Axis Magnus Credit Card Gets a New Milestone Benefit and More

Magnus Credit Card was just launched by Axis Bank. Axis Bank’s HNIs and wealthy clients are the primary target market for this super premium credit card. Axis Bank already offers the Vistara Infinite Credit Card for its hyper-premium market, but due to Vistara’s poor connectivity, it was never adopted. By introducing the Magnus Credit Card, Axis Bank is making another attempt to capitalize on the extremely premium credit card market.

Magnus is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding credit cards offered by Axis Bank, among their many outstanding credit cards. With the addition of additional features like 25,000 Bonus Edge Reward Points worth Rs. 5,000 upon reaching the monthly expenditure milestone of Rs. 1 lac, Axis Bank has just revamped its Magnus Credit Card, one of the most expensive credit cards offered by the bank. Total annual benefits from the freshly enhanced benefits are Rs. 60,000. (Bonus Edge Reward Points worth Rs. 5,000 every month).


Axis Magnus Credit Card is the greatest super premium credit card in the globe, not just in India, thanks to all the new advantages.

Because no other card in the world comes close to matching the benefits it offers on monthly spending of 1L, which is ideal for the majority of cardholders in this market.


Note that the TataCliq voucher is the new option given as a welcome benefit temporarily and it may be discontinued anytime. Otherwise, if you choose a one-way economy flight ticket, the price will be capped at Rs.10,000.

As long as the TataCliq voucher is available, it’s the best option to go with, as it almost covers the welcome fee, except the 1800 INR GST portion.

The Card

On the Visa Infinite platform, the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card is now available in a metal form factor. Even without the metal form factor, the card has a premium appearance.

In any case, it’s difficult to tell a metal Magnus from a non-metal Magnus. Therefore, there is no need for concern if you still have a plastic card that was previously issued on the Mastercard network.


On Magnus, the standard reward rate for edge rewards is uninteresting. However, it’s simple to save far more than what HDFC Infinia and other ultra-premium cards provide when 2X promo & 3X promo, occasionally come around.

The brand-new and attractive benefit of 5X on the Travel Edge website may be helpful to you while making flight reservations.

The ideal approach to maximize Axis Rewards is to convert your points to the recently launched Points transfer partners.

Milestone Rewards:

  • 25,000 points for every $1 spent (per calendar month); fulfillment is 90 days after the end of the transaction month.

  • This is because no other card offers a value of 6.2% with such simple redemption possibilities. Additionally, if you play with points transfer partners, you will save a minimum of 12.4%.

Although it’s a huge advantage, the fulfillment period is a little bit longer, which may annoy certain players who play for quick points.

You can transfer 25K reward points for 2 nights at Marriott hotels.

Access to airport lounges

It is a wonderful idea to have guest access to Priority Pass (for entrance to international lounges), however, it is only allowed eight times every “card anniversary year.” That will take care of your family’s access.

As of the right moment, Axis is having technical difficulties distributing Add-on cards, therefore it would have been nice if they had provided gratis guest access for domestic as well.

However, it also includes unrestricted access to domestic lounges as long as you can obtain add-on cards (which is hit or miss at the moment).

Greeting at the airport

• Free Access: Eight per year

The USP of this product is the airport meet and greet service, which Axis Bank refers to as the “airport concierge” service. The services offer help with all aspects of the airport procedures, such as speedy check-in, expedited security screening, immigration support, and porter and buggy services.

Golf Benefit

Axis Magnus lacks the complimentary Golf advantage, unlike the majority of other premium and super premium credit cards.

This is because, to cut expenses, they essentially replaced the golf benefit with airport meet & greet services, which makes perfect sense.

Extra Cards

Obtaining add-on cards with any Axis Bank credit card is currently challenging but improving. It also cannot be used independently without extra authorization.

It is still possible to apply for it at the same time as the primary card, although the processing time may or may not be as anticipated.

If you want to feel secure, I wouldn’t advise bringing add-on cards. Because add-on cards cannot be accessible online, you must call customer service every time you want to update your pin or other settings.

I hope Axis Bank quickly resolves the Add-on cards issue.

Offer from BookMyShow: 

Offer from BookMyShow: “Buy One Get One”; “Valid on Movie/Non-Movie Bookings; Maximum Discount: Rs. 500 Off on the Second Ticket; Monthly Limit: Five Bookings Per Month”

If you live in a metropolis where a ticket can easily cost 500 INR, then Boomyshow’s deal is quite good. Otherwise, most people may get by with the Visa Infinite deal.

Forex Markup Fee 2.4% (2% plus GST) is the foreign exchange markup fee

The optimum outcome if you redeem your points for points transfer partners is no profit/no loss. Yes, you will gain roughly 2.4% if you participate in the air miles game, but that isn’t always the case.

However, if you spend 1L in a month, you will undoubtedly come out ahead because you will receive the milestone advantage.

Making the most of Axis Cards

Axis Bank Credit Cards are a great option to investigate in 2022. The bank, however, is having several problems, from the application process to credit limits to customer care and assistance.

Check out this beginner’s guide to Axis Bank credit cards: Maximizing Axis Bank Credit Cards if you want to make a seamless transition into a fruitful year with the lucrative Axis Bank credit cards and are dealing with a variety of challenges.

New Benefits of the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

The Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card now offers the following newly enhanced benefits:

25,000 Bonus Edge Reward Points worth Rs. 5,000 on monthly spending of Rs. 1 lac.

An additional 8 lounge visits at foreign airports with a free Priority Pass membership.

Spending on travel through the Travel Edge portal of Axis Bank earns 5x accelerated Edge Reward Points.

Aside from the three aforementioned new features, the card will retain its current benefits, such as the 10,000 rupee TATA CLiQ voucher, unlimited free domestic airport lounge access for primary and add-on cardholders, the BOGO movie ticket offer (with a maximum benefit of 500 rupees on the second ticket), and the free Dineout Passport membership (with a 25% discount at participating restaurants). However, as of March 10, 2022, MakeMyTrip, Yatra, and Goibibo will no longer offer the 2x Edge Reward Points advantage. You may read our in-depth review of the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card for more information on the Card.

Conditions & Terms

The following terms and conditions apply to the new perks that the Magnus Credit Card now offers:

• The new perks are available beginning in February 2022 and are valid as long as the card is in use.

• The spend milestone does not take into account purchases made with the card for online wallet uploads.

Spends are measured on a calendar month basis (i.e., beginning on the first of every month) to determine the spending milestone. For new users, these extra advantages will be available beginning on the first of the next month after card issuance.

Additional Benefits

Magnus Credit Card Benefits on Fees & Charges

• 2.5% interest rate; 2% forex markup; 0% cash withdrawal fees; 0% fuel surcharge

Reward System

• On monthly spending of Rs. 1 lakh, 25,000 EDGE REWARDS Points worth Rs. 5,000 are earned.

• 5X EDGE REWARDS on Travel Edge purchases.

Earn 12 Axis eDGE Reward Points for each Rs. 200 spent.

Annual fee exemption

Taxes on expenditures of at least Rs. 15 lakhs and annual fees of Rs. 10,000 are waived.

The amount spent will be determined by the card’s anniversary year.

How to use points

Utilize your points to purchase products from our eDGE Rewards catalog, including gift cards for travel and electronics.

Pay with points at partner stores.

Get help with travel reservations, restaurant reservations, tickets to exclusive events and shows, gift delivery, and more from the 24-hour dedicated concierge desk. The concierge’s number is 1800 103 4962.

The card has a beautiful design, and its clean vertical orientation only enhances its appeal. It looks more expensive thanks to the sleek, black background and simple design.


The Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card’s eligibility requirements are specifically designed with this in mind.

• Age range: 18 to 70

• Paid: 18 lakh rupees per year in wages

• Self Employed: Annual ITR > Rs. 18 Lakhs

Fees for using an Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card include the following:

• Rs. 10,000 plus GST is the joining fee.

• Rs. 10,000 plus GST is the renewal fee.

If you spent more than 15 lakhs the previous year, the renewal charge is waived.


The Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card has a tonne of features, including some unusual ones.

Benefits of Welcome & Renewal

• Free flight up to Rs. 10,000 when you sign up

This card makes up membership fees with an equivalent number of free flights. However, the advantages of renewal are not mentioned.


 • 2X Axis eDGE reward points on MakeMyTrip, Yatra, and Goibibo, 2.4% reward rate; 12 Axis eDGE reward points for every Rs. 200 spent (1.2% reward rate)

This credit card’s worst point is its reward rate, which is only average. Far better reward rates than this are offered by many cards in this market category.

Travel & Stay:

Unlimited domestic lounge access with the Mastercard lounge program

8 complimentary VIP Assistance Services

8 complimentary international airport lounge access (card member and guest)

15% off and a complimentary room upgrade at Oberoi Hotels in India when you spend at least Rs. 7 Lakh using Priority Pass

There is currently no other card that offers complimentary guest access to international airport lounges, so this is a wonderful addition.

 Entertainment & Lifestyle

• Free Dineout Plus membership

 • 20% savings at restaurants taking part in the Dining Delights program

• Buy 1 Get 1 up to Rs. 500 on movies, activities, events, etc. at BookMyShow, restricted to 5 times per month

The monthly cap of five is very liberal, and discounts on activities and events are innovative. With Dine out Plus membership, you can receive discounts at restaurants in five-star hotels of up to 25%.

Wellness & Health

• Special preventive healthcare packages

• Credit shield of Rs. 5 lakhs

• Rs. 4.5 crores of air accident insurance

• Rs. 2 lakhs of purchase protection

• Rs. 5 lakhs of credit shield

 • Rs. 4.5 crores of air accident insurance;

• Travel and medical assistance worldwide

Other benefits include a 2.5% lower APR, a 1% waiver of the fuel surcharge, and a professional concierge available around the clock to help with reservations for flights, restaurants, deliveries of gifts, etc.

A reduced 2% international markup is an extremely alluring offer. Although a lower APR of 2.5% is also acceptable, I won’t advise taking advantage of this.

The eight meet-and-help services provided annually are the key selling point of the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card. This will expedite your flight and save you a few hours at busy airports. Another benefit of this card, which is the first of its kind in India, is free access to international lounges for visitors. Having this function will keep you and your family protected while traveling abroad.

How Do You Apply?

On the Axis website, you can apply quickly online. Recent times have made Axis Bank well-regarded for processing new credit card applications quickly.

Typically, a week after the date of application, you can receive the card accepted. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bank account yet; you can get an Axis Bank credit card without opening one.

Credit Card Reward Rate for Axis Bank Magnus

For every Rs. 200 you spend with your Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card, you’ll receive 12 Edge Reward Points. You will now receive 25,000 Bonus Edge Reward Points if you spend Rs. 1 lac in a month thanks to the recently added milestone perk.

Final Verdict

The super-premium HDFC Infinia Credit Card is directly opposed by Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card. With some new perks, HDFC Bank recently relaunched the Infinia Credit Card as the Infinia Metal Edition Card. To be competitive, Axis Bank revamped its Magnus Credit Card as well. In contrast to HDFC, Axis Bank has not raised the annual charge for the Magnus Credit Card. Additionally, with a reward rate of 6.2% (on routine purchases), the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card is far more rewarding than any of its rivals.

Cardexpert’s score is 4.9/5.

One of the most incredible credit cards ever developed by Axis Bank is the Magnus Credit Card. The highest-rewarded credit card in India at that spending level with simple redemption possibilities, it is a must-have card for people who spend less than one lakh rupees per month.

Axis Magnus is a card you should have in your wallet in 2022 if you’re seeking all-access lounge membership, milestone awards, and airport concierge service.

The only drawback, which I hope will improve after the Citi merger goes into effect, is the service and support.


Is the Axis Magnus card made of metal?

On the Visa Infinite platform, the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card is now available in a metal form factor.

Has Axis Bank ever issued a metal card?

Credit card from Axis Bank Magnus—now in metal!

Is cash an option for paying my Axis Bank SELECT credit card bill?

Yes, you can use cash to pay your Axis Bank SELECT credit card bill. You will need to pay a fee of Rs. 100, though.

How can I pay the bill on my Axis Bank My Zone credit card?

Whether you have an account with Axis Bank or not, there are several ways to pay your credit card bill. Both online and offline credit card payments are accepted. Online payment methods include SMS, Visa Money Transfer, Debit Card, Net Banking, Auto-Debit Service, and Axis Mobile App.

What steps must be taken to increase the Axis Bank SELECT credit card’s credit limit?

You must ask the bank for an increase in credit card limits if you desire to do so. The bank will run a credit report on you. Following that, the bank will approve the raise if they are pleased with your financial situation.