National Car Insurance


The National Insurance Co. Ltd. is the oldest general insurance company in India. It is owned by the central government and was established in 1906. It is a premium insurance firm in India that started with its headquarters in Kolkata. National Car Insurance is a motor insurance policy and one of the best policies by the company. The National Insurance company offers two kinds of motor insurance plans, namely, commercial vehicle insurance and private car insurance.  

The Motor Vehicle Act 1988 states that all motor vehicle owners must take a motor insurance policy. The National Car Insurance protects motor vehicles against theft, accidental damages, property damage, and/or third-party legal liability for bodily injury.  

List of best Car Insurance Products from National Car Insurance 

The motor insurance policy is meant for the motor vehicle owners who have the vehicle registered to their name. This policy is based on the general principles of insurance applicable to property and liability. Taking a commercial vehicle policy provides the owner with multiple benefits such as interest, right of the vehicle, the safety of the motor, freedom from liability, and prevention of loss by injury, damage, and/or creation of liability.  

Following are the best Car Insurance Products from National Car Insurance: 

  • Annual Liability Only Policy: This policy covers the legal liabilities for a private car that arises out of third-party claims. The coverage includes property damage, bodily injuries, and/or death caused by the car owner to the third party. It is limited to Rs 7.5 lakhs but the liabilities arising out of a third party’s injuries or death are limitless. It is a mandatory liability cover in India under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. 
  • Annual Package Policy: This is a comprehensive policy that covers both third-party liabilities as well as the damages that are caused to the car. The coverage includes all damages due to disasters, natural calamities, fire, theft, accidents, and other man-made reasons. It also covers the accidental expense of injuries or the death of the owner of the car. 

Inclusions of National Car Insurance 

Following  contingencies are covered under the National Car Insurance:  

  • Cover Against Own Damage: The policy covers all losses and damages incurred to an insured car due to man-made and/or natural calamities, fire, theft, accidents, etc. The damages to the car while in transit are also part of this coverage. Natural calamities that are covered under the insurance include flood, earthquakes, cyclones, landslides, and storms. Man-made calamities consist of strikes, riots, and terrorist attacks.  

  • Cover Against Third-Party Liabilities: If the insured car caused any bodily damages, injuries, or death of a third party, the insurance covers the liability occurring from such damages.  

  • Cover For Towing Charges: The policy covers the towing expenses for the car in case of an accident. 

Exclusions of National Car Insurance 

Some circumstances and emergencies that are excluded from the National Car Insurance include:  

  • No loss due to the normal wear and tear of your vehicle over time is covered under the policy.  

  • If you have an expired or invalid driving license, no loss due to driving with such a license will be taken care of by the policy.  
  • Damages by mechanical and/or electrical breakdowns are excluded. 

  • The Indian law prohibits driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, if you or your driver is driving under the influence of alcohol, no damages to your vehicle or injuries to you or the driver will be covered under the policy.  

  • Consequential losses are not a part of the insurance policy. The insurance will cover the contingencies as included in the terms but no losses as a result of such covered contingencies will be a part of the policy.  

  • If your vehicle is a part of any war-like situation, you will not be able to claim any damages or losses to the car.  

  • If a private car is used for commercial or non-personal usage, it will not be applicable for compensation under the policy.  
  • If there is contractual work including your car and that results in liability, such liability will not be covered by the policy.  

National Car Insurance- Customer Care Numbers 

Following are the details of the customer care facilities for National Car Insurance: 

Address : 3, Middleton Street, Prafulla Chandra Sen Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700071. 

Telephone: 22831705 

Fax: 22831740 

Toll-free Number: 18003450330 

Documents Required For National Car Insurance 

If you wish to seek a claim for your car’s insurance, the following documents will be required according to the National Insurance Company:  

  • Original driving license and its copy 

  • Registration certificate(RC) for the car 

  • Insurance policy and its copy 

  • Duly filled and signed claim settlement form 

  • If you are applying for reimbursement, carry the bills of such repairs 
  • If it is required, you must have the FIR copy from the police station

  • Other documents as mentioned by the insurance company 

National Car Insurance: Some important Terms  

Certain car insurance terminologies include:  

  • Third-Party Liability Covers: It compensates a third party for accidental loss, injury, or death. It is mandatory to make the vehicle legal on the roads. 

  • Own Damage Cover: The OD cover protects the vehicle from all sorts of losses and damages including fire, theft, accidents, man-made disasters, and natural calamities.  

  • Anti-Theft Device: An anti-theft device is a sign that your car is at a lower risk and helps you claim a discount on your damage cover. It reduces the chances of your car being stolen. Some examples of anti-theft devices are car alarms, car tracking systems, steering wheel locks, etc.  

  • Cashless Garage: A cashless garage is a network of garages where an insured car can avail of hassle-free claim settlement. It is used when a car has met with an accident and it is repaired in such network garages. In such cases, the company settles the repair bills directly with the garage.

  • Legal Liability: A legal liability is incurred when your car is involved in an accident that has caused damages, injuries, or the death of a third party.  

Benefits and Features of National Car Insurance 

The benefits and features of National Car Insurance include:  

  • 4000+ cashless garages 

  • 79.6% claim settlement ratio 

  • 8 add-on covers 
  • No claim bonus up to 50% 

  • 24×7 emergency assistance

  • Third-party cover 

  • Own damage cover starting at rs. 2,702 

  • Personal accident cover available up to rs. 15 lakhs 

Why Choose National Car Insurance? 

Here are the several benefits of choosing National Car Insurance:  

  • Get car insurance renewal instantly without much hassle 

  • Claim settlement quickly and swiftly 

  • Avail 24×7 claim assistance 

National Car Insurance with Add-On Covers 

One of the advantages of claiming a National Car Insurance is the different add-ons offered by the policy. These add-ons can enhance the coverage amount. You can avail of the services by paying a premium price for these coverages. The add ons offered by National Car Insurance include: 

  • Return to Invoice: It pays the insurer the amount of the insured car along with the registration charges and road taxes in case the car is stolen or damaged. 

  • Nil Depreciation Cover: If you replace or repair the depreciable parts of the car under your damage at the authorized garage network, the policy will cover the amount of such depreciation.  
  • NCB Protection: If you do not lodge a claim during the policy period, you can avail of the no claim bonus by National Car Insurance. The first no-claim starts at a discount of 20% on the premium to be paid in the next year. You can avail of a discount of up to 50% for 5 no-claim years consecutively.  

  • Roadside Assistance Cover: The add-on covers the damages and losses to your vehicle and belongings due to an unfortunate accident or breakdown. The add-on is applicable only if the vehicle is used as per the Indian laws and regulations.  

Discounts offered by National Car Insurance 

The discounts on National Car Insurance are what make the policy more attractive. Some discounts offered by the policy are: 

  • No Claim Bonus: The claim-free years can generate a discount on the next year’s premium amount. The first claim-free bonus starts at 20%. It increases to 25%, 35%, 45%, and finally up to 50% in the 5 consecutive claim-free years.  

  • Voluntary Discounts: If you volunteer to pay the minimum amount of money when the claims are due, you can avail of a voluntary discount.  

  • Other Discounts: You can avail of other National Car Insurance discounts by becoming a member of a recognized automobile association or installing an anti-theft device in your car. 

Claim process of National Car Insurance  

Following are the steps to be followed to claim on insurance policy:  

To claim car accident insurance: 

  • Contact National Insurance company 

  • Lodge a claim along with the duly signed Claim Form 

  • Submit a copy of the Driving License, RC book, and the Policy document 
  • File an FIR with the police, if required 

  • Carry the Original Repair Estimate Bill 

In the case of cashless service, carry only an Invoice receipt to claim insurance. In case of reimbursement, you have to provide an estimated bill, original invoice, and payment receipt 

To claim car theft insurance: 

  • contact National Insurance company 

  • Lodge a claim along with the duly signed Claim Form 

  • Submit the original keys along with the copy of the Driving License, RC book, and the Policy document 

  • Submit the copy of your FIR 
  • Submit the duly signed forms 28, 29, 30, and form 35.

  • Receive the final confirmation with “No Trace Report” of the insured vehicle from the police 

For third party claims: 

  • Lodge your claim with the National Insurance Company with the duly signed claim form 
  • Submit the copy of your FIR 

  • Submit the copy of the Driving License, Policy, and vehicle’s RC book 

National Car Insurance Renewal Process 

To renew your car insurance policy online, follow the given steps: 

  • Tap on the renewal section of the page 

  • Enter your existing policy details 

  • Enter your details as required 

  • Customize your policy with add-ons as you need 

  • Pay the premium amount as displayed using online payment methods 

FAQs- National Car Insurance 

Q1. I have recently purchased a used car. Can I still get my insurance from National Insurance? 

Ans: Yes. All vehicles can be insured under National Car Insurance 

Q2. What are the discount offers I can avail myself of while renewing my policy with National Insurance? 

Ans: Other discounts from National Car Insurance that are available are: 

1. You are a member of a reputed automobile association 

2. You have an anti-theft device installed in your car 

Q3. What is National Car Insurance? 

Ans: National Car Insurance is a motor insurance policy and one of the best policies by the National Insurance CompanyLimited (NICL) 

Q4. What are the types of coverage under National Private car insurance coverage? 

Ans: National Car Insurance provides two types of motor insurance plans:  

a) Commercial Vehicle Insurance

b) Private Car Insurance 

The types of coverage are:  

I. Liability Coverage 

II. Comprehensive Coverage

III. Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Coverage
IV. Medical Payments Coverage 

V. Personal Injury Protection 

VI. Collision Coverage 

Q4. How to make changes to an existing car insurance policy from National Insurance? 

Ans: You can make changes by contacting the headquarter of National Car Insurance at Kolkata or getting in touch with them on their toll-free number. If you have a branch near you, you can physically visit the branch to make the modifications. You can also make the changes online using the National Car Insurance website.