Go Digit Individual Health Insurance Policy

Go Digit Insurance offers an Individual Health Insurance Policy Product. It was firstly started with the name Oben, which is German for Go Digit. Nonetheless, Oben General Insurance Limited changed its name to Go Digit General Insurance to keep it simple. The insurance provider offers a wide range ofnon-life insurance products and results via a Go Digital platform. Backed by a fiscal holding company of Toronto, Canada- Fairfax, the company led its foundation gravestone in the time 2016 in Bengaluru, India. Go Digit Insurance lay claim to offering the simplified general insurance products to all the guests. The company aims at keeping the entire insurance process- right from buying to registering claims-easier and hassle-free. The company offers different insurance videlicet, Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Bike Insurance, Home Insurance, Mobile Insurance, and Bicycle Insurance.

Go Digit Individual Health Insurance Overview

Go Digit Individual Health Insurance Policy Plan is designed to help you financially in the time of need and safeguard you and your family from unanticipated health issues, which may else deteriorate your fiscal situation. Go Digit Individual Health Policy Plan will help in managing your health treatments without any stress and save you running from pillar to post at the eleventh hour. You can buy Go Digit Individual Health Policy Plan to insure health and happiness for your loved bones .

Go Digit Individual Health Insurance at a quick Glance

Crucial Features                  Highlights

1. Network Hospitals                  6400

2. Incurred Claim Rate                60

3. Renewability                          Lifelong

4. Staying Period                       2 years

Crucial Features of Go Digit Individual Health Policy Plan

Then’s what this Medical Insurance Policy has to offer

1. Complimentary Health Check- up installation Compensation handed is limited to a outside of 5000 rupees or over to0.25 of the SI.

2. Restoration of the Sum Insured- The sum ensured quantum is refilled upon prostration. In case of a family floater policy, the sum ensured quantum is restored. For illustration, if the sum ensured quantum is 3 lakh rupees, and there are 3 members, and the sum ensured is exhausted on claiming also each member will get a cache of 3 lakhs as their sum ensured. It’s admissible only for unconnected conditions for every existent.

3. Accretive Perk- If you haven’t filed any claims for illness related hospitalization, accidental hospitalization and critical illness hospitalization also you’ll get accretive perk while renewing your policy. The sum ensured quantum will increase without paying any redundant decoration.

What’s Covered Under Go Digit Individual Health Policy Plan?

This plan covers utmost of the hospitalization charges including

1. Room rent charges, croaker freights, cost of drugs and medical tests.

2. Alternate medical opinion charges.

3. Pre-hospitalization andPost-hospitalization charges.

4. Day care procedures.

5. Dental treatment needed after an accident.

6. Road ambulance charges.

And there are a few Other Special Benefits too which are mentioned below:-

1. Bariatric Surgery, it’s applicable to heart conditions and respiratory problemsetc. performing due to rotundity.

2. Psychiatric Illness Cover is handed in cases related to depression, anxiety, madness, schizophrenia and bipolar complaint to name a many.

3. You can also conclude for onetime lump sum payment ofpost-hospitalization charges for an quantum equal to1.5 of the claim quantum.

4. Accidental cover is also handed.

5. Organ transplantation charges, including patron’s pre and post hospitalization charges are covered and the limit is 5 of the quantum claimed.

6. In- case treatment charges including Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, or Siddha treatment.

7. Air ambulance cover is handed in case of life hanging medical conditions taking immediate transportation to the proximate sanitarium.

8. It takes care of the motherliness charges including the new- born baby cover( subordinated to terms and conditions). It also covers gestation related complications and medically necessary termination.

9. It also covers alternate delivery, and the content is increased to 200 of the original content quantum.

10. Othernon-hospitalization charges similar as croaker ’s discussion freights, dental treatment, health checks, individual tests, drugstore billsetc. can also be covered.

11. Domiciliary hospitalization cover is handed.

12. Critical illness hospitalization content including the cost of drug, ICU, diagnostics, croaker freightsetc.

List of Critical ails that are Covered

The insurer will cover the charges incurred on the following critical ails

1. Cancer of Specified inflexibility( nasty excrescence). The term cancer includes carcinoma, leukemia and sarcoma( subordinated to terms and conditions).

2. Open casket CABG

3. Apallic Pattern

4. Myocardial Infarction( 1st heart attack of specific inflexibility)

5. Open heart surgery

6. Surgery to Aorta

7. Lung failure( end stage)

8. Liver failure( end stage)

9. order Failure( regular dialysis)

10. Bone Gist/ Major Organ Transplant

11. Benign Brain Excrescence

12. Major Head Trauma

13. Palsy of branches( endless)

14. Coma of Specified inflexibility

15. Stroke( endless symptoms)

16. Motor Neuron Disease( endless symptoms)

17. Aplastic Anaemia

18. Multiple Sclerosis( persisting symptoms)

19. Loss of independent actuality

* What isn’t Covered Under Digit Health Plus Policy?

Still, also the insurer won’t cover charges incurred during the hospitalization

If you have decided for inpatient benefits.

1. The minimal term for hospitalization needs to be 24 hours.

2. A non-medical expenditure similar as outfit’s bought fornon-treatment purposes, food consumed by callersetc.

3. It doesn’t cover home care nursing.

4. Overseas treatments are also not covered.

5. Artificial Life conservation.

6. Any accident/ illness performing due to the consumption/ overdose of medicines or alcohol.

7. minimal hospitalization term should be 24 hours.

8. Indispensable treatment charges incurred on hospitalization, inpatient medical charges and daycare procedures.

9. Any type of revivification and preventative treatments.

10. Motherliness cover includes only two deliveries and is available after completion of a staying period of 24 months. It doesn’t cover antenatal and postnatal charges aren’t covered unless it requires hospitalization.

11. Charges incurred on stem cell harvesting and storehouse isn’t covered.

12. Suicidal attempts and tone- injuries re barred.

13. Dangerous conditioning.

14. Professional Sports.

15. Sexually transmitted conditions.

Effects to Flash Back

1. The insured requirements to be 18 times above to mileage Bariatric Surgery cover. And the reason for treatment shouldn’t be hormonal imbalance, an eating complaint or a psychiatric complaint.

2. Psychiatric illness cover is covered if only it requires hospitalization.

Cashless Claim Procedure for Go Digit Individual Health Policy Plan

The insurer is under the  tie- up with the MediAssist to assist and guide you with the cashless claim process:-

1. Cashless hospitalization is available in further than 6400 network hospitals. The list is available online that you can check using your account.

2. You can fluently get thepre-authorization form at the Insurance/ TPA helpdesk.

3. You need to submit the form at the helpdesk after filling it and subscribing it. 4. They will also partake this form with MediAssist.

5. MediAssist will also assess your documents with the treatment needed recommended.

6. Once the blessing is given, you can carry on with the treatment.

Payment Procedure for Go Digit Individual Health Policy Plan

Payment is handed for treatments taken in anon-network sanitarium. By submitting all the applicable documents you can get compensation for the hospitalization charges. You can also you ’re your claim online but the following information is needed from your end

1. Once you have notified the insurer over a call, you’ll get a link on your registered dispatch id or phone number where you can submit all the original documents similar as reports, bills, andetc. along with your bank details where the plutocrat will be transferred.

2. All the documents need to be tone- attested with your hand and date. Also, you would need to submit the original documents( in some cases). You’ll need to upload the documents within 30 days of getting discharged from the sanitarium.

3. Once the documents are vindicated your claim will be reused and you’ll get compensation within 30 days.

Documents Needed

Filing a claim can occasionally be a daunting process, but you can make it simple by furnishing all the details beforehand. The documents needed may vary from one claim to another. To file a claim for Go Digit Individual Health Policy  Plan you may be required to submit the following documents, as per the case may be

1. Properly filled and inked number health insurance claim form.

2. Discharge summary.

3. Go Digit Individual Health Policy papers.

4. Medical records (Inner Case Papers, OT notes, PAC Notes etc.).

5. Original dupe of the main sanitarium bill.

6. Original dupe of the drugstore bills.

7. Original dupe of the break- up of the sanitarium bill.

8. Medical conventions.

9. Disquisition reports reviews.

10. Consultation papers.

11. KYC (Photo ID card, If applicable).

12. FIR/ MLC report.

13. Original sticker/ tab

14. Post Mortem Report (if applicable).

15. Disability instrument

16. Attending croaker ’s instrument

17. Ante-natal record

18. Bank details with a cancelled cheque.  (If applicable)

19. Birth instrument (if applicable)

20. Death instrument (If applicable)