Do’s and Don’ts of Owning Health Insurance Policy

Our company wants the best for you, and for that, we have come up with a list of Do’s and Don’ts bullet pointers to keep in mind before you go and buy any Health Insurance Policy Plan.

Do’s of Health Insurance

To begin with, I know that you all are well aware of your needs and rights but there are times when we all fail and fall and end up being trapped in something serious. Just to avoid this situation, here is a list of the Do’s that you need to by heart. Okay? Let us begin,

1. Understand Your Requirements And Needs – A couple of times, it is seen that people buy a health insurance policy plan without actually understanding and observing what they might need or they might not need. Owning a policy plan without understanding your own requirements will either leave you under-covered or over covered. Both the situations will stimulate a volcano to erupt in your pockets. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy a medical insurance policy plan that is completely suitable for your requirements. Just for an example, go for an individual health insurance plan if you do not have any dependants, hop on to a senior citizen plan for your retired parents, or buy a family floater plan if you are married and children.

2. Due Diligence – Owning a health insurance policy plan is like going for a purchase of a product that is extensively available in the local market. And as soon you roam around and take a look at different available models and their benefits and features while before a product of your choice, what you are actually supposed to do this be well versed with all the highlights and drawbacks and everything in short.  Basically research is mandatory. Similarly, researching well about the types of the plan or the insurance company you are about invest is also very important, just to avoid future chaos and ensure proper security AMD coverage.

3. Buy Health Insurance Online – We humans, we generally trust the other person more than our eyes and our self attained knowledge. So, to buy an insurance policy plan, people make a call to their insurance agents. And in this, they put in zero, exact zero efforts to go the particular company’s website to gather all the relatable information and then buy the health insurance policy plan. But lay some extra emphasis that as the times are changing, and so insurers are making some customer-centric plans. It is extremely evident that the process of buying a health insurance plan has become very simple that you can avail just by yourself without depending on an insurance agent.

4. Compare Medical Insurance – This is undoubtedly one of the best features of buying a health insurance online, you can easily compare different health insurance plans very easily and quickly. There is no mannual work needed. To compare health insurance policy plans, all you need to do is to visit the website of any health insurance company and simply compare plans with the help of a comparison tool available online.

5. Read the Policy Document – The most important characteristic of owning any kind of insurance is to go through the policy document very thoroughly. Agreed? A policy document is full of very detailed terms and conditions which is mentioned in highly a technical language, but all you need focus on is to be aware of the protection provided, exclusions, inclusions and also the terms and conditions mentioned in it. And just im case, if you fail to understand any part of the text written there, you can quickly get in touch with your insurance provider, the customer care executives will be more than happy to help you.

Don’ts of Health Insurance

 Now, after getting well equipped with the Do’s, here is list of Don’ts that you have keep in mind too while investing into any of the health insurance policy plan.

1. Don’t hide the Status of your Health – When you think of buying a health insurance plan, your insurance provider offers you with a financial cover in case of any medical emergency. And in this case, if you choose to hide the status of your current running health and make a claim for a situation that is not under the cover in the policy, your claim will be rejected. So, it is advised to never ever give false information or hide the status of your health while buying the policy.

2. Don’t Avoid buying extra cover when required – With a health insurance policy plan, you are eligible to get the 360 degrees of protection if a medical emergency strikes. To make this happen, you have to be sure that you purchase a proper cover for yourself. If you feel that your current policy is not correct then, you should think of buying an extra coverage. Just for an example, a mediclaim policy offered by your employer can be at times not be sufficient, in this case, you can empower your cover by choosing a separate health insurance policy plan.

3. Don’t delay renewing your Medical Insurance Policy – The tenure of a health insurance policy is generally one year, ahead of an year you have to renew your policy plan. Keep in mind that, you cannot go for a claim if your policy has expired. Thus, to keep your financial situation up to date and intact, renew your health insurance policy on time.

4. Don’t buy unless you understand the plan – Last but not at all the least one– do not go for a health insurance plan if you do not fully know what it serves you. It might not cover your needs and requirements and leave you under covered. This can be considered as if you are not buying health insurance plan at all. Always, it is recommended to seek help whenever you are in doubt.


In the end, as it is always said, that precaution is better than the cure, so similarly, I’ll suggest you all to please open up your eyes wide and keep all the above mentioned Do’s and Don’ts in your mind intact and pinned up high before you select any of the Health Insurance Plan for your ans your family’s protection and wellbeing.

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