Oriental Car Insurance


In total, the company operates over 1,800 branches throughout the country through 31 regional offices. Initially, Oriental Insurance operated as an entirely owned subsidiary of Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Ltd. Afterward, the company operated as a subsidiary of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India for 17 years, i.e., 1956 to 1973, when general insurance was nationalized in India. 

In order to protect your vehicle against any potential damages, Oriental Insurance provides car insurance plans. In case of an unfortunate accident, motor insurance will keep you financially protected from property damage, death, or disability. 

Car and two-wheeler insurance is available from Oriental. You will be protected financially by covering your vehicle and two-wheeler with Oriental. 

Types of Car Insurance 

Oriental Mahindra offers :  

  • Private Car Insurance  
  • Commercial Car Insurance  
  • Liability Only  

Oriental General Insurance offers three types of car insurance policies to safeguard the interests of policyholders, such as private car insurance, commercial car insurance, and liability-only car insurance. Having a private insurance policy is compulsory in order to drive, which covers your financial liabilities after being involved in an accident with an insured car, whereas a comprehensive insurance plan is designed to protect the insured and their car from financial losses and damages after being involved in an accident, fire, natural disaster or man-made emergency. 

In order to enhance the coverage of the car insurance plan, one can purchase additional protection, offered by the insurance company to provide a little extra safety when driving. The insurer provides add-ons such as Nil Depreciation Coverage, Loss of Personal Effects Coverage, an Alternative Car Benefit, and Emergency Assistance Benefits for Free. A No Claim Bonus may also be offered by the insurance company for completing a policy year without raising any claim on own-damage premiums, which policyholders may claim at the time of renewal. Discounts accumulate each year and max out at 50% after 10 consecutive claims-free years  

Private Car Insurance 

A Private car insurance policy is a type of auto insurance that protects you from claims made by third parties involved in an accident involving your vehicle. In accordance with the Motor Tariff 2002, it is compulsory for every car owner to have third-party coverage, without which a fine of Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 3 months will be levied for a first-time offender. 

Oriental General Insurance’s Private car insurance covers any type of loss resulting from third-party property damage, bodily injury, temporary or permanent disability, death of a third party, or loss of rental property. 

Commercial Car Insurance Policy 

The primary objective of commercial car insurance is to provide coverage that covers both your own damages as well as those of third parties involved in an accident. Getting insurance covers all types of cars as it provides comprehensive coverage against all heavy repair and replacement expenses incurred due to a mishap involving your car for a nominal premium. 

A plan to protect commercial vehicles for oriental markets has been drafted as a solution to protect these vehicles. This type of vehicle usually travels long distances and on roads that aren’t well maintained. Because the value of the products is related to the vehicle that transports them, it is imperative to obtain insurance that covers both. 

A commercial car insurance policy from Oriental helps you cover all third-party liability risks as well as any financial losses caused by accidents, natural disasters, man-made calamities, fire, explosions, riots, civil unrest, and theft of your car. 

Liability Only Car Insurance  

It aims to meet the requirements of the mandatory provisions of the Automobile Law. The plan covers two of the most important aspects of automotive law. Personal Accident Compensation 

 When getting on and off the vehicle, the insured individual owner of the vehicle will be provided with personal accident compensation of Rs 20,000. Insurance covers death and permanent disability of all kinds  

Third Party Liability  

As part of a liability insurance plan, the automobile insurance plan provides full protection against legal liability due to accidental injury, permanent injury/death of a person, and/or property damage. 

Add-on Covers  

Zero Depreciation Cover 

With this company’s insurance policy, in case of damage, you will be paid the full value of the damaged part (excluding certain parts such as tyres, tubes, batteries) without taking into account the depreciation of the part. 

Loss of Personal Items 

Loss of personal items under this add-on is covered by the company and can be compensated up to a maximum of Rs 5,000 – 10,000, depending on the terms and conditions of the insurer. It excludes only items like money, laptops, credit cards, and electronic devices. 

Alternate Car Advantage 

The company will arrange an alternate vehicle for the policyholder when the car is out for repairs after an accident. Vehicles that are damaged to at least 20% of IDV and are not functional are eligible for this facility. 

Emergency Service Free of Cost 

Policyholders who apply for automobile insurance at an office of the company in any of the following states can avail of emergency services, as per the policy: NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai, Kolkata, Rajasthan, or all other states in South India. 

Driver Accident Cover 

An Oriental Private Car insurance policy offers maximum coverage of Rs. 2 lakhs for the entire insurance period to the owner or driver of the vehicle during travel, mounting, or dismounting the vehicle (according to the scales listed below). As a result of any such event, if specified in the table below, a similar amount of compensation will be paid as mentioned in the plan within 6 months after it happened. 

SI no. Nature Of Injury Scale of Compensation 
Death 100% 
Loss of two Limbs or Sight of Two Eyes or loss of One Limb & sight of One Eye 100% 
Loss of One Limb or Sight of One Eye 50% 
Permanent total disablement from injuries other than above 100% 

Features of Oriental Car Insurance

  • Oriental Car Insurance expertise in protection planning for all needs. 

  • The insurance period is one year. However, short-term compensation is available in the plan 

  • An online portal for various services such as online purchase of various plans, plan renewal, and transfer of automobile insurance plans 

  • Alternative vehicle benefit allowance in the event of an accident / theft / damage to the insured’s vehicle (Rs. 400 or 650) 

  • Free benefits of emergency services without additional premium. 

  • The plan’s NIL depreciation compensation is available as an additional premium to cover the full amount of the part in the event of a claim for partial damage to the vehicle. 

  • All Rs included in the plan. 400 or Rs. Protection against loss of personal belongings by paying an additional premium of 650 / 

  • The insured delay value (IDV) is estimated as the insured total of the vehicle 

  • Insurance coverage for legal obligations to third parties in case of injury / death and / or property damage to a third party due to the insured’s vehicle cause, 

  • The insurance amount is the vehicle insurance amount (IDV). For vehicles less than 5 years, the insurance amount is the manufacturer’s retail price adjusted for the aging of the vehicle. For vehicles older than 5 years and vehicles that have been discontinued, the IDVs have been mutually agreed and listed in the plan offer. 

  • Oriental Auto Insurance offers customers various discounts on automobile insurance plan premiums. Discounts are basically offered 

  • Voluntary deductions based on one or more plans 

  • Anti-theft device discount 

  • If your eligibility is not prioritized for an expiring plan, you will receive a bonus or discount called NO CLAIM BONUS when you award the new plan.  

  • Automobile Association discounts are also available under car rates. 

Exclusions in Oriental Car Insurance

  • In the event of loss, damage or liability outside the geographic area defined in the planning document in accordance with . 

  • If the loss or damage is based on a contractual agreement.   

  • All claims arising out of the use of the vehicle other than the agreed or defined use. 

  • Lost or damaged if someone other than the driver specified in the driver clause drives the vehicle.  

  • When an accident occurs under the influence of drunk driving / drugs. • The vehicle is driven without a valid driver’s license.  

  • In the case of war or nuclear threat.  

  • No separate claims will be made for tire / inner tube damage unless the insured’s vehicle is damaged in the same event. The maximum refund can be up to 50% of the replacement cost.  

  • Mechanical or electrical failure, depreciation, wear. 

Claiming Process of Oriental Car Insurance

  • Oriental Insurance outlines a convenient process for making a  claim for your convenience. Follow them strictly, and your bill will be credited to your bank account.   

  • Notify Oriental Insurance of accidents / thefts / third party damages. You can do the same by visiting the company’s official website. 

  • Log in / register for an account. The company needs to provide various information such as insurance number, date and time of theft / accident, vehicle location, insured name, contact information, etc.   

  • You will need to submit various documents such as an application and a copy. (Driving license, insurance, RC), car photos, investigation reports, damage estimates, final repair invoices, FIR reports, no trace reports, etc. As soon as this is done, the investigator / company manager will check for damage, repair the oriental cashless garage, and immediately approve the complaint. Contact the Oriental Insurance Company team for more information. 

Documents required for the Claiming Procedure

   Formally signed application  

  • Copy of driver’s license  

  • Copy of RC 

  • Copy of insurance policy  

  • FIR (in case of death and physical harm)  

  • Original repair quote/invoice  

  • Hospitalization fee (for hospitalization) 

Some Important Terms 

 For personal accident compensation, one event (ie, the deaths or personal injuries listed in the table) is owned only once during one insurance period for an amount of 20,000 rupees. It is paid to the person and the driver.  

 No compensation or claim will be granted for events that are the direct consequences or consequences of the use of alcohol, drugs, or other narcotics, or for death or personal injury resulting from a suicide attempt or attempted suicide.  

The insurance coverage is subject to the following conditions

  • The driver owner must be the registered owner of the insured’s vehicle.  
  • Owner-The driver is the insured specified in the plan.  

  • The driver must have a valid driver’s license in compliance with land law.   

  • All compensation shall be paid directly to the injured driver or his statutory agent only with the consent of the insured. The agent’s receipt of damages is complete and final.  

  • If the driver involved in the accident is entitled to compensation under the Workers Accident Compensation Act of 1923, compensation under this notice will not be paid. o Such persons will not be promoted to employment or compensation. Damage to property other than property owned by the insured, property entrusted by the insured or the insured’s family, or property transported by car.  

  • The company may or may not have died outside the lane or road in connection with moving the cargo to the vehicle to load it into the vehicle, or moving the cargo to the vehicle after the cargo has been removed from the vehicle. Or always stipulate that we will not be liable for any damages. 

  • The company will cover all costs and costs incurred with written consent.  

  • In accordance with the coverage limits granted to the insured in this section, the company will insure the driver who drives the vehicle on behalf of the insured or with the permission of the insured. However, such drivers pretend to be insured. To the extent applicable, we will comply with, comply with, and comply with the terms, exceptions, and restrictions of this plan.  

 The company, in its sole discretion,  

(A) arranges a death or murder investigation that may be compensated under this section and  

(B) defends itself in court relating to the breach of the act or allegation. can do. Anything that triggers or is related to an event that may be covered under this section.

 If any person is eligible for compensation under this Plan, we will indemnify the individual agent for their liability in accordance with the limitations of this Plan and in accordance with the limitations of this Plan. However, such personal agents will be met and covered, where applicable, if the insured complies with the terms, exceptions, and conditions of this plan. 

Why you should buy Oriental Car Insurance? 

People choose to buy car insurance for two main reasons: financial compensation and refunds. If both parameters are not met, what is the point of buying a policy? To never ask this question, the company attaches great importance to simple and smooth billing. The company provides 24/7 support with the aim of supporting our customers in all situations. To make the work of customers easier, the company provides cashless services with the help of network sites. The company has more than 1800 offices throughout India. This means that you don’t have to move milestones to interact directly with your office colleagues. With government support and a reputation for fair service, this company qualifies as the most trusted company in the industry. 

Discounts offered by Oriental Car Insurance  

You can also get discounts with Oriental Car Secure to lower your premium. 

  • NCB Discount: Based on number of claim-free years, NCB discount can be applied to own damage premium. Even if you decide to switch from another insurer to Oriental, you will be able to enjoy NCB benefits based on your expiring policy. 

  • Choose the voluntary deductible: You may be able to get a discount on your own-damage premium if you choose the voluntary deductible in addition to the compulsory deductible. 

Oriental Car Insurance Renewal

Go to the Oriental Insurance website and tap Update Online. Enter your insurance number and tap Update Now.  

Please check the prize amount and pay.  

A copy of the policy will be mailed to you once the payment is complete. 

Renewal Process (Online and Offline) 

Online Process

Oriental Insurance Company Limited offers online purchasing and renewal of policies. Providing basic details online allows you to register as a customer (on the portal). Once you have registered, you will have access to several features on the Customer Dashboard. 

Offline Process

 You can directly pay OIC at any of their branches near you. OIC offers its customers the option of making payments offline as well. You can deposit a check or pay cash at a company branch 

Benefits of Oriental Car Insurance Renewal

Following are a few benefits of renewing your vehicle protection policy with Oriental Car Insurance: 

  • No Documentation Required: Oriental Insurance gives a consistent vehicle protection recharging interaction to its clients. It guarantees that policyholders ought to go through a minimal measure of documentation or desk work with their computerized office to give them straightforwardness and save their time. 

  • Maintenance of No Claim Bonus: If you recharge your vehicle protection plan with Oriental Car Insurance before the expiry date, you can profit from your amassed no case reward, assuming any. This will assist you with benefiting from it and lower your premium for the following arrangement year during the reestablishment. 

  • Deals with Legal Obligations: A vehicle protection plan furnishes you with monetary and legitimate help during an emergency. With the recharging, you can keep on getting covered under the vehicle protection design and can remain covered for various kinds of sad occasions. 

Oriental Car Insurance Customer-Care Details

Oriental Insurance customer service is available toll-free 1800 118485. You can also contact your insurance company by dialing 011 33208485. If you have a problem with your insurance company’s website,  

You can send an email to [email protected]. All other complaints can be reported by email to [email protected]. The office locator feature on the insurance company website helps you get a list of offices across India. You need to update the state and city for this. A list of workshops offering cashless services can also be obtained from the corresponding menu item. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Oriental Car Insurance (FAQ’s)

Q1. Can I pay Oriental Car Insurance Premium online? 

Ans– You can now update the policies for 120 products online *. You can now renew all insurance policies purchased from Oriental Insurance online. In addition to the option to purchase personal line products already available on the portal, we now offer expansion options for about 120 products that can be expanded through the portal. It is now very possible to update most protective covers online without extra effort.  

Q2. How to claim Oriental Car Insurance? 

Ans – You can do the claiming process online or go to the nearest branch of Oriental insurance. Documents like RC, Driving License, Insurance Policy, etc are mandatory to keep while claiming the insurance. 

Assuming you wish to pick repayment of costs, you should get the vehicle fixed, settle the expenses and afterward guarantee for repayment. 

Q3. What is IDV? 

Ans –The term ‘IDV’ alludes to the greatest case your safety net provider will pay in the event that your vehicle is harmed destroyed or is taken. Assume the market worth of your vehicle is Rs.10 lakh when you purchase the arrangement. That implies the safety net provider will dispense a most extreme measure of Rs.10 lakh. 

Calculation of IDV 

The estimation of the IDV relies upon the accompanying angles: 

a. Maker, make, and model of the vehicle. 
b. Subtleties of vehicle enrolment, including the city of enlistment. 
c. Date of enrolment of your vehicle. 
d. Regardless of whether it is a private vehicle or one claimed by a organization. 
e. Cubic limit and ex-display area cost of the vehicle. 

Q4. What are the discounts offered by Oriental  Car Insurance? 

Ans – Oriental Car Insurance offers –  

1. No Claim Discount 
2. Voluntarily Deductible Discount 

Q5. Can I transfer the “No Claim Bonus” discount from my previous insurer to Oriental Car Insurance? 

Ans – You can car usually move your no-claim rewards. In any case, assuming you switch backup plans before the year is done, you will not get the NCB for that year. Back-up plans ought to give evidence of your reward toward the finish of your approach term. You can give this to your next supplier when you switch. 

Q6. What type of losses are not covered under Oriental Car Insurance? 

A. Lost or damaged if someone other than the driver specified in the drive clause drives the vehicle.  

B. In the case of war or nuclear threat.  

C. Mechanical or electrical failure, depreciation, wear. 

D. No separate claims will be made for tire / inner tube damage unless the insured’s vehicle is damaged in the same event. The maximum refund can be up to 50% of the replacement cost.  

E. No separate claims will be made for tire / inner tube damage unless the insured’s vehicle is damaged in the same event. The maximum refund can be up to 50% of the replacement cost.  

Q7. What does the Oriental Motor Package Cover? 

Ans– There are two types of Covers insurance available: … Private Car Package: This is the insured’s vehicle loss/damage (personal damage), and personal and/or death and property damage. Covers liability insurance and personal accident protection that accompanies owners, drivers, co-drivers 

Q8.How to check my policy in Oriental Car Insurance? 

Ans – If the loss or damage is based on a contractual agreement.  

Step1- Click the Claim Status tab 
Step2 – Find Web Enabled Services 
Step3 – Click Real-Time Status 
Step4 – Click Get Claim Status 
Step5 – When the screen appears just enter your particular details like your Insurance Policy Number. 

Q9. How to pay the premium, what are the modes available? 

Ans– Oriental Insurance Company Limited offers online purchasing and renewal of policies. Providing basic details online allows you to register as a customer (on the portal). Once you have registered, you will have access to several features on the Customer Dashboard. 

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