Edelweiss Cigna Health Insurance For Parents

The greatest gift that God has given is parenting. At every point in our lives, they support us. Given the importance of parents, Edelweiss has created the Edelweiss Health Insurance coverage just for them. Parents greatly benefit from this strategy, especially as they get older. It guarantees better treatment and protects them against unforeseen medical costs. Parents who have this policy may take advantage of substantial coverages such pre- and post-hospitalization, inpatient care, ambulance expenditures, and other medical expenses.

Key Element of Parents Health Insurance

  1. No limitations on age when renewing an insurance

  2. Choices for sum insurance ranging from one lakh to one billion rupees

  3. 3 variations covered by the insurance Plan in Silver, Gold, and Platinum

  4. The obligation for a health examination if you are 51 years of age or older

  5. Discount for voluntary co-payments: 5% off of a 10% co-payment and 10% off of a 20% co-payment.

  6. 50% of NCB for each year without a claim: 100% of the Gold and Platinum plans and 50% of the Silver plans

  7. Hospital Benefits in Money: Silver Plan: Rs. 500, Gold Plan: Rs. 1,000, and Platinum Plan: Rs. 1,500

Duration of Covering

  • More than 380 childcare therapy methods are covered.

  • Hospitalization before and after under Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans

  • Fees for an emergency ambulance

  • the costs associated in treating serious diseases
  • Payment-free care is available at network hospitals around the nation.
  • medical expenses associated with organ donation up to a certain cap

A minimum of 24 hours must be spent in the hospital as an in-patient.


To be eligible for coverage under the Edelweiss Health Insurance, a person must be three months old. The entrance age cap is 65 years old. The insurance is perpetually renewable.


  1. Involvement in defense operations

  2. Treatment for a hereditary illness, a mental health problem, etc.

  3. Costs related to a deliberate self-injury

  4. Medical costs associated with treating AIDS, HIV, or other illnesses of a similar kind

  5. An injury occurs as a result of a hostile foreign enemy attack or a warlike conduct.

Edelweiss Health Insurance Benefits

Another of the health insurance businesses in India with the quickest growth is Edelweiss General Insurance Company Limited. This insurer, like other insurers, is experiencing an increase in demand for its insurance products as a result of the employed population’s rapid expansion.

As a fully-owned subsidiary of the international investment and financial services firm Edelweiss Financial Services Limited, Edelweiss General Insurance serves a sizable population by offering some of the top health insurance products at competitive prices.

The Edelweiss health plans are individualized to offer the covered person the greatest level of security. Pre- and post-hospitalization costs, childcare treatments, in-home care, pregnancy, severe diseases, and other medical problems are all covered by the policies.

Benefits of Free Health Checkups Besides

For every year without a claim, Edelweiss General Insurance’s health insurance policies give a free health examination. The policyholders must be at least 18 years old.

  • Safety in addition to Employer Coverage

Do you have coverage via your employer? Keep in mind that the group insurance plan offered by your business only provides limited coverage for salaried employees. A business health plan still does not cover some conditions and illnesses. Therefore, it’s imperative to increase your protection by selecting comprehensive health insurance from Edelweiss General Insurance.

  • Cashless Advantage

When you have to pay for an unexpected medical bill, financial stress can lead to trauma. Thanks to Edelweiss’s perks for cashless treatment. You may avoid the stress of a financial crisis thanks to the availability of cashless treatment at thousands of network hospitals around the nation.

  • Tax Advantage

You are eligible for a tax credit for the premium you pay for Edelweiss General Insurance’s health insurance plan under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

Edelweiss Health Insurance Renewal

Renewal of a health insurance coverage is important for its maintenance. You avoid last-minute dissatisfaction when filing a claim when you renew a health insurance coverage before the expiration date. It’s because a late renewal might cause the coverage to expire. It is thus recommended to pay the renewal premium before it is due.

At Edelweiss, renewing a policy is a straightforward process. Policyholders with health insurance can easily and quickly renew their contracts. It only lasts a few minutes. Additionally, Edelweiss gives consumers the choice to extend their coverage offline or online.

Online Renewal for Edelweiss Health Insurance Policies

All you have to do to renew your Edelweiss health insurance coverage is to perform the following:

Step 1 : Visit the website

Step 2: Select an item from the menu

Go to the pulldown menu (three horizontal lines stacked on top of one another), which is located next to “Claims” and “Toll-Free No.” on the right side of the main page.

Step 3: Select Renewal

Select the Renewal option after choosing the menu item.

Step 4: Select Health

Select it by clicking on “Health.”

Step 5: Add Information

Click on Continue after entering the proposal’s DOB and your policy number.

Step 6: Receiving Confirmation

You will receive a message verifying the successful renewal of your health insurance policy after entering your data and paying the policy premium.

Replacement of an Edelweiss Health Insurance Policy – Offline Procedure

Every consumer should find it simple to renew their coverage, according to Edelweiss. As a result, the choice of offline registration is also available. Call 1800-12000, Edelweiss’ toll-free number, to proceed with an offline renewal by providing all the required information.

If you’re interested, you may renew your coverage by going to the Edelweiss Health Insurance location that’s closest to you.

Estimator for Edelweiss Mediclaim Policy Premium

Both healthcare expenses and the likelihood of contracting diseases and illnesses are continually rising in India. Because of this, having health insurance has become essential. A health insurance plan is made to protect you against the costs of receiving medical care. In times of medical emergency, it offers a much-needed financial safety net. However, you must pay close attention to the coverage level when you get health insurance. The insurance should be adequate to cover expensive medical costs. However, you could have to pay a high related premium for a significant sum covered. Therefore, it is essential to determine rates before selecting any health insurance coverage.

How to Online Premium Calculate for Edelweiss General Policies?

The easiest and most convenient way to compute premiums is online. By providing health insurance calculators, it has simplified the premium calculating procedure. The premium amount you could have to pay when buying a certain insurance can be calculated using an online calculator. You must provide the information below in order to utilise this online tool:

  1. You age

  2. Policy phrase

  3. Medical background

  4. Service information

  5. You must have the necessary insurance coverage.

  6. The kind of insurance you wish to purchase

The premium calculator online determines your appropriate premium based on the previously stated information. The computed premiums can also be changed and adjusted to suit your requirements.

Payment of Edelweiss Parents Health Insurance Claims

An effortless and trouble-free claim process is guaranteed by Edelweiss General Insurance. The firm is dedicated to resolving claims in accordance with the terms and circumstances of the policy, and has more than 2,500 network hospitals dispersed around the nation. Claims are granted in both crisis and scheduled hospitalization situations. Additionally, this insurance provider accepts all reimbursement and cashless health insurance claims. In the event of a cashless hospital, it pays the hospital immediately, and in the event of a reimbursement claim, it sends the funds to the policyholder’s wallet.

How to File a Claim for Cashless Treatment

Only while receiving care at one of Edelweiss General Insurance’s network hospitals is the cashless option available. Thousands of prestigious hospitals in India have partnerships with the insurance provider. Here are instructions on how to submit a cashless claim in detail:

Find a connected hospital in your city first if you want to receive care for free. The insurer’s official website has a list of its network hospitals. In the case of an emergency hospitalization, notify the insurer within 48 hours; in the case of a scheduled hospitalization, notify the insurer 72 hours before admission. When visiting a hospital, keep your health card from the insurance company and a photo ID with you. Fill out the hospital’s pre-authorization request form and hand it in at the hospital’s front desk.The hospital submits the document to Edelweiss General Insurance after verifying your identification. The insurance provider pays the hospital fees immediately if the claim is accepted.

Required Documents

Find a list of the following papers to include with your reimbursement claim:

Reports of investigations (original)

The prescription FIR or post-mortem report, combined with the patient record from the hospital’s pharmacy bills,

If applicable Authentic invoices,

Receipts, and a discharge report properly completed claim form

Internal case materials

Original medical invoices and a legitimate picture ID

The original consultation notes

The doctor’s report Surgeon’s bill and the procedure’s nature

Test results and a report from the treating physician

A canceled check bearing your identity or your bank’s information

Concerning Edelweiss Health Insurance FAQ

Q1.What is the relative’s maximum enrollment age under the Edelweiss General Insurance plan?

The Edelweiss Health Insurance Policy’s variations determine the admission age for parents. While the Platinum option allows membership for parents at any age, the Silver and Gold variants enable access up to 65 years of age with lifetime renewalability.

Q2.Would the Edelweiss General Insurance plan allow my elders to be hospitalized at home?

Yes, under the terms of its family floater insurance, Edelweiss General Insurance gives your parents the choice of receiving hospital care at home.

Q3.By acquiring a health plan from Edelweiss General Insurance, may I receive tax advantages?

Yes, Section 80D of the Income Tax Act entitles you to tax benefits when you purchase Health insurance for your parents.