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Axis Bank has made headlines for all of its positive news, and this latest development is just the icing on the cake. Axis has launched a new promotion in which premium cards earn 2X points on online purchases.

Whenever a person has to borrow money for a temporary obligation, credit cards are essential. On the other side, when you shop online, you can also get fantastic offers and discounts on credit cards. A credit card comes with a tonne of additional advantages. However, since numerous institutions provide credit cards, choosing one can be confusing. Therefore, the Axis Bank Credit Card, which has various features and advantages, has been discussed here. If you are one of the numerous people who already use Axis Bank, you may quickly apply for the Axis Credit Card. Every card has unique offers and bonuses that allow for savings, yet the requirements to qualify for them vary.

One of the largest credit card issuers in India, Axis Bank, has now introduced a special promotion for its users in which they may earn 2x Edge Reward Points on all online purchases. The deal, however, is only valid for a limited number of credit cards that are listed later in the article. To receive its benefits, you must, however, adhere to a number of terms and restrictions.

The Deal

During the promotional time, qualified Axis Bank credit cards can earn 2x Edge Reward Points on all of their online purchases. There will be a maximum monthly ceiling on the reward points that cardholders can earn during the offer period, and the offer will only be valid on a limited number of Axis Bank credit cards.

Offer Specifics

2X Rewards for Online Spending

Offer valid from February

Excluded expenses include purchases of jewelry, clothing, and fuel.

Maximum: Variable depending on the card; information is below.

How to Register? Make a missed call from your registered mobile number to 8657956070.

Fulfillment: Within 90 days of the campaign’s conclusion date.

Offer Origin

The offer is easy and simple, but the only issue is that the terms and conditions appear to be a “targeted” offer because they state that the offer is only valid for those who have received a message from the bank, which I haven’t.

However, after contacting Axis support, they responded through email to say that I am qualified for the offer and can enroll by following the instructions above.

Please feel free to check with them again to ensure that you are on the safe side while I confirm this with them once more.

Offer for 2X Edge Reward Points

Get 2X EDGE REWARD Points on your online spends

 Offer is Valid on the following Axis Bank Credit Cards: –






Offer validity

Offer Valid from 01st Feb’22 Till 31st Mar’22”

steps for claiming the offer

You must make a missed call from your registered mobile number to 8657956070 to opt-in for the offer.

An SMS confirmation will be sent to you.

begin your online purchasing

How can I accept the offer?

You can take advantage of the offer if you have one of the aforementioned qualified Axis Bank credit cards by making a missed call to 8657956070 from your registered mobile phone. After receiving a confirmation SMS, you can begin using your credit card for online purchases.

Terms & Conditions for Offer

Fuel purchases, wallet reloads, and other transactions that have been converted into EMI do not qualify for Edge Points.

On purchases that have been returned or canceled, no Reward Points will be awarded.

When purchasing gold, silver coins, gemstones, or jewelry, no reward points will be received.

Both primary and supplementary credit card transactions qualify for the promotion.

Only if you receive a confirmation SMS from the bank will your credit card be eligible for the offer.

Eligibility for Axis Bank Credit Cards

The eligibility requirements are listed below.

The primary credit cardholder’s age restriction must be 18 or higher.

The primary cardholder’s age cannot be greater than 70.

To apply for an Axis Bank credit card, you must be an Indian resident.

The minimum age requirement for add-on cardholders is fifteen years old.

To be eligible to apply for a credit card, you must meet the required minimum level of income.

For this card, a Cibil Score of 750 or higher is required.

Credit Card Documentation from Axis Bank

The following documents, which verify your identification, address, income, etc., must be submitted.

1 photo the size of a passport

the original and a copy of the PAN card.

Form 16—Last six months’ worth of pay stubs—or a copy of an income tax return—as proof of income.

As proof of residency, you can use your passport, ration card, electricity bill, or landline phone bill.

On the Axis Bank website, how do I apply?

The methods listed below can be used to apply on the Axis Bank website.

the Axis Bank website, and log in.

Click on “Explore Products.”

Select “Credit Cards”

To apply for an Axis Bank credit card, click “Apply Now.” Be sure to provide all necessary personal and professional information.

The bank would be in touch with you to get more information and continue processing your application.

How can I apply in person for an Axis Bank credit card at a bank branch?

Visit the neighborhood Axis Bank location.

Request the Credit Card Application form from the relevant authority.

Along with checking the precise Axis Credit Card you like, thoroughly complete the form.

Send the form and all necessary documents to the representative.

Only when the details are given to match the accompanying documentation will the bank authorize an application.

How Can You Know Your Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status?

It is also important to check the credit card application status. To know the same, you can go online to check whether your application is approved, delayed, or rejected. Also, you can contact the customer care number and the branch, wherein you would have applied for the credit card, to know the current status. If there are discrepancies in your application, make sure to fix those and apply again for approval. As soon as your application is approved, you will be issued a credit card.

How do I find out what the credit card limit is?

Your credit card limit will be disclosed to you when the card is issued. However, the credit limit would be determined by your income, credit rating, and ability to repay. The likelihood of getting a credit card acceptance increases with a CIBIL score. Depending on the pattern of your loan or credit card payback behavior, the scores range from 300 to 900. You can acquire the approval with a score of 750 or above if you make your payments on time and without a history of default.

How to Make an Online Payment with an Axis Bank Credit Card?

To avoid late payment fees, make the payment on time or before the deadline. With online, you may avoid the inconveniences of going to the branch to deposit cash or use a check to pay bills. You can register for Axis Bank’s Internet Banking and set up “Auto Pay” to have any unpaid balances paid for you automatically. Before the bill is generated, the bank will send an SMS alert to your mobile device. You may accomplish the same thing by using the Internet Banking of other banks. Additionally, you can use a payment gateway to pay your debts.

The number for Axis Bank Credit Card Customer Support

Call the 24/7 toll-free customer service number at 1800-419-5959 if you have any questions or concerns about Axis Bank credit cards. The customer service representatives will respond to your inquiries in a timely and suitable manner and work to find a quick solution.

How can you obtain the credit card statement from Axis Bank?

You might not be paying much attention to the monthly statement that the bank sends out. If so, you should modify your behavior and carefully review your statement. The bill can contain a few inaccuracies. You can discover it by verifying the statement, and then notifying the bank to get the error fixed.

The entire statement provides you with information about the purchases made within a specific billing period. Additionally, it displays information such as the total amount owing, the deadline, the minimum amount due, etc. The minimum payment is determined to be 5% of the total balance owing for a specific billing cycle.

Keep an eye out for any new offers

Every time a significant event approaches, credit card providers unavoidably introduce some alluring promotions to entice customers. Additionally, during the year, there may be limited-time discounts. These deals could double your celebration by giving you money or savings. Grab these deals with both hands to save money when you shop.


The planetary positions for Axis appear to be fantastic for February 2022. The excellent news regarding Magnus’ additional milestone bonus, combined with this promotion’s extension and the 10X and 20X offers on Axis Travel Edge at a time when HDFC’s smart purchase 10X program is being cut back, has given Axis an advantage in the sale of Magnus.

Having said that, you should be aware that all promotions are fleeting, and the truth will return as soon as there are enough people present.

For qualifying credit cardholders, especially those who enjoy online shopping, the 2x Reward Points offer introduced by Axis Bank might be very advantageous. During the promotion period, if you possess any of the five cards listed above, your rewards will be doubled. Therefore, in order to take full use of the offer’s perks, it is advised for eligible cardholders to make the majority of their transactions online. Additionally, before taking advantage of the deal, please be sure to read the offer’s full terms and conditions.


Who may apply for a credit card from Axis Bank?

Anyone living in India who is between the ages of 18 and 70 years old and is a resident can apply for an Axis Bank credit card. However, depending on the credit card, Axis Bank has a varying minimum income requirement. Checking your income eligibility is therefore a good idea before applying for a credit card.

“Zero Lost Card Liability”—what does that mean?

If your Axis Bank credit card is lost or stolen, you won’t be responsible for paying any fraudulent purchase transaction fees up to the insured amount. However, you won’t be protected from fraud unless you contact the Axis Bank credit card customer service department or the VISA Global service hotline to report the loss.

Can I convert my purchases to an EMI?

Any transaction you make for INR 2,500 or more can be converted to low-interest EMIs with terms of 3, 6, or 12 months. To convert your purchases to EMI, you can also use the customer support line or the net banking feature.

Do Axis Bank credit cards come with a loyalty rewards program?

Yes, there is a loyalty reward program for Axis Bank credit cards.

Does the Axis Bank credit card allow for the addition of a second card?

An additional card that is provided in addition to your current Axis Bank credit card and has all of the capabilities of the parent card is known as an add-on card or supplementary card. A single user only needs to get in touch with their nearby Axis Bank office to apply for up to 4 add-on cards.

Can I use my Axis Bank credit card to make ATM cash withdrawals?

Yes, all ATMs bearing the Visa logo allow you to withdraw cash using an Axis Bank signature credit card up to 30% of the permitted credit limit.

What options are there for paying Axis Bank credit card bills?

You have several simple options to pay your Axis Bank credit card bills, including net banking, NEFT transfers, electronic clearing services (ECS), auto-debit, checks, and cash

How do I put the reward points I get for every purchase I make with my credit card to use?

You may quickly use your reward points to buy more than 500 carefully chosen reward goods with the assistance of Axis Bank’s rewards program.

What are some of the advantages of having a credit card from Axis Bank Platinum?

Owners of Axis Bank Platinum credit cards are entitled to special privileges including 25% cashback on movie tickets, international emergency assistance, waivers of fuel surcharges, and other advantages.

Which Axis Bank credit card is best for someone who travels by air frequently?

The Axis Bank Miles & More credit card is the best option for frequent flyers since it allows you to accumulate an infinite number of miles that never expire and use them to take advantage of amazing deals on flights and upgrades, hotels, and rental cars.