Kotak Zen Credit Card Review

A shopping credit card with a generous reward point program is called the Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card!

With its liberal gifting of reward points to customers, the Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card is a shopping credit card. Cardholders will receive double benefits for purchases made at department stores, including clothing, jewelry, and leisure items. Along with certain gratis visits to international lounges, the card also provides complimentary Priority Pass Membership, which is an unusual perk for this price range. Only a select few credit cards in India can truly inspire “love at first sight,” and the Kotak Zen Credit Card is one such card with a lovely, poignant, and contemporary design.

Yes, individuals choose cards based on their rewards and perks rather than their design, but if you appreciate art, you shouldn’t pass up this opportunity. 

Zen is a credit card with a unique name. Zen is a term used to describe a serene, composed state of mind. This precise meaning appears to be what inspired Kotak’s Zen card. Even without the benefits, this is a very attractive premium credit card. The Kotak Zen Signature credit card, its rewards, and its advantages are discussed here. Nowadays, practically all of our purchases are made with a credit or debit card.

We use plastic cards while buying groceries, gas, a fresh pair of shoes, or clothing. Credit cards are a necessary component of contemporary living and can be an excellent tool to establish a credit history and make financial savings. The best credit cards offer more rewards than others, like more reward points and cash back.

By utilizing their security features and several payment alternatives, they enable us to earn points and incentives. Credit card issuers have been emphasizing the finer details of their products for years. To make their cards more appealing to people, they have been busy adding additional features.

Overview of Kotak zen Credit Card
Type                                          Premium Credit Card
Reward Rate0.83% – 2.2%
Annual Fee 1,500 INR+GST
Best for Shopping & card design
USP     Milestone benefits

A small group of Kotak clients who require a premium credit card at a low charge point but do not have a premium banking connection with Kotak is catered to by the Zen Credit Card because they would otherwise receive a Kotak Privy League (or) Kotak White card as a gift from Kotak.

Product Specifics – Kotak Zen Credit Card

  • 1500 Zen Points after joining costs are paid; 8 domestic lounge visits are free each year.

  • With a Priority Pass membership, you can access three free international lounges, and earn 7,500 Zen Points when you spend Rs 3,000 annually, and 15,000 Zen Points when you spend Rs 6,000 annually.

  • 1% fuel cost waived on transactions between Rs 500 and Rs 3000;

  • Annual fee waiver on the annual expenditure of Rs 1,50,000 or higher

To find out why Kotak is unwilling to offer an identical welcome incentive for the membership price paid when the rest of the world does.

Rail Surcharge Waiver: Applied to IRCTC reservations. The maximum exemption is Rs 500 per year. We receive 1.8% for IRCTC online reservations and 2.5% for railway counter offline reservations.

Design – Unquestionably, a lovely design to bring out your inner Zen. I could easily persuade myself to spend money just for this design, even though I’m not mature enough to grasp why the wealthy would pay such a large premium for a piece of art (judging from the promotions on art I receive from Amex offers).

That’s because it alludes to much more than just infinity, which is only known to a very few people who have attained the highest levels of spirituality and to those who have learned about it.

We can expect a total reward rate of 1.4% to 2.2% as long as we spend at least Rs 3 Lakh each year. The milestone benefit should have provided a return of at least 1%. That would have increased the value of this card.

Documents Necessary – The following list includes the paperwork needed to apply for the Kotak Bank Zen Signature Credit Card:

• Identification documents such as an Aadhar card, a PAN card, a passport, etc.

• Address proof includes the most recent utility bills, an Aadhar card, a passport, a ration card, a driver’s license, etc.

• For self-employed individuals, recent audited ITRs and bank statements/pay stubs are acceptable forms of identification (in the case of salaried individuals).

Rewards and Advantages

Welcome Advantages – Receiving 1500 Zen Points after paying the membership fee

Movie and dinner – NA

Rewards Rate – Every Rs 150 purchased at Kay Mall entitles you to 15 Zen Points. For every Rs 150 spent on all other categories, you can earn up to 5 Zen Points.

Rewards Redeeming – With the Kotak Reward program, you may exchange these reward points for unique coupons and exceptional discounts on partner products and offers for

1 Zen Point = Rs 0.25. You can also exchange these reward points for cash to cover your purchases at partner merchant stores.

Travel – Access to Free Lounges during Travel Worldwide

Golf – NA

Domestic Lounge Access – Every year, eight domestic lounges are accessible for free. With the Visa Airport Lounge Access Program, you can take advantage of up to two lounge visits each quarter at specific airport lounges.

Access to a global lounge – With a Priority Pass membership, 3 complimentary international lounges are available.

Insurance Advantages – NA

Zero Liability Insurance – NA

Charges & Fees

Joining Fee – Rs 1500 plus applicable taxes

Renewal Fee – Rs 1500 plus applicable taxes

Budget-based Waiver – Upon spending Rs. 150,000, you will not be required to pay the annual charge of Rs. 1500.

Foreign currency markup for rewards redemption – 3.5% added to the conversion price

Rates of Interest – 3.4% monthly (40.80 per annum)

Surcharge for Fuel – Waiver of 1% fuel surcharge for transactions between Rs. 500

Cash Advance Fee of Rs. 300 per withdrawal

Fee for Add-on Card: Rs 299

Advantages and Features of the Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card – One of Kotak Mahindra Bank’s premium credit cards is the Zen Signature Credit Card, which is quite similar to the Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card. It includes thrilling benefits in a variety of sectors. The following list of the card’s specific traits and advantages is included in this article:

Welcome Advantages – You receive 1500 Zen Points as a welcome bonus after paying your Rs. 1500 in membership costs. The add-on card does not allow the use of the welcome bonuses.

Milestone Advantage – On an annual expenditure of Rs. 3,000,000, you can get 7500 extra Zen Points, and on annual spending of Rs. 6,000,000, you can earn up to 15000 bonus Zen Points.

Travel Advantages – You receive eight complimentary domestic lounge visits each year along with this credit card. With the Visa Airport Lounge Access Program, you can use up to two lounge passes per quarter at specific airport lounges.

Along with having access to 3 free international lounges, you also have a Priority Pass membership. The primary cardholders can make use of this deal for a whole year. The primary cardholders who completed at least 4 transactions in the previous year are eligible for this offer.

Waiver of Fuel Surcharge – On purchases between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3000, a fuel fee waiver of up to 1% is available. A maximum yearly fuel fee remission of Rs. 3500 is available. Reward points are not earned on fuel purchases.

Waiver Based on Spend – For a total expenditure of Rs. 1, 50,000, you are eligible for an Rs. 1500 annual fee remission.

Reward Points for the Kotak Bank Zen Signature Credit Card – For every Rs 150 purchased on Kay Mall, you can earn up to 15 Zen Points. For every Rs 150 spent on any other category, you can earn up to 5 Zen Points.

All purchases—aside from fuel purchases and EMI transactions—can earn points.

Rewards Redeeming – You may exchange your reward points for unique coupons and exceptional discounts on partner products and offers through the Kotak Reward program. These reward points can also be redeemed for cash to cover purchases made at partner merchant outlets.

Re. 0.25 is equal to 1 reward point.

Achieving Card – My experience has shown that Kotak’s branch banking is not very good at obtaining credit cards. Back when I was applying for the Privy League credit card, I was checking for this card, but no one seemed to know whether it was still available, so I skipped it.

The majority of the time, the Premium support team’s executives are also inexperienced, but if you have the patience to ask the same question repeatedly, they will eventually provide the information.

When I recently contacted customer service, they confirmed that they would accept a request for an upgrade for the Zen card.

For whom is the Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card available?

To be eligible to apply for the Kotak Zen Credit Card, you must:

  • The applicant must be a citizen of India.

  • A minimum age of 21 and a maximum age of 65 must be specified.

  • The add-on cardholder must be over the age of 18.

  • You must earn at least Rs. 4.8 lakh net annually.

People should be informed that Kotak Mahindra Bank will still assess their application based on aspects including their past payment history, credit history, amount of debt, etc. even if they meet the aforementioned requirements.

In addition, you need to include a few documents with your application.

What is the process for obtaining a Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card?

To obtain this card, stop by Kotak Mahindra Bank or fill out an online application.

The following actions are needed to apply online:

  • The website of Kotak Mahindra Bank.

  • The Zen Signature Card can be found under credit cards.

  • Click “apply now” in that section, and then complete the form.

  • After you have submitted your documents, the bank will review them and check the data you provided. The card will then be delivered to you.

  • Additionally, Kotak Mahindra Bank has unveiled a speedy payment option. Visa pay Wave offers quick, safe, and secure payment solutions.

  • By doing so, you can make payments up to Rs. 5,000 without entering a PIN using just your Kotak Zen Credit Card.

  • Credit cards from Kotak Zen Signature are beneficial for people who: – Enjoy making purchases and engaging in other activities to accumulate credit card reward points.

Those who frequently travel and want free access to airport lounges, as well as those who want bonus rewards and welcome bonus points, may want to think about getting the card.

Bottom line

Rating for card experts: 3.8/5

With a respectable reward rate of 2.2% on expenditure (shopping) up to 6 Lakhs in a year, the Kotak Zen Credit Card can serve your purpose if you’re a shopaholic.

But even a 2.2% return is not worth the trouble of keeping track of the right spending types and rewards fulfillment after a year. Even so, not everyone finds that to be effective.

Therefore, the list of the top premium credit cards may aid you in making the appropriate decisions if you’re seeking premium cards in this category that rewards a wider variety of purchases.

Final Reflections

Kotak Bank’s Zen Signature is a respectable product. Kotak needs to improve its benefits a little bit. A better welcome benefit, for instance, may make up for the joining price. The milestone benefit might also provide a better rate of return. The Zen Signature credit card now places itself somewhere in the middle in terms of rewards. Credit cards come with a variety of features and advantages that can be helpful to the cardholder.

When used responsibly, credit cards can help people improve their financial situation and credit scores.

To avoid running up debt, it is crucial to comprehend the terms and conditions of credit cards before using one.