Kotak Mahindra launches white Reserve Credit Card

The White Reserve credit card was most recently added to Kotak Bank’s lineup of super-premium cards. The White Reserve and will rank higher than the current White credit card. Similar to the White card, the White Reserve has a stylish premium design that suggests luxury. The new Kotak White Reserve credit card is reviewed here, along with information on its rewards and advantages. This is an improvement over the Kotak white card that they introduced a few years ago.

A super premium credit card, the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card offers special rewards and benefits to cardholders. The card comes with rewards in the form of White Pass Value, which can be used to pay for flights, hotels, gift cards, and other things. Read on to learn more about the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card’s specific features and advantages.

For a INR 12500 joining fee, there ought to have been some benefit, so the lack of a welcome perk comes as a surprise.

Charges and Fees

Joining FeeRs 12500 plus taxes
Welcome BenefitNone
Annual FeeRs 12500 plus taxes
Annual Fee WaiverSpending Rs. 10 lakhs during an anniversary year

Comparing the White Reserve to the White card, the White Reserve has “pricier” fees. This is not currently issued as LTF for customers of Insignia and Optima, unlike the White card.

It appears as though there is no welcome benefit. There should have been some benefit in exchange for the $12,500 joining fee.

What is White Pass?

Kotak refers to the redemption of gift certificates as “White Pass.” We do have some standard ones, such as Amazon Pay, even though Kotak claims that these are only for premium brands. The White Pass can be used to redeem for lodging and flights as well. The value of a Rs 1 White Pass equals 70 paise in this scenario, but cashback redemption is also an option. The complete list of ways to redeem gift certificates is provided below.


High spenders who can surpass the White credit card’s spending thresholds should consider the White Reserve. Milestones for White Cards are Rs 12 Lakh, but for White Reserve they are Rs 1 Cr. The Reserve card’s intended audience is now clear to you.

This card offers a return of 1.6% to 2.5%. This and the credit card rewards programs Kotak offers are quite similar. In terms of returns, the White Reserve is therefore not unique.

Rs 3 LakhsRs 5,000Rs 5,0001.6%
Rs 10 LakhsRs 15,000Rs 20,0002%
Rs 20 LakhsRs 22,000Rs 42,0002.1%
Rs 30 LakhsRs 24,000Rs 66,0002.2%
Rs 40 LakhsRs 26,000Rs 92,0002.3%
Rs 50 LakhsRs 28,000Rs 1.2 Lakhs2.4%
Rs 75 LakhsRs 63,000Rs 1.83 Lakhs2.4%
Rs 1 CroreRs 67,000Rs 2.5 Lakhs2.5%

Kotak White Reserve Credit Card Review – Rewards

This card’s return ranges from 1.6% to 2.5%. What Kotak offers on its other credit cards is quite similar to this. Therefore, the White Reserve is not unique in terms of returns.

Complimentary Club Marriott Membership

Membership in the Club Marriott is free on the Kotak White Reserve

This is a bonus feature of this card. As long as we have the White Reserve credit card, we are eligible for a Club Marriott membership each year. The following benefits are included with membership:

  1. Up to 20% off food and drink costs at participating restaurants in the Asia Pacific region for groups of up to 10 people (excluding Sunday brunches).

  2. Hotels in India and the Asia Pacific region with the Best Weekend Rate are offering discounts of up to 20%.

  3. India spa treatments with discounts of up to 20%

  4. For up to 10 guests, one certificate good at Indian all-day dining establishments offers 50% off food and 30% off beverage bills.

  5. Two certificates, each good for two nights’ lodging at the best rate in India, each offering a flat 30% discount.

  6. A complimentary Club Marriott membership that is good at 350 hotels and 1,000 restaurants throughout the Asia Pacific is provided to cardholders as part of the card’s offer. As a member, you can take advantage of:
  • In the Asia Pacific, you can save up to 20% on food and beverage expenses.

  • Room booking discounts of up to 20%

  • Spa services across India up to 20% off

  • 3 certificates that provide discounts of up to 50% on food and beverage costs and 30% on hotel stays

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

Unlimited access to airport lounges is provided by the Kotak White Reserve credit card.

  • India airport lounges: White Reserve credit card required for entry
  • Access visa Dreamfolks Lounge card for international airport lounges outside of India

Key Advantages

  • 2% markup on foreign exchange

  • Golf Benefits: 2 free gold rounds per month at select golf facilities around the world

  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: The maximum waiver is Rs 4500 per calendar year, with a 1% discount for transactions between Rs 400 and Rs 4000.

Services for Lifestyle Management

  • You can use your card to get help with reservations for restaurants, personal shopping, and more.

  • You can access some of the world’s most exclusive events with the White Reserve Credit Card.
    Party planning and everyday gifting can both be done using this card.

Additional Rewards

The following are additional advantages of the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card:

  • Access to lounges is unrestricted in 1,000 airports worldwide.

  • A 2% minimum forex markup on international purchases

  • 2 rounds of golf per month at specific golf facilities around the world for primary cardholders

  • For primary and addon cardholders at all Indian gas stations, there is a 1% fuel surcharge waiver. Transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4,000 are eligible for the waiver.

Kotak White Reserve Credit Card: Documentation & Eligibility

To be eligible to apply for the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card, customers must fulfill the requirements listed below:

OccupationSalaried or Self-employed
AgeAs per the bank’s discretion
Documents RequiredClick here for the list of acceptable documents

Note: The eligibility requirements and acceptable documents are provided for reference only. Different criteria and documents might be needed in practice.

Are you considering obtaining a Kotak White Reserve Credit Card?

The super-premium Kotak White Reserve Credit Card provides its users with a number of benefits. For those seeking a credit card with multifaceted benefits, including on travel reservations, shopping, and more, the card is a good option.

Additionally, the benefits come in the form of White Pass Value, which can be exchanged for a variety of advantages or turned into cashback. The card also grants holders free access to lounges, golf courses, and concierge services.

However, the annual and joining fees for the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card are quite high at Rs. 12,500. A milestone spending requirement of Rs. 10 lakh, which is also a very high threshold to meet, can also result in the fee being waived. In light of the numerous benefits it provides, you should only choose this card if you:

  • willing to pay Rs. 12,500 for an expensive annual and joining fee

  • Able to spend an annual sum of money greater than or equal to Rs.

  • Want unrestricted access to the lounge

  • love to play golf

Cards like the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card

Cards similar to the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card include some of the following.

Credit CardAnnual Fee (Excluding Taxes)Comparative Feature
HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card Metal EditionRs. 12,500Unlimited lounge access worldwide, free golf games, very good rewards program
HDFC Diners Club Black Credit CardRs. 10,0005 reward points on Rs. 150, 10X reward points on partner brands, 2X rewards on weekend dining
Citi Prestige Credit CardRs. 20,000Privileged golf sessions, convert rewards into air miles

Costs Associated with the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card

The costs and fees associated with using the Kotak White Reserve credit card are listed below:

Fees and chargesAmount to be paid
Joining FeeRs.12,500
Annual FeeRs.12,500
Annual Fee WaiverWaiver of Rs.12,500 fee if you spend Rs.10 lakh annually
Add-On Card FeeNil
Interest Charged on Outstanding Balances3.5% (Annualized 42%)
Minimum Amount Due5% of the outstanding amount
ATM Cash Withdrawal/Call a Draft/Fund Transfer/Cash Advance Per ₹10,000 or part thereofRs.300
Late Payment Charges (LPC)Rs.100 for statement outstanding less than or equal to Rs.500Rs.500 for statements outstanding between Rs.501 and Rs.10,000Rs.700 for statements outstanding greater than Rs.10,000
Over Limit ChargeWaived
Charges for bouncing of chequeRs.500
Foreign Currency Markup2%
Fuel Surcharge1% Fuel surcharge waiver for transactions between values of Rs.400 – Rs.4,000. Maximum Fuel surcharge waiver of Rs.4,500 in a calendar year
Fee for Cash Payment at BankNil
Outstation Cheque Processing FeeWaived
Reissue/Replacement Card (per Issuance)Waived
Charge Slip RequestWaived
Machine Surcharge at ATMsWaived
Balance Enquiry Charges at Non-Parent Bank ATMsWaived
Duplicate Statement RequestWaived
Web Pay Service FeeWaived
Furnishing a Copy of Credit Information Report (CIBIL)Rs.50

Final Remarks

The Kotak White Reserve credit card might not be ideal if you’re after big rewards. For the UHNI clients that Kotak is aiming for, however, this might be a good fit.

  • If you’re looking for a super-premium Kotak credit card, The White Reserve might be a good choice. This card is a lot better than the White card because of the 2.5% rewards, Club Marriott, and unlimited lounge access.

  • There is no justification to get this card, however, if you already have a super-premium card like Infinia, Magnus, or Reserve. On those, we receive superior rewards and benefits.


How much does the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card require in terms of income?

The bank’s discretion will be used to determine the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card’s income requirements.

What is the maximum credit limit on the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card?

The maximum limit of the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card that is made available to the customer will be determined by the applicant’s relationship with the bank as well as a number of other factors, including the applicant’s income, credit score, and more.

How much does the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card’s yearly fee cost?

When using the Kotak White Reserve Credit Card for purchases totaling at least Rs. 10 lakh in the anniversary year, the annual fee of Rs. 12,500 is waived.

How long is the White Pass Balance valid?

Yes, if the White pass balance is not used within 90 days of the anniversary year’s end, it expires and is reset to zero.

How long will the White Pass value be good for?

Your White Pass value will remain active for an additional 90 days after each anniversary cycle.

How do I get my White Pass balance back?

By entering your mobile number and completing an OTP for authentication, you can log in by clicking the link at www.kotakbankwhite.com. After logging in, you can then use your remaining White Pass credits.

What is the process for applying for the Kotak White Reserve credit card?

The quickest way to submit your application is to visit the Kotak Mahindra branch that is closest to you with all the required documentation. The credit card will be issued to you after the bank has reviewed the documents and determined that all the information is accurate.

What must I do if my Kotak White Reserve credit card is lost?

If you misplace your Kotak White Reserve credit card, you must immediately block it by getting in touch with Kotak Mahindra customer service.

What kinds of documents must I provide when I apply for the Kotak White Reserve credit card?

You must include the applicant’s passport-size photo along with proofs of address (such as Aadhaar, the passport, etc.), identity (such as a PAN or voter ID), and salary (such as a Form 16 or other salary-related document).