SBI Car Insurance

An overview

State Bank of India is one of India’s directing public sector banks with comprehended constituents across India along with abroad. Founded as a collaborative venture between State Bank of India with Australian based Insurance Australia Group, SBI provides a considerable range of tailor-curated car insurance schemes that suit your vehicle requirements.

List of best Car Insurance Products from SBI Car Insurance

Liability Only Cover

This SBI vehicle General insurance plan delivers security against any legal detriment caused by a misfortune concerning your four-wheeler. This plan does not shield any damage to the vehicle. It only furnishes coverage for that third party damage or death and belongings damage to the third party up to most of Rs. 7.5 Lakhs.

Package or Comprehensive Cover

This Package plan Cover motor insurance is learned as a Comprehensive plan since it delivers both third-party coverage along with the coverage for own damage or any kind of loss that happened to the seated co-passenger or even the driver self. You can benefit ample of advantages under this plan Like,

Own Damage Cover :

This SBI General car insurance policy supplies security for the insured vehicle against harms caused by natural accidents such as fire, blast, self-ignition, flood, quake, typhoon, hurricane, tempest, storm, inundation, tempest, hailstorm, glaze, landslide etc. Separated from these, harms or losses due to human-made catastrophes like accidents, robbery, hoot, burglary,

walkout, terrorist activity, hostile act, and any harm in transit by street, rail, inland channel, lift, elevator or atmosphere are also wrapped by this SBI General vehicle insurance plan.

Personal Accident Cover:

The Company also provides private accident coverage on the occasion of a hapless mishap while you are propelling your four-wheeler. This SBI motor insurance plan can also be expanded to the co-passengers plus it delivers a lump sum quantity to the self driver or even those seated as the co-passenger.

 Additional Coverage :

To make the guidelines stronger, you need to opt for some of these add-on covers. Like,

Zero Depreciation: in this add-on cover, you shall get the full value on the four-wheeler besides depreciation.

No Claims Bonus: This add-on cover online proposes a discount on having the premium rather than renewing the procedure which qualifies as a No Claim Bonus or NCB.

SBI Car Insurance – Reviews

With an incredible claim settlement ratio, SBI has a healthy multi-distribution model including bancassurance, dealers, brokers and even those retail direct media. The current force is over 22,000 IRDAI truly certified workers including the employees working in State Bank Group along with 9000 insurance agents who hold successfully equipped insurance procedures even in the numerous rural regions of India. 17500+ network garages and an outstanding incurred claim percentage of 109.07% contains SBI Car Insurance the considerable counted amongst the Indians.

Exclusions of SBI Car Insurance

Exclusions are situations that are not obscured under any such car Insurance Provider. Noted below are some exclusions beneath SBI General Car Insurance:

  • Any kind of substantial loss.

  • Automated or electrical fallouts.

  • Loss in the weight of the vehicle because of wear and tear, devaluation.

  • Damages occur out of overexposing the car’s limits.

  • Damages emerging out of battle or nuclear fallout.

  • Driving without a proper license, underneath the influence of liquor, negligent driving, and harsh driving.

  • Harms due to comprehensive modifications or supplements.

SBI Car Insurance- Customer Care Numbers / Contact details

With regard to any queries, distrust, or clarifications, you can reach SBI General Car Insurance Customer Care toll-free digit at 1800 22 1111. You can even register with the service request through a callback from the assistance executive. Besides, you can also discover any of the associates across PAN India via their online unit locator. It also arrives with a comprehensive feature of finding a network detailed garage.

The registered address is as follows

SBI General Insurance Company Ltd.

“Natraj”301, Junction of Western Express Highway & Andheri Kurla – Road, Andheri (East) Mumbai – 400 069.

Office Timings: 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (weekdays) Toll Free: 1800 22 1111 / 1800 102 1111

Car Insurance: SMS MOTOR to 561612

To update the email id SMS UPDATE < CUSTOMER > < EMAIL ID > to 561612

Documents Needed For SBI Car Insurance :

Following are the needed documents that are required by car insurance firms when the client file a claim:

  •  Claim document, duly filled, signed done by the policyholder A copy of the policy papers

  • Details of the car along with a copy of driving licence Chassis digit

  • Owner of the policyholder, with their contact details

  • A copy of the FIR including the details (in matters of accidents) Surveyor’s information, if any

  • Details of spectators, if any, in a matter your vehicle encountered with an accident Tax receipts belonging to the vehicle

  • In casualty cases, attributes of other vehicles affected A copy of the real Registration Certificate

  • Repair bills
  • Bank elements of the policyholder if filing for refund claims

  • A copy of the non-traceable certificate given by the police station (in matters of theft)  Inexact losses incurred

  • Claim reference number

SBI Car Insurance: Some important terms

Replacement of keys

In case of misplaced or stolen keys, the costs made to make copies or repair damaged locks at official garages will be refunded within specified limitations i.e. 10% (with co-payment of entire costs) or Rs.500, whatever one is higher.

Recompensing reimbursed employees

In the chance of passengers like a hired driver, passengers, workers of the policyholder, who might be driving the vehicle, will obtain all legal dues expected.

Private belongings cover

For losses occurring out of damaged or misplaced belongings in the automobile, of the insured party foremost, will be reimbursed for up to Rs.50,000 (subject to ranging deductible between Rs.500 to Rs.5,000)

Invoice Value

Under this advantage, the insured will obtain the distinction between the payout claim and the worth value of the vehicle (the actual worth being the portion paid as revealed by the initial invoice)


Depreciation is the persistent loss of worth of an asset with a period. Your vehicle, precisely like any other investment, is also subjected to devaluation with a decided rate.

Zero Depreciation

Zero depreciation is also known as Bumper to Bumper car insurance or Nil depreciation is a car insurance policy that departs out the devaluation factor from the coverage, thus providing you whole cover. It implies that if your automobile gets sabotaged following a collision, no devaluation is deducted from the coverage of fraying out of any parts of the car body excluding those of tires or the batteries. The insurance company will settle out the total cost of the car body for their replacement.

Zero depreciation delivers 100% coverage for the whole of fiber, rubber, and metal components without removal of depreciation. It never covers engine wear due to water ingression and oil leakage. Any automated breakdown, oil modification, or consumables are even not wrapped in this policy. This comes with a limitation on the digit of claims you can place in a year.

Zero depreciation charges anywhere between 15-20% of the normal premium and is a MUST to buy for everyone – new or fairly new (up to 5 years) automobiles.


Yes, SBI General includes a dedicated outlet on its website that can be utilised to buy a bought new car insurance policy. Also, you can even renew the existing policy via the portal.


Renewal of car insurance policy can be said to be a quick process executed with SBI. The moment you spend filling in the policy points and constructing the payment is the time needed for the renewal of the SBI car insurance policy.

SBI’s Own Wear Insurance Policy

SBI Own damage insurance plan delivers protection to each policyholder against the casualties or damages induced to their insured vehicle because of a calamity, theft or accident.

How is the premium calculation accomplished for SBI Own Damage Insurance Policy? The premium calculation bears place by bringing into consideration several elements such as car’s make, car’s years, vehicle class, geographical zone, car engine cc, among others.

The types of SBI car insurance plans available in the market?

Typically, a policy buyer can select from 3 different kinds of car insurance plans i.e. third-party car insurance plan, a comprehensive car insurance plan, and a standalone own-damage car insurance plan.

Benefits and features of SBI Car Insurance Plans

  • Under SBI General car insurance policy, one can obtain third-party liability cover up to an utmost of 7.5 lakhs.

  • SBI General car insurance policy protects vehicles used for colonial, domestic and experienced purposes.

  • NIC delivers direct cashless claim car settlement over 3900+ network garages across India.

  • Policyholders of the SIB company can benefit from discounts on premiums in reserve to No Claim Bonus.

  • SBI General motor insurance presents a discount for authorised anti-theft devices lodged in the vehicle.

  • Benefit for specially developed or modified vehicles for sightless, handicapped or those mentally challenged individuals is comprised in SBI General motor insurance.

Why Choose SBI Car Insurance?

It is compulsory to have an SBI Car Insurance third party plan if you have an automobile. However, separated from the many benefits given by the company, it is important to purchase a motor policy, because when anyone is on road, they do not know which inevitable situation is shelving for them that can be tough to handle. So regarding this factor, it is most useful to be on the secure side and a reasonable auto insurance plan as SIB one since they proved to have saved you and your vehicle for so long. And thus, car insurance from SBI will be an excellent decision in all elements.

Below we have examined some of the causes for which one will get to learn why SBI General car insurance is the ideal choice for car owners.

  • one can effortlessly buy SBI General car insurance procedures from the company’s official online portal using debit cards, credit, and internet banking systems anytime without straining your useful time.

  • NIC delivers 100% protection for the four-wheeler.

  • With this SBI General car insurance online, one can benefit from hassle-free claim settlement, quick renewal and obtaining free quotes.

  • SBI General motor insurance policy delivers personal accident insurance where one can acquire a lump sum portion for the seated driver or even the co-passenger

  • Instant online revival quotes are on NIC’s website.

  • one can avail 24- 7 claim settlement service services underneath the SBI General automobile insurance scheme.

  • SBI General motor insurance presents some useful add-on covers.

  • According to the National car insurance online, on selecting higher voluntary extravagance, one will get a discount on insurance premium.

SBI Car Insurance Private Coverage

Own-Damage (OD) Insurance, as the title suggests, allows policyholders to stay covered against any kind of loss or deterioration of their automobiles due to happenings like fire, robbery, etc. Standalone own-harm annual covers shall only be expanded to customers who have already got third-party car insurance in position or would want to benefit the two of both. Unlike third-party car insurance, holding an own damaged car insurance cover is rather optional.

SBI Car Insurance with Add-On Covers

Age-Related Discounts:

This is offered to people aged between 36 to 60 of age. It arrives with the following characteristics:

  • Benefit from a Transparent Claim Process.

  • Track Claim Application and Status Updates.

  • Guidance via the process of restorations and replacement.

  • On-road Emergency Service.

Volunteer Deductible: Prospect to select some part of the claim expected, one can avail premium deals on the exact.

No Claim Bonus: This is provided as per the noted conditions.

  • Up to 50% of bonus due.

  • Non-claim policy term.

  • Transfer of no-claim advantages from the existent insurer to another.

  • Upon revivals within 90 days of plan expiry.

Discounts delivered by SBI Car Insurance:

No-Claim Bonus is granted:

  • After every policy course, that is conducted claim-free.

  • Upon renewal (within ninety days of policy expiry).

  • Up to 50 percent of premiums are due.

  • also upon transfer of no-claim advantages from or to another insurer.

In addition to the required deductible that Auto insurance plan holders have to spend, there is even a voluntary deductible choice under this program. By deciding to bear some part of the claim expected, the policyholder can benefit from premium discounts.

Age-related deals are given to clients between 36 years to 60 years.

  • Service during on-road emergencies.

  • Guidance via the process of repairs and substitutes.

  • Transparent claim procedure.

  • Claim updates.

Claim process of SBI Car Insurance

In the chance of an accident or loss or damage, the first forte is to call customer care and inform them of the happening. The service manager will assist in creating a claim and equip you with a claim connection number. You ought to download the claim form of the application and submit it with the subsequent documents:

  • Self-attested readable copy of the Registration Certificate.

  • Self-attested readable copy of the Driving License at the moment of the accident.

  • Certified copy of FIR in case of Third Party Damage.

  • Elements of Third Party Damage. Behind this, a surveyor or review officer will be transmitted to inspect the harms that occurred to the automobile. Only after an inspection, the car is placed along for claim settlement.

What is an Insured Declared Vehicle

The insured declared vehicle is fully assured, it is basically the manufacturer’s SP accommodated for depreciation. This rate of devaluation to be modified in order to emanate the IDV is founded on the years of the car.

  • 5 percent up to 6 months.

  • 15 percent between 6 months and 1 year.

  • 20 percent between 1 year and 2 years.

  • 30 percent between 2 years and 3 years.

  • 40 percent between 3 years and 4 years.

  • 50 percent between 4 years and 5 years.

FAQ of SBI Car Insurance

Q1. What advantages does SBI General Car Insurance offer over other non-life insurance companies?

Ans: SBI General Car insurance has a respectable incurred claim ratio of around 102.07%. This figure demonstrates the company’s obligation to claim settlement.

Q2. What are the documents and formalities required to process the claim by the company?

Ans: The required documents are as follows:

a. Thoroughly filled Claim FormPolicy Document
b. Driving License of the driver at the time of loss
c. RC Copy

Q3. What one should do in the time of an accident?

Ans: Reach the company’s consumer care executive via calling the toll-free number 1800 22 1111 or even can SMS ‘Claim’ to 561612

Q4. What should I do with the insurance when I sell my car?

Ans: The insurance policy is mobile; hence, one could easily transfer the insurance policy plan, or one can even opt for cancellation of the approach.

Q5. What is a No Claim Bonus?

Ans: No Claim Bonus is essentially the discount offered by the company in issue no claim is asked by the insured during the entire term of their policy term.