Future Generali Car Insurance


Car insurance is necessary for every car owner as it provides protection from car damages and injuries that happen to the third party in an accident. Future Generali car insurance is India’s most trusted insurance. It provides insurance policies for owners who require simple insurance policies. There are several benefits to this insurance; it is a simple and efficient process and it offers towing services if an accident occurs outside the city.

Future Generali offers 24×7 customer service. All claims are solved within 7 working days. These are the best car insurance policies offered by future general car insurance are private car insurance, two-wheeler insurance and liability only insurance. This policy not only covers damages caused due to transit of rail, road and elevator but also damages caused due to natural calamities and even problems which are caused due to theft and malicious crimes. Add on covers include zero depreciation, loss of keys, loss of personal belongings and roadside assistance. Personal accident covers of RS. 1lakh is given to the individual. 

Features of Future Generali Car Insurance

Future Generali car insurance is provided to the owner with minimum effort and documentation. It has a chain of 3000+ workshops and garages. Customer assistance is provided for 24 hours by a specialized team. Within a few minutes, online the owner can apply for the insurance policy. Timely reminders are provided at free cost. Add on coverage is also provided. 

Coverage Under Future Generali Car Insurance

It provides coverage of damages caused due to natural calamities like fire, explosion, flood, hailstorm, landslide, typhoon, cyclone, flood, storm, hurricane and landslide. It also provides protection from theft, burglary, riot, terrorist activity, strikes and accidents by external means. Any damage if the car is during transit whether by road, elevator, inland waterway and rail are covered. 1 lakh is given in case of death or permanent total disability. It also protects us from injury claims that are made by a third party. The insurer will provide loss for your compensation. 

Third-party coverage: This is meant for damages caused by the owner to the third party, which include injury and even death of the third party. Even if we damage the property of a third person. This provides the claim settlement for a third party. 

Personal accident cover: Personal accident cover offers RS. 1 lakh. Provided if he or she has a valid driving licence. 

Paid drivers, cleaners, conductors and employees who are travelling in the vehicle are covered in this policy. 

Add on Covers

Future Generali car insurance has two options for car insurance plans; they are future express and future express+. Future express prioritises repair services, customized services and reduced costs. Future express+ prioritises instant loss assessment, claim finalization and choosing workshops for repairing vehicles. The silver plan offers IDV, depreciation cap and consumable add on covers. The gold plan provides personal accident cover, loss of belongings. The platinum plan offers inconvenience allowance cover and personal liability cover. The depreciation cover protects the customer against the depreciating value of vehicular parts and ensures the full amount is claimed. The IDV cover includes insured value, registration, road tax and insurance. In personal accident cover, 50 Lacs is provided. Even the loss of key cover provides lost keys to the owner with compensation of Rs.50, 000. If the personal belongings are lost a compensatory amount of Rs. 50, 000 is provided. 

Depreciation cap: This protects us from the depreciating value of vehicular parts. 

IDV: This gives you access to insurance declared value of invoice, registration and road tax. 

Personal accident cover: This provides a sum of RS.1 lakh. 

Loss of personal belongings: This provides compensation of 50, 00,000. 

Loss of keys: Insurance loss of keys of your vehicle is provided with compensation of RS. 50, 00,000. 

Inconvenience allowance: when your vehicle breaks down it provides an allowance for 15 days for 3,000rs every day. 

Advantages of Future Generali Car Insurance

It provides the best policy with utmost efficiency. Since the process is online it is stress-free and completed early. Policy renewable is also simple and efficient. 

Instant policy issuance: Being an online process, it is a completely stress-free process. You can get an e-copy easily forwarded to your email. 

Minimum documentation: Compared to the traditional way of application, which requires several documents and paperwork, the online application requires minimal documentation 

Saves time: You need not visit the insurer company, to issue the policy. You can issue the policy at your home. 

Information at fingertips: Any information about the company can be known easily through the internet. 

Application process

Individuals interested can log into the insurer website and receive a quote. They can purchase through websites like policybazaar.com. Individuals can call up the sales helpline number. Applicants can write directly to fgcare@futuregenerali.in. They can chat online with a customer service representative from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM. They can request a call back from the company by leaving their email id and phone numbers. For offline application, applicants can walk into the branch of future general car insurance and consult an agent. 

Documents required for application

For own damage claims: certificate of insurance cum policy schedule, copy of registration certificate, driving licence, estimates, photographs, survey reports, survey fee bills, Re-inspection report and invoice for repairs. 

Documents for commercial purpose: Fitness certificate, copy of first information report, permit, load challan. 

Theft claims: claim intimation, original policy, claim form, RC book, key set, sales invoice, report submitted to regional transport office, final report, transfer papers, indemnity bond and subrogation letter. 

Third-party claims: duty signed claim, certificate of insurance cum policy schedule, driving licence, FIR, notice from court and RC book 

NEFT payment: a cancelled cheque for NEFT payment and anti-money laundering documents 

Identity proof: passport size photo, pan card, passport, licence, voter id. 

Address proof:  telephone bill/electricity bill/bank statement/ ration card. 

Claims Process

You can find a copy of the claims form in the insurance policy kit. You can also consult an agent in the branch of future generali. Alternatively, you can download the claim form from the internet. The claim will be resolved within 7 working days. Documents that were required for the application of policy will also be required for the claims process. You can also raise a claim through SMS. You will require the policy number, your name and phone number, type and model number of the vehicle, description of the accident, location of accident and name of the driver. Then you need to submit copies of insurance, damage, an estimate of damage, bill of survey and invoice of repair. 

Renewing Process

The policy can be renewed by offline and online methods.  For online mode, one has to enter the policy number and renew the policy. You need to deposit the cash before the due date. 

Exceptions of future generali car insurance

The general ageing which is caused due wear and tear are not covered in this policy. This policy is valid only in India. If the driver does not have a driving licence it is considered invalid. Accidents that are caused due to alcohol or usage of drugs are not covered in this policy. Damages occurring due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, radioactive emissions, nuclear emissions are not included. 


Q1. What are the policies included? 

Ans: Personal accident cover, third party coverage and cashless garage are provided by future general car insurance. 

Q2. Will there be discount for premium? 

Ans: Depending on the claim-free years the policyholder will receive no claim bonus and 50% discount. 

Q3. Can car insurance be transferred? 

Ans: Yes, car insurance is transferred by submitting the following documents RC book, car insurance policy, invoice of car purchase and service of the car. 

Q4. Reviews of future generali car insurance: 

Ans: Kuldeep: ‘’My friend took future general car insurance and also suggested me it was a good policy’’ 
Deepak ‘’ It was an easy renewable process’’.