TATA AIG Car Insurance

An Overview

Life is a big giant wheel that makes us experience happiness and makes us stay in the sky and at times it hits rock bottom and to be in both the situations and conditions one has to gear up. 

When it comes to buying or owning any vehicle be it, two Wheeler or four wheelers, every one of us suffers from anxiety and running nerves, why? Because, buying a car or vehicle may sound easy but it brings in a bag full of responsibilities and tensions, starting from protecting the car in times of accident and reimbursement in times of excessive loss or theft.  

 Are you all going through the same scenario in your life? Are your days and nights waving by guarding your vehicles? Are you all car owners tensed and figuring out what do to next?  

Then, my dear reader, you are at the correct page for your answers and solutions. In your rescue comes up the TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans which are designed in a such beneficial way that it will not only protects your car at the time of needs but also provides coverage to the owner of the car and the belongings along with other people present inside the car at the time of any casuality.  

Different Types Of TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans 

   The TATA AIG Car Insurance Providers offers the best of the plans to help us maintain our car in a limited expenditure.  

1. Third Party Insurance Policy 

As per the guidelines of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 it is mandatory and necessary to get your car insured under the third party insurance coverage and so every insurance provider have the best third party insurance plan.  

Third Party Car Insurance Plan usually covers all the damages that caused to the third party or any other car because of you and your car. It eases your tension first of all and it shares your burden in terms of expenses and in case of any sort of loss or damage caused to your vehicle or the other vehicle is handled by the insurance provider.  

 The major advantages of the plan is that it lends support at the time of damage, loss of life or property caused by your car to the third person.  

2. Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy 

    This plan or the policy is like getting a perfect prepare tea after a hectic day. Why? Simply because it offers so much, that your hands will not be enough to collect all in a single go. This plan not only entitles you to claim the amount or claim for compensation for your own insured car or vehicle but it also lets you enjoy the benefits of the third party car insurance policy. It covers your vehicle from all sort of sudden accidents or any natural calamity, fire or even theft. Here you also get various add on features which is the best one could ever wish for.  

Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan’s Review Section: 

 The highlight of reviews are as follows: 

1. It is easy and quick.  

2. Tata AIG offers various car insurance plans.  

3. It is easy to compare and choose the best out of all.  

4. Covers a wide range of garages for repair.  

5. Have an outstanding network of staff that helps in doubt clearance and stand by the customes when needed.  

6. Claim settlement process is really easy and quick and to ensure the proper progress in settlement, the Tata AIG provides you with assistance as well.  

7. Their plans are very low budgeted that is very pocket friendly and they have multiple payment options.  

8.  They offer you multiple add on features to help you and your cars feel more loved and secured.  

9. They are one of the most top rated insurance providers.  

10. Their No Claim Bonus facility is good to go with.  

11. They help your car to receive the best possible RTI.  

Exclusions of TATA AIG Car Insurance Policy 

 The claim is not valid: 

A. If there is normal wear and tear or simply Electrical or Mechanical breakdown.  

B. If only the tyres are damaged and not your car.  

C. If the driver is not carrying his driving licence.  

D. If the driver has taken any sort of drugs, liquor or any other intoxicated stuff.  

E. If the vehicle is used for any illegal work.  

F. If the accident has occured in the areas which is out of the mentioned geographical areas.  

G. If the damage is due to any war or fire.  

H. If you’ve used your car or vehicle for racing or speed testing.  

How to Contact Them? 

 It is really important to be assure and reassure before you invest your time and money into something and for that you definitely require the contact numbers, so, here it is,

a) 18002088787 

b) 18002585970 

Documents Required for TATA AIG Car Insurance Policy 

 Now a days everything runs on a documented basis and so there is a list of documents that you need to carry or own if you wish to opt the TATA AIG Car Insurance or even when you need to renew your plan:- 

1. Claim Settlement Form.  

2. Driving license of the person driving the car.  

3. In case of theft or loss, FIR against the registered vehicle.  

4. Registration Certificate of your vehicle.  

TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans, Some Important Terms and Conditions 

1. In case you are changing the owner of the car, it becomes mandatory to apply for the renewal of the plan within 14 days along with the required documents and you need to pay your premium with some additional ammendment fees to continue your plan.  

2. For any expenses related to the change or repair of the spare part of the car, the depreciation charges will be deducted.  

3. IDV that is Insured Declared Value, can be taken at the time of change in the name of the policy holder, change in address or in the contact details of the policyholder.  

Some Key Benefits and Features of TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans 

 The major advantages and worth drooling over features of TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans are:- 

A. They have an extremely very functional bunch of people, who are always holding your back in your bad times.  

B. Your vehicle is a machine and it is obvious that it will not give you any notice before going into malfunctioning mode and so the team of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Provider is at your service to help your car to reach to the nearest network garage for repair.  

C. They fill your hand with bags full of discounts.  

D. In case your car has experienced any accident, not to worry, your car will get all the claims and settlement amount for repair.  

E. As the team is very efficient, they tend to keep all the records and they help you with your insurance renewal process and also in the claim settlement process.  

F. Not only this, the picture has not ended yet, they provide with add-on features to make your car feel more secure.  

G. It not only makes your car feel safe and insured but it makes your driver, you, and any other person present in the car at the time of the accident, as they help everyone with the claim and hospitalization as well. 

Why to Choose Tata AIG Car Insurance Plans? 

Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Limited is a joint venture between Tata Group and American International Group of Companies. This venture has completed 20 big years of providing insurance. Ever since its the establishment, this insurance provider is growing and prospering high with flying colors. It is one of the most preferred and recommended service providers in India in today’s world. This venture offers a wide range of car insurance plans for your benefit and well being. This association currently has a well and widespread network of 200 offices across India.

Tata AIG Car Insurance strives and always craves to serve the best possible service and car insurance to their customers through innovative solutions. They are working hard to improve their services while growing fast with the ever growing and benefiting technological world.  

The highlights of the plans are:- 

1. 24/7 roadside assistance.  

2. Good and efficient staff willing to help always. 

3. Have a great and wide network of garages.  

4. Offers free pick up of your vehicle at the time of need.  

5. Plans are very affordable.  

6. Claims settlement and other documentation process is done really quickly and easily.  

TATA AIG Car Insurance, Private Coverage 

 It has one of the most exciting features and plans for you all, it protects your car and you from all sort of sudden and unwanted accidents, thefts, and expenses. The highlights of this plan is:- 

A. Pick up of car 24/7.  

B. Settlement is made direct and easy.  

C. Quick and easy documentation and renewal as well.  

D. Six months warranty for repair of your vehicle in case of an accident.  

E. Claim is done within 7 fast days.  

TATA AIG Car Insurance, Add-on Coverage, and Features  

1. Car Insurance With Engine Protection 

It is a very useful add on feature to be honest. We all know that car is a piece of human-made machinery that is made for our convenience and ease. Now, when we humans fall sick at times, similarly cars do fall ill and their protection is our responsibility, and so this add-on feature comes in light which safeguards your engine and provides you help or assistance at the time of any emergency.  

2. Consumables Cover  

At the time of repair, your cars needs things like, nut, screws, bolts, pipes and more which are usually not covered under any plan or policy but it is here covered and given to you as an add-on feature.  

3. Key Protection Cover 

We are humans and at times we tend to loose, or damage our belongings unknowingly and at times we become a victim of theft by the goons or robbers. During these times, this add on feature comes at your rescue to help with the repair of your car keys and even getting a new one too.  

4. The No Claim Bonus 

This feature totally depends on us. It is the return gift of the insurance provider to the policyholder when he or she has not claimed any amount during the policy period. It is in simpler words the discount offered to you on your regular premium cycle.  

5. Personal Accident Cover 

This add on is for your safety. The owner of the car and the policy lives on the highest risk while driving and in case of accident or injury or damaged caused to the owner while driving gets a compensation amount.  

6.  RTI  

RTI that is Return To Invoice is mandatory to make your car more and more protected, simply because the car itself is a risk when on the road and what the future holds for us is a mystery and therefore it is important to have RTI so that at times of theft or fire, your car pays off well.  

7. Roadside Assistance 

The Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Policy provides you with 24/7 roadside assistance from, providing the garage team to the fuel, they are standing by your side a pillar.  

8. Zero Depreciation Car Insurance 

At the time of any accident or emergency, with this add on feature one can easily avail and claim whole of the amount of the car and not after deducting the cost and parts of repair.  

9. Cover for Accessories 

This comes to limelight when your car experiences any accident or theft in which it’s accessories gets damaged. With this add on feature you will get the claim amount on not only your damaged car but also the accessories that is damaged or stolen.  

10. Daily Allowances 

This add on feature is a need, no seriously, it simply means that the insurance company will give and bear the expenses of the car that you will hire during the time of your own car’s repair maximum for 10 days.  

Discounts offered by TATA AIG Car Insurance 

 We all opt for things that give us more than we pay for and so here’s comes the section of discounts:- 

1. No Claim Bonus 

This discount totally depends on you, if you will not claim your policy amount during a policy terms, then during the coming policy term few percentage of your premium will be reduced.  

The discount percentage per year of no claim is:- 

    a. First year:- 20% 

    b. Second year:- 25% 

    c. Third year:- 35% 

    d. Fourth year:- 45% 

    e. Fifth year:- 50% 

2. Voluntary Discounts 

This is valid only if you pay your premium amount at the time of claim.  

3. Other Discounts 

This is offered to the members of Automobile Association.  

Claim Process of TATA AIG Car Insurance 

Step 1:- First you need to inform the insurance provider about the accident or the loss on their toll free number:- 18002667780.  

Step 2:- Then submit the properly filled form along with the policy certificate.  

Step 3:- Submit the copies of documents like, driving licence, RC.  

Step 4:- In case of any accident or theft, submit the copy of FIR.  

Step 5:- Before sending your car for repair, let the insurer survey the damage.  

Step 6:- After this, the company will verify your bills and you will get the reimbursement.  

FAQ of Tata AIG Car Insurance 

Q1. Can I transfer my No Claim Bonus if I want to switch over to another insurance company? 

Ans – Yes, you can transfer your No Claim Bonus if you want to switch over to another insurance company only if you provide a letter from your insurance provider that you are eligible for this bonus.  

Q2. My car insurance from TATA AIG has to be renewed. How can I initiate the renewal process? 

Ans – One can initiate the process of renewal in one of the following ways:- 

You can give your premium through a cheque. 

a. Online Debit/Credit Card.  
b. Payment through IVR  
c. This can be initiated by a call. 

Q3. What is the claim procedure? How much time does it take for claim settlement? 

Ans – One can make a claim settlement by calling on the toll free number and even by messaging too.  

Q4. Does TATA AIG have direct settlement facility on car insurance policies? 

Ans – Yes TATA AIG get the direct settlement facility on car insurance policies.  

Q5. How can I alter the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of my vehicle that is insured by TATA AIG car insurance? 

Ans – The Insured Declared Value of your vehicle can be changed upto to 10% by each passing renewal.