Skoda Car Insurance

Skoda Car insurance had its origin in Europe. It is Europe’s top most automobile company. It was established in India at 2001 .It provides world’s best four wheelers. They have a large number of show rooms in India It has reached high in many places and provides excellent service to the customers. Cars like Octavia and Rapid originated from India which is from Skoda Company. Customers are highly satisfied by purchasing cars from Skoda. Skoda provides excellent service to customers. They provide first class insurance policies to the car owners. Initially ford was found by Mlada Boleslav in 1925. Skoda is based on Czech Republic.

Skoda Car Insurance – Overview

 Our four wheeler is a vehicle without which it is difficult to survive. We use our car for many purposes. We travel to many places everyday using our car. We might not know what might happen in future. To meet our unexpected need we would definitely require car insurance. Ford is world’s best automobile company. It has satisfied crores of customers through their excellent service. While travelling if any accident was caused by our negligence the third party would be affected. In certain situations we would not be able to pay for compensation to the third party. But ford car insurance insures that you are able to pay the compensation.

Compensation is meant for both property and personal damage. You can also take care of your personal needs for your vehicle using this policy. It has a wide coverage of 6500+ garages across India. So you can reach them anywhere for repairs. It protects you from any unforeseen disasters such as floods, earthquakes, riots, strikes or any other disasters. It has minimum documentation and less paperwork. In this article we can see how the ford car insurance is beneficial, its exclusions and some more clarifications.

Reasons to buy Skoda car insurance policy

Car insurance is definitely a must have for owners.  It has become mandatory for every owner without car insurance it is difficult to survive in this world. Car insurance is possession for all owners. Choosing your car insurance has to be done in an effective way. Skoda motors offer you the best car insurance policy. The reasons for buying Skoda car insurance policy are

  • They provide compensation for damage caused to the third party

  • They provide compensation for damages caused due to natural disasters like flood, earthquakes and manmade disasters

  • You need not worry about the repair. Skoda has a large network of garages so that you can repair your vehicle at any location. Repair is also cashless.

  • Personal accident cover is very beneficial for users. You can receive up to 15 lakh

  • It provides 24×7 assistance to resolve your issues

  • The no claim bonus is beneficial to the owners. With 20% of  discount

  • You have add-on covers like depreciation cover, roadside assistance protection and much more.

The above factors are the reasons to buy insurance policy compared to any other policy. It can be applied online and requires less paperwork.

Types of Skoda car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is extensively designed for owners. It provides compensation for own damages and as well as third party damage. Own damage include damages which are caused due to floods, tsunami, earthquakes, hailstorms and cyclones. They also compensate for manmade disasters due to terror attacks, strikes and riots. They also provide compensation for hospital charges like treatment cost, medicines cost, family treatment charge and accommodation charge. The personal accident cover is provided up to 15 lakh. The third party compensation is also dealt with Skoda car insurance. They provide compensation for both property and personal damages. Even compensation for death is provided by Skoda car insurance.

Third party insurance

Third party is the person who is completely unknown to you affected by you in accident. It might total or partial loss to the third party it can even be loss of property to the third party. It is compulsory for the owner to compensate the loss of third party. But in some stages of life we might not be able to compensate them due to our financial conditions we might not be able to compensate. In this situation we can get help from Skoda car insurance. Skoda car insurance offers effective third party insurance which is beneficial for the owners and the third party.

Skoda car insurance inclusions

Skoda car insurance has a wide range of coverage they have wide variety of features. This policy includes

  • Damages caused to the vehicle due to accident and any other natural disaster

  • If any personal property or vehicle has been stolen you can recover it with this policy

  • If any damage is caused because of fire it is treated with this policy

  • If damage is caused due to riot, strike and damages it is compensated by this scheme

  • Any damage which is caused while transit in air, water and rail

  • Third party compensation of both property and personal damage

  • Provide legal liability to third party. They provide car accessories if any of them are lost. Honda car insurance also provides CNG  fuel kit

Skoda car insurance exclusions

Despite of providing various car insurance policies they have certain exclusions. They are

  • Our vehicles undergo wear and tear. It becomes damaged. This policy does not cover the loss due to wear and tear

  • If any loss is caused due to alcohol or drug intake. It is not dealt with this policy

  • Repairs for mechanical and electrical breakdown is not covered by this policy

  • If the owner does not have valid driving license. This policy is not eligible

  • If the owner does not have valid registration certificate. He cannot ensure this policy

  • If the accident occurs outside the geographical boundaries of India. This policy cannot be availed

  • This policy cannot compensated for damages caused due to nuclear explosion

  • If the accident is caused by commercial purposes like racing and testing. It is not valid.

Add-on covers

Skoda car insurance has certain additional covers. You can receive them by paying additional amount you can have additional benefits.

Zero Depreciation Cover

Our car will never be the same for a long time; it will undergo several wear and tear changes because of ageing. In certain cases the loss made due to wear and tear is deducted. But under Ford car insurance the amount will not be deducted. You can get the full amount, which is the original price of car during purchase of car. No depreciation charges will be deducted.

Engine and gearbox protection

Car engine and the gearbox are the most expensive ones to purchase. They get damaged due to overheat and water logging. Repurchasing them is a big deal. We need to spend more money. Once the engine does not function properly. It is a total damage to the car. Skoda car insurance offers an add-on cover that is very efficient and cost effective. It prevents from damages like water dislocation, lubricant leakage and gearbox damage. It completely replaces very important engine parts like pistons, cylinder heads and crankshaft. And also repairs the gearbox. It compensates every cost which is caused due to repair of engine even during critical engines. It protects our engine from natural calamities like flood or any other unforeseen situations. It is a must have add-on cover for owners

No claim bonus

During your policy period if you do not raise a claim, you will get a bonus. You will get 20% discount from your policy. And will be provided with a lump sum amount. This no claim bonus is beneficial during emergency situations during which you would require financial assistance. The percentage of discount keeps changing every year. To claim non claim bonus, you need to download your no claim certificate and submit the copy to the nearest branch of ford. You can receive the offer within a short span of time.

Key Replacement Cover

Losing a car key is a stressful situation. But in old models we can easily get a spare key. But due to technology we the car key is more advanced. It is difficult to find a spare. Ford car insurance provides you with key replacement cover. You need to submit a copy of FIR. This claim is valid only for 30 days.


  • If the accident is caused due to influence of alcohol or any other criminal activity

  • If he/she does not possess a valid driving licence or registration certificate.

  • If damage is caused due to nuclear radiation

Emergency Assistance Cover

While travelling anything might happen to us. This cover protects us from any critical conditions during emergencies. They provide towing assistance, tyre change and fuel assistance. It is definitely beneficial for new owners of the vehicle and helps us even when we are struck in the middle of the road.

Cost of consumables

Skoda car insurance also provides compensation for consumables like nuts, lubricants and car wash

Return of invoice

While receiving the compensated amount you can get the amount equivalent to the invoice value of car.

Downtime Protection

You can repair your car at any location. There are garages which are located at every nook and corner.

Claim Process of Skoda Car Insurance

For claims process you will require, signed and duly filled claims form, insurance policy document, insurance certificate, car registration certificate, pollution under control certificate, original driving licence of the owner, estimation of repairs and FIR. The claims application is available online. After filling claims application form, RC book, repair estimate bill, FIR and driving licence should be submitted. The surveyor inspects the damage occurred. Invoice receipt is necessary for cashless claims. In case of vehicle theft you should provide original keys, licence, RC book and policy number. For third party claims, you should provide details of the injured third party. You can raise your claim through mail or through phone call.

  • Initially you need provide the complaint to the nearby branch office

  • The survey inspector will check your vehicle

  • You can send your vehicle to the nearby garage

  • Fill the claims form from online

  • Your bill amount will be paid by the insurer

Documents Required for Claims Process

For claims process you need to submit certain documents to the branch office they are

  • Claim form of Skoda car insurance– this claim form has to be filled with your personal details like name, date of birth, age and contact detail. Your vehicle details like car number, fuel type and date of purchase should also be mentioned for reference. After filling these details you need sign the form

  • Policy document– a policy document is written document which contains all the details of your policy and its nature. This policy document has to be submitted so that it is easier to solve the claim and the end results are satisfactory for the customer. In the policy document we should note down the policy number.

  • Registration certificate– the registration certificate is the official document which is ensured by the government which certifies your vehicle to be legally registered with the regional transport office. This certificate is provided after the owner passes few screenings and verification. Without submitting the registration certificate you will not be able to receive any insurance policy in India. It is necessary for claims process and renewal process. A copy of registration certificate is mandatory for verification purpose. It has to be submitted for solving claims.

  • Driving license– is a legal document which authorises and individual to own a vehicle. In India without driving licence it is not possible to receive an insurance policy. For claims process it is mandatory to submit a copy of driving licence.

  • Copy of FIR – first information report is written document registered by the police department. This occurs in case of accident and theft. During accidents has FIR has to be issued in the nearby police station. A copy of FIR has to be submitted for claims process in case of accident and theft.

  • Repair bills– if you repair your vehicle in any of the garage of ford motors. The bill has to be submitted to solve your claim.

  • Bill payment receipts– any other bill of your car other than repair bill has to be submitted.

Renewal process of Skoda car insurance

The renewal process is a very simple process. It is cost effective and less time consuming, the process of renewal requires less amount of time and can be renewed within a short span of time. Initially you must go to the Skoda car insurance website and on the right side of the tab you can find the renew option. Click on that option and fill in details like policy number, policy form and your name and submit a copy of your valid driving licence and registration certificate. There is large number of policies that you can choose; you can choose any policy according to your convenience and pay the amount online. The renewal process can also be done offline by visiting the nearby branch office. Renewal process has to be done for your insurance policy. It can be done even after expiry of insurance policy. But you need to submit a copy of your registration certificate before 60 days prior to the date of expiry. The policy would not expire till 15 years. After 15 years you need to renew the policy or else your insurance policy will not be valid. When you renew your insurance policy you can also receive some new features of the policy, which will be beneficial for you.

How to Purchase Skoda Car Insurance Online?

Online mode of purchase is the best way to get the policy. It is a simple process. These steps can be followed to purchase the policy online

  • Go to Skoda car insurance website

  • Select your insurance plan

  • Fill in your details like car number, fuel type, purchase date of car etc

  • Enter your personal details like  name, phone number and email id

  • Submit a copy of your driving  licence and registration certificate

  • Pay the amount online and finally your policy will be issued


What is the time taken for the renewal of Skoda car insurance?

The time taken for renewal of Skoda car insurance is 15years from the period of registration of vehicle. The registration certificate must be renewed 60 days prior to the date of expiry

What are the insurance add-ons of Skoda car insurance?

Skoda car insurance has additional features which can be received by paying extra amount which include zero depreciation cover, engine protection, garage protection, key protection, no claim bonus and road side assistance.

 Where and how can I purchase my insurance policy online?

Purchasing your insurance policy through online mode is much better than offline mode. Because it requires minimum documentation and it is less time consuming compared to offline mode. Your policy can be purchased through offline mode also by visiting the nearest branch office.

How long will it take to insure my car?

Your car will be insured within 1 week.