Child Plan

What is Wealthsurance Future Star Insurance Plan?

A three-fold collection of IDBI Bank, Federal Bank and Ageas, Federal Life Insurance Co. Ltd. is a central certified insurance company that is working well since the year of 2008. With its rich knowledge and team, it makes sure that all the plans offered by the company are of A1 quality.
This plan, is basically a child plan which is worked out in such a manner that it keeps your child’s future safe and protected. It is a Unit-Linked child plan which makes it one step ahead in customer’s mind. The Wealthsurance Future Star Insurance is the product that do not offer any flexibility during the first five years of the policy term. Their plan provides Life Cover benefit with immediate approximate sum payout upon death of the insured parent, along with the policy continuance with waiver of the due future premiums. The Wealthsurance Future Star Insurance Providers offers protection to the child’s future goals by ensuring constant financial support.

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Smart Future Income Plan

Insurance policy is definitely required for your lives. Because we might not know what might happen the next minute. Any emergency might occur the next minute for example sudden accident or demise, travel expense or educational needs. These would definitely require more money and we might have not much money during that time. An insurance policy

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