Guide to Choose HDFC Credit Card Spend Offer Jan – Krow

Recently, spend-based tailored offers from HDFC Bank were delivered to cardholders. When the spending objective is met as part of this promotion, HDFC Bank will award vouchers for Amazon, Flipkart, Big Bazaar, and Big Basket. Cardholders must spend the threshold amount specified in the email from HDFC Bank to receive these vouchers. Credit card spending by Indian consumers seems to have eased a bit after the festive season.

In January the nation’s average monthly credit card spending is forecast to be between Rs 84,000 crore and Rs 88,000 crore, down from Rs 94,700 crore. However, compared to the trend in the first half of this fiscal year, recent expenditures are higher. In FY22, an average of Rs 76,700 was spent each month on credit cards.

In terms of purchases, HDFC Bank’s market share among credit card issuers was 25.1% in December. The market share for SBI cards was 19.8%. Consumer financial services provided by HDFC Bank include banking, investments, credit cards, and other services. As of March 2020, it was India’s largest bank by market capitalization and the largest private-sector lender in terms of assets. A wide range of goods and services are available from HDFC Bank, including auto loans, personal loans, and home loans, as well as online services like PayZapp and SmartBUY.

With their credit cards, HDFC Bank frequently sends enticing Spend-Linked offers, and the Covid/ban season was no exception.

If you have an HDFC Bank credit card, you can get special offers and discounts on things like food, travel, entertainment, and more. One of the broadest selections of the credit card offers on the market, updated frequently, is offered by HDFC Bank. 

Many HDFC Cardholders looked forward to receiving mail from HDFC Bank each month with a target spend offer. To be eligible, a cardholder only needed to spend the amount specified in the offer mailer. They would then be presented with a gift certificate of their choice from a list of well-known retailers, often Flipkart, Lifestyle, Myntra, and BigBasket. 

However, those happy times are long gone because the excellent HDFC spend-based incentive has changed. Discount vouchers, or “Coupons” in everyday parlance, have taken the role of gift vouchers. 

This means that you are no longer free to use the gift cards to make any purchases, regardless of any predetermined minimum purchase requirement. Now, after reaching your spending goal, you will have the opportunity to select a discount voucher from Lifestyle, Myntra, Croma, or Brand Factory. With this voucher, you will receive a discount when buying a product from any of these stores, even after reaching your spending goal. 

Instead of the traditional “voucher,” they have come up with a different offer this time, in which you receive a “coupon” after making the required purchases. Here is all the information you require.

Information about the Offer

Get a discount coupon* worth XXXX when you spend YYYY on your HDFC Bank Credit Card. The offer is valid from January 11 through January 31.

Targeted Offer Type

Except for Myntra, which offers 50% off on spending, most discount coupons are meaningless and only provide a 20% discount on purchases, in my opinion. 

Offer: Spend X and receive Y in gift cards.

Minimum Investment: as said in an email

Reward: Gift certificates as stated in the email.

Targeted; not valid if HDFC Bank notification is not received. Cards that are not accepted include business cards, employee cards, dealer cards, distributor cards, corporate cards, value-plus cards, and commercial cards.

Fulfillment: Within 90 working days after the offer’s expiration date, vouchers will be distributed to qualified clients.

Source: Website and email 

What HDFC Bank Offers and Why You Should Use It

Various Financial Services

Consumers can choose from a wide range of financial services offered by HDFC Bank, including banking, credit cards, loans, and more. The goods and services provided by HDFC Bank are created to meet the diverse needs of a vast group of Indian customers.

Wide Range of Credit Card Options

The goal of HDFC Bank Credit Cards is to satisfy every customer’s needs. The bank offers a variety of credit cards, including Regalia, JetPrivilege, Diners Club, Regalia First, and Diners Club Miles, among others. Each is intended to fulfill a certain function and enable customers to use their HDFC Credit Cards to save more money.

HDFC Bank History, Origin, Founders, Investments

 Hasmukh Thakordas Parekh formed Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) in 1977. The HDFC Bank, a subsidiary of the same group, was established in 1994 to offer banking and financial services to Indian clients. The bank, which has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, bought The Centurion Bank of Punjab in 2008. As of August 2022, HDFC Bank had stakes in several businesses, including Bandhan Bank, TeamLease Services, CureFit, Bevendee, Furlenco, Peel-Works, CarDekho, Reliance Jio, and TISX Capital Advisors.

Tips for Special Savings at HDFC Bank

Get Exclusive HDFC Credit Card Offers

For all credit card holders, HDFC Bank offers a wealth of exclusive deals and discounts on everything from travel arrangements to your preferred places to shop. The bank gives customers the finest privileges based on their financial needs.

Offers for Cashback with HDFC Bank Credit Cards

When you apply for an HDFC Bank credit card through BankBazaar, HDFC Bank gives you the most out of your credit cards, including a Rs 200 Amazon Gift Voucher and other savings at your favorite online and offline retailers.

Contact information for HDFC Bank is 1800 258 3838.

Best Credit Card Offers from HDFC Bank

One of the biggest and most well-known banks in the nation, HDFC Bank offers a variety of services, including credit cards. The bank has a large selection of credit cards that come with a range of deals and promotions for shopping, dining, and other uses. 

Offer #1: Get an Rs. 1,000 discount (minimum purchase of Rs. 7,500) and Rs. 2,000 off (minimum purchase of Rs. 15,000) on domestic flights booked through Yatra

Use the discount code YATHDFC during checkout to take advantage.

Rules of Conduct

The deal is only available on alternating Wednesdays.

Offer 2: On Yatra, save Rs. 2,500 off a minimum purchase of Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 7,500 off a minimum purchase of Rs. 75,000.

Use the discount code YATHDFC during checkout to take advantage.


The promotion is available on alternate 

Offers for Shopping with HDFC Bank Credit Cards

Offer 1: Selected Norton antivirus products and Microsoft M365 Personal are up to 60% discount.

Access the offer by visiting

• Decide which product you want to purchase.

• Click “Buy Now.”

•Select “available offer” and then use the coupon. 

Pay with a credit card from HDFC Bank. Verify your email for a redemption code.


The deal is only valid for a limited number of products and may be modified or discontinued at any time.

Offer 1 for healthcare on HDFC Bank credit cards: 20% off prescription drugs and 20% off NMS Supercash at Netmeds

How to use: 

• Go to to the website.

•  Select Sign up/Sign in.

• Fill out the form and attach your prescription.

•  Select your preference: Search for and add medications or receive a call from Netmeds.

• Apply the promotional code NMHDFC20. 

Terms and Conditions: 

Your order must be for a minimum of Rs. 500, with a maximum discount of Rs. 5,000 and a maximum of Rs. 3,000 in NMS Super cash.


Overall, the offer is not outstanding, and more importantly, one would not be interested in spending significantly more to use such “discount vouchers.”

Additionally, HDFC super premium cards risk losing expenditure to Axis with the launch of new features for Axis Magnus if they don’t take any unique steps to keep users interested.

Displays of any trademarks, trade names, logos, and other intellectual property are the property of the owners of those rights. The display of such IP and the information about the associated products does not imply a partnership between BankBazaar and the owner of the IP or the issuer/manufacturer of those products. 

It’s a wonderful offer all around, and it converts to a 2% incremental reward rate, which is amazing considering the overall reward rate is roughly 5.3%.


What should I do if I never receive targeted offers from HDFC Bank?

You can do a couple of things:

You have a few options:

Make sure their marketing list includes your email address. If you never receive emails from [email protected], contact customer service to be included.

Customers whose HDFC credit card spending is on the lower end receive these targeted offers from HDFC Bank. For a few months, try switching your spending to a different credit card to see if that activates the offer mailers.

Am I still qualified if I didn’t receive the email from HDFC Bank?

If you didn’t get the email from HDFC Bank, you are not eligible.

What are the sender’s email address and the email topic for the offer that HDFC Bank sent?

The offer’s subject is “Your XXX Card = Extra incentives,” and it was sent from [email protected].

How much do I need to spend, and how much of a voucher would I receive if I complete the spending requirements?

Spending goals and voucher amounts vary depending on the consumer category. For further information, see the offer mailer that HDFC Bank issued to you. 

What do the credit and debit cards from HDFC Bank offer?

Use your HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card to make purchases on Amazon. and you’ll receive 10% cash back, up to a maximum of Rs. 4,500 per card. The highest cashback you can receive per order is Rs. 1500, and the minimum order amount must be Rs. 5000.

How do I make use of this offer?

Use your HDFC Bank credit card or debit card to make regular purchases. You are eligible to take advantage of the cashback offer as long as Rs. 5,000 or more is charged to your HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card while purchasing on App.

What happens if I make several orders, each for Rs. 5000?

For instance, you will be qualified for a total of Rs 500 X 9 = Rs 4500 cashback if you place 9 orders of Rs 5000 each on the same day using your HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card.

How much cashback can I get at most once per order?

A cashback on an order can only be up to Rs. 1500. You are eligible for a reward of Rs. 1500 if your order totals Rs. 15000 or more.

Is there a daily maximum for cashback?

No, there is no daily cap on the amount of cashback you can receive. Subject to a maximum cashback of Rs. 1500 for each order, you are qualified for a total cashback of Rs. 4500 even in a single day.

When will I receive my money back?

The qualifying customer’s bank account that is linked to their HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card will be credited with the corresponding cashback under this Offer.

What is the minimum transaction amount to qualify for the cashback during the event?

On Amazon. in, a single transaction must total at least Rs. 5,000 to qualify for cash back, fewer returns, and cancellations. A minimum of Rs. 5000 must be charged to your HDFC Bank Debit or Credit Card.

 How much cash back can I get in total?

During the Offer Period, each card may only get up to Rs. 4,500 in cashback from the Website and the App. Cards linked to the same account that are add-on cards will be treated as a single card.

Are credit and debit cards eligible for cashback under this offer?

Yes, both the HDFC Bank credit card and debit card are eligible for the cashback.

Can I get credit card cash back on EMI?

Yes, EMIs taken out using HDFC Bank credit cards are eligible for cashback under this offer.

 Can I get cash back while using my card to pay for orders with cash on delivery? Including net banking transactions in this offer?

Yes, customers who chose the cash-on-delivery option when placing an order and chose to use an HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card for payment on delivery of the order are eligible for the cashback under this offer. Cash-on-delivery orders placed during the Offer Period must be paid for with a card (only through HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card). Please be aware, nevertheless, that the ability to pay with a card during delivery is dependent on the presence of a card reader at that time and cannot be guaranteed.

We strongly advise that you pay with your HDFC BANK Debit Card or Credit Card online when placing the order to avoid forfeiting the incentives under the Offer.

If my payment failed when I was placing the order, will I still be qualified for the cashback under this offer?

If your payment fails when you purchase on, you can try again. If you change your payment during the promotion time, you will be eligible for the cashback.