Care health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Care Health Insurance for Senior Citizens is a complete health plan designed to cover old age pensioners above 60 years of age. The Senior Care plan by Care Health Insurance Limited Comes up with coverage against medical expenses arising out of ambulance charges, hospitalization expenses, other treatment, daycare procedures, etc.

Why is health insurance for senior citizens important?

Maturing makes our folks visit the specialist’s center as often as possible and get conceded now and again. This, generally speaking, turns out to be very costly. Also, how might you respond on the off chance of a crisis, and you’re expected to have lakhs of rupees in your bank account. In such a circumstance, health insurance for senior citizens assists you with the accompanying;

It covers your advanced age medical therapy costs without hurting your savings or pension cash. A senior Citizen health insurance offers monetary help for:

  • Settles up to 70% of your emergency clinic bills

  • Gives credit only hospitalization treatment

  • Permits preventive health checkups

  • Pays for Covid19 Treatment requiring hospitalization

  • Pays for treatment costs 30 days before hospitalization

  • Pays for treatment costs as long as 90 days after hospitalization

  • Covers previous sicknesses like circulatory strain, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney, liver, and lung issues after 3-4 yrs.

  • They cover specific prior diseases, critical ailments, general hospitalization costs, and even treatment for Coronavirus.

Benefits of health insurance for senior citizens

A senior Citizen health insurance policy offers a great many benefits to more established individuals. Here are a few critical benefits of buying a senior resident health insurance policy in India.

  • Occasional Illnesses: Pays for treatment of any rare sicknesses like dengue, jungle fever, covid19, typhoid, pneumonia, and others, soon after 30 days.

  • Hospitalization Expenses: Like ordinary health insurance, senior resident health insurance settles up to 70% of your parent’s medical clinic bill.

  • Credit-only Treatment: In crises or general hospitalizations, you don’t have to have a ton of money. The insurance organization straightforwardly pays the medical clinic for your coverage sum.

  • No-Claim Bonus: This reward permits them to get a rebate on their renewal premium sum for each without claim year. NCB can go somewhere between 20% to 100%, depending on the plan.

  • Prior Illnesses: Pays for treatment of any previous ailments connected with the heart, lungs, kidney, diabetes, and pulse after the predefined holding up period.

  • Tax-Benefits: Health insurance for senior citizens offers individual tax benefits on the premium the person pays. This happens each financial year under area 80D of the IT Act.

What are medical expenses not covered in senior citizen health insurance?

  • Treatment of HIV or AIDS, STDs diseases

  • Non-allopathic, Weight control treatment

  • Intrinsic diseases

  • Self-incurred injury, Suicide

  • Cosmetic surgery, Mental turmoil

  • Synthetic, atomic, or natural dangers

  • Dental treatment, pregnancy, outer guides

  • Liquor or some other substance misuse

  • Support in any tactical tasks

  • Cooperation in any outrageous games

How to select the best health insurance plan for people above 60?

Purchasing health insurance for maturing guardians must be done carefully as you would maintain that they should merit the best. Remember the accompanying focuses while picking medical insurance for guardians over 60 years:

  • Know the medical history: While purchasing a health policy for your senior resident guardians, you want to know their medical history. Yet, tragically they also might don’t know anything about many winning medical circumstances that they experience the ill effects. In such cases depending entirely on their insight into their medical history would be troublesome. Before giving such data to the insurance organization, it is, in every case, better to cross-confirm.

  • Think about and pick a plan: Many existing and new senior resident medical insurance plans are accessible web-based in India. Looking at between the changed schemes is fundamental. Correlation between the different health insurance plans for senior citizens should be possible on elements like coverage, cost, riders/additional items, inclusions, and exclusions.

  • Fill proposition structure: While choosing the policy, fill in important and precise data. Mistaken data could create issues, and your insurer will dismiss the application.

  • Do a medical exam: The safeguarded would need to undergo medical screening before presenting the proposition structure. The specialists on the board of the insurance organization would confirm the data connected with the medical states of the policyholder. Contingent upon the health of the protected, a couple of medical tests would be led by the specialist. Some tests incorporate lipid profile, blood schedule, sugar, pee schedule, kidney and liver capability, sonography, etc.

Documents required for claim under a mediclaim policy for senior citizen

The accompanying records are expected to raise a claim under a mediclaim policy for senior citizens

  • Claim Form/Pre-authorization Request Form.

  • Going to a doctor’s assertion.

  • Authenticated duplicates of every medical record.

  • NEFT command structure

For a Death Claim:

  • Unique policy reports

  • Unique/validated duplicate of death endorsement the nearby civil power gave.

  • Passing claim application structure (Form A).

  • NEFT command structure validated by bank specialists alongside a dropped check or bank account passbook.

  • Chosen one’s photograph character evidence, for example, the duplicate of Passport, PAN card, Voter personality card, Aadhaar (UID) card, etc.

Medical Natural Death:

  • Going to the doctor’s assertion (Form ‘C’).

  • Medical records (confirmation notes, release/passing synopsis, test reports, etc.

Accidental Unnatural Death:

  • Duplicate the First Information Report (FIR) or Panchanama/Police objection.

  • Duplicate of Post Mortem Report (PMR)/Autopsy and Viscera report.

  • Duplicate the Final Police Investigation report (FPIR)/Charge sheet.

With regards to offering health insurance coverage for senior citizens, Care health insurance plans merit your thought. The insurer offers the Care Health for Senior Citizens Insurance Policy, custom fitted for the monetary assurance of the older in medical crises with the opportunity to get to quality healthcare offices.

One can purchase Care Health for Senior Citizens for a security net that furnishes the policyholders with a decision of Individual and Floater cover and scope of sum Insured to suit their spending plan. The safeguarded can get credit-only treatment in excess of 11,000 organization clinics with every minute of everyday claim support. Care health insurance for senior citizens is planned explicitly for senior citizens in their loved ones. With this plan close by, you can guarantee better care for old individuals from your loved ones. It gives old individuals or some other old individual in your family the opportunity to carry on with a healthy style. The plan pays for treatment costs brought about because of disease, injury, or a mishap. The policy is accessible in three plans: Plan 1, Plan 2, and Plan 3. Care Freedom policy accompanies an abundance of inbuilt highlights for senior citizens.

Key Features

  • Dependable, long-lasting sustainability

  • Yearly health tests for guaranteed individuals

  • Credit-only treatment in all organization clinics

  • Aggregate protected: 3 Lakh, 5 Lakh, 7 Lakh, and 10 Lakh

  • Auto-renewal policy assuming that SI gets depleted

  • Plan residency: 1 Year, 2 Year, and 3 Year

  • Bother free direct claim settlement

Coverage offered

The primary coverage in the Care Health for Senior Citizens is specially crafted to suit the healthcare needs of old individuals, who are powerless against different age-related ailments. Appropriately, the significant extent of coverage is itemized underneath.

  • In-Patient Hospitalization: The plan offers credit only/repayment for clinic treatment costs for a stay surpassing 24 hours.

  • Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses: The safeguarded get full repayment for medical costs caused for a pre-hospitalization time of 30 days and 60 days for post-hospitalization.

  • Day-Care Treatment: Treatment in clinics, including a stay of fewer than 24 hours, is covered for 541 strategies.

  • Domiciliary Hospitalization: The protected seeks a cover for benefiting treatment at home, restricted to 10% of the sum safeguarded on the off chance that such hospitalization surpasses three days.

  • Elective Treatment: The guaranteed benefit of AYUSH Treatment is subject to the furthest reaches of either Rs 15,000 or Rs 20,000 according to the picked sum Insured.

Care health for senior citizens plan: inclusions 

The Care Health Insurance for Senior Citizens gives many offices to the older safeguarded, modified to their necessities. The characteristic rundown of inclusions is recorded underneath:

  • Convenience Rent: The Room and ICU Charges are individually confined to a limit of 1% and 2% of the sum Insured.

  • Ambulance Charges: The covered sum is either Rs 1500 or 2000, contingent upon the safeguarded picked sum.

  • Organ Donor Expenses: The cost covered for the transplantation of organs is restricted to Rs 50000 and Rs 100000, contingent upon the picked sum Insured.

  • Discretionary Add-on Cover:
  • Cover to decrease the holding up time of Pre=Existing Diseases from four years to two years.
  • Cover for Waiver of 20% Co-installment.
  • Cover for three advantages Claim Shield

Care health for senior citizens plan: exclusions

Before choosing to purchase Care (Formerly known as Religare) Health Insurance for Senior Citizens, it’s a good idea to examine the policy’s exclusions to guarantee a consistent claim insight. The rundown referenced underneath isn’t thorough, however, just demonstrative. It is savvy to allude to the policy record for an exhaustive rundown of exclusions.

  • The underlying hanging tight period is 30 days for all ailments aside from accidental injury.

  • A holding up time of four years of constant coverage is applied for previous diseases.

  • A two-year holding up time is applied for explicitly named diseases.

  • Diseases or wounds connected with atomic risk, a demonstration of war, illegal intimidation, or threats are not considered.

  • Costs brought about by cosmetic systems and medicines are rejected.

  • Wounds caused for cooperation in outrageous and experience sports, crimes, and on the off chance that they are self-caused, are rejected.

  • Medical circumstances emerging out of substance misuse or inebriation are additionally rejected.

Features & benefits of care health for senior citizens plan

Care for Senior Citizens Plan gives a large group of recovering elements that are considered fundamental for the protected’s quality healthcare.

  • There is no pre-medical exam for benefiting from this policy.

  • No-Claim Bonus up to 150% of the equivalent’s aggregate Insured and Automatic Recharge is added consistently.

  • Office for the Second assessment, Annual Health Check-up, and a Waiver for Pre-Policy Medical Evaluation empowers the safeguarded to purchase Care (Formerly known as Religare)Health Limited Insurance with no issue.

  • Tax benefits to be profited according to the surviving Income Tax Act, 1961, for the premium paid during a financial year under Section D.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to buy this policy are mentioned below:

TypeIndividual Basis or Floater
Minimum Entry Age61 years
Maximum Entry AgeNo limitLifelong policy renewability
Number of people coveredIndividual, spouse, and dependent children up to the age of 25 years
Residential StatusResidents of India, including citizens & permanent residents

Information on cancellation of the policy

The insured are eligible to cancel the purchase of the Care (Formerly known as Religare) for Senior Citizens Insurance Policy within the stipulated periods defined in the Free Look Policy of the Insurer. Refund of the premium is subject to applicable rules with deduction of pro-rata premium and incidental charges.


In which procedures are Sub-Limits of medical expenses applied in the Care for Senior Citizens Insurance Policy?

● Cataract

● Total Knee Replacement

● Hernia

● Hysterectomy

● Renal Calculi

● Prostate Hypertrophy

● Cancer

● Cerebrovascular and Cardiovascular disorders.

● Orthopedic Fracture

Is online Care Health for Senior Citizens Insurance Policy purchase possible?

Yes, the policy can be purchased online at the Insurer Portal with their assistance

How much is the Co-payment ratio in the Care for Senior Citizens Insurance Policy?

The insured can opt for additional co-payment up to 20% over and above the mandatory rule in the policy

Does the Care for Senior Citizens Insurance Policy provide any additional savings on the premium?

Yes, only if there is no claim for consecutive five years.

How much is the grace period for payment of renewal premium in the Care for Senior Citizens Insurance Policy?

The permissible grace period is 30 days after the policy premium payment due date