Accident Cover 

This add on is for your safety. The owner of the car and the policy leaves on the highest risk while driving and in case of accident or injury or damaged caused to the owner while driving gets a compensation amount.  

Personal Belongings Coverage 

In case of theft or by any means if the car catches fire, all the belongings that are kept inside the car get reimbursed.  

RTI  – RTI that is Return To Invoice is mandatory to make your car more and more protected, simply because the car itself is risk when on the road and what the future holds for us is a mystery and therefore it is important to have RTI so that at times of theft or fire, your car pays off well.  

Roadside Assistance – The Liberty Car Insurance Policy provides you with 24/7 roadside assistance from, providing the garage team to the fuel, they are standing by your side a pillar.  

Zero Depreciation Car Insurance – At the time of any accident or emergency, with this add on feature one can easily avail and claim whole of the amount of the car and not after deducting the cost and parts of repair.  

This section covers the list of Discounts that is offered by Liberty Car Insurance

They provide you with various kind of discounts for your not only your safety and benefits but also for your car’s safety and security.  

First in the list is the NCB, that is, the No Claim Bonus, which adds on every year when you does not claim your amount under any accidental or unwanted situations.  

Listed below are the percentage of increment per year:- 

  • In the first year without claiming the amount, the percentage increased or added is 20%.  

  • In the next year with claiming, the percentage increased is 25%.  

  • In the next consecutive year, the increased or added percentage is 35%.  

  • The fourth year without claiming the amount, the added incrementation amount is 45%.  

  • The fifth consecutive year without claiming the amount adds 50% to the claimable amount.  

Following set of instructions or steps to claim the amount that you wish to hold when in need

Step 1:- Either by visiting the nearest branch or by visiting the visiting or finding the branch online.  

Step 2:- Write an application or send a mail to the branch about the claim need.  

Step 3:- Fill in the form which asks you to fill in your basic details, like- 

  • Motor Insurance Policy Number 

  • Name of the insured  

  • Contact details of the same  

  • Address of the place where the damage or loss took place.  

  • Address of the place where the vehicle is kept for the inspection.  

  • Registration number of the car.  

  • Name of the owner of the car.  

  • Name and address of the police station where the complaint is lodged in case of theft.  

  • Brief description of the damage caused.  

Step 4:- And it’s done, after verification your claimable amount will be released.  

Here’s a list of set instructions that one need to follow to renew your plan

 Below are the instructions to renew your policy plan online:- 

  • Choose a suitable insurance policy with useful pre and post sale services. One should select a policy after carefully reading all the terms and conditions and online reviews.  

  • Second step to insure your vehicle is to finalize the policy. Select a policy and by logging in their website. 

  • After selecting the policy, enter all the required details. 

  • Select add-ons.  

  • Complete the entire procedure by doing payment for the provided service. 

Next is the set of steps of instructions that one need to follow to renew your car insurance policy plan offline, that is after visiting the branch personally:- 

  • Visit the nearest branch of Liberty Car Insurance Policy Provider.  

  • There you need show all the documents for verification.  

  • After verification, you need to fill the renewal form.  

  • Along with the form submit all the necessary documents required.  

  • After this pay your dues or premium.  

  • And it’s done, your plan has been renewed, collect the payment receipt for future reference.  

FAQs – Liberty Car Insurance

Q1. Is it mandatory to have car insurance in India?​ 

Ans: Yes, as per the Indian motor vehicle act 1988, it is mandatory to have Car insurance.   

Q2. What is car insurance? 

Ans: In case of any damage caused to a vehicle, the insurance policy acts as a financial protective shield.  

Q3. What are the types of car insurance policies? 

Ans: There are three main types of car insurance that are available worldwide :  

1. Liability insurance  

2. Comprehensive insurance  

3. Collision insurance  

There are more of its types but available only in a few states, like personal injury protection,  uninsured motorist. 

Q4. When do you buy a commercial car insurance policy? 

Ans: When the vehicle is included in the conducting of the person’s/ owner’s occupation/ business, in such cases commercial car insurance is a necessity. 

Q5. Is it required to renew four-wheeler insurance every year? 

Ans: It is a must to renew car insurance within a year.  

Q6.When I buy a new car insurance policy, do I purchase a third party or comprehensive car insurance? 

Ans: If the value of the car is low, you should buy third-party insurance while in the case of an expensive car you should opt for comprehensive insurance.