Best IndusInd Credit Cards Lifestyle

IndusInd Bank Credit Cards are recognized for their handsomely rewarding premium credit cards and best-in-class redemption value at a 1:1 proportion. Here are a few best IndusInd Bank Credit Cards that offers lifestyle benefits.

Indulge Credit Card

You’ve heard of all kinds of metal cards, but what about credit cards with 22K pure gold inlays? Say hello to Indulge – IndusInd Bank’s super-premium credit card. IndusInd Bank is issuing the Indus Credit Card – the bank’s super-premium credit card for the last 2 years and they have just added some new features and benefits that make it better than ever. Here are some critical advantages of the card,

  • No Preset Spending Limit

  • Reward Rate: 1.5% reward rate on all spends

  • Bookmyshow offer: B1G1 up to Rs 700 per ticket – 3 tickets monthly.

  • Forex markup fee: 1.8%

  • Unlimited: Intl. lounge access & golf

  • EazyDiner offer: Rs 6000 value per year (3000*2)

You may be aware of the Oberoi Stay Vouchers given in lieu of joining fee to enhance the value of the joining fee paid for Indulge, the new sweet mark is the intro of Postcard Hotel Stay Vouchers.

That aside, the ability to get up to 5 add-on cards (on the Visa Unlimited platform) is an added benefit with Indulge.

Indulge Credit Card Fees

Joining FeeRs 45,000 + GST (more choices available)
Welcome BenefitEqual Welcome Voucher
Renewal FeeRs 10,000 + GST
Renewal BenefitNil
Renewal Fee waiverOn spending >20 lakhs

IndusInd Bank Super Premium Cards are recognized for their high joining fees which come with equal premium shopping and stay vouchers.

Like most other IndusInd Super Premium cards Indulge can be applied to multiple fee points, here are the options available at the moment:

  • Rs 45,000 + GST

  • Rs 90,0000 + GST

  • Rs 1,80,000 + GST

Option #3 comes with no renewal fee, so you don’t need to meet the 20 lacs (very high) renewal fee waiver criteria to keep the card free. If you are a customer of Pioneer Banking, you can request a better price than option #1.

Note that the welcome voucher for the above options varies from time to time. Usually Vouchagram+Oberoi (or) Vouchagram+Postcard gives amazing value.

If you do the math, an Oberoi voucher will ideally cost you ~25K but depending on which property you choose you can get as good a value as ~40K.

Same math for postcard hotels and those hotels are also more expensive, so as long as you like postcard properties you can get a lot more value.

Indulge Credit Card Design

You may have heard about all kinds of metal credit cards but a credit card with 22K pure gold inlay is definitely not something that anyone uses and that’s what IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card comes with.

It has a neat and simple design and looks as good in reality as it does in the image. The gold inlay on the card is well done and looks similar to the other gold “colors” on the card. But without any doubt, all those glitters are 22K pure gold, as they say!

Indulge Credit Card Rewards

Type of SpendReward PointsReward Rate
Regular Spends1.5 RPs on every Rs 1001.5%
Select Category Spends0.70 RPs on every Rs 1000.70%
  • Select Categories: Insurance Premium Payments, Utility Bill Payments, Education Institute Fees, Government Services, Rental Payments.

The reward rate is really quite low for this category of cards. Some milestone gains would have helped, but well, this is all we have for now.

Regular rewards include both domestic and international spending, so spending on foreign currency only hurts, more on that later.

Indulge Credit Card Dining Benefits

  • Get INR 3000 off on EazyDiner twice a year.

  • T&C: The cooling period between two transactions: 6 months

This is a great dining benefit that was recently added to the card and can help you save a cool 6000 INR on dining expenses every year. A wonderful benefit indeed.

Note that we also have the 30% off on PayEazy with IndusInd Debit and Credit Cards, for a limited time.

Indulge Credit Card Airport Lounge Access

Type of AccessAccess ThroughAccess Limit
InternationalPriority PassUnlimited

While the above lounge access benefits are good, I think it’s time for banks to go the Axis route by adding complimentary guest access to primary cards as well, similar to how Axis Reserve works with Priority Pass.

Indulge Credit Card Golf Benefits

  • Complimentary Limit: Unlimited lessons/games

  • Spending required to unlock golf benefits: Rs 25,000 in the prior billing cycle.

  • Maximum bookings at a time: 3

Golf is one of the most significant benefits of this card. If you play golf frequently, this is the card for you.

While it used to accept bookings without any maximum limit, it has now added 3 at a time from the end of August 2022.

Indulge Credit Card Bookmyshow Benefits

  • Offer: Buy one Get one

  • Valid on: Movie bookings

  • Max. Cap: INR 700 off on movie ticket + Rs 50 on f&b per 2 tickets

  • Monthly limit: 3 tickets monthly

Now that IndusInd has gone the completely free ticket route on newly launched credit cards such as Pioneer Heritage Metal and Eazydiner cards, this is not exciting.

But if you watch a movie with tickets priced above 500 INR, you can save a lot. F&B discounts can be generous though.

Indulge Credit Card Forex Markup Fee

  • Forex Markup Fee: 1.8%+GST = 2.12%

  • Reward rate on Intl. Spends: 1.5%

  • Net gain: -0.62% (loss)

So as you can see above, Indulge is not a suitable credit card for international transactions as you will incur a net loss.

Other Benefits of Indulge Credit Card

  • Add-on Cards: You can get up to 5 add-on cards on your account. This comes with domestic airport lounge access but not international lounges as Priority Pass access is not free for add-on cards.

  • No Pre-set Spending Limit: However, it is not what we usually think. Indulge also comes with a regular credit limit like other IndusInd Bank credit cards. Although the NPSL facility helps to overcome the limitations to an extent, it is limited to only 3% of the assigned credit limit – which is really too low to qualify as a facility.

Legend Credit Card

IndusInd Bank launched a new credit card in their portfolio under the Visa Signature variant and called it Legend Credit Card, in some places they also referred to it as Signature Legend Credit Card. This Pinnacle Credit Card appears to be somewhere between the Signature Credit Card variants but is better than the Pinnacle Credit Card if used with the strategy outlined below.

If you’re looking for a premium credit card that rewards you for weekly spending, IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card is for you. Here is a quick look at some of the important benefits,

  • Reward Rate: 2% on weekends and 1% on weekdays

  • 4000 bonus rewards on Rs 6 lac spending

  • Bookmyshow offers: B1G1 up to Rs 200 per ticket – 3 tickets monthly

  • Dining: Eazydiner Prime offers up to 25% off at select restaurants.

So, if you primarily swipe and use it on weekends, you can get a cool 2.6% reward rate for up to 6L spending. Nevertheless, the computation may be different if you plan to redeem points for cash credit to stmt as the conversion ratio is 1:0.75 from 15th March 2022 onwards.

Legend Credit Card Joining Fee

  • INR 10,000+GST with no vouchers/INR 25,000+GST with Vouchers.

IndusInd is not transparent about the joining fee, but I came to know that this card is available for Rs 10,000 or Rs 25,000 and you get shopping vouchers equivalent to it. However, you may lose what you pay as tax. They seem to be issuing the following vouchers now,

  • 10K Pantaloons voucher

  • 10K Woodland voucher

  • 10K Hidesign voucher

  • 10K UCB voucher

  • 10K voucher

Nice to see a new set of brands with IndusInd these days. Yatra vouchers are best suited for frequent flyers, otherwise, Pantaloons/Woodland/UCB also offers good value for money.

Note: They no longer offer vouchers on the 10K Variant.

IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card Reward points

  • Weekdays: 1RP/INR 100 (1% value)

  • Weekends: 2RP/INR 100 (2% value)

  • 1 RP = INR 1

  • 4000 bonus reward points on spending above 6 lakhs from the date of card issue. Bonus points will be credited after the completion of one year.

So if you can spend INR 6 lakhs in a year, on all weekends, this is what you get: Cash credit of INR 16,000 (INR 12,000 Regular Points + INR 4,000 Bonus Points)

That’s around ~2.6% reward rate which is almost equal to Pinnacle Credit Card issued on INR 50,000 joining fee. So if you can spend with the above strategy, you don’t need a pinnacle card anymore. Just get the legend card.

IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card Airport Lounge Access

  • Priority pass (only membership fee waived)

  • Visa Signature Lounge Access (2 per quarter, only for primary)

However they mentioned that “You can enjoy a free visit in one year to international lounges located in India and abroad.” On their website, there is no proper information on it. In the meantime, they recently added free Priority Pass visits to the Pinnacle Card.

IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card Foreign Currency Mark-up Fee

Enjoy partial waiver on foreign currency mark-up on your foreign currency transactions till 31st December 2017.

  • Foreign currency markup of 1.8% will be charged.

  • The discounted foreign currency markup is applicable for transactions made up to 31st December 2017.

  • A foreign currency markup of 3.5% will be charged and the differential amount will be credited to the cardholder’s card account at the end of the calendar month.

That’s a nice move on the forex markup fee, an element that makes this card one of the best credit cards for global use.

Other Benefits: Roadside Repair Service, Golf Access, Concierge service

Note: While the above cards are some of the best premium cards being offered at the point, IndusInd Bank also has a Pinnacle Credit Card but it’s presently not being offered because of the MasterCard ban.

Apart from that, as you may know, IndusInd Bank also recently launched Vistara Explorer Credit Card with a 0% markup fee, Rs 6K Eazydiner benefits, Vistara Gold Tier, 5 free business class tickets based on spending, etc.