Application for the Withdrawal of Fixed Deposit – Krow

Fixed Deposits are the safest investment instruments. You invest the quantum of your choice as the fixed deposit in a lump sum for the set duration and earn interest on it over the term period. Upon maturity, you can withdraw the finances that you have accumulated over the times as your investment returns. The minimal quantum and the term duration for the fixed deposit vary from bank to bank. You can’t withdraw the quantum that you have invested till maturity. In case of extremities, like terminal illness, education, or death, banks allow you to withdraw your finances precociously. Banks do put penalties on early recessions.

What’s the Withdrawal of Fixed Deposits?

There are duty-saving and regular fixed deposits. You can not withdraw duty-saving fixed deposits indeed in extremities. You can, still, liquidate your investment in case of some critical requirements. After going through your operation to withdraw a fixed deposit, the bank allows you to withdraw the quantum you have invested. Some banks charge 0.5 to 1.00 of the interest rate as a penalty on the unseasonable pullout. Some banks put a penalty if you invest the quantum back again after the emergencies. However, the bank won’t pay you any interest on that, If you break the fixed deposit before 7 days of investing in it.

How to Initiate Withdrawal of Fixed Deposits?

There are broadly two ways following which an individual can close the fixed deposit account, that is, through net banking and/or by visiting the branch. Steps to initiate the pullout from the fixed deposit for both modes are as follows

1. Through Net Banking

Step 1:- Visit the bank’s sanctioned website.

Step 2:- Log in with your client Id.

Step 3:- Click on the fixed deposit tab.

Step 4:- Click on the close A/C precociously tab.

Step 5:- Fill in all the needed details.

Step 6:- Mention the reasons for ending.

Step 7:- Click on confirm tab.

Step 8:- Fit the OTP or the word you entered on your registered mobile number.

Step 9:- Your fixed deposit will be closed, and plutocrat will be deposited into your account.

2. Visiting The Branch

Step 1:- Visit the bank’s original branch.

Step 2:- Fill out the fixed deposit check form and the operation for the fixed deposit pullout.

Step 3:- Submit fixed deposit bond and other needed documents.

Step 4:- After vindicating all the details, plutocrat will be deposited into your account.

Application for the Withdrawal of Fixed Deposits

While submitting the Fixed Deposit check or the unseasonable pullout form, you need to submit the operation stating the reason behind your conduct and the exigency for that you bear the finances. Following is one of the formats of the operation for the pullout of a fixed deposit.


The Branch Manager,

Bank name),

Branch address in one line/megacity name),



Your name,

Address (As mentioned in bank records),

Phone number (As mentioned in bank records),

Dispatch ID (As mentioned in bank records)

Subject Request for the unseasonable pullout of fixed deposit Closure of fixed deposit.

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

I’m a fixed deposit account holder in your branch. My fixed deposit account number is FD A/C, (Mention account number). I had opened fixed deposit on, (mention correct date in dd/ mm/ yyyy format) in the name of, (an individual is needed to mention their fixed deposit account holder’s name, if it’s on your name citation that). My fixed deposit will develop on date, (mention correct date in dd/ mm/ yyyy format). I’m writing this letter to you for unseasonable pullout of fixed deposit/ check of fixed deposit because, (mention the reason then).

I’m requesting you to kindly look into the matter and credit the quantum to my savings regard. My savings bank account number is as follows:- SB A/C, (individuals need to mention their savings bank account number). I’m hereby enclosing the Fixed Deposits damage along with all the needed documents.

Please do the needful at the foremost.

Thanking you,

your hand as it’s in bank records)

Your name


FD damage

KYC documents

Closure form

* Effects to Keep in Mind While Writing the FD Withdrawal Application

There are a many effects you need to keep in mind while writing a fixed deposit pullout operation

1. Double check all the information that you have mentioned in the letter, substantially regard figures.

2. Bank will ask you to submit the original Fixed Deposit bond or damage.

3. Still, mention that in the letter, or if you have the photocopy of the original, If you have lost your original fixed deposit bond or damage.

4. Some banks need information regarding advice you entered at the time of taking the fixed deposit.

5. Some banks might ask for other supporting documents of the reason for which you’re breaking the fixed deposit. Kindly mention those or give them with documents.

In Conclusion

Fixed deposits earn plutocrat for you without any threat. Indeed though it’s the safest route, it can still be a great loss for you if you decide to break it precociously. The interest rate will be a lot lower on your returns. Also, banks levy penalties on precociously withdrawing from the fixed deposit. Penalty charges can be avoided if you choose to reinvest the plutocrat. Thus, you’re advised to refrain from withdrawing precociously from the fixed deposit unless it’s necessary.


Q1. Can I save duty on fixed deposit returns?

Ans. No, you can not save duty on fixed deposit returns. Returns will be considered as your income for that fiscal time. You can invest in the duty savings fixed deposit schemes especially designed to save duty. These duty saving Fixee Deposits are generally of the 5 time term, and you can not break or withdraw plutocrat from them indeed in the case of an exigency.

Q2. Can I break Fixed Deposits in the cinch in period?

Ans. piecemeal from duty-saving Fixed Deposits, other FDs don’t have a cinch in period. However, you can not break the Fixed Deposit during that period, If your bank has mentioned a specific cinch in period. Some banks give a trial period from 7 days to 6 months. An individual can break the Fixed Deposit scheme during that period without giving rise to any sort of penalty. Still, banks will not be eligible to pay you any interest on your investment during that period.

Q3. Do I need to give any referral or guarantee for opening up a fixed deposit account?

Ans. No, since fixed deposits bear you to pay the quantum in a lump sum, you don’t have to give any referral or guarantee while opening up the account. Your credit score or credit history also won’t impact your eligibility to invest in a fixed deposit.

Q4. What’s the procedure of pullout of/ check of FD if it’s opened concertedly?

Ans. You need to follow the same procedure for the withdrawal/check, except signatures of both the account holders will be needed, in case of the Fixed Deposit is opened concertedly.