Nissan Car Insurance

Nissan Motor Limited is one o the best Japanese automobile simulating companies in 1933. Over the period, Nissan has evolved into one of the leading automobile factories globally. The Nissan company is one of Japan’s 15 most excellent business plans. The Nissan Motor Company, in particular, has again been acknowledged for its cutting edge strategies, sophisticated creations and high technology in the automobiles they deliver. Nissan came to India in 2005 as an entirely -owned associate Nissan Motor India Private Limited. With its coming in India, Nissan has assembled a good market by providing high-quality creations at competitive costs.

Overview Nissan Car Insurance

Nissan’s current line-up in India includes the Micra hatchback, the Terrano SUV and the Sunny sedan.  The newly entered the supercar element with their globally applauded offering, the GT- R. Furthermore, a good Car Insurance insurance approach for Nissan Cars can present a much-needed financial defence in case of a calamity.

Top Four Nissan Car Models

Nissan Micra: The delightful-to-drive provided from Nissan, the Micra, arrives across as a practical hatch with advanced fuel-efficient motors, an ample cabin, and an extended of tools on offer. The Micra is even delivered with a fuel-efficient CVT automated transmission with the petrol engine, thereby creating an ideal option for city commutes. On the other hand, Renault presents Pulse established on the Micra hatchback in India.

Nissan Sunny: The full-sized handsome sedan from Nissan, called the Sunny,  best-in-segment house space, an impressive list of attributes, and fuel-efficient engines. This Sunny can be an extremely reasonable value-for-money offering and is prevalent among family customers in India.

Nissan Terrano: Nissan providing in the crowded SUV segment, called the Terrano, has a favourite choice in the component with fun-to-drive but fuel or efficient engines, ample cabin, and outstanding driving dynamics. Founded on the Renault Duster, Nissan has included more striking structure cues to make infallible Terrano slips into Nissan’s popular international  SUV design theme.

Nissan GTR: Nissan’s acclaimed global sports car was newly launched in India and are one of the desired automobiles to possess in the country. Adept of hitting the 0-100 km/h mark, the GT-R is one of the speediest accelerating presentation cars. Famously nicknamed the ‘Godzilla’ of momentum, the GT-R is obtainable in India in limited numbers with a  cost of Rs 1.99 crore (ex-showroom, India).

Car Insurance Highlight premium for Nissan Car Variants

Nissan auto premium is determined primarily by the insured declared value of the car. The IDV is the maximum dividend you can receive from the insurer when a settled claim. It is calculated by deducting the vehicle amortisation rate and policy exclusions from the manufacturer’s selling price. The car’s depreciation rate increases as the car’s age make the IDV and the premium amount lower over time. To further strengthen your Nissan car insurance, you can also purchase additional coverage. Add-ons are optional, and you select those that match your needs. Here are some additions that might be a prudent addition to your Nissan auto insurance:

The premium of the most prevalent Nissan car models has been calculated below for a comprehensive policy –

Name of the Model-

Nissan Kicks

INR 25,309- INR 51,548

Name of the Model-

Nissan GT-R

INR 1,92,495- INR 6,02,032

Reasons to buy Nissan Car Insurance policy

Zero Depreciation Coverage: This additional coverage will mitigate the depreciation rate of the Nissan car during the claim Settlement making the claim amount significantly higher. The add-on, however, is only available for vehicles that are under five years old and can be used a limited amount of times in a year.

Consumables Cover: This add-on will cover aspects of the car that are entirely used in one go, such as engine oil, nuts and bolts, filters, etc. Without it, the insurance provider does not cover its cost.

Engine protection: This additional protection compensates for damage to the car’s engine, usually excluded in automobile insurance policies. It is convenient if you live in a flood-prone area.

Types of Nissan Car Insurance

Types of Nissan Car insurance plans

There are two kinds of car insurance plans known for your Nissan car. The primary type is the compulsory insurance essential as per the Motor Vehicles Act, whereas the second one is optional to choose and better or inclusive in times of coverage.

Have a look into these two kinds of Nissan car insurance plans known–

Third-party liability car insurance policy

This policy protects any third party liability that you go through if the car drives third party physical injury, demise or property harm.

Comprehensive car insurance policy

This policy delivers an all-inclusive spectrum of coverage to the car. It covers the compulsory third party liability that you perhaps suffer in point of third party bodily injury, demise or property damage. Thus, if any damages are mourned by your car itself, the plan would cover such deterioration and reimburse you for the economic loss suffered.

Nissan Car Insurance Inclusion

The deterioration which is shielded under your Nissan car insurance policy include the following –

  • Third-party physical or physical injury

  • Third-party demise

  • Personal casualty cover for the owner or the driver of the automobile covering unexpected death and disablement

  • Third-party belongings damage

  • Damages due to biological disasters like lightning, tremor, flood, hurricane, storm, cyclone, landslide, etc.

  • Deteriorations due to man-made catastrophes like fire, theft, strike, riots, blast, malicious actions, etc.

  • Damages when the auto is being transported

NOTE- The first four examples of coverage are presented under third party INSURANCE COVER while the second one o the type of plan comprehensive include all the damages mentioned above.

Nissan Car Insurance Exclusion

There are some examples of claims when the Nissan car insurance would not protect the financial loss mourned. These models are called procedure exclusions. Some of the typical exclusions in Nissan car insurance programs are as follows –

  • Significant loss

  • Depreciation and usual wear and tear of the vehicle

  • Deteriorations when the usage restrictions of the car are violated

  • Damages when the vehicle is driven without a proper driving license

  • Damages when the automobile is propelled outside India

  • Injuries when the automobile is operated under the impact of alcohol and drugs

  • Damages when the automobile is driven with an intention to self-harm or sorrow an accident

  • Damages when the driver is employed in criminal activities

Nissan Car Insurance Additional Cover

If you prefer a comprehensive Nissan car insurance plan, you earn a choice of add-on coverage which can be counted to the base procedure. These add-on plans help improve the coverage available underneath the project and deliver value-added usefulness. Every add-on arrives at an extra premium, and you can select as many add-ons as you desire. Some of the famous add-ons which are proposed by comprehensive Nissan car insurance plans contain the following –

NCB protect

You accumulate a no claim bonus (NCB) on not creating any claims in a plan year. This compensation can get up to 50% of shares in subsequent years that are not made. However, a single claim makes the entire NCB zero. To protect the NCB from becoming zero, this add-on can be assumed. If desired, the add-on upholds the NCB intact actually if you construct a claim in the policy.

Zero depreciation

In a matter of a claim, the insurance firm removes the depreciation expenses from the worth of the components repaired or substituted. As you are assigned the total price of the parts, the devaluation is to be yielded by you, which can cost a significant value. Zero depreciation bonus add-on deters the deduction for minimisation and lets the insurance company bear the total cost of the repaired or superseded components.

Roadside Assistance

If your car damages down in the centre of nowhere, the roadside service add-on comes inconveniently. Beneath this add-on, the insurance company equips you with total assistance in case of decompositions so that you don’t sorrow any situations.

Engine Protection

If the car engine becomes sabotaged due to water-logging, such crevasses are not protected under the car insurance program. However, if you select this add-on, you get wrapped for engine damage due to water-logging

Return to invoice

If the vehicle is stolen or harmed beyond restorations, the insurance company may pay you the invoice deal of the car as shared if you select this add-on.

Personal accident cover for passengers

If this add-on is specified, the automobile passengers would be protected against accidental demise, and disablements suffered if they are affected in an accident when driving in the car.

Consumables cover

Beneath this add-on, the price of consumables, excluded from coverage, can be covered.

How to Buy Nissan Car Insurance policy online

Nissan car insurance programs are available online or offline on their official website podium. A free online website is worked while being partnered with directing car insurance providers. This permits you to approximate the best car insurance programs for your Nissan car and select the one which suits your coverage requirements at the best premium swiftness. To purchase Nissan insurance online via their website, all you require to do is observe the below-mentioned simple steps –

  • Visit and put your car number

  • Alternatively, you can even choose your registration location and move if you do not include a registration number yet

  • After you would be requested to provide the make, model, fuel of your car variant with the year

  • Your contact details would be required so that the premium sections can be saved for forthcoming reference

  • Once you write in all the details, you will be shown the premium sections of some of the highest car insurance plans

  • Compare the best of the quotes based on their cover benefits with premiums and then select the best one fitting your needs

  • Once you get your shortlisted project, hit  on ‘Buy’ and feed all the required attributes

  • Settle the online premium payment to buy the policy in an instant online

How to renew Nissan Car Insurance

Renewal of your Nissan car insurance can even be done online in a rare of minutes. If you like to renew with your current insurance company, you can go to the insurer’s website, fill in your policy details, deliver the renewal payment premium online, and the procedure will be renewed immediately.

If nevertheless, you want to change insurance firms at the time of renewal, you can go to, fill in your registration number, automobile details and details of your current policy and correspond to the leading car insurance programs in the market. Then, you can compare and purchase the best procedure through Nissan, and you can change to a replacement plan on renewal.

Renewing car insurance online benefits

Renewal of car insurance online is fast and uncomplicated. It will require the tiniest paperwork. All you need to do is Click their website and provide components of your expiring policy online, go via the points of the new approach, and make a quick online payment via their multiple secured settlement options. That’s it!

Simple methods, rapid dispersal, and outstanding benefits earn when you purchase Nissan Car Insurance online. So, if you might suffer any unforeseen accident in the future, you wish to call back to the driving chair safe and shortly, then select NISSAN  as your insurance supporter!

Step by Step claim process for Nissan Car Insurance

There is a typical claim procedure that you should observe when you experience a claim in your Nissan car insurance plan. This method is as follows –

In case of a claim, the foremost thing you should accomplish is to notify the insurance company instantly. This allows the firm to register your claim and start the claim procedure.

If your car has been harmed, the insurance firm will equip you with the components of the nearest best garage. Repairs at the best garage are accomplished on a cashless basis.

You should bring your car to the garage where you will get the benefit of a surveyor of the insurance firm to inspect the volume of damages.

The surveyor qualifies a claim report and presents it to the insurance firm. The company then consents to the claim founded on the information.

Once the claim is agreed, the garage starts repairs on the auto

Once the repairs are completed, the bills are paid by the insurance firm, and you can take the  car

If you bring your vehicle to a non-networked garage, all the repairs would not be worked upon a cashless ground. At that point, you would have to pay the repair expenses, which would subsequently be reimbursed by the insurance firm when you present the bills and ask for a claim

In case of stealing your car, an authority FIR is compulsory. After that, the police will try and discover your car. If they are incapable of doing so, they will allocate a non-traceable certificate that would have to be presented to the insurer for claim concession

In the issue of third party claims, an FIR is required. The claim would be assigned to the motor accidents court, where the payment amount would be settled. Once the compensation payment has been confined, the insurance company will instantly pay the third party, and the claim will be quickly resolved.

Required Document for Nissan Car Insurance claim

  • Claim form which must be filled in with all the information and inscribed by the policyholder

  • RC book of the car

  • Policy bond

  • Driving license of the person driving the car at the time of claim

  • PUC certificate

  • Police FIR for theft and third party claims

  • Identity proof of the policyholder

  • All repair bills in original

  • Any additional documentation as required by the insurance company


How long does it take to renew a Nissan Car Insurance?

You can get your renewal for the Nissan car insurance in simply 5 minutes.

Which all insurance add-nos should be bought with Nissan Car?

For Nissan car Insurance, The famous car insurance add-ons chosen with Nissan cars contain zero depreciation add-on, NCB (No Claim Bonus) cover, engine cover, and RSA (Road Side Assistance) cover, among others.

From where can I purchase insurance for my Nissan car

You can go to their website, compare all known premium quotes for Nissan cars and choose the one which nicely suits your needs. With NISSAN, get policy administered instantly.

Which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio for Nissan cars?

Acko General Insurance, Bharti AXA General Insurance  and ICICI Lombard General Insurance can be the best among the car insurers firm that has reported an impressive claim compensation ratio for Nissan automobiles.

What details should I enter on the premium calculator to get the premium for my Nissan car insurance policy offered by various insurers?

The premium calculator can assist you in finding the accurate Insured Declared Value (IDV) and the correct amount of premium contributed by several insurers for diverse car insurance plans for your Nissan car. To calculate the premium charge and IDV for the car equipped by several insurance groups, you will require to enter details such as: Car Manufacturer Model number and name of the Car Variant and the Car Registration City Year of the Purchase.