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How to Buy Insurance for Skoda Octavia

You can purchase or renew car coverage for your Skoda Octavia through the website of Skoda Compare the various policies available and then screen your options based on which scheme fits your needs the most. Submit the primary details of your Skoda Octavia, like make, example, registration number, producer, and then select the premium sum. Next, propose your KYC details and your details and communication location. Post presentation, you will be geared to the payment page, wherever you can offer your premiums and buy the policy. You can likewise request a call from another side by submitting your phone number on the Skoda Octavia website and scheduling a meeting with an agent.

 Skoda Octavia Summary

Skoda Octavia is a splendid 5-seater vigorous and well-built vehicle. With consumption of up to 14.72 KMPL and a motor capacity of 1968 cc build, the performance is fabulous. It leads on petrol and is accessible with Automatic transmitting. It is a safe car to ride, equipped with security features like an Anti-lock brake system, child security locks, head, rear airbags, etc. Octavia is both expensive and comfortable running. Soft surfaces and surrounding lighting change the interior environment even as it’s dark. It is attainable in 6 distinct colors.

 Skoda Octavia Car Insurance

To safeguard your car against the monetary liabilities stemming from any accidental occurrence towards a third party relating to your vehicle, it is obligatory to have a third party assurance cover under Indian Motor Tariff. Anyhow this coverage is not embarked upon by the car owner. In that case there is a fine of Rs. 2000 and custody of up to 3 full months.

 Types of Car Insurance Covers

Third-party Skoda Octavia Liability Insurance:

● Covers physical injury and demise of the third party

● Property detriment to the third party

● Comprehensive Cover

● Third-party cover

● Loss and detriment to the vehicle due to disaster, theft, plain calamities, etc.

● Personal disaster coverage for the occupants

 What is addressed under a Comprehensive Skoda Octavia Insurance?

● Loss or detriment brought about by natural calamities.

● Total loss due to the fact of fire, explosions, or an act of horror

● Total loss because of theft

● Personal disaster cover, which could comprise passengers also

● Own-detriment cover

 Third-party liability Skoda Octavia cover

What is not addressed under Comprehensive Car Insurance?

● Ordinary Wear and Tear and Electrical or Mechanized Breakdowns

● Detriment to Tyres (unless vehicle likewise damaged)

● Driver with no Legitimate Driving License

● Leading under the influence (DUI) of alcoholic beverages such as alcohol or drugs

● When the means is used for any illegal aim

● Usage of geographic limits

● The vehicle is utilized for Hire or Recompense, Carriage of Goods, Organised Competition, Pace Forging, Speed Testing, Dependability Trials.

● Atomic Wars and Perils

 Skoda Octavia Key Specifications

● Acceleration (0-100 kph) — 9.3 seconds.

● Engine. 1984 cc, 4 Cylinders Online,

● Engine Kind. 2.0L TSI Turbocharged I4. …

● Fuel Kind. Petrol. …

● Max Strength (bhp@rpm) 188 bhp – 4180 rpm. …

● Maximum Torque (Nm@rpm) 320 Nm – 1500 rpm. …

● Mileage (ARAI) — 15.81 km. …

● Driving Span. 791 Km.

 Skoda Octavia Car Insurance Claim Process

How to claim Skoda Octavia car insurance? To fetch the highest benefits from your car assurance policy, inform about the disaster and the severity of the damage right away to your car insurance firm and the cops.

 If your assurance company sees that your claim is accurate, they will reimburse the sum after inspecting your means or other aspects. Here are a few steps to help you allegation for your damages adequately –

 Step 1: Notify The Insurance Company

Step 2: Submit An FIR In The Nearest Police force Station

Step 3: take Photographs As Legitimate Proof.

Step 4: File All The Documents To The Insurer

Step 5: Ask The Assurance Company To Send A Supervisor

Step 6: Automobile Repairs

 Cashless Car Insurance Process

At Skoda Octavia Insurance Co. Ltd., they understand that hour is of the gist. So, they want to make assurance buying as simple as feasible.

 With their online cashless procedure, you don’t requisite to wait in line or struggle in traffic to get to their offices. Purely log on and purchase your Skoda Octavia car assurance policy during your tiffin break or any day you have a seldom minute to grant.

Purchasing your car assurance online with them is:

  •  Trouble-free
  • Time-effective
  • Paper-free

 Reimbursement Car Insurance Process

In automobile insurance, when an insured person gets their car mended at a partner service station of the insurance firm, then the claim is resolved in a cashless mode as the insurance firm pays directly for the undergone repairing expenses to the service station.

 Nonetheless, suppose the insured realize their car was remedied at a service place which is not an element of the assurance company’s petition. In that case, the insured person needs to make the settlement of the repair expenditure themselves to the service station. The same is later refunded to the insured person by the insurance provider, impose on the sum assured.

 Skoda Octavia Variants with Insurance Premium Price

  • Skoda Octavia – 1.4 TSI MT Style
  •  1395 cc, — Petrol
  • ₹19.00 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia – 1.4 TSI MT Ambition
  •  1395 cc,– Petrol
  • ₹16.00 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia- 1.8 TSI AT L K
  •  1798 cc- Petrol
  • ₹23.60 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI AT Style Plus
  •  1798 cc,–Petrol
  • ₹20.90 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI AT Style
  •  1798 cc,–Petrol
  • ₹20.60 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI AT Onyx
  •  1968 cc,—Diesel
  • ₹22.00 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI AT Style Plus
  •  1968 cc,– Diesel
  • ₹22.90 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI MT Style
  •  1968 cc,– Diesel
  • ₹20.80 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI AT Onyx
  •  1798 cc,– Petrol
  • ₹20.00 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI AT L K
  •  1968 cc,– Diesel
  • ₹23.60 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI MT Ambition
  •  1968 cc,-Diesel
  • ₹18.00 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI AT Style
  •  1968 cc,–Diesel
  • ₹23.00 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia Corporate Edition Diesel
  •  1968 cc,–Diesel
  • ₹16.99 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia Corporate Edition Petrol
  •  1395 cc,–Petrol
  • ₹15.49 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia Facelift
  •  1968 cc,–Diesel
  • ₹18.50 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia RS
  •  1984 cc,–Petrol
  • ₹21.00 Lac
  •  Skoda Octavia RS245
  •  1968 cc,–Petrol
  • ₹35.99 Lac

 Skoda Octavia Car Insurance User Reviews

Skoda Octavia has constructed automobile execution standards to new levels. It is the faultless blend of comfort, satisfaction, space, and implementation. The exterior production of Skoda Octavia is stylish, crystalline, strong, and vigorous, while the interior is shrewdly designed.

 Add-ons For Your Skoda Octavia Car Insurance


A Zero Depreciation Cover, generally known as Nil Depreciation Policy, lays for a total claim for synthetic, rubber, glass, or filament parts.

 Benefit No Claim Bonus


If you survive in one of the other areas prone to heavy rainfall, this coating is a must for you. It safeguards you against the expenditure involved in mending your car’s engine when it is damaged due to submergence in water.

 Install safety devices


Your cautious driving earns you a 20%-50% with No Claim Bonus on the own-detriment premium for the full successful demand-free year. However, formerly you claim, your discounts shall be reset to nil. The NCB Protection add-on aid you to retain your deduction even if you make some lesser claims as per the guideline terms.

 Evolve into AAI Member


The Passenger Cover saves the passengers journeying in the car financially from death or disability due to a disaster. This cover begins from Rs.10,000 and may go higher depending on the insurance corporation, and the payout varies as per the nature and severity of the injury.

 Skoda Octavia Car Insurance FAQs

 For Skoda Octavia automobiles, which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio?

When you equate quotes on and policy bazaar, you can personalize your car insurance premium based on the various attainable insurers. So these mentioned above are the best of the platform that proves to provide the best settlement ratio.

 You can program inspection of your car if mandatory by the insurance business. If you do not hear the plan that you pick out or any other aspect of the design you wish to purchase, then our proficient advisors are available to mentor you through the procedure.

 Where can I get insurance for my Skoda Octavia vehicle?

A policyholder can compare multiple assurance plans under a single podium or can check on their official website.  There is lowest to zero paperwork embroiled

●  It is an appropriate buying process, and the assurance plan gets issued right away.

●  It is much smoother to check the reliability of the insurance provider.

●  A policyholder does not require the expertise of an intermediary or agent.

●   The web-based policy buying procedure is much sooner and more cost-effective.

 What are insurance add-ons available for Skoda Octavia vehicles?

  • Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover
  •  Expendables Add-on Cover
  •  Roadside Assistance Add-on Cover
  •  Engine Protection Add-on Cover
  •  Key Loss Add-on Cover
  •  Passenger Assistance Add-on Cover
  •  Tyre Damage Add-on Cover
  •  Return To Invoice Add-on
  •  Safeguard Of NCB Add-on

 What documents am I required to renew my Skoda Octavia auto insurance?

  • Car insurance approach documents.
  • Issuer information.
  • Details of the occurrence.
  • Vehicle information.
  • Accurate receipts and bills of the automobile repair.
  • FIR copy (in case of robbery)

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