CMCHIS – Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme or Amma Health Insurance

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The Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan is a hopeful step towards serving the world-class health care amenity to the large range of people living in the state of Tamil Nadu which is in South India. This scheme is standing up tall with a board of success with over more than 65% of Tamil Nadu’s population associated with the health insurance scheme.

What is the CM’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS)?

The Amma Health Insurance scheme is exclusively made for underprivileged families that have less annual income. With this health care scheme, people do not have to experience any financial ups and downs related to any medical emergency. This TN CM Insurance Scheme provides protection to the entire family with the help of cashless facilities.

What Is Covered Under the of plan of CMCHIS?

Amma Health Insurance Plan provides financial help whenever a medical emergency hits up. Having this health insurance plan, a policy owner gets eligible the following protection list:-

1. Hospitalization

 The cost of getting all your treatment done at any network hospital is protected. However, the treatment should also be mentioned in the list of allowed medical processes under the Amma Health Insurance.

2. Diagnostic Procedures

The cost of hospitalization usually dig out all the saved money during any medical emergency. For the diagnostic test to make a certain considerable amount of money is needed and for your ease and benefit, all these processes and procedures are covered under the plan.

3. Follow-up Treatments

Generally, routine check ups are not included under the commercial health insurance policy plan. But to your surprise, this scheme provides coverage for your follow up checks ups. This plays a vital role in reducing the financial stress of medical treatments even further.

Major features Of Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme

This scheme is an extremely useful health insurance plan which offers the following benefits and features:

1. Family-floater Plan:

Amma Health Insurance Policy Plan is a family-floater sort of health care insurance plan. All the enrolled members of an eligible family can enjoy and avail all the benefits and add ons included in the under this plan. One can live a life tension free, as the scheme secures all future medical emergencies.

2. Cashless Claims:

 The policy owner of this health insurance plan is not needed to pay money while availing treatment at network hospital. This is stands as a huge benefit for the beneficiary as he/she does not have to think about arranging money for treatment.

3. Frequent Heath Camps:

 Network hospitals are asked and are made to organize health camps at least once in a month. The policy owner can get free check-ups and follow-up treatments more often like this.

4. Coverage for Sri Lankan Refugees:

There is no regular source of income for the Sri Lankan refugee and to enrol under the Amma Health Insurance Plan, they don’t have to pay any penny.  He or she can simply avail the healthcare at the desired centre.

5. 24×7 Assistance:    

An active call centre has been set up to answer all the basic queries regarding Amma Health Insurance. If a person encounters health related problems, to offer them with ease and care, the health insurance is being designed to help them with solutions.

Benefits Of the Amma Health Insurance or the CM’s Health Insurance Scheme

The following mentioned benefits can be enjoyed by enrolling under the CMCHIS:

1. Coverage For Medical Emergencies:

There are a few families that are not financially strong enough to handle any unforeseen medical emergency due to the increasing costs of healthcare treatments in India. The Amma Health Insurance Scheme is a step towards escaping this hurdle and giving access to high-end medical treatments.

2. A Huge Number Of Network Hospitals:  

A large number of hospitals are under the network hospitals list of the scheme to give service under Amma Health Insurance. This is beneficial for each and every individual because they can reach a medical facility faster. Thus, making sure that one gets the treatment at an emergency situation.

3. Multiple Treatments Are Covered:

A number of treatments are provided under the Amma Health Insurance. This plan automatically waves off the chances of the policy owner clearing all the dues from their savings. They can easily avail the required treatment which is covered under the policy plan.

4. High Sum Insured:

CMCHIS offers very high protection of about 5 lakh rupees to each of the enrolled families each and every policy year. This approximate amount which is offered to you is of sufficient for the treatment of many of the illnesses.

5. Additional Coverages:

A usual health insurance policy plan does not always offer protection for follow-up checkups or diagnostic tests. However, the above mentioned procedures are covered under Amma Health Insurance. Thus, one does not have to spare any extra money for the follow-up checkups or the diagnostic tests or procedures.

Diseases And Treatments which are Covered Under the CM’s Health Insurance Scheme

A wide range of diseases are treated under the health insurance plan. Below is the list of medical procedures that are covered under the plan.

1. Bariatric surgery

2. Obstetric surgery

3. Neurosurgery

4  Radiation Oncology

5. Cardiology

6. Hematology

7. Rheumatology

8. Cardiothoracic surgeries

9. Hepatology

10. Ophthalmology surgeries

11. Dermatology Infectious Diseases

12. Orthopedic trauma

13. Paediatric Intensive Care

14. Endocrine surgery

15. Endocrinology (follow-up procedure)

16. Plastic surgery

17. Thoracic Medicine

18. Vascular surgeries

19. Psychiatry

20. Gynaecology

21. Neurology

22. Pulmonology

Eligibility Criteria For CM’s Health Insurance    

The Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme is designed for underprivileged families that may not get the needed health care facilities that a person requires. A person willing to register under this plan should properly fulfill the eligibility criteria. Here are the conditions:

1. The family should be a proper resident of Tamil Nadu.

2. Their Annual Income should be less than Rs.72, 000/- per annum.

3. The member applying for the scheme should be listed in the ration card of the family.

4. The applicant can be a Srilankan refugee but with the proper proof of citizenship.

5. Migrants from other different Indian states carrying migration certificates from the state authority (they should be living in Tamil Nadu for at least six months).

6. Orphans/Rescued girl children from any registered/unregistered organization.

What is the Procedure To Enroll In The Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme?

The enrollment process for CMCHIS is not complicated. It can be done easily if the policyholder owns all the needed documents in place. The documents are also easy to fetch. Here are the steps for enrollment:

1. Acquire an income certificate from the Village Administrative Officer/Revenue authorities.

2. Carry all the required documents to the enrollment center.

3. Get the documents verified by the kiosk operator.

4. Next, your biometric details like fingerprints, photographs, eye scans, etc. will be captured.

5. After verification and biometric scanning, your e-card will be issued

What are the Documents Required To Apply For the CM’s Health Insurance

The following documents are required to apply for the CM’s health insurance policy:

1. Income Certificate

2. Ration Card (a copy and original both)

3. Self-declaration from the head of the family

4. One should also carry the following documents at the time of enrollment

5. Proof of identity

6. Address proof

7. Aadhar card

8. Pan card

How To Link The Aadhaar Card With An URN?

At times, the Aadhar card of the policy owner is not linked to the provided URN at the time of enrollment. For this one should not be more and more worry about as this process can be carried out very easily and quickly. To link your Aadhar Card with the given URN number of your policy plan, you just have to follow the below mentioned steps:-

1. Visit CMCHIS official website

2. Click on Beneficiary

3. Click on LINK AADHAAR to URN

4. You will be redirected to enter this page.

5. Enter the URN number in the box

6. Click the checkbox to select the option for linking your Aadhar card to URN

7. Click on Enroll Now

8. Select the family member from the list of beneficiaries

9. Enter the mobile number that is linked to the Aadhar card of that family member

10. Enter Aadhar Number

11. Click Submit

12. Enter the received OTP

13. After registering successfully, you will recieve a message stating that “Your Aadhar number registered successfully.” In case of your Aadhar number being linked prior,then  you will recieve a message stating that  – “Already Registered.”

Amma Kapitu Thittam Card Download

The smart card is provided to the policy owner at the time of enrollment. In case a policy owner loses their card, nothing to worry, one can easily download the Maruthuva Kapitu Thittam Card via the official website. Listed below are the quick and easy steps that one have to follow to download the Maruthuva Kapitu Thittam Card:

1. Visit this page to complete Chief Minister Health Insurance Smart Card Download

2. Enter the beneficiary’s details with along with URN or ration card number

3. Click on ‘Generate e-card’

4. Your e-card is ready now. At the time of any medical emergency, all you are required to do is keep the downloaded card given by the Tamil Nadu government health insurance with you. You can use this ID card even the downloaded file in case of any medical emergency.

What is the Procedure to Download the CM Health Insurance Application Form?

An individual is not needed to apply separately with the CM Health Insurance Application Form PDF. An individual who fulfills all the eligibility criteria mentioned should quickly visit the enrollment center along with all the required documents. The policy owner can utilise the smart card during any medical emergency just after the process of enrollment is done.

Period Covered & Maximum Limit

The policy tenure of the Amma Health Insurance Scheme is of one approximate year, exceeding this time period the policy owner is required to renew the policy once again to make it useful. The upper limit of this policy is about 5 lakh rupees. This money amount can be utilised by all the enrolled family members to make the process of  treatment for ailments or diseases mentioned under the policy easy and quick for the pateint.

How To Search CMCHIS Member ID?

The policy owner of the CMCHIS have to at least own either the URN number or ration card number to find the member ID. Listed below are the steps to search the member ID:

1. Visit the official website of the CMCHIS Amma health insurance.

2. Click on beneficiary.

3. You will see a list that contains links for Member search/ e-card and Member ID.

4. Click on the desired option.

5. You will see a page that asks for relevant information regarding URN number and other details.

6. Fill the form and click on ‘Search.’

7. The result for corresponding member ID will be displayed.

Beneficiary’s Minimum Electronic Medical Records:

To operate the minimum electronic medical records of the policy owner follow the following steps:

1. Visit Claims section at CMCHIS website

2. Click on Beneficiary

3. Click on Minimal Health Record

4. You will be redirected to this page. Here you will see a form for accessing the medical records.

How To Claim CMCHIS?

A long list of hospitals are included under the list of network hospitals to serve under the Amma Health Insurance Scheme. This scheme is usually cashless when it comes to the claim. It simply means that the policy holder does not have to pay the hospital bill from their own pockets. At the time of any medical emergency, the policy owner should submit or show the Maruthuva Kapitu Thittam Card or the smart card to the network hospital. The policy owner receives this card during the enrollment under process of the Amma Health Insurance. The hospital authorities will share the related information to the Third Party Administrator (TPA) Desk. The CMCHIS claim amount will be shared and settled directly between the hospital and the insurance company. Usually, there is no additional talks is required from the policy owner.

CMCHIS Package List

A list of procedures is taken care of under the Amma Health Insurance Plan. You can access the full list by visiting the official page. Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme Hospital List: To provide a quick and hassle-free healthcare amenities, the Amma Health Insurance Plan has a long list of network hospitals.

Contact information of Chief Medical Officers

Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme is a project operated by the state-government. This scheme aims to be approachable in terms of health care and treatment. To make sure transparency and least tension and hassle, various contact details are made accessible to the general public. Below is a list of contacts that will help you with solutions for all your queries.

Toll-Free number: 1800-425-3993

If you are having any difficulty in contacting the team of CMCHIS, then you can get in touch with them via a call on the following listed contact numbers

A. 7373004267

B. 7373004924

C. 7373002566

For any further queries or grievances contact the team at the following Email addresses:





The Project Director

Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project (TNHSP)

3rd Floor, DMS Annex New Building

259 Anna Salai, Teynampet

Chennai – 600 006, Tamil Nadu.

CMCHIS Project Office

Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme

No.226, Om Sakthi Towers,

Kilpauk Garden Road, Kilpauk,

Chennai-600010, Tamil Nadu


Q1. Which family members are eligible to enroll under CMCHIS?

Ans – The family members with an annual income of less than 72 thousand rupees are directly eligible to enrol under the scheme, the added members can be, Head of the family, Spouse, Children of the eligible individual, Dependant parents. 

Q2. Are reimbursement claims allowed under Amma Health Insurance?

Ans – No, only cashless claims can be availed at the network hospitals. This is done to lower the financial burden that might hit the shoulders of the policy owner.

Q3. What if the head of the family is not present at the time of enrollment?

Ans – In case the head of the family is not present during the enrollment, then the spouse is considered as the head. The enrollment process can be carried out like that.

Q4. Are dental treatments included in CMCHIS?

Ans – Yes, different types of dental care treatments are provided coverage under the CMCHIS.

Q5. Is abdominal hysterectomy listed in CMCHIS?

Ans – Yes, a policy owner of the Amma Health Insurance Plan can undergo abdominal hysterectomy for both benign and malignant conditions. The Scheme will bear all the arising