Digit Two Wheeler Insurance

Digit bike insurance is a central two-wheeler insurance program offered by Go Digit General Insurance. For several years, the insurer has gained considerable spread in the market and has been granted Asia’s General Insurance Company of the Year 2019. 

The two kinds of bike insurance plans proposed by Go Digit are third-party plans and comprehensive bike policy insurance. The insurer maintains a good track history of claim recompense (as per the organization’s report, 72.4 percent of the claims paid are within 15 days). One can cover their bike with digit two-wheeler plan insurance for any premium amount that has to be as low as Rs. 752. 

As a bike insurance policy cover, Go Digit is intended to deliver a tailor-made program with a comprehensive safeguard against varied disasters such as robbery, fire, destruction, earthquakes, tempests, hurricanes, etc. 

Attributes of Digit Bike Insurance

Some of the remarkable features of the Go Digit two-wheeler insurance stand  

Paperless Claims 

Quick, painless, and paperless claim operation via smartphones allowed the function of self-inspection. 

Advance Money for Repair 

One can get cash to fix their vehicle at any nearby garage of their choice, anytime, or anywhere. 

The settlement that is cashless 

One can now create a cashless settlement at additional Digit network service bases with a 6-months time of warranty of restoration. 

List of soundest Digit Two Wheeler Insurance

Third-party two-wheeler policy of insurance 

This Covers losses of third-party and Personal Casualty for the owner-driver. People who normally do not use their two-wheelers so often but still like to have a protective shield around them, so choose a Third-Party Liability Policy. 


  • Harm to someone else’s belongings or vehicle 

  • Unexpected injury or demise of the third party 

  • Option of endless personal harm  cover for the owner or the driver, if One don’t have the one already 

Does not cover

  • Wear to own vehicle because of the accident, robbery, fire, etc. 

  • Add-ons such as Parts Depreciation or even the Breakdown Assistance, etc. 

  • A Comprehensive or Traditional Package policy is positively recommended to bike proprietors, except for certain distinctive illustrations like when the owner seldom rides the bike or if it becomes too old already. 

Digit Standard Insurance Package 

To drive on a two-wheeler in India, it is required to have at smallest a Third Party Liability policy. Nevertheless, only including a Third Party Liability Procedure is not adequate and can leave one and their bike vulnerable. To have full protection for the two-wheeler, it is smart to take a Complete or Standard Package two-wheeler policy insurance. 


  • Covers the entire benefits of Third Party Insurance that includes the damage occurring to a third-party’s belongings or vehicle and even any personal wear to a third-party like hospitalization, demise or disability.  

  • Besides, it also protects loss and wears to its own conveyance due to causes like accidents, fire, theft, etc. 

  • Option of complete personal harm cover for owner-driver, if One doesn’t own one already 

Digit Two Wheeler Insurance- The Reviews

GoDigit is one of the youthful, appearing general insurance businesses in India with a capacity of 10 lakh outgrowths. It has been distributed across 179 nations across the world. Nowadays, it specializes in delivering insurance procedures for bikes, automobiles, and travel. It includes plans to develop its product scope to mobile insurance along with house insurance, in the nearest future. 

Two Wheeler Insurance Claims has got as Simple with Digit 

When they state we’re creating claims and insurance simply, they truly imply it! People hate shelving. That’s a reality. That’s the reason, rather than having to wait willy-nilly for surveyors to inspect for deterioration during an accident, they let the clients self-inspect their own bike’s wear through their smartphone app. 

Owing to a claim settlement ratio of about 97 percent in two-wheelers of claim insurance, One must understand that the company really values claims and won’t whip around the bush to get their client’s claims resolved!  Hence, they truly acknowledge the digital economy. That’s the reason even when it is about the claims – no requirement for hard documents! All they need to do is upload the documents needed during claims, that’s it and everything’s sorted. 

Important Benefits of Digit Two Wheeler Insurance

Paperless claims

Fast and Paperless claims via a Smartphone-enabled self-inspection procedure 

Cashless Restorations: 1000 plus Garages which are Cashless to choose from, from across India. 

Cashless settlement

Cashless settlement at Digit network assistance centers with a six-month repair warranty 

Doorstep Pickup and Repair

Doorstep pickup, and repair and drop of about 6 months of repair warranty 

24*7 Support

24*7 call quick facility precise on National Holidays 

High IDV per rupee

the client can customize their own IDV as per their choice! 

Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Care Numbers / Contact details  

Bangalore  – Atlantis, 95, 4th B Cross Road, Koramangala Industrial Layout, 5th Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095 

Bangalore (Retail office) – Consulate I, Number 1, Richmond Road, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560025 

Email Handles – joinus@godigit.com 

Product-Related Query  and Claims – hello@godigit.com 

Features of Digit Two Wheeler Insurance

Components Depreciation Cover 

there is a decline in the value of specific parts of the bike, like the bumper or fiberglass. So, when wear happens, the total cost of the sub is not given as devaluation is deducted from the claim funds. But this add-on has to be sure there is a cover of Zero Depreciation and one gets the total value of the price of repair or replacement supplied if the vehicle is restored at Digit Authorized Workshop. 

Consumable Cover

 Most think the price of replacement of components like screws, oils, nuts and bolts, grease is shielded in the standard policy, but it is not. Whereas with this add-on, the price is covered. 

Engine and Gear-Box Cover 

If an accident renders wear to an engine, it is protected under a standard package policy. But if it is significant damage, it is not protected. This add-on arrives to rescue, covering the repair costs. The price of the replacement of the engine is around 40% of the vehicle price, which is enormous. 

Return to Invoice Cover 

 If the bike gets robbed or is totally harmed or its repair price calculated is more than 75% of its IDV, the price of buying a comparable new bike is shielded i.e. one gets the ex-showroom cost or last invoice worth, minus the Insured Declared Value. This contains the cost of documenting the new auto and the tax for it. 

Breakdown Assistance (i,e RSA)

Get 24 hours 7 assistance service if there is a breakdown and if need service for a flat tire, power refill, extra key, flat mortar etc.-up to around 500 km from the hub center. 

Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

  • Bike Accident 
  • Casualties  Deteriorations and losses that may occur due to a mishap or collision 
  • Bike Stealing  
  • Theft Covers the losses if a two-wheeler is stolen! 
  • Bike acquired fire 
  • Damages in case of an accidental fire! 
  • Natural Disaster 
  • Damage induced to two-wheelers due to nature’s numerous furies.  
  • Personal Accident 
  • Covers expenses in cases where one is hurt too bad! 
  • Third-Party Losses  
  • When an individual, a vehicle or belongings is hurt or harmed due to the bike’s actions. 

Discounts delivered by Digit Two Wheeler Insurance

NCB (i,e No Claim Bonus)

A no-claims NCB ranges from a value deal of 20-50% and this is something one earns at the end of their policy period by keeping a record of producing no bike accident claims under the bike insurance policy. 

This indicates that one can’t get any claims extra when they buy the first comprehensive bike insurance policy – and just get it on policy renewal. 

Exclusions of Digit Two Wheeler Insurance

It is equally essential to learn what’s not covered in a two-wheeler insurance policy so that there exist no surprises when one makes a claim-  

  • You were going drunk or without a proper driving license. 
  • You have a learner’s license and without an accurate driving license-holder when in the front passenger. 

  • Any wear which is not an immediate result of the misfortune (e.g. after an mishap, if the damaged two-wheeler is operated wrongly and the engine gets harmed, it will not be protected) 

  • Any contributory neglect (e.g. deterioration due to driving a two-wheeler during a flood, which is not suggested as per the manufacturer’s manual, shall not be covered) 

  • Some conditions are wrapped in add-ons. If one hasn’t purchased those add-ons, the related situations will not be covered. 

How to Claim for Digit Two Wheeler Insurance

The claims settlement procedure against Digit Bike Insurance can be originated through these easy 3 steps: 

  • Step 1: Get in contact with Digit Insurance Company on their free toll number – 1800-258-5956. 
  • Step 2: A link for inspection will be given to the user on their registered mobile digit.  

  • Step 3: Choose the method of repair one wishes to opt for, i.e., Cashless via their network of near garages or Advance Cash. 

FAQs – Digit Two Wheeler Insurance

Q. Why is it Necessary to Renew your Expired Bike Insurance Policy on time? 

NCB is the No Claim Bonus that one may have collected over the years if one has never created a bike insurance claim, however. This accumulated bonus usually allows getting a discount on the next bike insurance renewal. Nevertheless, if one doesn’t do it before the bike insurance’s last expiry date, they may absolutely lose out on their NCB absolutely!  

Higher Probabilities of Paying a Fine 

Endure the Financial Brunt – The entire purpose of owning bike insurance is to defend yourself from unpredictable expenses that could appear out of both little and primary accidents or also natural calamities. Not renewing the bike insurance at the proper time, could lead to casualties that one may have to overpower in the possibility of the same. 

Q. Does GoDigit offer pick-up, repair and drop services for insured bikes and cars? 

Yes, GoDigit delivers pick-up, repair and drop assistance for vehicles encircled by Digit Bike Insurance. All one needs to do is contact the consumer care of the company on their toll-free numeral, 1800-258-5956. 

 They have to give the particulars of their insured bike like registration number, policy digit, address from the bike that needs to be picked up, and so on. The bike shall then be picked up, fixed at their closest network garage, and then dropped at the doorstep. 

Q. What are the exclusions of Digit Bike Insurance? 

1. Driving under the impact of alcohol or even drugs 

2. Driving without a right driving license, or with a learner’s license 

3. Any harm that has not been driven by the insured automobile (for instance, if the hurt vehicle is operated after a misfortune during which the machine gets damaged, it shall not be covered) 

4. Any contributory neglect (e.g. damage or mishap caused due to driving the guaranteed vehicle in a flood, which is not suggested by manufacturers, and thus is not covered) 

5. Conditions that are encircled by add-ons, that include not being bought by the Digit Bike Insurance policyholder, shall not be covered.  
Accident or demise caused in the subsequent circumstances: 

Q. Why do I need third party liability insurance? 

Mandatory by rule, Third-party cover covers one against the legal penalty of accidents. It also protects damage compelled to any surrounding belongings. The compulsory essence of third party insurance is pardonable as it makes the procedure easier for the damaged person to retrieve funds from the insured/Insurer.  

Third-party insurance is mandatory for all vehicle owners according to the Motor Vehicles Act. It protects only the legal liability for the deterioration one may compel to a third party – bodily harm, death and deterioration to third party belongings– while using the vehicle.  It is, thus, important to comprehend its scope in particular. 

Q. If I want to opt for Add covers, what are the options available? 

There is a numeral of bike insurance add-ons obtainable and the most popular bike insurance add-ons include: 

Zero Depreciation 
Think of it as an adequate anti-ageing lotion for the bike and its components. Usually, the necessary depreciation amount is still taken into account during claims. Nevertheless, a zero-depreciation cover provides no depreciation is brought into consideration, so one gets the full worth of the cost of restoration/replacement during claims. 

Consumable Costs 
The consumable cover adds an extra shield to the two-wheeler. Covers prices for all the bike’s nitty-gritty too, like the motor oils, nails, nuts and bolts, oil, etc. in a condition of an accident. 

Breakdown Assistance 
The roadside service add-on ensures the company will always be available for their clients and their two-wheeler in the chance of any breakdowns. The most useful part? Asking for help doesn’t actually count as a claim. 

Engine & Gear-box Protection Cover 
Do you know that the price of replacing the engine is about 40% of its cost? In a normal two-wheeler insurance approach, only damages generated during the casualty are covered. Nevertheless, with this add-on, one can especially also protect the life of the vehicle (the motor and gearbox!) for consequential harms caused post the misfortune. This could occur due to water deterioration, leakage of oil, and undercarriage harms. 

Return to Invoice Cover 
If one falls into circumstances where the bike is stolen or sabotaged beyond repair, this add-on arrives in handy. With a return to invoice add-on, the company will cover the expenses of obtaining one the same, or equivalent bike- along with giving the road tax with the needed registration costs for the same. 

NCB (No Claim Bonus)  
NCB is a deal on premium provided to the policyholder for maintaining a claim-free policy term. 
A no-claims compensation ranges from a value of 20-50% and this is something one earns at the end of the policy period by keeping a record of producing no bike accident claims underneath the bike insurance approach. This means that one can’t get any claims premium when they buy their first comprehensive bike insurance policy –and thus one can only obtain it on their policy renewal. 

A No Claim Bonus is indicated for the bike insurance policyholder however of the bike. This implies, even if one switches their bike, the NCB remains with them only. 

Along with these, the company also provide the following Add on cover-  

· Roadside Assistance 
· Protection of Engine  
· New Vehicle for Old Vehicle 
· Hospital Cash 
· Accidental Hospitalisation 
· Outstanding Loan Protector 
· EMI Protector 


Act only or also termed as the Third-party policy shields only the legal liability for the deterioration caused to a third party such as the bodily injury, casualty and harm to third party belongings – while operating the vehicle. A third-party insurance plan does not include deterioration to their own vehicle. 

Q. How to reduce your Two Wheeler Insurance Premium? 

If one owns no claims for more than around 4-5 years, they can look at expanding their Voluntary Deductible and reducing the bike insurance premium. 

This is evident but necessary. 

Talk to the insurance company. If one feels they are still not accumulating cheap bike insurance, it’s not a subpar idea to contact the insurance once before making the final decision.  

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