Reliance Health Insurance


 As part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group and wholly owned by Reliance Capital, Reliance General Insurance Company Limited is an Indian private insurer. The company was founded in 2000 and received a license from the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) to conduct general insurance business in India that same year. This insurer provides solutions across multiple insurance areas, including motor, health, travel, home, marine, and fire. 

A leading health insurance company in India is Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd. At affordable rates, the company offers a variety of health insurance plans. The company has a large customer base, composed of individuals, families, seniors, and corporations. 

Reliance Health Insurance Plans List  

  1. Health Infinity Insurance Policy 
  1. Health Gain Insurance Policy 
  1. Arogya Sanjeevni Insurance Policy 
  1. Corona Kavach Insurance Policy 
  1. Corona Rakshak Insurance Policy 
  1. Personal Accident Insurance 

Reliance Health Insurance Coverage 

Below are some things which are covered under Health Insurance 

  1. Hospital Bills 

If a patient is hospitalized for a period of more than 24 consecutive hours, reliance health plans cover the cost of hospitalization. 

  1. Day Care Treatment 

Depending upon the technology, they cover the cost of day-care treatment for surgery/procedures that require less than 24 hours of hospitalization. 

  1. Pre-Hospitalization Expenses  

Depending upon the specified time pre hospitalization bills are also covered in reliance health insurance. 

  1. Post-Hospitalization Expenses 

Reliance Health Insurance also covers expenses when the insured gets discharged from the hospital for specific span of time. 

  1. Organ Donor Bills 

Up to a certain point, most of these policies cover the costs of organ donors. 

  1. Domiciliary Hospitalization 

In addition, the plans cover domiciliary hospitalization on the doctor’s advice if the insured requires home treatment for a certain period of time. 

  1. Ayush Treatment Covering 

Yoga, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha and Unani are included in the coverage of medical treatment through AYUSH school of medicine. 

  1. Road Ambulance Charges 

Reliance Health pays for ambulance charges incurred by the insured during an emergency. 

  1. Modern Treatment  

The Reliance Health Insurance company covers the cost of advanced treatments, including stem cell therapy, oral chemotherapy, robotic surgeries, etc. 

What is the Free Look period of the Reliance Health Insurance Plan? 

All types of health insurance have a “free look” phase. It depends on the insurance company, but it takes about 15 to 30 days. It starts from the day you receive your insurance card. If you think your insurance is not suitable for you, if your insurance requirements do not meet your requirements, or if you want a different health insurance than your previous one, you can cancel your insurance within this period. A minimum fee will be charged for cancellation and the remaining amount will be refunded to your account after the cancellation process is complete. 

Some Important Terms in Free Look Period   

There are some important lessons to be learned from this clause of health insurance. Let’s check the details.  

Deadline: Must be cancelled within 15-30 days of receiving the insurance policy within the free look period. Check your insurance policy standards for the exact length of this period granted by your insurance company. If you want to cancel your insurance, you need to be able to prove the start date, that is, the date you received the document, in order to start the cancellation process. 

Cancellation Request: A handwritten application must be submitted to the insurance company to begin the cancellation process during the Free Look period. Alternatively, you may be able to fill out a form on the insurance company’s official website to start the process. However, this option applies only to insurance companies.  

Documents: Here are some documents needed to start the cancel process. This includes the original, the receipt of the first contribution, the cancellation of the check, and so on. If the original is missing, a deposit is required. The insurance company may also require other documents. For a list of required documents, search the list on the official website or contact customer service.  

Partial Refund: Cancellation refunds are not 100% even during the free look period. Insurance companies may reduce minimum fees such as stamp duty, medical examinations, and the risk premium that is proportionally distributed over the insurance period.  

Whether you have health insurance online or through an intermediary, always read all regulatory documents carefully and make informed decisions. Then, if you feel you need to change your decision, use the free look phase to cancel your insurance at any time during the period. 

Exclusions in Reliance Health Insurance 

  1. Medical bills within 30 days of the start of the plan  will not be covered unless it is due to an accident.  
  1. Some specific illnesses and surgeries have a two-year waiting period  from the  start of insurance. B. Arthritis (non-infectious), osteoarthritis, all spinal disorders, joint replacement surgery, cataracts, internal tumors, kidney stones / urinary tract stones / lithotripsy / bile sac stones, etc.  
  1. Intentional self-harm  
  1. Injuries caused by the effects of alcohol and drugs  
  1. HIV / AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases  
  1. Congenital diseases  
  1. Childbirth or childbirth-related illness  
  1. Costs for eyeglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids  
  1. Dental treatment or surgery  
  1. Aesthetic or aesthetic treatment  
  1. Non-symptomatic treatment  
  1. Self-medication  
  1. Unproven treatment 

Benefits of Reliance Health Insurance 

Reliance General Insurance Company is the insurance division of Reliance Group, a leading conglomerate in India. Insurers currently have a network of more than 7,300 people who can handle cashless insureds. It’s also easy to buy an insurance plan from your company. The company is committed to providing the policy within 10 seconds of purchase. The company is ISO9001: 2015 certified and guarantees high service and product standards. The company has developed many health insurance policies with excellent coverage. With low insurance premiums, you can insure yourself and your family at a reasonable premium.    

  1. Coverage: Provides coverage for relatives and additional family members based on individual health insurance policies  
  1. Cashless Facilities: We provide cashless facilities with a network of over 4000 hospitals.  
  1. Flexibility: Provides the freedom to make premium payments via UPI, Paytm, online banking, debit / credit cards and more  
  1. Reinstatement: Offer to reinstate the insurance amount when the basic insurance amount of the health insurance company is exhausted.  
  1. Mediclaim Settlement: Provides a fast and hassle-free billing service  
  1. Tax incentives: Income Tax Act sections 80C and 10 (10D) provide tax incentives for bonuses paid on a regular basis.  
  1. Billing rate of incurred claims: FY. The claim rate for claims incurred by Reliance Health Insurance 2018 19 is 94%. 

What is the renewal process of Reliance Health Insurance Policy? 

Offline Process – Reliance General Insurance has a toll-free number of 1800-3009, from which you can obtain information about your specific requirements, if you wish to renew your health insurance offline. Policyholders can also renew their health insurance policies by visiting their nearest Reliance branch. 

Online Process – Reliance Health Insurance Policy Online Renewal Process 

Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps to renew your health insurance policy at Reliance: 

Step 1: Visit Reliance General Insurance’s official website. 

Step 2: Go To the ‘Health’ Section The home page of Reliance General provides multiple options. Select ‘Health’ from the menu. 

Step 3: Choose Your Policy and You can browse health insurance plans by selecting ‘Health’. Choose the health insurance policy that you want to renew. 

Step 4: Approve ‘Existing policy with Reliance?’ If you already have a policy with Reliance, select ‘Yes’ for ‘Existing policy with Reliance?’. 

Step 5: Enter Details and provide your mobile number/policy number. Click on “Renew Policy” and check the “I accept the terms and conditions” box. 

Step 6:  Make payment for your policy renewal premium by checking your policy details. 

Step 7:  A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you once your payment is successful and your policy is renewed. 

Reliance Health Infinity Policy 

The Reliance Health Infinity Policy is a popular health insurance plan that covers hospitalization costs, robotic surgery, mental illness, AYUSH treatment, ambulance costs, day care treatment and more. Both individuals and families can purchase this policy with other optional benefits. 

Reliance Health Gain Insurance Policy 

The Reliance Health Gains Insurance Plan offers both personal and family health insurance on a floater basis. There are two types of plans, Plan A and Plan B. Includes hospitalization costs, organ donation costs, AYUSH treatment, ambulances, hospitalization, modern treatments, day care treatments and more. 

Reliance Arogya Sanjeevani Policy 

The Reliance Arogya Sanjeevani Policy is standard health insurance provided to individuals health Insurance and families in accordance with IRDAI guidelines. This affordable health insurance covers day care procedures, hospitalization, up-to-date treatments, AYUSH treatments, cataract treatments and more. 

Reliance Corona Kavach Policy 

The Reliance Corona Kavach Policy is an affordable compensation policy that covers hospitalization costs from COVID 19. It provides personal and floater coverage and also covers home care and AYUSH treatment costs. 

Reliance Corona Rakshak Policy 

The Reliance Corona Rakshak Policy is a bespoke policy that provides a flat-rate service that covers the medical costs associated with the treatment of COVID 19. This plan is available individually and requires a minimum of 72 hours of continuous hospitalization at a government-approved hospital. 

Reliance Personal Accident Policy 

Dependent accident insurance covers the insured in the event of an accident. It covers insured persons for accidental deaths and permanent disabilities, and also provides parenting allowances. 

Reliance Cashless Network Hospital List 

There are more than 7000 cashless network hospitals in India which are under Reliance Cashless Network. 

Claiming the Insurance 

Documents Required: 

The following information must be available when reporting a claim to an insurance company:  

  1. Insurance policy number 
  1. Contact information for insured / injured (phone number, email ID, address)  
  1. Name of insured person / applicant to be hospitalized  
  1. Relationship between policyholders and inpatients  
  1. The name of the hospital  
  1. Type of illness  
  1. Type of accident (in case of accident)  
  1. Accident date and time (in case of accident)  
  1. Accident site (in case of accident)  
  1. Onset of symptoms of illness 

Procedure (Cashless)

  1. Get Admitted to a network hospital of a trust insurance company  
  1. Present your Reliance Health Card to the hospital  
  1. Fill out the cashless request form available from the hospital’s third-party administrator (TPA) desk  
  1. Submit a completed pre-approval form and a copy of your Reliance Health Insurance Card to TPA (remember to bring your photo ID). 
  1. The hospital will send a pre-approval form to Reliance Care Health, which is awaiting approval.  
  1. Once approved, go to the hospital for treatment  
  1. The insured / beneficiary must review and sign all invoices upon discharge.  
  1. Keep a copy of these documents for your records, then keep the hospital’s original discharge summary, laboratory report, and other documents. 

Procedure (Reimbursement): 

1. Intimate Reliance Care Health regarding hospitalization.  

 2. Hospitalized without network and treated. 

 3. Pay the full amount of the hospital.   

 4. Upon discharge, collect all original hospital invoices, medical documents and test reports.  

 5.To process your application within 15 days of discharge, please submit the required documents and the Tricare Health application form.  

 6. The team will review the document and resolve the claim. 

Buying the Insurance (Online Method) 

You can directly go to there website to buy insurance. 

Offline Method 

You can go to nearest branch of Reliance Insurance Company to buy one. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

Q1: How to check Reliance Health Insurance status online? 

1. Enter a policy name (for example, Reliance Health Gain Policy).  
2. Enter the registered mobile phone number.  
3. Enter the OTP.   
4. And you get your policy online 

Q2: How to cancel Reliance Health Insurance Plan? 

Ans: A handwritten application must be submitted to the insurance company to initiate the cancellation process during the free look period. Alternatively, you may be able to fill out a form on the insurance company’s official website to start the process. However, this option applies only to insurance companies.