Eazy Diner offers IndusInd Credit Cards Review

Nowadays, almost everyone carries a small rectangular plastic piece in their wallet or bag. These are the Credit Card and the Debit Card. A few years ago, not many people had credit cards. Credit cards are frequently used to make purchases today. Individuals regularly hold many cards. It is easy to comprehend why. There are too many benefits to using a IndusInd credit cards. In addition, more institutions are now supplying them, simplifying the process and offering various options to meet every spending preference and lifestyle.

What are the advantages of owning a credit card?

There are a lot of them. When renting a car, going to the movies, purchasing high-end electronics or fashionable clothing, making local or online purchases, topping off your phone, or paying a bill, using a credit card is one of the most convenient payment methods.

  • Convenience: Why carry a lot of cash when you can swipe your card to pay? With a credit card, you may make any purchase quickly and easily without writing checks or calculating change. Just present the plastic! To scan barcodes and make payments without ever having to carry your card on you, you can even connect your card to your digital wallet.
  • Recurring payments: Although credit cards are great for one-time purchases, you may set them up to automatically make regular payments like your gas, electric, or phone bills. There won’t be a chance that you’ll miss a payment deadline, receive a fine, or have your subscription disconnected.
  • Recharges and tickets: One of the key advantages credit cards have over cash is the ability to pay for a greater variety of online services. For instance, paying with cash upon delivery while buying plane tickets or recharging a mobile device is impossible. Credit cards are easily accepted for payment.
  • Interest-free credit: A credit card offers an interest-free grace period lasting up to 50 days between the purchase and payment. It is an example of buying now and paying later.
  • Rewards: You accumulate Rewards each time you use a credit card to make a purchase. These advantages can be exchanged for delightful gifts and coupons like free vacations or shopping sprees.
  • CashBacks and discounts: Your credit card opens the doors to various Cash Back incentives and Reward Points, especially with chosen offline and online retailers. These offers range from fuel surcharge exemptions to fantastic online shopping deals.
  • Travel in style: You can get free admission to expensive airport lounges, first-class boarding, increased baggage allowance, and other perks by using a credit card.

Types of Credit Cards

You must be aware of these types of credit cards before selecting the best one for you. Find the best match based on your requirements and the advantages offered.

Credit cards for women

Women benefit from having various cards, including credit cards for women. There are credit cards available that are specifically designed for female users. These credit cards provide exclusive savings at supermarkets, grocery chains, and department stores. Women who prefer eating out will have an edge because, in addition to other lifestyle items, credit cards for women include unique dining deals. Almost all banks now provide one or more credit cards specifically designed for women. While some banks reward customers for recreational costs like movie tickets, other banks reward customers for flying.

Silver Credit cards

The entry-level premium credit cards are called silver credit cards. While a silver credit card may not offer as many benefits as a gold or platinum credit card, it still provides more benefits than a standard credit card. A silver credit card is made especially for salaried workers who want the best benefits. Typically, the card has a low or free annual charge. It is accessible to those with good credit histories. These cards have interest-free grace periods that range from 25 to 50 days.

Gold Credit cards

Gold credit cards are high-end cards designed for those with high incomes. It can only be obtained with a strong credit rating. These cards provide up to 100% cash withdrawal limitations and have greater credit limits. They provide excellent discounts on purchases, special access to dining establishments, and access to airport lounges. Cashbacks are available on lodging and travel. The principal cardholder’s family members may receive additional cards from the same account. A gold cardholder receives free travel insurance and high rewards and rebate bonuses. Some gold cards have loss and theft insurance as well.

The most beneficial credit card in India

The best way to make the most of credit cards is to select one that complements your spending style and lifestyle. However, choosing just one credit card from all the available choices could be challenging. IndusInd Bank and EazyDiner have introduced a credit card called the EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card. This card, which has an annual charge of Rs. 1,999, satisfies the customers’ needs for dining by offering many points and savings on related purchases. The card holders can also get discounts on entertainment, travel, and other areas in addition to dining. Continue reading to learn more about this credit card’s main features, fees, and charges.

Food costs are one of our major expenses, whether we eat in or out. Swiggy and Zomato, which have spoilt us with discounts and cashback deals, are our go-to options for eating in. What about cost savings when dining out? EazyDiner and Dineout are helpful in this situation. Leading card issuers and EazyDiner have been partners for a while. However, IndusInd Bank has just introduced a new co-branded EazyDiner credit card.

Welcome Benefits

The following advantages are available while using this credit card:

  • Rs. 1995 per year EazyDiner Prime membership
  • Receive a minimum 25% discount at more than 2000+ premium restaurants and bars and a maximum 50% discount.
  • Unlock Prime-only features like 3X EazyPoints and use them to get free dinners and stays at luxury hotels.
  • Earn 2000 EazyPoints as a welcome bonus.
  • A 5,000 rupee hotel stay coupon from The Postcard

Up to 10 Reward Points

The following reward points are available for rapid redemption by credit card users:

  • Ten reward points are earned for every 100 rupees spent on dining, shopping, and entertainment.
  • 4 Bonus Points on all other Purchases (except fuel)
  • Earn 3X EazyPoints when you use your EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card.

Dining Benefits

The following dining rewards are available with this credit card:

  • Get an additional 25% off up to Rs. 1,000 whenever you go out and pay with the PayEazy app (valid on takeaway as well)
  • An additional 25% savings of up to Rs. 1,000 is available when using the EazyDiner Credit Card and purchasing using PayEazy only while using the EazyDiner App
  • Free premium alcoholic beverages at more than 200 exclusive restaurants exclusively.

Travel Benefits

Take advantage of two free domestic visits each calendar quarter at airport lounges throughout India. T&Cs apply.

Other Benefits

  • Movie Benefits: Two complimentary movie tickets on BookMyShow each month, valued at Rs. 200.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: India’s fuel stations will all be exempt from the 1% fuel surcharge.
  • Renewal Fee Waiver: EazyDiner Membership worth Rs. 1,995 will be renewed upon payment of the Renewal Fee, and 2000 welcome bonus Eazy Points.

What are EazyPoints?

For the following EazyDiner app-approved activities, you receive EazyPoints. You will receive more points for each activity with the 3X EazyPoints benefit.

  • Download the EazyDiner app and sign up: 200 points
  • Spend 2000 points to sign up for Prime
  • Make a reservation: 25 points
  • Provide feedback/ reviews: 50 points
  • Purchase a QSR offer: 10 points
  • Online food ordering: 25 points

Are you considering obtaining an EazyDiner IndusInd Bank credit card?

It will be best to seek a credit card with exclusive dining rewards. It is a fantastic co-branded that enables you to save money on meals and other items like transportation, fuel, movie tickets, etc. The annual fee is undoubtedly a little hefty, but it is offset by a welcome offer of a 12-month EazyDiner Membership valued at Rs. 1,995. Additionally, ten reward points for every Rs. 100 spent in various categories is a fantastic deal.

How can you use your EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card to its full advantage?

By doing these easy steps, you can get the most considerable discount when using your EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card for in-restaurant dining:

  • Step 1: Open the EazyDiner app or website
  • Step 2: Choose the offer at your preferred restaurant
  • Step 3: At this point, confirm your reservation
  • Step 4: Launch the EazyDiner app and choose PayEazy to pay the charge.

What characteristics does this credit card include for contactless payments?

The following are the features of this credit card’s contactless credit card:

  • Shops that accept contactless payments will enable you to make daily payments more quickly.
  • There are over 10 lakh retail stores in India and more than 30 million stores worldwide.
  • Paying bills, shopping online, and purchasing tickets for travel
  • Purchase items online, buy travel tickets, pay utility bills, etc.

What is the customer number for IndusInd Bank credit cards?

Call 1860 267 7777 to get in touch with IndusInd Bank customer service if you have any problems with your credit cards.

Does the EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card have an add-on card fee?

The EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card does not have an add-on card charge.

What should I do if I lose my EazyDiner credit card from IndusInd Bank?

Suppose your EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card is lost or stolen in such a scenario. In that case, you must get in touch with IndusInd Bank customer service representatives right away to get your credit card blocked. Additionally, you can ban your credit card using the mobile app or IndusInd net portal (IndusNet).

How do I find out the status of my EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card application?

You can check the status of your IndusInd Bank credit card over the phone, online, or in person at the IndusInd Bank location that is closest to you.


Two reward categories are available with the EazyDiner IndusInd Credit Card:

  • EazyDiner Rewards: EazyPoints, also known as EazyDiner Rewards, are obtained by dining and a select few other activities. Difficult to acquire because EazyDiner requires us to spend so much money.
  • IndusInd Rewards: These are the standard IndusInd Reward Points; however, they cannot be used on IndusMoments. Through the PayEazy platform, these points can be used in real-time towards the EazyDiner restaurant bill.

EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card fees

The following are significant fees associated with the EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Card:

  • The card’s joining and renewal fees are Rs. 1,999 plus any relevant taxes.
  • The IndusInd Bank EazyDiner Credit Card’s finance costs are 3.83% monthly.
  • The card’s applicable foreign exchange markup fee is 3.5% of the transaction’s value.
  • The EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Card has a cash advance fee of 2.5 percent of the amount withdrawn (minimum of Rs. 300).

Documents Required

The following list of documentation is needed to apply for an EazyDiner IndusInd Bank credit card:

  • Identity Proof: Identification documents such as a PAN card, Aadhar card, voter identification, driver’s license, or passport
  • Address Proof: Aadhar cards, passports, utility bills, or driver’s licenses are acceptable forms of address proof.
  • Income Proof: Recent pay stubs or bank statements (for those who are salaried), as well as an audited ITR (in case of self-employed).


The EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card is a fantastic option if you frequently eat out. With this credit card, you receive a complimentary EazyDiner Prime subscription worth Rs. 1,995. The renewal charge can seem excessive, but considering this card’s advantages, paying a price of Rs. 1,999 for such a premium credit card is completely justified. With this credit card, you can enjoy several benefits, including additional discounts of up to 50% and expedited points on dining-related purchases. It becomes more of a luxury credit card with fantastic privileges across the board and extra features like free lounge access and free movie tickets on BookMyShow, etc.