Absolute Guide to Best Fixed Deposit Schemes for Indian Citizens

The desire for money has surpassed the need for oxygen in terms of importance for survival. Our desire to live well and have a secure future motivates us to work and earn money, which introduces the concept of investment into this setting. Money may be invested in a variety of ways and across a range of time frames. Buying gold and silver, buying RDs, investing in the stock market, etc. are a few prominent investment strategies. A common investment strategy that many individuals prefer to use is the fixed deposit (FD).

Fixed deposits are one of the low-risk investment options that the majority of us favor. Investors today have a variety of FD choices to choose from, including time deposits with post offices, deposits with banks, and deposits with non-banking financial institutions. A fixed deposit program is worth investing in for a variety of reasons, including its rate of interest, its adaptable term, and its safety for our hard-earned money. The fact that the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation protect bank fixed deposits is a significant factor.

Business Fixed Deposit schemes

Fixed deposits issued by corporations or companies typically have higher interest rates, ranging from 9 to 16%. Investors who are hesitant to make stock market investments frequently hold business fixed deposits.

Here are a few governments and other finance companies’ high-yield fixed deposits:

National Housing Board

NHB, which is owned by the Reserve Bank of India, aims to lower the cost of housing loans. There is no TDS deduction up to Rs. 5000 in interest income with a minimum deposit of Rs. It offers a 9.25 percent interest rate and the opportunity of premature cancellation, subject to a few restrictions.


A technological financing company owned by the Indian government is called HUDCO. Fixed deposits must be at least Rs. 50,000 with no TDS deducted up to Rs. 5,000 in income interest. It has a variable interest rate:

• 9% annually

• 10% annually

• 20% annually

• 3 to 6 years – 9.005 per annum.

Financial Services Limited by Mahindra & Mahindra

One of the top fixed deposit programmers offered by Mahindra is MMFSL. According to the urban or rural sector, this leading NBFC offers tailored financing for cars and other vehicles. The required minimum payment is fifty thousand rupees. The available interest rate is as follows:

• One year: 9.25% per year

• Two years: 10.08% per year

• Three years: 10.25% per year

• Four to six years: 9.75% per year

• Senior citizens: 0.25% additional

Pharmaceutical Company Plethico

Plethico Pharmaceuticals chose their interest rate with consideration for all age groups. For a three-year fixed deposit, one receives interest at a rate of 12 percent, with elderly persons receiving an additional 0.50 percent.

Deposit for DHFL Aashray

A corporate fixed deposit program called DHFL Aashray Deposit offers a competitive interest rate and generates a high rate of return on investment. This FD program is regarded as one of the best-fixed deposit programmers in India because it was created expressly to meet the needs of the consumers. The scheme has a minimum duration of 12 months and a maximum tenure of 120 months. The maximum interest rate available under the DHFL Aashray Deposit Scheme is 8.00% annually.

Fixed Deposits at Shriram Transport Finance Company

This well-known non-banking loan provider for commercial vehicles has a fixed deposit programmed with enticing interest rates of between 7.95% and 8.88% annually. The FD scheme has a duration that can be as short as 12 months or as long as 5 years.

ICICI Fixed Deposits Home Finance

This is a division of the ICICI Bank, which focuses mostly on mortgage lending. Fixed deposits from ICICI Home Finance are available for terms ranging from one year to five years. The program uses the cumulative interest to give the consumer better returns.

Fixed Deposit Programs at Banks

The RBI regulates non-banking finance companies as well as banks that offer bank FDs. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guarantees deposits up to Rs. 1 lakh. Bank fixed deposits offer lower risk probability and a lower interest rate than corporate fixed deposits.

Dream retirement plan offered by ICICI Bank

Investing and benefit periods are included in this retirement planning or investing program. During the benefit period, some of the annual amounts are paid; the remaining amount is paid upon maturity. An interest rate of 8.50% and a minimum payment of 2000 Rupees are required. It is a ten-year period.

Fixture deposit programmed for the Dream Education Plan from ICICI Bank.

This is the one-of-a-kind and ideal fixed deposit plan to buy when focused on children’s education. It consists of an investment phase and a benefit period, with the investment being made every month. Annual payments are made during the benefit term, and upon maturity, the full amount is received. With a minimum deposit of Rs. 500, one can invest for periods ranging from 1 to 10 years at an interest rate of 8.50%. You must have a children’s account with ICICI Bank.

V Vaibhav Scheme at Vijaya Bank

9.1% p.a. in interest is offered on this one-year short-term fixed deposit. No auto-renewal choice is available. Each region has a different minimum deposit requirement.

Super Earner Deposits Program at J&K Bank

This fixed deposit program offers floating interest rates that are established by the bank regularly. Interest rates are a fantastic alternative for investment because they are frequently seen to fluctuate between low and high levels. For six months to ten years, an individual can invest up to Rs. 10 lakh per month.

Regular Fixed Deposits Program at HDFC Bank

A simple investment with better returns is provided by HDFC Bank’s regular fixed deposit program. The strategy provides a profitable interest rate, investment flexibility, and investment safety all at once. The interest rate for the HDFC standard fixed deposit scheme ranges from a minimum of 3.50% to a maximum of 6.90%.

• Indian citizens,

• Hindu Undivided Families, 

• Partnership Firms, 

• Sole Proprietorship Firms,

• Limited Companies

 Trust Accounts and Trust Accounts are the individuals and groups who are eligible for Regular FD.

Term Deposits Offered by SBI Bank

One of the best-fixed deposit programmers is the SBI bank’s SBI term fixed deposits program, which offers a simple investment opportunity with a competitive rate of interest. A term deposit scheme’s interest rate can be as low as 4.50% or as high as 6.75%. While there is no maximum deposit amount cap under the scheme, there is a minimum deposit amount of Rs. 1000. Seniors receive an additional 0.25% interest rate on deposits over Rs 10,000. SBI term deposits additionally permit early withdrawal.

Fixed-rate tax-saving deposits with IDBI Bank

One of the best-fixed deposit programmers in India, the Suvidha Tax Saving Fixed Deposits Scheme is offered by IDBI. It combines the advantages of tax exemption under Section 80C of the IT Act with profitable investment returns with an interest rate of 6.00% per annum. Investors in the IDBI Suvidha Tax Saving Fixed Deposits Scheme may be either individuals or Hindu Undivided Families (HUF). A person may invest up to Rs. 1.5 lakh for five years under this FD program.

FD Schemes’ Features and Benefits

The interest rates listed above are for various banks’ fixed-term deposits. Right now, we’ll give a brief overview of these schemes.

Deposits with the DCB Bank:

• Ten years to seven days are included in the tenure.

• Flexible solutions exist for paying interest.

• The minimum deposit amount for this program is Rs. 10,000.

• Feature to borrow up to 80% of the amount of a fixed-rate deposit.

• For non-cumulative options, the program offers quarterly, half-yearly, annual, and quarterly interest payouts.

Deposits with IDFC First Bank:

• This FD has a duration that varies from seven days to ten years.

• This bank provides an additional 0.50% interest rate for senior persons.

• Simple interest with a 180-day maximum term.

• In the event of an early withdrawal or closure, seniors are not penalized.

• When a term exceeds 180 days, the interest is compounded every three months.

Deposits with the IndusInd Bank:

• The length of the investment is between seven days and five years.

• Withdrawals in parts are permitted.

• Seniors receive an additional 0.50 percent off FD rates.

• Upon maturity, the interest might be paid on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis.

• It is possible to nominate someone and choose to automatically renew.

• The linked current or savings account will be credited with the amount due as interest.

Fixed Deposit at RBL Bank:

• The fixed deposit tenure extends from seven days to twenty years.

• The option of nomination is available.

• There are options for both partial and full premature withdrawal.

• The FD account is simple to access via online and mobile banking.

India’s Best Fixed Deposit Investment

Your fixed deposit is a fixed-income savings account where you make deposits for a predetermined amount of time at a predetermined interest rate. All of the major banks and financial institutions provide fixed deposits. You can contribute a certain amount to this plan, and you will receive a fixed interest rate on that amount.

It is prohibited to withdraw investment funds from a fixed deposit before the maturity period. The length that a person chooses for a fixed deposit should be between seven days and ten years. Furthermore, your interest rate will be predetermined by the tenure you select. A monthly or quarterly interest payment will be made to the investor, who will profit from it.

The Things to Think About Before Investing in Fixed Deposits

Before opting to invest in fixed deposits and selecting the best bank for FDs, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Maximum Deposit

The deposit cap is the first thing to take into account. A bank’s maximum fixed deposit amount is referred to as the deposit limit. This is because banks frequently use this sum as a benchmark when determining whether or not to extend you a fixed deposit.

Rates of Interest

The interest rates that various banks offer should be the next factor you take into account when investing in fixed deposits. Various banks may charge varying interest rates based on their financial standing and ratings.


Liquidity is a crucial aspect to take into account before making a fixed deposit investment. This refers to the speed at which your funds will be accessible when needed. You should also confirm that the bank has sufficient cash on hand to pay out your fixed deposit when it matures (after a certain period).

Tax Advantages

A fixed deposit is a great option if you want to gain a tax advantage on your income. By claiming it as a tax deduction, you can use the government-provided interest rate deduction as an exemption from income tax. You might be eligible to claim a specific amount of interest depending on your salary and other factors.

Overview of India’s Top Fixed Deposit Schemes.

By AXIS Bank

Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Axis Bank Limited is a well-known banking and financial services organization in India. 

For customers to safeguard a particular portion of their money for a set period, Axis Bank offers a variety of fixed deposit solutions. By protecting their funds and using them wisely in the future, depositors can increase their earnings thanks to the competitive interest rates offered on Axis Bank Fixed Deposits.

At account opening, customers are required to make the required minimum deposit. The FD amount cannot be withdrawn before the maturity time, in addition. As a result, many people consider Axis Bank to be among the top banks for fixed deposit investments.

By Bandhan Bank

A banking organization with its headquarters in India is called Bandhan Bank Limited. Treasury, retail banking, and corporate/wholesale banking are the company’s segments. The central funding unit is a part of the Treasury division, which also includes investments in government securities and trading activities.

Lending to individuals and small businesses through the branch network and other delivery channels is included in the retail banking category, subject to the product’s orientation, type, granularity, and low individual exposure value.

Baroda Bank

In India, the Bank of Baroda provides banking and financial services. Treasury, Corporate / Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, and Other Banking Operations are some of its segments. Both domestic and international operations are included in its geographical component.

It provides personal banking services, such as term deposits, current accounts, and savings accounts. It is a well-liked option and one of the Indian banks that offer the greatest fixed deposit rates.

By Canara Bank

A bank with its headquarters in India is called Canara Bank Ltd. The segments of the bank are Treasury Operations, Retail Banking Operations, Wholesale Banking Operations, Life Insurance Operations, and Other Banking Operations.

The Bank offers services for individuals, businesses, non-resident Indians, Internet banking, and micro, small, and medium-sized companies (MSME). Education loans, auto loans, mortgage loans, and other personal loans are all included in its retail lending activities.

By HDFC Bank

Private sector bank HDFC Bank Limited (the Bank) is based in India. The Bank offers a variety of banking services, including transactional/branch banking for regular customers and commercial and investment banking for wholesale customers.

The Bank’s Treasury division is made up principally of net interest income from its investment portfolio, borrowing and lending in the money market, gains or losses on investment operations, and accounting for trading in derivatives and foreign exchange. The best FD program in India is frequently cited as being offered by HDFC Bank.

Final Verdict

If you have a sizable sum of money saved up for investments, a fixed deposit is a wise choice. Investments with little risk include fixed deposits and recurring deposits, whilst those with significant risk include MIS.

While FDs are secure investments, choosing one requires considering several aspects, including the certainty of earnings, risk assessments, cash earnings, dividends, and other difficult-to-predict factors. Always investigate the many rewards and plans available before selecting the most lucrative one while making such investments.

With the aid of a fixed deposit calculator, you may choose an appropriate plan and make deposits that fit within your budget. Before you even make a decision, you can quickly calculate your FD interest rates properly and understand how the investment you are picking will develop over time. 


When will the money from my FD interest be credited to my account?

This will be determined by the interest payment you chose when you booked the FD. It may be credited to your savings account on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. If you select the reinvestment option, the interest will be added to the principal amount over time and compounded; it will only be credited to your savings account when the FD matures.

If I take a premature withdrawal from my FD, would I still receive the same interest?

The majority of banks charge a penalty of 1% to 2% of the interest rate if you prematurely close your FD.

On the interest I receive from my fixed deposits, do I have to pay TDS?

Only if the interest earned on your FD for a fiscal year is greater than Rs. 10,000 or Rs. 40,000 must you pay a 10% Tax Deducted at Source (TDS). There is a set TDS of 20% if you do not give a PAN card when booking your FD.