Liberty Health Insurance

Health insurance is more important than ever these days. The COVID-19 epidemic has increased the demand for health insurance more than ever, despite the fact that healthcare expenditures have been growing for the past few years.

Planned or unforeseen medical operations are by their very natuhealthLiberty re stressful. The expense of the procedure shouldn’t increase the tension. Furthermore, it is not ideal if your choice of treatment for your loved one is influenced by your financial condition.

To alleviate the financial damage caused by an unforeseen accident or sickness, Liberty Health Insurance has created Health Insurance products that cover hospitalization and treatment costs.

Benefits of Liberty Health Insurance (LGI)

As was already said, Liberty Health Insurance provides you with a variety of health insurance plans and policies. Each of the aforementioned policies stands out thanks to its specific advantages. But these are a few things all share that distinguish Liberty General from other brands on the market:

Enticing Renewal advantages

After two years of continuous insurance renewal with us, regardless of the policy’s claims, we reward you with a free health check-up.

Open Look Sights

  • After purchasing a policy, you have 15 days to request a cancellation if you discover it is not the best fit for your needs.

Benefits of a Particular Loyalty Perk

  • Every year without a claim sees an automatic increase in your sum covered of 10% of the initial sum insured. A limit of the insurance amount may be covered by this advantage.
  • With the goal of offering complete retail, professional, and industrial insurance solutions, Liberty India General Insurance began operations in 2013. The company employs more than 1200 people across 110 locations located across 95 cities and 29 states. More than 4000 vehicle service centers and over 5000 hospitals are included in its partner network.

Reasons for Liberty General Insurance

When dealing with a delicate subject like health insurance, we at Liberty General Insurance (LGI) make sure you have the easiest experience possible. We derive our knowledge and skills from Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, which was established in 1912 and currently has more than 900 offices worldwide. We plan to establish a client-focused company under Liberty Mutual’s direction to cater to the specific requirements of both individual and commercial clients.

A joint venture between Liberty Citystate holdings PTE Ltd, a group corporation with its US headquarters, and Liberty General Insurance Ltd.With the goal of offering complete retail, professional, and industrial insurance solutions, Liberty India General Insurance began operations in 2013. The company employs more than 1200 people across 110 locations located across 95 cities and 29 states. More than 4000 vehicle service centers and over 5000 hospitals are included in its partner network.

What To Look For When Choosing Health Insurance

  • Before settling on a policy, there are a few considerations you should make when looking for a decent health insurance plan in India:
  • Review your insurance company:
  • Check the financial stability and ability to pay claims of your insurance providers. Check customer evaluations as well as industry expert ratings to see if the supplier and the policies have received favorable remarks.
  • Check the group of hospitals it covers. If you are admitted into a hospital which doesn’t accept your insurance, your insurance won’t help you out. Be sure that the insurance company has access to the largest network of medical professionals and facilities.
  • Location: Generally speaking, the premiums for the same insurance coverage in Tier 1 cities are greater than those in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. This is mostly a result of Tier 1 cities having substantially higher healthcare and medical costs.
  • Body Mass Index: Insurance companies take your body mass index into account when determining your premiums (BMI). A high BMI puts a person at risk for a wide range of illnesses, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, and hypertension.
  • Lifestyle: If you habitually smoke or drink a lot of alcohol, your rates may increase because you will be considered a high-risk person.

Ratio of Incurred Claims

Net earned premium (ICR) stands for the incurred claims ratio. For instance, if an insurer’s ICR is 90%, that implies that for every 100 rupees in premiums collected, 90 rupees were used to satisfy claims. The insurance company’s profit is therefore Rs. 10. According to the IRDA 2018-2019 report, Liberty General Insurance’s ICR is 82%*. It shows the corporation generated healthy profits, which enabled it to bolster its financial position. ICR occasionally undergoes adjustments.

Procedure for Claims – Liberty General

Through their designated Vipul Med Corp TPA, Liberty General provides you with a straightforward and rapid claim process. The team is dedicated to providing prompt claim service.

Procedures for submitting a claim with Liberty General

Dial the freephone number 1800 102 7477. (between 8-00am to 8-00pm, 7 days of the week)

contact us at – [email protected]

Send a completed claim copy letter via mail or courier to the designated TPA or the relevant branch office. When planning a hospital stay, the policyholder must notify the designated TPA at least 48 hours in advance. In an emergency, the policyholder must notify the TPA no later than 24 hours after being admitted.

A  list of the paperwork needed for the claim process

  • Daycare and Inpatient Procedures
  • completed and properly signed claim form.
  • Copy of an ID card or a current insurance policy.
  • original, comprehensive hospitalization summary/day care summary. Original, officially signed, combined hospital bill with a bill number and a breakdown of each item.

  • Original hospital prepaid card receipt with receipt number
  • Letter from the initial consultation and following prescriptions. Original invoices, original payment receipts, and reports are required for inquiries, and a note from the accompanying physician or surgeon requesting the test is required.
  • Surgeons’ certificate outlining the procedure’s type and Surgeons’ invoices and receipts
  • Attending physicians’ bills, receipts, and certificates for the same, including consultants, specialists, and anesthesiologists
  • Original prescriptions, bills, and receipts for medications.
  • Original invoices/bills with original payment receipts for implants (such as stents, PHS mesh, IOLs, etc.).
  • Details from the hospital, including the PAN and hospital registration number.
  • Surgeon’s license number and the doctor’s credentials

Road Traffic Collision

  • A copy of the police department’s FIR and a copy of the medico-legal certificate must also be submitted with the documentation for in-patient care.

In circumstances not involving medicine

  • The treating physician’s certificate describing the injuries (How, when and where injury sustained)
  • In cases of accidental death In this situation, a copy of the post-mortem report must be submitted with the death certificate.

For instances of death

  • The original death summary from the hospital as well as copies of the death certificates, legal heir certificates, and in-patient paperwork must be submitted.

Healthcare costs both before and after

  • Completed and properly signed claim form.

  • Copy of an ID card or a current insurance policy.

  • Original prescriptions, original payment receipts, and medical bills.

  • Original invoices from the study, a primary payment receipt, and a report.

  • Original invoices for the consultation, an original payment receipt, and a medication

  • A duplicate of the main claim’s progress notes.

Compensation for Organ Donor Expenses

  • Along with the general hospitalization records
  • Blood tests or organ function tests that demonstrate organ failure.
  • By the cardiac surgeon of the relevant hospital, a treatment license has been issued.

Nursing Compensation

  • In contrast to the documentation for inpatient treatment,

  • Authentic Bill with Original Deposit Slip of Nursing Expenses from the Used Nursing Burrow/Private Nurse, along with a duly signed medication for Private Nursing Need and its Necessity from the Treating Medical Physician

FAQs- Liberty Health Insurance

Q1. How do I document any policy modifications?

Ans – Any modifications to the policy relating to personal data, the design of the vehicle, or its use will be made through an endorsement. You may or may not be required to pay an additional premium depending on the type of adjustment requested.

Please call our toll-free number (1800-266-5844) or send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions about the endorsement procedure and necessary paperwork.

Q2. What is a recommendation?

Ans – An endorsement is a record in writing of an accepted modification to your policy. It is a document that includes modifications to the policy’s terms. You can use an endorsement to make any modifications or changes you need to.

A policy may be issued with an endorsement to impose restrictions or give additional benefits and coverage (such as legal liability to the driver) (e.g. accidental damage deductible).

The insurance carrier supplies the wording for the endorsements. In the future, an endorsement may be granted to reflect changes such name changes, address changes, and changes to the make or model of a vehicle.

Q3. A premium carrying endorsement is what?

Ans – An endorsement that carries a premium is one for which a higher premium is charged. Examples include changing the site of the RTO, adding an LPG or CNG kit, or changing ownership.