Volkswagon Ameo Car Insurance

How to Buy Insurance for Volkswagen Ameo

To get an insurance for your Tata Sumo, start with extensive research. You don’t need to rush. There is a wide range for you in the world of insurance to get the best of deal according to your requirements.

Few areas of concern are mentioned below that are essential, so make sure to check these:

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Pre and Post sales service are important parts of any insurance. Competition is increasing day by day in the insurance space and this can be a breaking deal.

PRICE: There can be a low coverage and high price deals if you are not comparing the plans enough.

This is a matter of great concern helping you get the best deal.

Read customer reviews before buying a policy. This will help you get the user’s point of view to get the best insurance.

Other than that, there are some documents which are too important to proceed. These are mentioned below, collect them so that it becomes easy to buy plans.

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Make year and details about model.
  • Personal details like address, photo, identity proofs.
  • Payment mode details.

SETTING IDV VALUE: For the people who opted Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Total amount paid by the insurance company in the case of total loss to the vehicle. High IDV amount will attract higher premium amount of money.

To   enhance the overall coverage, you can choose add on covers. Few of them are mentioned below:

No claim bonus protection, return to involve cover, roadside assistance, engine protection cover.

MAKE A PAYMENT:  The person will be directed to the payment page once after he or she has filled all the details and all the steps mentioned above.

Choose whichever payment option you want and you can also choose multiple payment options.

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Net banking
  • UPI

As soon as you complete making the payment, the policy will be shared with you via mail in a PDF format with the payment details.

Volkswagen Ameo Summary- Volkswagen is a fifth-generation super mini class car manufactured since 2009. The vehicle unveiled in 2009 Geneva motor Show. Three door versions were launched in September 2009 in Frankfurt Motor Show. Volkswagen Vento or the Volkswagen Polo Sedan were sold as a four-door long wheelbase sedan version in Europe.

 Types Of Car Insurance Plans

Third Party Insurance and Comprehensive insurance

Third Party Insurance is made mandatory to buy by the law.

Comprehensive Insurance comprises both third-party liabilities and as well as the damage done by the owner. It gives 360-degree coverage.  Adding to that it also provides add on covers.

  • Third party liability only Cover:   It is a basic level of protection to all policyholders. It is also called Liability only or act only policy. This helps in compensation for the personal injury. It has an affordable Premium. It does not offer Protection to the insured car.

For getting the compensation, the policyholder is required to file FIR at the police station and get a copy.

File for a claim by filling the form, and obey the necessary and mandatory documents requirement.

  • Collision damage or own damage Cover: This policy covers damage or the loss sustained by the vehicle. This plan is economical enabling the policy holders to protect their third-party coverage at normal charges.  
  • Personal Accident Cover: An accident leads to body injury and disability. This is a financial protection with a personal accident policy. In case there is a death due to an accident, the policy has a sum amount to the nominee. It provides a lifelong coverage, and it is renewable.

It offers 100 % sum to kin in case of death due to accident.

  • Zero Depreciation Insurance: It can also be called Nil Depreciation cover leaving out the depreciation factor.  It means that if the vehicle gets damaged after collision, there is no depreciation which is subtracted from the coverage of damage to any part of a body.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: this insurance policy is extensive covering risk to own damages. It combines third party insurance owning damage insurance. It safeguards the vehicle insured against vandalism, theft, fire, flood, third party liability.

             There are some exclusions too, like wear and tear of automobile. Mechanical and electrical            breakdown Damage to tubes and tyres.

       Also, damaged caused by a driver not having a driving license.

 Volkswagen Ameo Key Specifications

Price: ₹ 5.50 lakhs (starting)

Mileage: 17.83 kmpl

Fuel Type: Petrol

Power: 74 BHP

Engine: 1948 cc

Seating capacity: 7,10-seater

Torque: 110 NM

Volkswagen Ameo Car Insurance Claim Process

Informing the Company.

Within the seven days inform the insurer about the accident. Vital documents like driving license soft copy car registration certificate.

Secondly, you need to file an FIR in the police station. Then capturing the photograph as a valid proof is required. It mainly includes pictures of the damage, bodily injuries. They work as a valid proof during the claim.

Submit all the copies to the insurer.

Some points to keep in mind while raising a claim: For a successful claim, some points are crucial.

  • You can claim for the medical assistance based on the level of injury. So right after the accident immediately check if any major injuries are done.
  • You need to raise the claim within 24 hours of the incident as set by the insurance provider.
  • To catch the culprit, remember to note the details about the vehicle involved. These include, colour, variant and model of the car.
  • Communicate with person who witnessed the whole accident and note down their details including phone number, to get in contact with them in future to confirm.

Cashless Car Insurance Process 

 Steps to follow to get cashless claim:

  • You need to inform the insurer about the accident or unfortunate event whenever the car gets indulged in the mishap.
  • The car will be sent to network garage by the surveyor which is sent by the insurance company.  You are not required to move the car from the mishap spot without the permission.
  • The garage will issue the cost of repair which will be shared with the insurer. The repair work gets started after that.
  • After the repair is done, invoice and bills are being sent to the insurer for the payments.
  • The claim amount is transferred to the network garage.
  • You will be required to pay the deductibles and depreciation.

Reimbursement Car Insurance Process 

If the insurer does not provide cashless claim facility you will need to pay the medical bills at the time of hospitalization. The insurer will be reimbursing for the medical bills.

The very first step is to verify the details. This is a critical step as it can affect the claim procedure.

Step 2 is to collect the documents followed by follow up for documents.

Submit the documents to the insurer as soon as you are discharged. Wait for the payment processing. It will take approx. 21 days to get reviewed by the insurer or TPA.

There is a customer service desk email  healthclaimsupport@tataaig.com in case you are not satisfied with the services and want to file a complaint.

Volkswagen Ameo Variants with Insurance Premium Price 

Volkswagen Ameo 1.0 MPI: ₹ 6.65 Lac

Comfortline plus:  ₹ 6.44 Lac

Highline plus:  ₹ 8.00 lac

Highline: ₹ 7.15 Lac

Trendline: ₹ 5.94 lac

Corporate Edition: ₹ 6.69 Lac

1.2 MPI highline: ₹ 7.28 Lac

1.2 MPI trendline: ₹ 5.32 lac

Highline plus 16: ₹ 7.45 lac

Comfortline plus AT: ₹ 9.09 lac

Highline plus 16 AT: ₹ 10.00 lac

1.5 TDL highline 16 alloy: ₹ 8.69 Lac

Volkswagen Ameo Car Insurance User Reviews

  • It is user friendly. It is also time saving in this pandemic.
  • Helpline advices are the best. All the doubts or confusions gets cleared.
  • The plan is helpful and easy to understand.
  • Leading insurance companies listed.
  • Wide range of plans.
  • Easy to carry as in travelling.

Add-Ons for Your Volkswagen Ameo Car Insurance 

Bumper to Bumper Car Insurance

No Claim Bonus Cover

Engine Protection Cover

Return to Invoice cover

Roadside Assistance Cover

Consumable Cover

Accessories Cover

Passenger cover

Key replacement Cover

Personal Accident Cover

Volkswagen Ameo Car Insurance FAQs

For volkswgaen ameo automobiles, which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio?

 The vehicle insurers with the great claim settlement ratio for Tata Indica Car are Bharti AXA

 General Insurance, Acko General Insurance and ICICI Lombard General Insurance.

Where can I get insurance for my Volkswagen Ameo Vehicle?

Vehicle insurance policies can be offered by all the top-rated insurers at Insurance Dekho and plans can be selected according to the best needs. With insurance Dekho insurance Policy can be purchased within 5 minutes.

What insurance add-ons are available for Volkswagen ameo Vehicles?

The go to insurance add-ons with tata indica vehicles is RSA (road Side Assistance) cover,

Zero Depreciation add-on, NCB (No Claim Bonus) cover and engine cover.

What Documents am I required to renew my Volkswagen  auto Insurance?

Anyone Can get their Tata Insurance policy renewed without paper with insurance Dekho.

The person needs to have mentioned documents with them:

  1. Previous Year Policy Number
  2. Previous Year Policy Expiry Date
  3. Vehicle Registration number.

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