Future Generali health insurance for senior citizens

This plan provides health insurance for senior citizens who are above the age of 60 and also take care of their hospital expenses

Benefits Future Generali Senior Citizen health insurance policy

This policy offers a wide range of beneficiaries they are

  • They provide a sum of RS.2 lakh to RS.10 lakh

  • The cover is available for both individual and family floaters

  • Every year you are provided with a free medical check-up

  • From 2nd year of policy period, pre-existing diseases are covered

  • There is a 10% of family discount if more than 1 member is added

  • Premium payment can be done through installments

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum entry age-60 years
  • Maximum entry age- no limit
  • Family members- self, spouse
  • Renewability- life long


The provisions which are listed below are covered in this policy

  • Hospital expenses for in patient

  • Treatment during day

  • Pre hospitalisation expenses

  • Post hospitalisation expenses

  • Mental illness

  • Ambulance charges


The following which are listed below are not included in this policy

  • Dental treatment

  • Sexually transmitted diseases

  • Usage of alcohol or drugs

  • Weight control surgery

  • Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery

  • Domiciliary hospitalisation

  • OPD treatment

  • AYUSH treatment


1. Does future generali provide any waiting period?

Yes there is waiting periods for pre- existing diseases. There are six types of waiting period

1. Pre existing disease- 12 months

2. Initial waiting period- 30 days

3. Listed diseases waiting period- 24 months

4. Mental illness waiting period- 48 months

5. HIV AIDS- 48 months

6. Behavioral and neuro disorders- 48 months

2. Where can I check premium chart for future generali?

The process for checking the premium is very simple. This can be done at home itself. The premium chart can be checked by visiting the website of future generali.

Is pre-insurance medical examination mandatory under future generali health insurance?

Yes, it is mandatory to undertake pre-insurance medical examination for future generali varishta for those who are opting for RS.7.5lakh  and RS.10lakh.