HDFC life insurance /Investment Plans

HDFC is famous for providing long term Life Insurance covers and investment plans to their customer, key points they cover in their plans are saving, health, pension, investment as well as they had varieties of plans for women and children. Until now they had launch 37 retail products and 9 group products. And it is also become the first company to launch two different Pension plans to their new customer under IRDA regime.

Types of Insurance plan HDFC provide are

  • Term Plants
  • Investment plan
  • Retirement plans
  • Child Plan
  • Woman Plans
  • Health Plans

How to Claim Insurance with HDFC Life Insurance Plan

It is very hard to bear the loss of your loved ones, but in tough times financial and emotional support is must, providing emotional support is hard task, But with HDFC you can assuredly get financial support.

In your most needed time HDFC helps you to claim insurance in just one day. Firstly, select from varieties of insurance plan and apply for them online.

         And claim that plan using just these 3 smooths steps.

  • Verify your policy details.
  • Submit life assured details
  • Submit the name of the nominee who wants to claim the insurance.

After the submission of required information, hit the claim button and request claim, you will get benefitted in 24 hours except weekend (Saturday, Sunday) and national holidays.

All this process is done in online mode which is time saving, reliable and easy.

Other mode to claim insurance is using Offline mode or by visiting to your nearest HDFC branch, And as HDFC has a wide network it is present in number of cities, visit the nearest center and employer will thoroughly guide you.

Documents Required to Claim Insurance with HDFC Life Insurance

Documents are the most important component while proceeding with any important things as they helps to maintain our identity and providing useful information about yourself.

Here is the list of complete documents that you might need, while claiming insurance at HDFC.

Documents required for buying Life Insurance

  • Government identity proofs (Aadhar card, PAN card)
  • Address Proof
  • Income Certificate
  • Bank-passbook self-attested copy

 Documents required for claiming Life Insurance:

 Natural Death:

  • Original Policy bond
  • Death claim form
  • Government Issue death certificate
  • Identity Proof of the person who want to claim the insurance and one original(deceased) policy holder
  • Authorized Medical records of the life-assured at time of death
  • Address Proof
  • NEFT-account detail

Unnatural Death (Occurred by accident, murder or suicide)

  • Original Policy bond
  • Death claim form
  • Government Issue death certificate
  • Identity Proof of the person who want to claim the insurance and one original(deceased) policy holder
  • NEFT-account detail
  • Post-mortem report
  • Police inquest report
  • Panchanama
  • Chemical Analysis report
  • First/Final Information report

 Death due to natural Calamities

  • Original Policy bond
  • Death claim form
  • Government Issue death certificate
  • Identity Proof of the person who want to claim the insurance and one original(deceased) policy holder
  • NEFT-account detail
  • Address- proof

Investment Plans offered by HDFC life insurance

     HDFC life insurance HDFC Life Classic One

     HDFC Life Classic One is unit Linked single premium life insurance plan that’s provide life coverage   for two individuals wherein 10 times lump sum will provided to the nominee after both person demises

      Product Benefits: –

  • You will get opportunity to earn market Linked return
  • Get an option to choose between single life and joint life. In joint life you will get life coverage for two individuals where total sum is provided after second death assuredly.
  • On first death survival one has a chance to withdraw entire fund value and continue with full life cover plan.
  • Assured death benefits as lump sum only after death of both individual
  • Loyal addition will be allocated as extra units at the end of 10th policy year to boost your fund value provided no partial withdraws has been executed.

     Eligibility Details

  • Age at entry- Single life (0 -40 yrs.)
    • Joint life (18- 80 years)
  • Age at maturity- Single life (18- 50 years)
    • Joint life (28- 90 years)
  • Single Premium (SP)- Single life (Rs 25,000- No Limit)
    • Joint life (Rs 25,000- No Limit)
  • Policy Term – Single life (10years – 50 minus age at entry)
    • Joint life (10years – 90 minus age at entry)
  • Sum Assured – Single life (1.25* Single Premium- 10* Single Premium)
    • Joint life (10 * Single Premium)

    HDFC life insurance HDFC Life Sampoorn Samridhi Plus – Whole Life

    HDFC Life Sampoorn Samridhi Plus is designed two provide you dual benefits in    one plan. Saving and protection

     Product Benefits:-

  • Assured Lump sum payment after the policy term end
  • Life covered throughout the policy term and get extend till 100 years
  • Guarantee of 3% to 5% per annum of Sum assured on maturity for first 5 years
  • Additional benefits will pay in case of death
  • Tax benefits may be available as per prevailing tax laws
  • Policy value will increase as bonus declare

Eligibility Details:-

  • This Plan is taken on single life basis.
  • Age at entry (30 days- 60 years)
  • Age at maturity (18 years- 75 years)

HDFC Life Classic Assure Plus Plan

HDFC Life classic assure insurance plan offer guarantee reversionary bonus and provides flexibility to choose premium paying term which will help you in unwanted demise, supports in child education, in short it will help in keeping your future secure.

Product Benefits: –

  • Limited premium paying term from 7 to years.
  • Insurance coverage throughout the policy term
  • Assured bonus during premium paying term
  • Maturity Benefit’s- Will get assured sum payment after the successful survival till maturity any paying all premium.
  • Death Benefit’s- Highest profitable sum payment will be provided to the nominee if unforeseen condolence gets happen.
  • High Sum assured Discount- For policies with a Sum Assured of Rs10 Lakh and more, a discount of 5% would be offered on the basic premium
  • Policy Loan- Once the policy gets surrender value you will eligible to available loan of upto 80%.

Eligibility Details: –

  • Policy Term (years)- 10, 15, 20
  • Premium Paying Term (years)- 7, 7 or 10, 10
  • Minimum Entry Age- 8 years, 3 years, 30 days.
  • Maximum Entry Age (years)- 55, 60, 55
  • Maximum Maturity Age (years)- 65, 75
  • Minimum Sum Assured on Maturity Rs- 49,447, 48,032, 73,516
  • Maximum Sum Assured on Maturity Rs- No Limit

HDFC Life Super Income Plan:

HDFC super income plan is a plan that offers guarantee income for period of 8-15 years. It is suitable plan for the individuals who need regular income at their disposal so that they don’t have to worry about future expenses and fulfil their financial goal.

Product Benefits: –

  • You will get total survival benefits payout of 100% to 120% and of Sum Assured on maturity.
  • Each year you will get survival benefits payout of 6.67% to 12.5% of sum assured on Maturity.
  • Every year you will get assured reversionary bonus attached to your policy every year plus you will get Terminal bonus, if any, paid on maturity.

Eligibility Details: –

Entry age: – Minimum- 18 years minus Policy Term (for policy term less than 18 years)

                                            30 days (for policy term greater than or equal to18 years

                        Maximum-59 (for policy term 15 & 16 years)

                                            57 (for policy term 18 years)

                                            55 (for policy term 20 years)

                                            53 (for policy term 22 years)

                                            51 (for policy term 24 years)

                                            48 (for policy term 27 years)

                                          34 (for policy term 15 to 27 years under Option 9)

  • Maturity Age (Years): –
    • Minimum-18
    • Maximum-75
    • Minimum Sum Assured on Maturity (Rs): – Limited Pay: Rs. 76,198
    • Single Pay: Rs. 18,457
    • Maximum Sum Assured on Maturity (Rs): – No limit, subject to satisfactory  underwriting.

HDFC Life Sampoorn Nivesh

HDFC Life Sampoorn Nivesh is insurance come investment plan which makes you available to choose from multiple fund option, so you can optimize your investment properly + It also provide you with varied benefit option to meet your protection needs.

Product Benefits: –

  • Flexibility to choose your investment term from 10 to 35 years for Single Pay, and (85 minus Age at Entry) for Limited/ Regular Pay, subject to Maximum Age at Maturity for the chosen Death Beneath Option
  • You can customize your premium payment option- Single, limited and regular.
  • Death Benefit option included in it
  • Loyalty Additions to enhance your fund value after 10 years
  • Reduced premium allocation charge on investing higher premium
  • Choice of 3 Benefits Options in case of Unfortunates death Nominee will get benefited by these benefits
    • Classic Benefit (Higher of Sum Assured OR Fund Value)
    • Classic Benefit-Extra Life Option (Higher of (Sum Assured OR Fund Value) PLUS Accidental Death Benefit
    • Classic Plus Benefit (Sum Assured AND Fund Value)
    • Classic Waiver Benefit (Sum Assured PLUS Waiver of amount 4 equal to the modal premium)

Eligibility Details: –

  • Premium: – Minimum – Single (Rs 12,000)

                                                          Half-yearly (Rs 6,000)

                                                          Quarterly (Rs 3,000)

                                                          Monthly (Rs 1,000)

                                     -Maximum- No Limit

  • Sum Assured – Single Premium: –
    • Entry Age less than 45 years – Minimum (1.25 times the Single Premium)

       Maximum (4 times the Single Premium)

  • Entry Age equal to 45 years and above- Minimum (1.25 times the Single Premium)

                                                                                                      -Maximum (4 times the Single Premium)

  • Sum Assured –Regular & Limited Premium: –
    • Entry Age less than 45 years—
  • Minimum (Higher of 10 x annualized premium^ or 0.5 x     policy term x   annualized premium)
  • Maximum (Higher of 40 x annualized premium^ or 0.5 x policy term x annualized premium)
    • Entry Age equal to 45 years and above—
  • Minimum (Higher of 7 x annualized premium^ or 0.25 x policy term x annualized premium
  • Maximum (40 x annualized premium)
  • Policy Term- 10, 15 to 35 years for Single Pay 85 minus Age at Entry for Limited/ Regular Pay Subject to Maximum age at Maturity for the chosen Death Beneath Option
  • Premium Payment Term– Single Limited: 5 to 10, 12, 15 and 20 years

HDFC SL ProGrowth Flexi

HDFC SL ProGrowth Flexi is smart saving cum insurance plan that will help you live your life in peaceful way, this plan also includes life insurance coverage so you and your love ones future is secured.

Product Benefits: –

  • Valuable Financial support will get provided to your family in case of your absence
  • Other Flexible benefits option
  • Choose from varieties of funds.
  • Extra benefits will apply in case of uncertain death-Natural death (Sum assured, unit fund value, Minimum death benefit), Accidental death (In addition to the Death Benefit, you will get pay an additional Sum Assured to your family)

Eligibility Details: –

  • Life Option- Entry Age (14-65 years)

                                      Maturity Age (75 years)

  • Extra Life option: – Entry Age (18-55 years)

                                                  Maturity Age (70 years)

HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus

HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus is regular premium unit linked insurance plan, in this plan you can choose regular premium and investment fund. And your regular premium and net of regular allocation charges will get invested in chosen fund.

Product Benefits: –

  • Valuable financial protection to your family in case of your uncertain demises
    • Opportunity to invest in choice of funds
    • Death Benefit’s (Sum Assured (less withdrawals), Unit Fund Value, Minimum death benefit)
    • Accidental Death Benefit (In addition to the Death Benefit, you will get pay an additional Sum Assured to your nominee)

Eligibility Details: –

  • Entry Ages Life Option (14-65 years)
  • Entry Ages Extra Life Option (18-55 years)
  • Maturity Age Life Option (Maximum 75 years)
  • Maturity Age Extra Life Option (Max 70 years)
  • Premium: – Annual (Rs 24,000-1,00,000)

                                           – Half Yearly (Rs 10,000-50,000)

                                            -Monthly (Rs 2500-8,333)

                –      Sum Assured: -Age<45 years-

  • Minimum (Higher of 10 x annualized premium or 0.5 x policy term x annualized premium)
  • Maximum (40 x annualized premium, subject to an absolute maximum sum assured amount of Rs 40,00,000.

                                      Age=>45 years-

  • Minimum (Higher of 7x annualized premium or 0.25 x policy term x annualized premium)
    • Maximum (Same as Age<45 years)

HDFC SL ProGrowth Super II

HDFC SL ProGrowth Super II is a Unit Linked Non-Participating Life Insurance plan that act as cover is death case, accidental disability and critical illness, while you grow your fund)

Product Benefits: –

  • Assured sum extra beneficial sum to nominee
  • Total Assured Sum and Unit Fund Value in case of Critical illness
  • In case of Permanent disability will get 10% of assured sum every year
  • Management of your funds (Switching)
  • Option of Lump Sum Partial withdraw (After 5 years of policy)

Eligibility Details: –

  • Life option- Age at entry (14-65)

                                     Age at maturity (75)

  • Extra Life Option- Age at entry (18-55)

                                                Age at maturity (70)

  • Life & Extra Health Option-
  • Extra Life and Health Option-
  • Life & Disability Option–                                                               Age at entry (18-55)
  • Extra Life & Disability Option-                                                       Age at maturity (65)
  • Life & Health & Disability Option-
  • Extra Life & Health & Disability Option-

HDFC Life Pragati

HDFC Life Pragati Perform duality- It helps you in managing savings+ Provide protection to your family.

Product Benefits: –

  • Affordable Premium (Starting 100 Rs/month)
  • Choose from multiple term option-(Pay single premium, or pay premium for (5-10 years)
  • Policy value will increase as bonus declare
  • Guarantee return of premium Maturity/ death
  • Even you miss paying your premium, you will get full death befit for 2 years.
  • Maturity benefits (Sum Assured on Maturity + Accrued Reversionary bonus (if any) + Interim bonus (if any) + Terminal bonus (if any)), 100% of total premium paid
  • Death benefits- Sum Assured on Death + Accrued Reversionary Bonus (if any) + Interim Bonus (if any) + Terminal Bonus (if any), 105% of total premium paid.
  • Sum Assured on Death shall be the higher of Sum Assured on Maturity

 Eligibility Details: –

  • Premium Paying Term- Single Pay
  • Limited Pay (5 -10 Years)
  • Regular Pay (10 Years)
  • Policy Term- Single Pay (5 to 20 Years)
  • Limited Pay (10 to 20 Years)
  • Regular Pay (10 Years (Fixed))
  • -Minimum Entry Age (8 Years)
  • Maximum Entry Age (55 Years)
  • Minimum Maturity Age (18 Years)
  • Maximum Maturity Age (65 years)
  • Minimum Sum Assured on Maturity (Rs 5,000)
  • Maximum Sum Assured on Maturity (Rs 20,00,000)

Note: All Above Mentions are age last Birthday. Risk cover starts from date of commencement of policy for all lives including minors.

How Plan works:

  • It helps you get life cover for yourself, so that it can provide financial support to your family if you are not there.
  • It boosts up your financial support toward your children education
  • It can help in your business, pay-off debt and will give courage to face unforeseen circumstances.
  • It helps you continuing source of income after retirement

Why choose HDFC life insurance Investment Plans

Depending on your requirements HDFC has a wide varieties of saving and investment plans including several add-on benefits that ensures your funds are growing smoothly and hassle-free, It has various systematically approachable investment plan which act as a Kavanch(shield) for proper future planning and In case of uncertain demises not emotionally but will give financial support to your loved ones

How to Apply for HDFC life insurance Investment Plans

          Well Applying for an Insurance in HDFC is hustle free-task. If you have bought your insurance online then you can claim your insurance in just one day.

Steps to apply for insurance plan

  • Visit the HDFC website.
  • Fill the nominal details (Name, DOB, contact, income and life cover expected)
  • Choose from varieties of plan presented on the website that you prefer
  • Pay the Premium, depending on the plan you choose
  • Next you will get successful payment confirmation mail.
  • Fill all the details that insurance plan required (Personal detail, health detail, existing life cover information, nominee and life-style details)
  • Uploads all the required document’s (identity, health- related record, and reports)
  • You may also have to go through medical examination suggested by insures, and documents directly get reach to them.
  • Once the process gets completed error-free, confirmation and policy-document will get sent to you.

that’s how you can bought insurance at HDFC.

HDFC life insurance Monthly Income Advantage Plan

  • HDFC life Sanchay Par Advantage is a monthly advantage plan, which will help you in living uncompromised life.
  • It will Provide whole life cover + long life cover
  • Immediate income option for your various needs
  • Will provide enhanced benefits with annual premium of Rs 1 lakh
  • Accumulate survival benefits
  • Flexibility to choose payout period.
  • You can choose from 2 option under this scheme:
  • Immediate income- This option will provide regular income by way of cash bonuses- from 1st year of policy and provide lump sum at maturity
  • Defferd income-it provide guaranteed income for guaranteed period, and also provide regular income by way of cash income (if declared) throughout the policy term.

Other HDFC life insurance Plans

Rather than above mention Life insurance plan there are many other plan that you van surely think of,

  • HDFC Life SravGrameen Bachat Yojana
  • HDFC Life Capital Shield
  • HDFC LiFe Uday
  • HDFC Life Prow Growth Maximiser
  • HDFC SL Crest
  • HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus
  • HDFC Life ProGrowth Flexi
  • HDFC Life Click2invest ULIP
  • HDFC Life Super Income Plan

FAQs on HDFC life insurance Investment Plans

  • Which is the best HDFC Life plan?

Well, every insurance plan has their own specification and features, so it depends on our requirements that which plan is more suitable for you.

          Just keep this important tip in your mind while choosing the plan.

  • Always go with life insurance which is hustle free to buy. -over the internet.
  • Go for the insurance which has wider range of terms of plan
  • Go for the insurance which are cost effective and comes with less premium purchase
  • Choose the insurance plane which offer more flexibility in policy terms.
  • How can I check my HDFC Life Insurance policy Online?

For Registered User

  • Open the HDFC life Official website.
  • Go To customer service section.
  • Click on My Account
  • Login using client ID, Email Id and Mobile number
  • After successful login you can check the status of your insurance policy
  • How can I check my current HDFC Life Insurance Value?

Checking current HDFC life insurance Value is as simple as boiling water.

  • Just dial  08000006609 from your registered mobile number
  • Wait for call to get Disconnected
  • Receive required detail SMS from your register mobile number
  • Which is the best HDFC life insurance Investment Plans for long term?

ULIPs (Unit linked Insurance Plan) Is useful in meeting range of financial goals, like retirement planning child education etc.

Other than these there are also other investment plan which you can trust.

Equity fund, PPF (Public Provinent fund) etc.

  • Why should I buy HDFC life insurance Investment Plans?

Life Insurance Investment plan from HDFC has various advantage such as- Certainty, Tax efficient, Flexibility, Wider options, liquidity, Earmarking, Insurance for Financial Security.

And it has number of plans which you can acquire according to your need such as health insurance, Term Insurance, Accidental benefit, Retirement Planning, Insurance on Inflation Shield Etc.

  • How to pay the premium? What are the modes of payment available?

There are various facilities are provided by HDFC for Paying the premium such as Online facility( can pay using Net banking, UPI, Credit card, Debit Card, EMI, wallet), Walking in Facility( Pay the premium by scanning QR, cheque or DD) and Auto Debt facility(-Register for it and depending on you plan debt will payout directly without your invlovment)

You can also visit HDFC Page for step-by-step process of payment.

  • How can I check policy status for HDFC life insurance Investment Plans?
  • Go to Official website of HDFC
  • Click on My Account Tab
  • Login into it
  • Scroll down to get policy summary on left hand side
  • Click on policy number mentioned on left side of the screen
  • And you will get your detail policy status.