National Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

National Health Insurance for Senior Citizens is a policy offered by the Indian government. To provide healthcare benefits and finances during the period of hospitalisation.


We would have been working so hard for more than 30 years and tend to rest during retirement but we think all problems are finished. But after that period many problems rise. Especially health care, health care plays a very important role in our life.  Only if we are healthy we can fulfil our needs. But during the early stage we tend to ignore the health issue which will affect in later period. Due to rising medical expenses we are unable to go for treatment with the amount we have. And hence we require a comprehensive health care policy with a wide range of coverage which will full each and every area of our treatment. From consultation till post treatment everything will be covered. But it is very important to choose insurance policy from the best company. We need to analyze our health condition and choose the insurance policy.

What is Health insurance?

Health insurance is offered by financial companies to provide cash during any health issues. This provides all charges, like hospitalisation, treatment charge, consultation fee and much more.  Health insurance also provide free health check up once in every year. This is available for both individual and family. Our family members will also be benefited through this policy. Due to complexities in the upcoming days health insurance will definitely become a mandatory one. Our expenses will never be enough to cope up with an increasing medical cost. This can only be dealt with health insurance.

Key Benefits of this Plan

  • They provide individual and floater option- this policy can be received for both individual and family

  • They have large network of hospitals which provide cashless treatment

  •  For each claim free year you are provided with no claim bonus- if you  do not arise any complaints during the policy period you can receive no claim bonus

  • You can avail tax benefits according to income tax act

  • When sum is exhausted there is restoration up to 100%

  • Free health check up is provided once in a year

  • There are no capping on ICU charge

  • Provide Rs. 2.5lakhs to 1crore

  • You can receive cumulative bonus up to 200%

  • For two family members you can avail 10% and 25% discount

  • For a policy period of 2 years you can receive 5% and 10% discount

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum entry age- 18 years
  • Maximum entry age- no limit
  • Coverage of family members- spouse, self
  • Renewability- Lifelong


The following provisions are provided by this policy. This policy has a wide range of coverage and provides efficient treatment. For addition benefits you can avail optional coverage which requires extra money

  • In patient treatment- treatment which provided during the period of hospitalisation that is when you are admitted in the hospital

  • Pre hospitalisation charge- certain examinations and tests which should be taken before hospitalisation, which include ECG, blood test, urine test, scan and consultation

  • Post hospitalisation charge- medicine expenses, post treatment like physiotherapy and consultation of the doctor. This is provided up to 60 days after hospitalisation

  • Day care- the expenses which occur during the day time like food, medicines are provided

  • Daily cash allowance- everyday  a fixed amount of money is provided to the customer

  • Ambulance charge

  • Recovery benefit- benefits which are provided after treatment.

  • Organ donor charge

  • Domiciliary hospitalisation- if treatment is provided in home and you do not require to come to hospital it is called domiciliary hospitalisation

  • vaccinations

  • AYUSH treatment- natural treatment like ayurveda, siddha and unnani  

  • Critical  illness charge

  • Nurse charge

  • Funeral expense

  • Mental illness

Optional cover

  • Critical illness care cover

  • Pre existing hypertension and diabetes cover

  • Treatment of outpatient cover

  • Accident Cover


Though there are various inclusions under this policy the following expenses are not included in this policy. The following are not included because they are not mandatory. Cosmetic surgery is done only for beauty purpose it is not an essential part of life this applies to dental treatment and plastic surgery. Dental treatment charge is provided only for accidental purpose and not beauty. Treatment outside India is not covered  under  this policy because this does not include global coverage and the cost of  treatment abroad is higher than in India.

  • Self injuries

  • Alcohol or drug abuse

  • Plastic surgery

  • Cosmetic surgery

  • Dental treatment

  • Obesity treatment

  • Treatment outside India

  • Without doctor’s suggestion


Q1. Is it necessary to undergo pre policy medical check up?

Ans – Yes it is mandatory to undergo pre policy medical check up before you apply for this policy. Because of this check up you will get know if you have any illness in yourself and kept be treated accordingly

Q2. What are the documents required in this policy?

Ans – The documents required in this policy are

a. Birth certificate

b. ID proof- AADHAR card, PAN card or voter ID

c. Hospital registration number

d. Receipt of bills

e. Medical certificate

f. Passbook photocopy

g. In case of death- post mortem report

h. Accident case- FIR

Q3. What is process to pay premium?

Ans – A premium is a monthly periodic payment which needs to be paid to the insurer. Only online mode of payment is accepted

1. Net banking- NEFT
2. UPI
3. Phone pay, Google pay and paytm
4. Credit card and debit card

Q4. What is the minimum sum which is given to the senior citizens?

Ans – Sum is the fixed amount which paid by the company to the company to the customer, mainimum sum of RS.2lacs is given to the senior citizen at the beginning of the policy period.

Q5. Is there waiting period?

a. Initial waiting period- 30 days
b. Specific- 1 to 2 years
c. Pre determined-4 years