Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance

Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance provides innovative health insurance results to a wide range of guests. Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance Policy Plans are customized to meet the health insurance requirements of its vast range of guests, at an affordable decoration. Some of the seductive content benefits include content for health treatment costs, content for day- care medical procedures, Personal Accident Cover, Hospital Cash Benefit, Critical Illness and Cancer Cover.

   The plans which are offered by the company have a handful of benefits and exciting features.

Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance Overview

Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance Co.Ltd. is regulated by the IRDAI. It launched ABIBL as a attachment to insure simplified general insurance services including health insurance to its guests. The Company has tie- ups with different health service providers including individual centres, croakers , hospitals etc. What makes it a preferable choice among the guests is Aditya Birla’s claim agreement rate of 94.

Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance at a Glance

Crucial Features                   Highlights

1. Network Hospitals                8200

2. Incurred Claim Rate             89.05

3. Renewability                         Lifelong

4. Fresh Rider Benefit              Available Available

5. Claims Settled                      63000

Benefits and Features of Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance Policy Plans

Some of the crucial features and benefits are listed as follows

1. Multiple Sum Insured Options:- The insurer gives you a choice to choose from multiple sum ensured options. You can get content for as high as Rs 2 Crore. You can elect a plan that falls in your budget or meets your requirements and conditions.

2. Wellness Coaching:- It’s one of the special features that Aditya Birla health insurance offers to its guests. The insured members can have access to experts of health assiduity on the go. These medical specialists can address their dubieties anytime as per their own convenience.

3. Health Returns:- Policyholders who follow a healthy life can get prices for maintaining a healthy life. If you want to know further details regarding this provision also you can pierce the information on the company’s functionary website.

4. Network Hospitals:- The company has a huge number of network hospitals. The list of hospitals in your megacity and city is available on their sanctioned website.

5. Tax Relief:- The cost of decoration that you pay for policy earns you duty benefits under the horizon of section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Why Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance?

Aditya Birla Health Insurance offers a range of substantiated health insurance features similar as-

1. Health Return Benefit

  • People who follow a healthy life earn price points.
  • You can earn back over to a outside of 30 of your medical insurance decoration.

2. Habitual Operation Program

  • This program is especially designed for the operation of habitual illness similar as diabetes, asthma, hypertensionetc.

Day 1 cover in case of habitual health conditions.

  • In case the insured develops a habitual condition during the policy term also you’re automatically upgraded to the Chronic Management Program.

3. Hospital Room Options

  • Freedom to use a private room or a participated room during hospitalization
  • In case you get a lower room order, also you’re also eligible to mileage Health Return benefits.

4. Alternate E Opinion

  • In case of critical ails, Alternate opinions are also covered.
  • And the panel of croakers including transnational experts and specialists in the field.

Different types of Aditya Birla Health Insurance Plans

Aditya Birla Health Insurance plans are designed to offer comprehensive content benefits to individual and families at an affordable premium amount. There a different medical insurance plans that cover habitual conditions like hypertension, diabetes, elderly citizens, particular accident, and critical illness. Then’s a list of plans and the details are described as under

1. Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Essential Plan

2. Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Enhanced Policy Plan

3. Aditya Birla Activ Secure Personal Accident Plan

4. Aditya Birla Activ Secure Critical Illness Plan

5. Aditya Birla Activ Secure Hospital Cash Plan

6. Aditya Birla Activ Secure Cancer Plan

7. Aditya Birla Activ Assure Diamond Health Plan

8. Aditya Birla Activ Care Senior Citizen Plan

9. Aditya Birla Group Activ Health Plan

Eliminations of Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance Policy Plan

1. 60 days pre-hospitalization cover and 90 days post hospitalization cover.

2. Motherliness benefits are handed to an adult womanish ensured under some plans.

3. Daycare treatments are also refunded. handed they aren’t in the individual and out-patient department of the sanitarium.

4. Hospital cash benefit.

5. Organ patron treatment cover is handed.

6. Domiciliary hospitalization charges are compensated.

7. Exigency ambulance cover.

8. Accretive perk.

9. Restoration of the Sum Insured quantum.

Rejections of Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance Policy Plan

1. Pre-existing conditions until the completion of the staying period.

2. fresh sanitarium charges.

3. Hospitalization due to dangerous occupation or conditioning.

4. Any kind of bus-vulnerable diseases.

5. Mental diseases and neurological affections.

6. Any indispensable drug or reciprocal drug.

7. Hereditary conditions or inheritable diseases.

8. Rehabilitation charges.

9. Cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

10. Dental care and oral care treatment.

11. External bias needed for sight and vision support.

12 Any type of experimental treatments.

13. HIV and AIDS affiliated complications.

14. Routine individual procedures.

15. Any kind ofnon-medical charges.

16. rotundity and weight loss programs.

17. Treatment for menopause and puberty diseases.

18. Reproductive treatment or motherliness- related complications.

19. Any kind of ray treatment.

20. Treatment for STDs.

21. Any kind of sleeping diseases.

22. Consumption of alcohol and overdose of medicines or any kind of intoxication.

23. Any kind of unlawful act.

24. Any medical aid that’s taken outside India.

How to Buy Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance Policy Plan?

You can buy Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance plans from the options which are given below:-

1. You can simply call at Company’s Deals helpline number and seek a suitable plan by furnishing your conditions.

2. You can also give your name, dispatch id, and mobile number on the company’s website and request for a call back.

3. Go to their health insurance runner, click on Buy Now option, elect the plan, provider your details, make the payment, and its done.

* Documents needed for Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance Policy Plan Claims

Share the following list of documents while filing a claim

1. Submit the claim form

2. give all the medical bills

3. Death instrument(as per the case)

4. Doctor’s instrument regarding the opinion

5. Other applicable documents and bills

Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance Policy Plan Claim Procedure

1. You can know all the details regarding claim procedures on Aditya Birla’s health website. In case of a claim, it’s important to notify the insurer incontinently. You can take a note of their client service number to know the details regarding the claim. When filing a claim, need to furnish all the below- mentioned documents and attestations.

2. Formerly all the documents are submitted, the insurer will corroborate the claim and settle your claim. You can also know your claim status by logging on to the insurer’s website.

How to Calculate Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance Policy Plan Premium?

When buying a medical insurance policy, it’s important for you to know the factors that affect the cost of the health insurance decoration

1. Sum ensured quantum

2. Coverage Type

3. Age of the Insured Members

4. Medical history

5. BMI(Body Mass Index)

6. Smoking/ Alcohol Habits

7. Area of hearthstone, occupationetc.

8. Any other factors

* Documents that you would need to buy the policy

1. Identity evidence

2. Aadhar card number

3. Address evidence

4. Medical instruments


Q1. Why should one buy Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance?

Ans:- Unlooked-for circumstances like an injury or an illness don’t come with a previous warning. Amid the adding cost of healthcare charges, it’s important to buy a stylish health insurance policy with an acceptable sum ensured quantum. A medical plan helps to reduce fiscal stress in case of medical exigency. With a valid insurance policy in place, you can concentrate on your health recovery, rather of fussing about the finances.

Q2. What are the factors that affect the cost of the health insurance premium?

Ans:- Health insurance decorations are calculated on the base of the following parameters. By catching on the following pitfalls the insurance company provides you with health insurance quotations. Let’s have a look:-

1. Sum ensured quantum
2. Age of the ensured
3. Tobacco or Smoking Habits
4. Medical history
5. life factors including your occupation
6. BMI(Body Mass Index)

Q3. What’s the benefit of cashless hospitalization cover?

Ans:- During hospitalization, the last thing you would want to worry about is making the payment. However, you do n’t need to worry about the finances, If you have cashless hospitalization cover. Aditya Birla Individual healthy Insurance pays off the quantum. also, you do n’t have to fret about cash or arrange exigency funds. However, it’s wise to buy a cashless policy, If you buy a medical insurance policy.

Q4. What’s the portability of health insurance?

Ans:- You can fluently harborage your current policy from your one insurer to another insurer. Also, your accumulated health insurance benefits similar as the staying period and No- claim- perk remain complete. So, if you feel that you don’t have sufficient content in your being health insurance policy, also you can switch to Aditya Birla Individual Health Insurance Policy Plan along with the accumulated benefits.

Q5. What’s a No- claim- perk benefit under health insurance programs?

Ans:- No- claim- perk benefit is handed to the policyholder. The insured shall admit a reduction for every claim-free time. A No claim perk is accumulated with each time of renewal.

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