Reliance Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

One of India’s top health insurance companies is Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd. The Reliance Health Insurance company offers a number of affordable health insurance for senior citizens

What exactly is health insurance?

The health insurance company agrees to provide financial protection to the insured up to the sum insured limit under the terms of a contract between the policyholder and the insurer. Along with numerous benefits, such as pre- and post-hospitalization cover, medical check-ups, a cashless facility, etc., it provides medical coverage for healthcare costs incurred while in the hospital.

  1. Age also brings with it a number of diseases and health problems that are too expensive to treat. Every year, healthcare costs rise. As a result, the cost of health insurance is also rising sharply.

  2. As the cost of health insurance is directly correlated with the age of the policyholder, it is even worse for senior citizens.

  3. Therefore, choosing a good senior health insurance plan as soon as possible is a decent medical insurance policy for senior citizens. Unfortunately, the more expensive a good senior citizen medical insurance policy is, the older you are.

  4.  It is wise to choose a senior citizen health insurance plan because a person’s later years are physically and financially taxing.


  • Settlement of Claim

  • Dedicated Group

  • 76.43% of claims were settled.

  • Yes, COVID-19 Cover

  • 7,300+ Network Hospitals

  • Policies sold totaled 91,492.

  • Renewability Lifelong
  • Companies offering senior health insurance plans have expanded significantly over time. The need for senior citizen medical insurance in today’s society is the cause of this change.

  • Everyone will require medical care, especially as they age. The Reliance Healthgain Health Insurance policy was introduced to address this issue and ensure that senior citizens receive the most out of their health insurance policy.
  •  Therefore, picking a senior health insurance plan like HealthGain is a wise choice. HealthGain is available in Plan A and Plan B forms, and it can also be chosen as a family floater option.

Senior Citizens’ Key Benefits of Reliance Health Insurance

Unfortunately, once they reach their 60s, our parents begin to experience severe medical conditions in old age. They are more prone to a variety of medical conditions and frequently require treatment. Such aging-related illnesses also have high treatment costs. When your parents are admitted for any type of treatment, a senior citizen’s health insurance covers nearly 70% of the medical expenses.

The senior citizen medical insurance policy from Reliance General Insurance offers the following advantages to senior citizens:

  • You can save 5% if you have the Reliance Private Car Package Policy.

Even extended family members are covered by our family policy.

  • Utilize tax deductions Section 80D allows up to Rs. 35,000.
  • If you have used up all of the available coverage under your senior health insurance policy, you may be eligible for reinstatement of the base sum insured.
  • There are over 8,600 network hospitals to choose from for cashless hospitalization.   

Key Elements

  • Range of the sum insured: Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 9 lakh (Plan A)

  • 12 to 15 lakhs in total as the sum insured (Plan B)

  • Call option (in the fifth year)

  • At more than 4,000 network hospitals.

  • reinstatement of the base amount insured

  • Those who cover girls and single women enjoy special privileges

  • Service guarantee for claims and policies

  • Various health-related services

Coverage Aspects

  • coverage for inpatient care

  • Pre-hospitalization costs were covered for up to 60 days.

  • Up to 60 days’ worth of post-hospitalization costs were covered.

  • daycare services

  • accumulative bonus

  • Up to 10% of the insured amount, but not more than Rs. 50,000, was covered for in-home hospitalization.

  • Upon completion of 36 months of continuous coverage, pre-existing conditions are covered.

  • Coverage for donor expenses: 50% of the insured amount, up to a maximum of Rs. 5 lakh, and other coverage

Senior Citizens’ Reliance Health Insurance Plans

Reliance Health Insurance’s senior health insurance plans are shown in the following table:

Plan Name

  • Sum Insured (Rs)
  • Co-Payment

Plan A of Reliance Health Gain Insurance

  • 3 lakh, 6 lakh, 9 lakh
  • 20% (if the oldest family member is older than 60)

Plan B of Reliance Health Gain Insurance

  • 12 lakh, 15 lakh, 18 lakh
  • 20% (if the oldest family member is older than 60)

Reliance Health Insurance for Senior Citizens’ Eligibility Requirements

Consider the requirements for elderly parents to purchase Reliance Health Insurance plans for senior citizens:

CategoriesEligibility requirements
Minimum Age to Enter18 years
Maximum Age to EnterNo age restriction (for an insured amount of Rs. 3 lakh)65 (For another amount insured)
Coverage of Relativesown, spouse

The Reliance Health Insurance plans for seniors include the following coverage:

  • Treatment for Inpatients

  • Daycare Services

  • Costs of pre-hospitalization

  • Hospital Readmission Expenses

  • Internal Road Ambulances

  • Contributor costs

  • Hospitalization at Home

  • The AYUSH Method

  • Modern Therapies

  • Accidental Death Cover (under Plan B only) for No Claim Renewal

Reliance Health Insurance Exclusions for Senior Citizens

The following healthcare costs are not covered by senior Reliance Health Insurance plans:

  • intentional harm to oneself

  • Alternative medicine

  • Injury brought on by drug or alcohol use

  • Aesthetic or cosmetic procedures

  • Dentist visits

  • Treated outside of India

  • Viral AIDS

  • Congenital conditions

Why Is Senior Citizens’ Health Insurance Important?

As they get older, our parents visit the clinic more frequently and occasionally need to be admitted. Overall, this ends up being quite expensive. What would you do if you needed to have lakhs of rupees in your bank account due to an emergency? In such a circumstance, senior health insurance assists you with the following;

It pays for your medical expenses as you age without depleting your savings or pension. An elderly health insurance policy offers financial assistance for:

  • covers up to 70% of your medical expenses

  • offers medical care without payment for hospital stays

  • allows for preventative medical examinations

  • pays for hospital-based Covid19 treatment.

  • 30 days prior to hospitalization, pays for medical expenses

  • covers medical costs for up to 90 days following hospitalization.

  • after a waiting period of 3–4 years, covers pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, kidney, liver, and lung problems.

  • paying for the treatment of covid-19, general hospitalization costs, critical illness treatment, and even some pre-existing diseases.

Coverage under Reliance Health Insurance Policies:

Here is a quick overview of the various coverage options provided by Reliance Health Insurance plans:

  • Hospitalization Costs: If a patient stays in the hospital for more than 24 straight hours, Reliance health insurance plans will pay for those costs.

  • Day Care Treatment: Due to advances in medical technology, they will pay for daycare services when an insured person undergoes a procedure that necessitates less than a 24-hour hospital stay.

  • Pre-hospitalization Expenses – These plans also include pre-hospitalization expenses coverage for medical costs incurred prior to hospitalization for a maximum number of

  • Expenses incurred following hospital discharge for up to the allotted number of days are generally covered by most Reliance health insurance plans.

  • Organ Donor Expenses: The majority of these plans expressly pay for organ donor expenses up to a predetermined cap.

  • Domiciliary Hospitalization- If the insured needs home treatment on the doctor’s advice for more than a predetermined number of days, the plans also cover domiciliary hospitalization.

  • Treatment through the AYUSH school of medicine, which includes Yoga, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, and Unani, is free of charge.

  • Road ambulance fees – They cover the costs incurred by the insured when they use ambulance services in the event of a medical emergency.

  • Modern Treatment- A number of Reliance Health Insurance plans include coverage for the cost of cutting-edge procedures like robotic surgery, oral chemotherapy, and stem cell therapy.

The Finals- The Golden Age

Your needs and priorities may have changed at this stage of life. Maybe your kids don’t need health insurance because they might be working or don’t count as dependents. Most likely, you have paid off all of your debts, including loans. Despite this, you still require health insurance coverage. The following inquiries about the kind of health insurance you require at this time in your life are necessary:

  1. Should I keep my kids’ insurance active?

  2. Does the current health insurance plan cover medical treatment for conditions like home nursing, critical illnesses, diabetes, etc.?

  3. Is your preferred hospital on the list of hospitals in the hospital network?

It’s possible that your children will no longer need health coverage under your policy. They may be employed and have the means to purchase a family health insurance plan to cover themselves and any dependents, or they may choose an individual insurance plan.

You may already have had financial medical needs at this point in your life, especially if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other serious illnesses. It’s time to come up with a strategy that addresses the aforementioned questions. And for that reason, Raheja QBE Health Insurance for Senior Citizens must be your aid and choice.


Q1. Are there any waiting periods for senior citizens under Reliance Health Insurance?

Ans – Yes, there are waiting periods associated with the Reliance Health Gain insurance policy.

1. 30 days is the initial waiting period.
2. Specific Conditions/Operations Two years of waiting
3. Existing Conditions waiting time of three years

Q2: How much total savings am I eligible for through Reliance Health Insurance for Senior Citizens?

Ans: Under the Reliance Health Gain insurance policy, you may receive a maximum cumulative discount of 15% during a policy year.

Q3. Can I view the Reliance Health Insurance premium schedule for senior citizens?

Ans: Yes, by visiting the insurance company’s website, you can view the Reliance Health Gain premium schedule.

Q.4 What paperwork must be submitted in order to file a claim with Reliance Health Insurance?

Ans: The policyholder can file a reimbursement claim with Reliance Health Insurance by sending the following paperwork to RCare Health:

● Reliance Health Insurance claim form properly completed

●  Copy of your health card

● Duplicate of the insured’s ID card and the policyholder’s PAN card

● Prescriptions from doctors and records of treatments

● Research findings

● FIR copy (in cases involving accidents)

● Original hospital discharge document

● Original hospital invoices and receipts for payments

● canceled check

● Certificate from the attending physician attesting that the patient’s condition precludes hospitalization

Q.5. How does Reliance Health Insurance handle policy cancellations?

Ans: You can cancel a Reliance Health Insurance policy by bringing the policy documents and a completed surrender form to the insurance company’s branch that is most convenient for you. You can also send an email to the insurance company asking them to cancel your policy. Following a successful transaction, the premium refund will be transferred right to your bank account, and the insurance policy will be canceled. In order to avoid paying a cancellation fee, try to cancel your policy during the free-look period.

Question 6. How do I pay the yearly premium for Reliance Health Insurance? What types of payment methods are available?

Ans: The following methods can be used to pay the premium for a Reliance Health Insurance policy:

1. Credit card
2. Debit Card
3. Online banking

Q7. Do smokers lose their ability to purchase health insurance?

Ans: According to a survey, nearly 49% of applicants who drink are unsure whether to purchase a health insurance policy. However, there are health insurance providers who also provide them with medical insurance coverage. Given the risks, people who drink alcohol or smoke would have to go through a rigorous pre-medical exam and pay a higher premium to obtain health insurance.

Q8. Will my health insurance pay for all of my medical expenses?

Ans: Every health insurance plan has a set of exclusions and limitations in accordance with IRDAI regulations. It is advisable to double-check the coverage described in the plan as well as all the policy specifics. .Only expenses covered by the policy and up to the sum insured limit will be covered by the insurer.